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How To Get Unreleased Music


Playboi Carti On Cardi B’s Bartier Cardi With 21 Savage

How to Get Unreleased Music on Apple Music and Spotify

Playboi Carti was slated to feature on Cardi Bs triple platinum-selling smash Bartier Cardi with 21 Savage. In a since-deleted tweet earlier this year, Bardi confirmed that she wanted both trap artists on the record but Carti turned in his verse too late. Providing receipts, she uploaded a snippet and explained that Offset helped put the collaboration together for her because she feared asking for features early on in her career. A full version of the song was leaked in early 2020, two years after the Invasion of Privacy single was released.

How To Know If Your Song Gets Picked

Well email you if your song gets picked. You can also check the Playlists tab in Spotify for Artists when your release goes live and explore detailed stats about it.

Pitching doesnt guarantee playlist placement. If your song doesnt get picked, it may still get discovered later. Stay on our editors radar by building your fanbase and engaging with your audience on Spotify and beyond.

Soulja Boy On Kanye West’s Remote Control With Young Thug

Just a day after Chris Brown aired out his frustrations with Kanye West for being left off Donda, Soulja Boy did the same. In late August of this year, Soulja went off in a series of tweets aimed at Ye for wasting his time. Soulja claimed he was initially asked to pen a verse for the Young Thug-assisted Remote Control. Big Draco ended up unearthing his efforts on Twitter shortly after, and Ye stayed silentother than posting that Universal Music Group released the album without his permission on release day, to which Soulja called cap.

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Kanye West Is Reportedly Working On A Playlist Of Unreleased Music

The “Donda” rapper might have some more heat on the way.

Since the introduction of streaming platforms and their subsequent takeover of the music industry, the idea of a musical project has been morphed so many times that nobody really knows what is what anymore. Long gone are the days of the single, the EP, the LP and the album. Those titles still exist and artists still use them to distinguish their bodies of work from each other but fans are a different story.

Because everything is thrown onto Apple Music and Spotify and presented in the same manner across the board, the boundaries between “three-packs” and EPs is blurred and the line between mixtapes and albums is almost non-existent.

That doesn’t stop artists from trying to separate the concepts.

Dating back to Drake’s mixtape If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, which dropped in the iTunes Store for a fee and on Apple Music for a monthly-fee, artists have tried to keep the lines between projects alive and clear. The Toronto rapper has tried many times himself, notably on IYRTITL and More Life, a project Drizzy called “a playlist,” and on Care Package, a 2019 conglomerate of old music that had only been released on SoundCloud and YouTube.

Pitching Music To Our Playlist Editors

How To Get Unreleased Music On Dropbox

For: Admins and Editors

Use Spotify for Artists to pitch an upcoming, unreleased song to our playlist editors. We’ll also add your pitched song to your followers’ Release Radar playlists.

  • Log in to Spotify for Artists.
  • Find unreleased music to pitch:
    • At the top of Home, select PITCH FROM NEXT RELEASE.
    • On web, you can also pitch from the Music tab under UPCOMING.
  • Choose a song and fill out the info. The more info we get, the better chance it has.
  • Important info about pitching music:

    • Get your music in early so our editors have time to listen
    • See the status Available Soon? We’re still processing your release
    • You cant pitch compilations
    • You cant pitch if youre a featured artist on the song
    • Our editors might pick a different song from your release on their playlist
    • Anyone with Admin or Editor access can see and edit the pitch
    • You can edit your pitch up to release day, but theres no guarantee our editors will see the changes

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    How To Get Your Music Featured On Spotify Playlists

    With more than 365 million active users, Spotify is one of the biggest music streaming platforms in the world. And with more than 4 billion playlists to choose from, it’s no surprise that playlists are one of the primary ways that listeners discover new music. That’s why it’s so important for artists to land playlist placements when releasing new tracks.

    In this blog, we’ll explain how to get your music featured on Spotify playlists from start to finish, including setting up your Spotify account, pitching your songs and what to do once you land a feature.

    Be Djing Regularly Better Yet Have A Residency

    When it comes to promo lists, the label and PR companies want to know that the music is actually going to get played and heard by people. Therefore, when you apply to be on a list make sure that you include:

    • How often you DJ
    • The type of music/sets you play
    • The type of venues you play at
    • The type of audience you play for

    Of course, the more people you play to and more gigs you do on a regular basis then the more inclined they will be to add you to their list.

    Therefore, it can be really beneficial to mention that you have a residency at a club that plays exactly the type of music that the label releases. This tells them that you will be premiering the tracks to audiences that genuinely love, and are interested in, the music that theyre trying to promote.

    Now for a couple of options you may not have thought of

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    A Few Little More Moments Of Peace Joy Love And Connection

    Thats what this is all about! All that good stuff you feel in your heart when you listen to my songs, and when we are together at gigs and ceremonies, thats my intention for what this subscription will bring you

    As well as being a relaxed place to stream my albums and explore my music, this space offers access to an online community of people who appreciate the vibe of what I do and the universal message in the songs.

    It also gives those of you who want to, a way to show appreciation for my music in a tangible way that will help me focus on my music full-time.

    We are excited about the possibilities that this community holds. We are committed to providing amazing content for subscribers, and to making a genuine effort to build a conscious online community based around the fundamental concept that we are one and that you are us.

    This is our invitation, to you, to join us for an adventure!

    A beautiful adventure – to find new friends, to reach new places on your healing journey, and to get in on this new venture from the beginning…. as you know if you have connected with my music recently, there is really sweet, pure healing energy coming through and I am more committed and more devoted than ever to my path, to my meditation, to sharing this love through these songs I am so lucky to sing for you..

    Juicy J On A$ap Ferg’s Plain Jane With Nicki Minaj


    Juicy Js words on the Three 6 Mafia classic Slob on My Knob” were sampled on A$AP Fergs Plain Jane. And there was more where that came from on top of the credit as a lyricist and composer. After Ferg unleashed the tracks remix with Nicki Minaj in 2017, Juicy J went on Twitter a year later with his unreleased versealso teased in the official music videodidnt make the cut. Juicy didnt have much else to say about it. Neither did Ferg, at least out loud.

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    Spotify Adds Feature For Pitching Unreleased Music To Its Playlist Curators

    Spotify has added a new feature to its back-end: the ability for artists and labels to submit unreleased songs for playlist consideration by its in-house team of curators.

    The feature goes live today in beta, as part of the companys Spotify for Artists and Spotify Analytics tools. Spotify says that any artist, label, manager or team member with access to these tools will be able to choose one unreleased song to submit.

    Its important to give us as much information about the track as possible genre, mood, and other data points all help us make decisions about where it may fit. You can note the instruments on it, whether its a cover, and the cultures you or the song belong to. The data you share will be complemented by what we already know about you what else your fans listen to, what other playlists youve appeared on, etc, explained Spotify in a blog post this afternoon.

    Editors will be searching through submissions based on the information you share to find unreleased music to consider for their playlists, promised the company. An important point is that this feature isnt *just* about pitching to playlists: its also a way for Spotify to considerably increase the metadata its getting around tracks a long-running pain point for streaming services and artists alike.

    Make Friends With Djs & Producers

    As I mentioned above the DJ industry is essentially one large community. So a great way to get free music is to become friends directly with DJs and producers.

    This does not mean you have to know the DJ personally or know them face to face. You can instead nurture and build relationships simply by being a regular commenter on their social media. You can also engage them in useful, but not annoying, private chat.

    It is important not to go in asking directly for music in the first messages. Instead, build up some connection by first showing that you have an interest and a love for their music. Overtime share what is it you do yourself and where you play.


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    Is Downloading Unreleased Music Illegal

    Have you ever thought about the fact that certain categories of music are not prohibited from downloading? We know that downloading copyrighted music is an offense that can have negative consequences. But many audio files are not protected by copyright and therefore everyone has the right to use them.

    Many users doubt the legality of this and wonder Is downloading unreleased music illegal? This is a question that has no exact answer, and now well find out why. You should remember that you are not allowed to download songs that are copyrighted if the owner of the file has not permitted to do it. But unreleased music is the category that is not copyrighted for some reason, and therefore it is no ones property.

    So, in fact, it is not illegal. You can download unreleased music and use it for your personal purposes because this music is public. Many people use this music when creating videos on YouTube and Instagram, and some even use it in public places and at various events . But be always careful before downloading this music because it may turn out some troubles. In fact, this music is copyrighted but somehow became available for download. Also, you cant distribute this music and appropriate it for yourself, as you may be penalized.

    Kash Doll On Cardi B’s She Bad With Yg

    How To Get Free Unreleased Music From All Rappers ( READ ...

    In May of 2018, Kash Doll revealed on Instagram Live that Cardi Bs Invasion of Privacy album cut She Bad was initially a YG song that the Detroit rhymer got asked to be on. Kash played her verse a few times during the session and went on to say that she felt whatever about her verse being cut off. After someone in The Shade Rooms Instagram comment section called Cardis decision to use the song “messy,” she responded by explaining that the song was indeed a gift, ending her statement with: Anything that he did with the song before me its none of my business or my problem!

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    Chris Brown On Kanye West’s New Again

    After drafting Chris Brown and his elysian vocals to strengthen Waves in 2016, Ye hit his line again to be on Donda for another choir-heavy thumper called New Again. Upon finding out that only his work on the chorus was kept for the tracks final release in August of this year, CB blasted Kanye on Instagram, calling the Chicago megastar a whole hoe. Chris later blessed his fans on social media with the accompanying verse he originally sent in. Yeezy offered no public explanation or response.

    City Girls On Drake’s In My Feelings

    Drakes chart-topping hit In My Feelings doesnt list a feature from the City Girls, just a writing credit. However, their contributions were much larger at the songs creation. The lines from Yung Miami and JTs bridge on the bounce record were taken from the original version they sent in, as heard from the remix that came out a couple of months after Scorpion dropped in 2018. Drake chopped our asses off, the duo later confirmed in an interview with The Carlos Watson Show.

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    Write For A Magazine / Online Publication

    Similar to the above there are now many opportunities to write for a lot of different music sites or online magazines. With this method, it helps if you enjoy the writing process as it means youll be spending less time on the decks than you would by having a radio show.

    However, it can be a great way to get unreleased DJ music regularly. As labels, and in particular PR companies, actually want to send them to you in order to get reviews. Even by writing for a small local magazine I was able to get one major label promo lists so you dont always have to target the big publications.

    This method does require you to be consistent and disciplined, however. You will not only have to meet deadlines set by the publication but also send those articles back to the label and PR companies. This is to prove that you are actually doing something with the music they are sending you.

    Another benefit of writing reviews is that you can also cover events. Both before and after .

    This makes writing not only a good answer to how do DJs get unreleased tracks? but also how do I get free guestlists. This is because you can request media passes to any number of events.

    I did this for years when I first started in the industry. Essentially meaning I didnt pay to go to clubs or festivals for approximately four years before I stopped writing to focus solely on DJing.

    Tips For Getting Featured On Spotify Playlists

    How To Get Unreleased Music (Free) – Best App For Listening & Downloading New & Old Music !

    Now that you know how to submit your music for Spotify-curated and indie playlists, let’s talk about some tips for getting your music selected.

    Release new music: The Spotify algorithm responds well to activity. As you release new music and land new playlist placements, you’ll start to attract more attention. That’s why it’s important to release new music regularly.

    High production value: Spotify is less likely to promote home recordings and demos on their playlists. Check your mixes withEXPOSE 2 before submitting your music to make sure it meets professional standards. Mastering The Mix created EXPOSE 2 to be an audio quality control application that helps you identify issues with your music. So many tracks get distributed with a poor EQ balance, true peak clipping, over-compression, phase issues, and more. With EXPOSE 2, you can deliver the best listening experience and release your music with confidence.

    Promote your music: Simply releasing your music isn’t enough. You need to promote your track out in the real world. In addition to platform metrics, Spotify also analyzes music blogs, social media and more to determine what’s hot right now.

    Drive off-platform traffic to Spotify: Spotify tends to reward users who draw listeners to their platform. Create a social media strategy that drives people to your Spotify page to help garner some attention. This is especially important if you land a playlist placementbe sure to share it on social!

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    List Of Unreleased Songs Recorded By Lana Del Rey

    Since the beginning of her career in 2005, American singer and songwriter Lana Del Rey has recorded countless demos and even finalized studio recordings under a series of monikers including Lizzy Grant, Sparkle Jump Rope Queen, May Jailer, and with her former band, The Phenomena. Throughout the years, many of her tracks from these sessions have been leaked online, with Del Rey even furthering the popularity of songs including “Serial Killer” and “You Can Be The Boss” through her live performances. Del Rey has currently only published eleven previously unreleased songs on a new album, namely “Black Beauty” on Ultraviolence in 2014, “Beautiful People Beautiful Problems” on Lust for Life in 2017, “The Next Best American Record” and “California” on Norman Fucking Rockwell in 2019, “Yosemite” on Chemtrails over the Country Club in 2021, and “Cherry Blossom,” “Dealer,” “If You Lie Down with Me,” “Living Legend,” “Nectar of the Gods,” and “Thunder” on Blue Banisters also in 2021. She has also repurposed some of her songs for film soundtracks, including “Elvis” for The King , “Life is Beautiful” for The Age of Adaline, and “I Can Fly” for Big Eyes, while her only song to be re-recorded was “Ghetto Baby” by Cheryl Cole.