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How To Get Music Noticed

Buying Radio Airplay From A Guy Named Rod Who Is Going To Help Break Your Song

How To Get Your Music Noticed By Fans | #AzariAnswers

This one fall into pretty much the same category as the PR campaign so I wont go into great detail.

I will say this:

Getting the right fan to hear your song, have them remember who you were and then go to look you up online is asking a lot. A lot of steps there.

Not only that but sometimes it takes 3, 4, 5+ listens to get that song in their heads. Thats asking a lot. Besides, there are more effective, free ways to get someone to listen to your stuff.

Side note: Yes there are exceptions like Radio Airplay, Earbits and Shazam. They do bring the listener closer to you, but again, you need to get the listener to a web property that you control and track as quickly as possible. Ive spent hundreds on a few of these these services and they typically do not give you a lot of control over where you can send interested listeners . Less control = more risk.

Talking About More Than Just Your Music On Your Site

Remember the above point about posting more content on your site?

Well who’s to say that you have to talk about you all the time?

This will mean more traffic to your site in the long-run, as you’ll be using relevant terms which people will be searching for to find your kind of music. This strategy is definitely worth using, so get started with it asap!

How To Get Noticed By A Record Label

Theres no easy way to get signed to a record label. If you really want to get your music noticed youll need to put the hours in and hone your sound. Work on your social media, network with industry professionals, create a strong image and always be professional. If you build your video and streaming portfolio youll be much more likely to get noticed in the music industry than someone who expects all the work to be done for them. Labels want self-starters who can already evidence a following, as well as a raw talent.

Record labels get swamped by thousands of emails to their front desks every single day. The chances of you getting a record label to listen to your music this way are very slim. If you want to get noticed by a record label, you need to have a dedicated fan base online and in real life. Build up enough followers and the labels will sit up and take notice. Or you can enter a large scale singing competition like TeenStar or Open Mic UK. If you do well you can be sure the eyes of talent scouts will be upon you. This can also be a route to attracting a talent manager who will help you get noticed further.

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Make Covers Of Famous Songs

One of the most powerful ways to get noticed as a musician is to play covers.

Famous artists have been discovered like that, through cover songs on YouTube for example.

It is the occasion to show your musical personality by releasing an original version of a well-known song. Maybe with a usual angle.

Think of taking a song from a different music genre and adapt it to fit into your own genre. Quite effective way to get noticed.

Here is a little secret tip: to get even more results from covers, try to be the first.

When an artist you follow or someone very famous releases a song, make a cover of that song in the following days. You will benefit a lot from the buzz around this song and get a high chance to get noticed.

How To Get Noticed: 5 Tips From Soundclouds Global Head Of Music Lisa Ellis

How to Get Noticed As a Singer: 13 Steps (with Pictures ...

SoundCloud Global Head of Music Lisa EllisLil Tecca, and Monte Lipman, CEO, Republic Records

Were committed to being the platform where you can break through and build your career, and we have a multitude of opportunities for your hustle to get the boost it deserves. Weve gotten a lot of questions on how you can be considered for our playlists, marketing opps or festival showcases and today, were giving you some answers, straight from the source.

We sat down with Lisa Ellis, the Global Head of Music, Artist Relations, and Label Services at SoundCloud to answer this pressing question: How does an artist get noticed on SoundCloud? With a legendary eye for talent, she knows a thing or twoor five, about what it takes to stand out. Here are her tips:

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Title Your Songs Correctly

Your song title should be the song name only and should not include additional information. For example: Which one do you think works and looks better?

A Beautiful Beach – 24BIT – WAV – VOCAL MIX OR “A Beautiful Beach”?

Leaving extra information in the title may give the impression that the song is a work in progress. The title should also accurately represent your song. Much of pitching comes down to setting up the right listening environment and atmosphere. Shape the experience for your listener with a song title that accurately sets the mood.

Make Work That Stands Out

This might seem like a fairly basic concept when it comes to getting your music noticed, but today especially, your music really does need to stand out from the crowd.

More people are making music now than ever before, and by that we mean there are more people hoping to make their music into a viable career.

Why is that? Well, one of the most obvious reasons is that access to instruments and music recording equipment and production software has increased enormously over just the last 30 years.

As long as you have some spare cash and a working computer, you can make music, sometimes even without the use of actual real-world instruments.

That massive amount of music career hopefuls isnt good or bad news, inherently, but it definitely means there are lots of other people out there who are also hoping to attract the attention of music labels.

Whether you like it or not, these other people are in direct competition with you on your quest to get a record deal.

Above all the other tips were about to go through in the rest of this article, your music itself is going to be your best promotional tool.

If your music feels exciting and different, then youll immediately have an advantage over a lot of other artists.

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How To Promote Your Music Conclusion

So as you can see, this isn’t the average promote your music online with Facebook and Twitter’ guide.

I hope it’s shown you that there’s more to music marketing than the advice you hear thrown around on most other music advice sites, and I hope you now trust me enough to impart other wisdom on you in future.

So now you have two options:

  • Put into practice what you’ve just learned above.
  • And Helps You Get Heard By Bloggers And Playlist Curators

    How To Get Your Band Noticed

    Having a big email list also helps you get heard by bloggers and playlist curators more easily.

    Think about it – bloggers and playlist makers want traffic. One of the biggest sources of traffic for bloggers is their email list.

    But, if these influencers can get access to someone else’s email list, that’s even better.

    If by reviewing your album or adding it to their playlist they can get it shared to your entire email list for a bump in traffic, why wouldn’t they?

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    How To Attract A Music Booking Agency

    Connecting with a booking agency can play a major role in launching your music career. But how do you get their attention? We break it down with these ten tips:

    1. Updated Electronic Press Kit

    An Electronic Press Kit is effectively a resume for musicians, artists, bands, and DJs. An EPK is your online media/marketing portfolio, designed to provide simple access to all your essential information. Make this first impression count!

    EPKs are also one of the most professional tools to showcase your talents to the music industry. They provide your artist assets to labels, booking agents, promoters, venues, media, and anyone who would like to learn more about you and your music.

    Moreover, an EPK should feature your artist bio, links to stream your music and DJ mixes, high-resolution images, tour dates, relevant media, logo, recent press, notable achievements, links to your social media or online presence, and contact details. A successful EPK represents you as an artist, your brand, and musical identity.

    2. Release Music

    There is a strong correlation between releasing music and scoring bookings. To be a successful touring artist, you must release music. Regularly putting out music is a sure way to build a loyal following that will get the attention of booking agents and promoters. Also, getting listed in various charts and having DJ support will increase your chances of catching the attention of a booking agent.

    3. Perform Live Regularly

    4. Record Label Support & Management

    Include Any Additional Versions

    Soundscapes and ambiance in your music are great and could be exactly what a potential buyer wants, but we recommend creating and uploading a no ambiance version as well to give buyers more reasons to say yes.

    Don’t forget to include instrumental mixes and stems as well. When reviewing a song, one of the first questions from a music supervisors lips is, Does it have an instrumental?. Licenses have been won and then lost because the artist did not or could not provide an instrumental for dialogue-driven scenes. Make sure to take this into consideration when you are making final bounces in the recording studio!

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    Keep It Short And Sweet

    Remember, even small labels are inundated with new music all the time, and many labels do listen to everything they get. Making their job easier will only help your case.

    • Your music should be clearly labeled with your name and email address.
    • Short bio. Keep it on the subject and to the point.
    • Press clippings, if available

    Be Professional Unique And Exciting

    THIS is How Many Songs YOU Need To GET NOTICED

    If you’re trying to get into the music business, you need to treat your online artist profile like a business. Professionalism is crucial to many A& R reps who don’t want to waste time. This can include how you portray yourself on social media as well, so always keep this in mind.

    Of course, no matter how professional, you really won’t get anywhere without talent. Those who are still really serious about making this a reality likely have what it takes. The trick is taking that talent and using it to create unique and exciting music. Always be the best that you can be, and strive to improve with every new track.

    Also, don’t upload every single track you’re working on. Chances are, there are going to be a few standouts in a sea of good tracks. It’s nothing against you as an artist, but something pretty much every artist does. Take time and find your best music to share that with your audience.

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    How To Get Noticed As A Singer

    Posted on byTeenStar

    Having talent is of course a key component of artists success. But how do you get exposure in the music industry as a singer?

    Learn how to get noticed as a singer and youll go from being an unknown to having a respected profile and potential long term career. This in turn will attract talent scouts, labels, followers and fans. But it will involve some hard work and savvy marketing.

    Read this article to find out more about how the professional music world works and the ways to ensure your voice is heard.

    How Can I Earn Money By Uploading Music

    Follow these easy steps to get started:

  • You Upload Your Music. Upload your tracks, artwork, and release information quickly and easily.
  • We Send Your Music to Stores. TuneCore will send your release to all of the selected stores and streaming services worldwide.
  • You Get Paid. Every time you get streamed on Spotify.
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    How Do You Get Your Music Noticed

    Big question here, and I supose your all going to bicker about it…

    How do you get your music noticed and into animations or even just downloaded a lot???

    I know you can submit stuff to the audio portal, but do people realy browse the audio portal for something specificly for their animation? Or just to listen to. I know if its good it might be in like the top 30 or top 5 of the day , but thats not realy going to happen to me… is it… Is making friends accross NG good? So they might request something. Do people request music for something? How could I meet people or get myself noticed on NG then? Etc etc…

    Lots of questions from me.. again…

    Wow I answered most of that myself then.

    Next Question:

    How can I get firends? Ive got one friend… but their not on much anymore… In fact they dont animate much at all… their more of a comic person now…

    Is being a loyal fan to animators a good way of being their friend? I would be good at that.. xD…

    At 1/2/09 01:46 PM, KgZ wrote:If you want to be someone’s friends the most effective way is to give them a blowjob.


    Response to How do you get your music noticed?2009-01-02 14:00:27

    I’ll be your friend! < /lame>

    What also helps you getting noticed, is scoring a top5 or top30, or just being on top of the genre list.But on NG that’s kinda what everyone wants, resulting in a voting war, so don’t count to much on that

    Create Your Personal Brand


    This is an absolute must in 2020.

    If you talk to anyone about your music, and you don’t have a website to send them to, they’re less likely to take you seriously.

    You need to do more than upload your music to the streaming sites. You need to have your spot on the internet that you call home.

    Buy your domain, get hosting, and make your website.

    It’s easier now than it’s ever been to get a website up and running, so there is no excuse not to do this.

    You’ll also want to do more than post your music to your webpage. Start a blog. Write about relevant topics that relate to your music. Get creative.

    If you make music that is good to work out to, then make a blog post about exercises you can do while listening to your new CD.

    Post behind the scenes videos of you and your band.

    If you can make people take a genuine interest in YOU, then they are much more likely to take a genuine interest in your MUSIC.

    Use social media to your advantage. Check out this great article discussing how musicians should be using Facebook to their advantage.

    Be careful though, you don’t want to annoy people or come across as spammy. You should pick at least one platform and post to it daily.

    Again, don’t only post about your music. It should be clear that you’re a musician, but that’s not all you should talk about.

    Tell them about your life, the ups and downs of being a musician, and tell them stories.

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    How Do You Get Exposure In The Music Industry

    You also need to have your music on streaming platforms. Not only will it help you grow your fan base by allowing your listeners to listen to your music for free itll help you get noticed by appearing on playlists. As an independent artist, the best sites that you can use to upload your tracks are distributors like CD Babyor DistroKid. These services require a small payment to upload music to Spotify, but its definitely worth it.

    There are three types of Spotify playlist:

    Start Your Music Promotion With A Website

    Its important to have one platform where you control your music, content, and brand imageyour website. If a promoter or fan is searching for you online, the first hit they should get is your band website. This is your chance to hook them with a great first impression and win them over with an amazing user experience. Dont be afraid to blow your own trumpet!

    Even if you promote your music online elsewhere you should always have a website to list your tour dates, news, contact details, and some sneak peeks!

    If you dont have a website yet, dont worry! You can easily create a Website with Jimdo below and connect your bands social media page. What are the advantages?

    • Easy music integration: Add songs from iTunes or Spotify directly on your homepage
    • Videos: Easily upload videos from your performances to your site
    • Podcast: Link an Apple or Spotify podcast in your Music block to share interviews or teasers
    • Contact form with map: This lets visitors know where they can find you and how they can contact you
    • Social media: Link your social network profiles
    • Designed for music: Use a layout that is specially designed for music websites

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    Be Active On Social Media

    You need to be active consistently on social media.

    Not just when you release a song. Consistently.

    It takes time to start to get noticed by people.

    And engage with authenticity with others.

    Please dont shout a message: Listen to this! Subscribe! without a bit of context and spend some time responding to comments or commenting with value on others posts.

    Ways To Get Your Music Noticed


    Warning: your dignity may be compromised

    Thanks to the internet and today’s easy-to-use software, getting your music made and in a place where anyone can hear it is no problem at all. However, because every bedroom-based artist and his dog now has a MySpace page, it’s more difficult than ever to get people to listen.

    Like it or not, it isn’t just about the music – it’s about getting yourself noticed. If you’re looking for ways to stand out, may we suggest the following

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