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How To Get Music Ringtones On Galaxy S9

Apply New Custom Ringtones On Note 9 For The Entire Agenda

Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 : Set MP3 Song as Ringtone

After making ringtones, we definitely want to appy these ringtones. If you’ve saved your ringtones to your phone by following the steps of part 1, next we apply the new custom ringtones for your new Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Step 1 Find Apps > Settings on your Galaxy note 9 and go to Sounds and Vibration then scroll down, find Ringtone. All the ringtones on your device will be displayed here.

Step 2 Scroll all the way to the bottom and tap the option that says Add from phone. A new pop-up menu will ask you to choose the app you want to use to complete this action. If prompts, tap the Sound Pick, then if prompts tap Allow.

Tips: If you do not see the below screen pop up, or are not taken to a screen displaying your audio files, you may need to do a settings reset. Go to Apps > Settings > Backup and reset, tap on “Reset settings“, then choose RESET SETTINGS, and click on “Reset” if prompts.

Step 3 Then you can choose the ringtones you’ve customized and imported under Tracks. If the file does not appear under Tracks, choose Folders to locate the file. Select a song and tap on Done button to set this ringtones for your entire agenda.

Tips: The phone chooses by default the highlighted part of your audio file. If you want your ringtone to the play the entire song, uncheck the box on the left side of the highlights only option.

Change Galaxy S9 Ringtone For Individual Contacts

  • Start by launching the Contacts app
  • Navigate the list until you find your favorite contact and tap it
  • Select Edit and tap it button that says More
  • Using the extended menu, scroll down and tap Ringtone
  • Now navigate to Add and tap it
  • Select Sound Picker in the Complete-Action-Using window
  • Choose the special number for that contact, using the Music Player app where you will be automatically redirected
  • If you want to hear the whole song, make sure the Only Highlights box is unchecked
  • Select the Done option when you are done
  • Tap Save for the changes to take effect
  • Finally, repeat these steps with other contacts if you want to personalize their ringtones as well
  • You should now be able to officially add ringtones to your Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus. Have fun choosing those unique songs for the people you love the most.

    How Do I Set A Music File As A Ringtone On My Samsung Galaxy Smartphone

    Once you have downloaded or purchased music files onto your Galaxy device, you can choose to set them as ringtones. You can also assign a track to one of your contacts so you can recognise straight away who is calling.

    If you would like to customise your notification alerts, find out how to set an audio file as a message notification.

    Please note: Tracks that you play via a streaming service cannot be set as ringtones as the terms and conditions of most streaming services are that you pay to listen to the songs and albums, not to purchase the songs themselves. You will need to have purchased the album or track and have downloaded the file directly to your device.

    In order to set it as a ringtone, the music file must be downloaded directly onto your device . Use the links below to download music using Samsung Music or load files onto your device from your Windows PC.

    Once your music file is downloaded onto your device, to set a music file as a ringtone:

    Tap “Settings”, then tap “Sounds and vibration”.Tap “Ringtone”.Tap “SIM 1” or “SIM 2”.All the ringtones on your device will be displayed on-screen. To use your own music file, tap the + icon.Select the music file.

    If the file does not appear under the “Tracks” tab, tap “Folders”, then locate the file.

    Tap “Done”.

    Please note: Depending on your device and operating system, your contacts will need to be saved to your mobile device, before a personal ringtone can be assigned.

    Tap the Phone app.Tap the contact.Tap “Save”.

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    How To Change The Alarm Time Of Your Samsung Galaxy S9

    We therefore start our guide by explaining the basic setting of the alarm on your Samsung Galaxy S9. Even if setting the alarm clock on your phone may seem simple, depending on the model it is not always the same technique. Especially in the event that you are coming from an Apple phone. We will therefore quickly explain the technique to be carried out to be sure to get up in the morning or not to forget a task, important to accomplish in your day:

    • Go to your application » Clock »Of your Samsung Galaxy S9. This application can also be used to configure a timer or use a stopwatch.
    • Once in the application, click on the »tab Alarm To enter alarm mode.
    • You can now add or change alarms. If it happens that you want to modify an already existing one, you just have to click on one present in the list, otherwise click on the small “+” sign to configure a new one.
    • Once on your alarm, you just have to modify the hour and the minutes of your alarm clock.

    Best Apps To Choose A Ringtone On Your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

    How To Set Music As Ringtone On Galaxy S9 &  S9 Plus

    On Google playstore, there are quite a few applications that will allow you to replace the ringtone for incoming calls. We are going to quote a few of them to you.

    • Ringtones 2021 : application which provides you a large selection of music and ringtones for your android. You will also have animal ringtones. You will also be able to choose the sound for the sms.
    • Free Mobile Ringtones : this application provides different types of ringtones, such as music , but also animal or baby ringtones or funny ringtones.
    • Pop Music Ringtones Free : this application allows you to choose the ringtone for a contact, for sms, for alarms or for the notifications

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    Change Galaxy S9 Ringtone For All Contacts:

  • Start by swiping down from the notification panel
  • Now tap on the settings icon, find Sounds and Vibration and navigate to Ringtone
  • In the newly opened window, tap on the Ringtone option to see the default ringtone of all your future incoming calls
  • This will give you access to a list of all predefined ringtones on your Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus
  • Tap the option that says Add
  • A new pop-up menu will ask you to choose the app you want to use to complete this action
  • Select Sound Pick and discover your favorite song to choose from in the music player
  • Finally, tap on the .mp3 song that you want to use as the ringtone for your Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus. The phone then selects the marked part of your audio file by default
  • If you want your ringtone to play the whole song, uncheck the box to the left of the Highlights only option.

  • Start by tapping Done Button to save the changes
  • Then exit the menu and wait for your first call with this newly selected ringtone
  • Create Apple Music Ringtones For Android Phones Directly

    Now that you have got the DRM-free Apple Music tracks, it is very easy to set Apple Music as Android phone ringtones. Here we are 2 solutions.

    Option 1: If you don’t think it is time-consuming, you can try to transfer Apple Music MP3 files to an Android phone via a USB cable, then open your phone and find the music folder. Browse to your favorite Apple Music and set it as your ringtone. Obviously, you cannot use your favorite music clips as Android phone ringtones. It’s too bad if you can’t choose music clips as Android ringtones but complete songs. Why not DIY your favorite ringtone fragments as your phone ringtone? If so, please move to Option Two.

    Option 2: Android Ringtone Maker – Use Apple Music Songs for Android Ringtone

    With the help of Android Ringtone Maker, setting your favorite music as Android phone ringtone is a piece of cake. It is actually a multifunctional phone management application that helps you easily import/export/transfer/manage photos, videos, music, iTunes music and contacts between Android device and computer. It also has a hidden function-the Ringtone Maker tool, which allows you to easily create Apple music tracks as Android phone ringtones. Of course, you can use it to set iPhone ringtones using Apple Music. Now check it out:

    Step 2. Select Ringtone MakerFind the Music tab at the top and you will see an option called Ringtone Maker. Now you can start to make your own ringtones.

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    How Do I Buy A Ringtone

    Here is how to locate ringtones that you can purchase in iTunes on your iPhone

  • Open the iTunes Store.
  • Tap the More tab at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select the Tones option.
  • Select a tone to purchase.
  • Tap the price button to the right of the tone, then follow the instructions to complete the purchase.
  • Change Samsung Galaxy S9 Ringtone For Individual Contacts

    How To Set Custom Ringtones / Notification Sounds On Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus

    Step 1Launch Contacts app on your phone and select the contact you would like to change ringtone for.

    Step 2Select Edit and tap on the button that says More. Scroll to the bottom in extended menu and tap on Ringtone. Now navigate to Add from phone and tap it.

    Step 3Select Sound Picker inside the Complete-Action-Using window, choose the special ringtone and then save the changes to take effect.

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    How To Customize And Apply Ringtones On Samsung Galaxy S9

    After getting a new Samsung Galaxy S9, to be different, you start to think about how to make a cool ringtone for it. It is a beautiful thing to have our favorite song or audio file as a ringtone reminding us here comes a call. But how to make it possible in a fast and free fashion? In this tutorial, I’ll share you my experience on how to make ringtones and apply them on Samsung Galaxy S9. Now let’s follow the simple guide below.

    To customize ringtones as you wish, we need a tool to do this trick. Syncios Mobile Manager is a handy tool to help you customize any audio files into ringtones and apply it on your device. Simply download Syncios Mobile Manager on your computer to start customizing ringtones!

    Syncios Mobile Manager

    Syncios Mobile Manager is an easy-to-use and powerful iOS & Android Mobile manager, which is well-designed for users who want to manage device contents on PC. It allows you to export contacts, apps, photos, music, ringtone, videos, SMS messages, eBooks and more.

    • Selectively Backup and Restore Contacts, Message, Call log, Music, Video, Photo, Ebooks, Apps and etc.
    • Manage music, edit song details and deduplicate tracks.
    • Export SMS, Call History & Contacts to readable format.
    • Handy tools: One-Click Backup/Restore, HEIC Converter, Photo Compression, Ringtone Maker.

    How To Set My Favorite Music As A Ringtone On My Samsung Galaxy S9

    Now that you have created your personalized ringtone for your Samsung Galaxy S9, it is time to assign it as a ringtone, nothing could be simpler, repeat the technique seen in the first part of this article and once in the list Android ringtones available, at the bottom of the list click on “Add ringtone from phone”, you can now click on the music you have just created.

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    Apply New Customized Ringtones On Samsung Galaxy S9 For The Entire Agenda

    Step 1Find Settings on your Galaxy S9 and go to Sounds and Vibration then navigate to Ringtone.

    Step 2Scroll to the bottom of the list and tap the option that says Add from phone. A new pop-up menu will ask you to choose the app you want to use to complete this action. Select Sound Pick.

    Step 3Then you can find the ringtones you’ve customized and imported under Tracks. Tap on it and click on Done button to set this ringtones for your entire agenda.

    You can also follow detailed tutorial Choose Ringtone and Message Tone on Samsung Galaxy S9.

    Use A File Manager To Put Them In The Right Folder

    Ringtones Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus Free Download

    The rest of the setup is fairly simple just move the notification sounds to the Notification folder on your SD card or internal storage partition using any file browser. Then, repeat the process for the ringtones, which should go in the Ringtones folder on your SD card or internal storage. After that, reboot your phone, then head to the Sounds and Notifications menu in Settings to set any of these ringtones or notification sounds as your default.

    For a more in-depth guide on setting these files as your ringtone or notification sound, check out our full guide on the topic.

    Are you looking forward to using your Galaxy S9 ringtones and notification sounds? Are you planning on upgrading to the Galaxy S9 one day? Let us know in the comments below.

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    How Do I Use Zedge Ringtones On My Android

    How to find and set ringtones through the Zedge app

    • Tap the Set in the middle of the ringtones details screen.
    • Tap Set Ringtone.
    • Tap Allow to allow Zedge to download the ringtone to your phones storage.
    • Tap Settings to be taken to the page where you can allow Zedge to modify system settings, like your ringtone.

    How To Change The Android Ringtone Of My Samsung Galaxy S9

    So we start this article by the most common method which is to change the original ringtone of your Samsung Galaxy S9. In reality, by dint of hearing it we tend to no longer support music, especially in the event that it is not we who chose it. Find the technique below to make this change:

    • See you in the » Parameters »Of your Samsung Galaxy S9
    • Then in ” sounds ” or ” Sounds and vibrations “, Depending on your version of Android the terms may vary
    • » Alarm »Will give you the opportunity to access the list of Android sounds that are available for your calls
    • In the event that you want to change the ringtone of your Samsung Galaxy S9 notifications, click on » Notification sounds »And you will have access to all the ringtones assigned to the different notifications on your smartphone.

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    How Do I Load Music Files Onto My Samsung Galaxy Device From My Windows Pc

    You can use your Samsung Galaxy device to listen to your favourite tracks and podcasts. Music streaming apps such as Spotify play music using an internet connection, but you can also import your own music files from your PC.

    Connect your device to your computer using the supplied USB cable

    Please note: if you can’t use the original cable make sure to use a cable that supports an MTP connection

    If you’re prompted to allow your computer to access your phone data, tap Allow

    Please note: if you have connected your device to your PC before, this window may not appear

    Swipe down from the top of the screenTap on the notification from the Android system. It will say Tap for other USB optionsTap the option that allows for Transferring filesOpen the file explorer on your PC and click on your device to open it

    Please note: if you wish to save your music to an SD card that is in your phone it will appear under Devices and drives. Click on the SD card to open it

    Click on the Music folder

    Drag and drop or copy and paste any audio files you want to listen to on your device into the music folder. Depending on how many files you are moving, it may take some time to transfer.

    Once the transfer has completed, you can play the music files on your device with the Play Music app.

    If you’re experiencing unusual behaviour on Samsung mobiles, tablets or wearables, you can send us an error report or ask us a question in the Samsung Members app.

    How To Add Custom Ringtones And Sounds To Your Android Phone

    Samsung Galaxy S9 : How to add mp3 ringtone (Android Oreo)

    Don’t like your launcher? Pick out a new one from among the best Android launchers. Don’t like your garishly gray keyboard? Change it up! Got the same ringtone as that annoying coworker at the other end of the room? Just don’t like the lame, old sounds that came with your sweet, new phone? No problem! We have options aplenty for Android sounds these days, and once you get the hang of these tools, the world is your ringtone. Whether you need to find that sweet new sound or just need to know how to add a custom ringtone to your Android phone, we have you covered!

    Let awesome ring.

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    Custom Ringtones With A Third

    There are several apps on the Play Store which can do this, but for this tutorial, we’ll be using an open-source app called Ringdroid. Don’t let the old school design fool you, Ringdroid is the best out there in terms of features and reliability. The app allows you to use any sound or song you have on your smartphone as a ringtone. Once you have created your ringtone, you can then set it as your default sound or assign it to a specific contact. In addition to ringtones, the app can also create custom alarms and notification sounds.

    Getting started: First things first, you’ll need to install the free Ringdroid app from the Google Play Store. To turn a song into a ringtone, you’ll also have to have the audio files or music you wish to use on your smartphone’s internal storage or its microSD card. Ringdroid is compatible with MP3, WAV, AAC and AMR audio files.

    1. Open the Ringdroid app on your smartphone.

    2. Once the app launches, you’ll see a list of all the songs on your device, as well as all the ringtones that came with the phone. To view all the sounds on your device specifically, hit the More icon in the top-right corner, and choose Show all audio.

    3. Select the song you would like to use as a ringtone from the list.

    4. Once you have selected a song, its waveform will open up in the editor. Use the two sliders above and below the graph to choose a start and end point for your ringtone.

    What song will you be using as your ringtone? Let us know in the comments.

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