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How To Get My Music On Spotify

Tips For Publishing Songs On Spotify

How to Get Your Music on Spotify

In case you may haven’t published songs on Spotify before, I hereby give you some tips:

#1. Submitting a song doesn’t mean that Spotify guarantee a place on an editorial playlist, but you will get the best chance.

#2. You are allowed to submit only one song per artist profile at a time even if you have more than one scheduled release.

#3. When your track is chosen, it is impossible to remove yourself from a playlist. There’s no set amount of time it will stay on the playlist which depends on how well it resonates with listeners.

#4. Those who have access to your profile on Spotify for Artists can see and edit the submission. Any changes are displayed for all members.

#5. It’s totally free to use Spotify for Artists. It’s not possible to pay to increase your changes, nor can any external parties influence editors.

Now just try to publish your original songs on Spotify. What’s more, you can even give your fans an inside look at the music you love and the songs that inspire you by featuring playlists on your artist profile. But sometimes if you find your Spotify Web Player not working, then you can try to download Spotify music for listening offline with TuneFab Spotify Music Converter which is a professional Spotify DRM removal and download tool.

Start A Private Session

Spotify Friend Activity lets you share your listening habits. But maybe you’re having an afternoon with NSYNC’s greatest hits and don’t want to broadcast that fact. Switch to a Private Session, which will temporarily stop music sharing. On desktop, click your name on the top right and select Private Session. On mobile, navigate to Settings > Social > Private Session. Your account will remain private until you turn it off, restart Spotify, or after a “long period” of inactivity.

Get Your Music Collection In Order

With Organize Your Music you can easily organize your saved music. Just follow these steps:

  • Select what music you’d like to organize: Your Saved Music Music you’ve added to playlists Music in playlists you follow or all of it.
  • on Organize your Music. If this is your first visit, you will be asked to …
  • Login with your Spotify credentials. Organize Your Music will place all of your tracks into a number of bins. There are Genres, Moods, Decades, Popularity and more.
  • Pick one of the bins. You can view all the properties of the tracks in that bin. You can plot the tracks. You can listen to previews of the songs in the bin.
  • Select tracks that you want to add to a playlist. Selected tracks will be added to your Staging Playlist. When you are happy with the staging playlist you can
  • Save the staging playlist to Spotify.
  • Don’t worry. Organize Your Music will never modify any of the songs in your saved music or playlists. It will only save new playlists for you, and only when you explictly click on the save button.

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    How To Get Verified On Spotify

    Before 2017, Spotify made it tricky for artists to get officially verified through their platform, and the platform reserved the exclusive status for larger artists. If you were new to the platform and hadnt racked up 250 followers or more, you had no way of getting verified.

    But a couple of years ago, it streamlined the process and opened it up to any musician or manager that set up an artist profile through their platform. Verified artists get some nice perks by setting up their own profiles, including the ability to create and share playlists straight from their account and the ability to tell their fans that its really them behind the music.

    Community Matters Dont Neglect Us

    HELP! How Can I Get My Music On SPOTIFY, iTUNES, YOUTUBE ...

    Do you know those friends that only contact you when they want something? Yep, those annoying ones. Dont treat your music community as a friend when you need them and then ignore everyone for months while you are prepping your next release.

    Dont wait for your next release to find other members of the music community e.g curators, producers, videographers. Take an interest in them all year round, share and comment on their projects so that when you have a release they will return the favour.

    When you release your next release remember to tag everyone that you worked with for that extra boost and to credit them for their amazing work. This can be producers, artwork designers, collaborators, distributors, labels or even that friend that helped you get through the recording process. The more people you tag, the more they are able to share your work and gain a wider audience reach.

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    Why Is Spotify So Important To Spinnup

    We have a special relationship with Spotify, and are lucky to be provided with a huge range of data and information that we integrate into every artist account. From the Overview page in your artist account, you can track the streams of all your music, or individual releases, which are displayed in attractive, easy to understand graphs.

    Each music platform is different and delivers their data at different speeds, but Spotify is among the fastest, supplying trend data early to give you an idea of how your release is performing from day one.

    Grow Your Following On Spotify

    Put simply, the more followers you have, the more likely it is that playlist curators will take you seriously.

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    Make sure all of your friends, family and fans are following you on Spotify, share your tracks across social media and promote your Spotify account wherever and whenever possible to build up your followers.

    And remember, any new music you release will go directly to your followers via their Release Radar playlist.

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    Make The Playlist Offline

    After syncing the music to your mobile, they maybe still greyed out on your devices. You can make the playlist available offline by toggle the “Play Offline” button. Either from your phones or computers. Once you have done the settings on one device, it will sync them to the Spotify app on all the devices on the same Wifi.

    Inspire Fans With Your Creativity

    how i record and get my music on spotify!

    Showcasing your artistry goes deeper with Spotify for Artists. With our profile tools, you can change your bio and photos whenever inspiration strikes. Let fans into your world with Artist Pick, featured playlists, and fundraising links and by adding looping visuals to your tracks with Canvas.

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    What Can I Do To Increase My Streams

    Once you have your music up on Spotify, you have the potential to reach literally millions of listeners around the world. But how do you reach them? There are a few things you can do to increase your streams, which will, in turn, increase your earnings.

    Integrate the Play ButtonThis is what Spotify calls their embedded music player. If you have a website or have a site writing about you and your music you can embed the player into the web page using the embed code Spotify supplies. Each time someone plays your music from here, it will count toward your streams. Posting Spotify links on your social media will do the same!

    Get On A Playlist Spotify and its users have created over 1.5billion playlists on the platform. By analysing these playlists and learning about what music people like, Spotifys algorithms then populate each users unique Daily Mix and Discover Weekly playlists, recommending artists they think that listener will like.

    Sometimes getting onto one playlist is all it takes to launch an artist. Influencers such as brands, music bloggers, magazines, websites, radio stations and public figures curate their own playlists which can accumulate thousands of followers. Getting on one of these can hugely impact your streams.

    How Do You Earn Money From Spotify

    Essentially, when songs are played on streaming platforms, the artist receives payment in the form of royalties .

    Independent artists have agreements with physical or online distributors of music for a one time set up fee , an ongoing subscription fee or a continuing percentage of net receipts.

    There are 3 types of streaming payouts:

    • Mechanical Royalties which are paid to songwriters and their publishers for the right to reproduce the music.
    • Public Performance Royalties, which are paid to songwriters and their publishers for the right to perform their music publicly. Since none of the music is technically owned by the listener, every stream is considered a public performance, even if it is simply listened to on a phone.
    • Payout To Recording Owners. This stream, which makes up the substantial amount of the payout, goes to record labels and distributors who own the copyrighted music.

    Recently, Spotify increased its payout per stream, although this increase still needs to be split up between different parties . This is the subject of intense debate among many artists, including those signed to major record labels.

    The answer for how much Spotify actually pays per stream isnt a straightforward one. The cost depends on many factors, although it is thought to be around $0.008 $0.90 per stream.

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    Find A Digital Distributor

    You cant upload your tracks straight to Spotify.

    Instead, you need to work with a digital distribution service.

    These services make it possible to place all of your tracks on every streaming platform available right now.

    You will have to pay to access their services and theres several you can choose from.

    LANDR is a preferred partner with Spotify, making it a great option that combines digital distribution with collaboration tools and access to AI mastering.

    Digital distributors help make sure your music is properly formatted for each streaming platform.

    They also collect your royalties from all the platforms so you get payments from every streaming service in one place.

    Its a valuable service that saves you time and gets you paid faster, so the small price that every distributor charges is totally worth the trouble.

    Spotify Tips To Trick Out Your Music Streaming

    How Can I Get My Songs On Spotify? (2018) [Tutorial]

    Music fans have a lot to love with Spotify, which offers 70 million tracks and 2.2 million podcast titles, for $10 per month. Here’s how to get the most out of your next music-streaming session.

    Don’t let your roommate’s vinyl collection fool you. Streaming has taken over the music industry, and its dominance begins and ends with Spotify. The music-streaming service’s desktop and mobile apps have evolved quite a bit over the past few years, growing more predictive and personalized while pulling in an ever-expanding array of music and podcast content.

    The tips below largely apply to the $9.99-per-month Spotify Premium, but free listeners have some options, too. Read on for a rundown of all the hidden and not-so-hidden tools to take your music streaming to the next level.

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    Can You Upload Music Directly To Spotify

    In short, the answer is no. However, there are still many ways on how to add songs to spotify as an artist.

    In 2018, Spotify introduced a new trial feature that allowed independent artists to upload their music directly to Spotify. The tool allowed musicians to deliver music straight to Spotify and plan for the perfect release day.

    Unlike when someone downloads music, artists were paid every time someone streamed their music, and also received a report of how much their streams were earning alongside other insights . This trial was also appealing to artists, as the platform didnt even charge any fees or commissions no matter how frequently you released music. Sadly, Spotify scrapped the Now in Beta trial in 2019.

    How To Upload Music To Spotify Now

    So, lets go through how to add songs to spotify as an artist.

    The trial feature that let independent artists to upload their music directly to Spotify came to an end in July 2019. Nowadays, artists can deliver music to the platform through working with one of Spotifys distribution partners that have been serving the artist community since the platform was introduced.

    Over the last two years, Spotify has vastly improved their work with distribution partners to ensure metadata quality and protection for artists from infringement. They also provide their users with instant access to Spotify for Artists, and much more.

    To get your music files on to Spotify, independent artists will have to use a Digital Service Provider . A DSP is a platform which focuses on distributing media to streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora and more.

    Independent artists will sign up to an online platform and submit their local music via local files which are then served to Spotify. Most major record labels handle getting their artists music played on Spotify, and often act as the DSP themselves.

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    Why Use Imusician To Sell Your Music On Spotify

    At iMusician, we want to level the music streaming playing field for independent artists and record labels. We believe that everyone should have equal access to all streaming sites and music platforms. We make it easy for musicians and record labels to sell, manage, protect, and monetize their music across the world.

    • iMusician distributes your music to Spotify plus a wide reach of global music platforms and popular regional shops.
    • No matter where you are on your musical journey we have a pricing plan to help ensure your music gets on Spotify.
    • No annual renewal fees. Pay once, and your music is on Spotify and in other stores forever.
    • Get help and support in your language from our global Artist & Label Relations Managers.

    With iMusician, we also make it easier for independent artists to submit a track for playlist consideration. If its your first release on Spotify, we allow you to select a release date thats at least two weeks in the future. That should give you enough time to claim your artist profile and get your track submitted.

    Fill Out The Official Spotify Playlist Submission Form

    How To Get Onto Spotify Playlists For Free

    Spotifys editorial team takes a few weeks to curate each playlistthis means you need to fill out the official Spotify playlist submission form at least three weeks before your release goes live to be considered for Spotifys editorial playlists.

    Since it can take two weeks for your music to get from your distributor to Spotify, this means you should upload and schedule your music at least five weeks before your release dateideally sooner so that the editorial team has more time to consider your music.

    After uploading and scheduling your new album or single, check your Spotify artist portal until you see your new release under the Upcoming Release tab. There you can select a new song from a new release to submit.

    You can only pitch one unreleased song at a time, so take the time to think about which song will be the most likely to connect with Spotifys editors and listeners. Youll also have to answer some questions about your song through the Spotify playlist submission form, including:

    • Genre and subgenre
    • Hometown
    • City with which youre most associated

    Youll also be asked to describe your song in your own words. This last part is your opportunity to talk about what inspired the song, what the song means to you and others, and anything else that you think could help your music stand out. You dont have to answer every question, but answering more questions gives your music a better chance to land on a playlist.

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    How Do I Get My Music On Spotify

    The easiest way is with Spinnup. You can only get your music on Spotify by using an artist-aggregator like us.

    Once you have made an account with Spinnup, all you need to do is to the artist area and create a release. After it has been approved by our team, your single, EP or album will be available for the world to stream in 2-7 business days.

    Enter Metadata About Your Album

    Metadata is extremely important for getting your tracks properly organized and categorized on Spotify.

    Metadata also is key for getting traction with Spotifys algorithm.

    You want Spotify to know what genre of music you make, so it knows to suggest your tracks to listeners who prefer your genre of music.

    When you fill out metadata youll have to enter track title, genre, subgenre, primary artists, featured artists, songwriter, publisher, producer, contributors and lyric language.

    If you already have an ISRC code for your album, youll enter it here as well.

    Also, remember that if your track uses explicit content you need to flag it as such.

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    After You Submit Your Release

    Congratulations! Your release is ready to hit Spotify.

    Now its time to plan some promotion around your track.

    The best way to get exposure for your music on Spotify is to get playlisted on a major playlist.

    No matter who you are, you can pitch your tracks for any playlist thats relevant to your genre.

    To pitch your tracks for playlisting, you first have to claim your Spotify artist profile, if you havent already.

    Right now, if you release your tracks through LANDR a profile will automatically be created. All you have to do is go and claim it.

    To do that youll have to log in to your Spotify for Artists account and claim your profile.

    Once you claim your profile you can update your profile picture and youll get that nice blue verified checkmark on your artist page.

    Youll now have access to pitch your tracks to playlists for any unreleased track.

    Remember, its super important to plan your release well in advance because it takes time to pitch your tracks to Spotifys playlists curators.

    As a general rule, you need a bare minimum of five days to get your tracks considered for playlisting, but it wont hurt to leave a bit more time than that.

    Thats why its key to plan your release date well in advance of submitting your tracks to your distribution service.

    Plus youll have some extra time to plan all the other marketing you need around the release of your track or album.

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