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How To Get Music From Iphone To Mac

Bonus Tip: How To Sync Music From Iphone To Mac Automatically

How to transfer music from iPhone to Mac

If you have subscribed to Apple Music, you don’t need to transfer music from your iPhone to Mac to sync songs across your devices. Instead, you can turn on music syncing on your devices. By doing so, you can access your iPhone music on the Mac and listen to these songs freely.

To sync music from iPhone to Mac via Apple Music:

Step 1. On your iPhone, go to “Settings” > “Music” and turn on “Sync Library.”

Step 2. On your Mac, open the Apple Music app.

Step 3. Go to “Music” > “Preferences.”

Step 4. Click the “General” tab and check “Sync Library.” Then click “OK” to confirm.

You need to make sure you are using the same Apple ID on both your iPhone and the Mac, or you can’t transfer music from your iPhone to Mac using this way.

Comparison Table Of These Four Methods

  • Compatible with iOS7 and beyond
  • Free Software
  • No need to download iTunes
  • Have several unique features
  • Compatible with most version of iOS
  • Has a user-friendly interface


  • Syncing across devices is useful and reliable.
  • Pricing is very competitive.
  • Instant Cloud backup of files
  • Finding files through search
  • Requires a lot of disk space
  • Canât transfer the folder in one go


  • The mobile version isn’t as flexible as the desktop
  • Pro pricing is costly

How To Transfer Music From Iphone To Macbook

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Question: Just bought a Macbook Pro as a birthday gift for my husband and he is thrilled with it. He has always used PCs before, but since he has an iPod, iPad and iPhone, he decided to give this MacBook Pro a try. Now he is extremely happy with his new computer. Only one question: How can we transfer the music from our iPhone to the Macbook Pro?

Answer: the iPhone music sync is one way – from the iTunes on Macbook Pro to the iPhone. If you want to get the content downloaded from your iPhone, it’s necessary to find a Mac iPhone music transfer program like iFunBox or AnyTrans for Mac.

As an unique feature to iMobie products, AnyTrans for Mac’s iWizard gives you full control on transferring content among iPhone, iPad and iTunes. You can simply choose music, movies, TV shows, Books, iTunes U, Apps or even all items on your iPhone, and copy them to a new Macbook Pro / Air.

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How To Transfer Music From Mac To Iphone Using Airdrop

If you wish to transfer music from Mac to iPhone wirelessly, then AirDrop should be an ideal pick. Most of the new iOS models come with an inbuilt AirDrop feature. This lets us connect Mac and iPhone, allowing us to transfer all kinds of data. Before you proceed, just make sure that the WiFi and Bluetooth connection is enabled on both the devices. Also, your Mac and iPhone should be placed nearby. Once that is done, just follow these steps to learn how to sync music from Mac to iPhone.

Step 1: Enable AirDrop on Mac and iPhone

At first, just launch the AirDrop app from Finder or Spotlight on Mac and turn the feature on. From its bottom, you can change its visibility to everyone for a seamless connection.

Similarly, bring your iPhone nearby and go to its Settings to enable AirDrop. You can also go to its Control Center to turn on the AirDrop feature and set its visibility as everyone too.

Step 2: Send audio files from Mac

Afterward, you can launch Finder and go to the location where your music files are stored. You can now drag and drop them to the AirDrop app and select your iPhone as the target device. This will start sending the selected songs to your iPhone.

Step 3: Accept the incoming data on iPhone

On your iPhone, you will get a prompt, stating that your Mac would like to transfer data. You can tap on the âAcceptâ button and wait as it would transfer music from Mac to iPhone.

How To Add Specific Songs To Your Iphone: Macos Mojave And Earlier

9 Ways to Fix Youre Already an Apple Music Member Error ...

With iTunes now in manual syncing mode, you can choose individual songs and playlists to transfer to your phone.

iTunes helps you to see how much storage space is remaining on your iPhone. Check this before transferring music, or you might max out your space and have no room for apps, videos, or more music.

  • From your iTunes library page, select the drop-down menu in the upper-left corner of iTunes, then choose Music.

  • Select which music you want to copy from iTunes to your iPhone.

  • To add multiple songs in one go, use keyboard shortcuts. Press and hold Ctrl or Command and select each song you want to copy to your iPhone. This lets you drag all of them at once.

    If you have lots of music to transfer, it’s easier to create playlists first. Playlists save you from repetitive work when syncing the songs you want on your iPhone.

  • To transfer a playlist or single song from your iTunes library to your iPhone, drag and drop the item from the right pane into the left pane, directly onto the item that is your phone . It might be called iPhone.

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    How To Transfer Music From Iphone To Itunes On Mac

    Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your Mac computer > Open SyncBird > Click Device > Music tab on the left column:

    How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Mac Step 1

    Step 2: Choose the songs you want to transfer from iPhone to your Mac:

    How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Mac Step 2

    Step 3: In the window that appears, select the destination where you want to save your music, and click Open.

    How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Mac Step 3

    Step 4: Now these selected music files are saved to the selected destination on your Mac computer.

    How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Mac Step 4

    How To Copy Songs From Iphone To Mac Using Icloud Music Library

    The concept of a cloud storing our information has probably baffled you before. iCloud is Appleâs solution to trying to sync data and files across multiple devices.

    In the case of trying to move music from iPhone to Mac, iCloud is a convenient and easy way to sync music from your iPhone to your Mac.

    Here is how you do it:

    Step 1 Go to you iPhone settings a select Music

    Step 2 Find the iCloud Music Library and enable it

    Step 3 Open iTunes on your Mac

    Step 4 Go to your Preferences menu by clicking on âiTunesâ in the menu bar

    Step 5 Turn on âiCloud Music Libraryâ

    Step 6 Then, hit Ok

    Now, your music on your iPhone is synced with your Mac via the iCloud music library. Any songs you add on your phone will be added on you Mac and stored in the cloud.

    However, there is a downside to using the iCloud Music Library. The downside is that transferring music using iCloud is a one-time process.

    As in, you cannot import music from your iPhone to your Mac again and again. If you want to update your music again, you have to go through all the aforementioned steps again.

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    Powerful Functions Of Imyfone Tunesmate

    As a good alternative of iTunes, apart from transferring music from Mac to iPhone, TunesMate also works good in two-way transfer and smart management.

    1. Share music with different Apple IDs:

    • Export music to iTunes/computer from unlimited iPhones.
    • Import music collection from iTunes/computer to iPhones even signed in different Apple IDs.

    2. Manage iPhone media collection:

    • Delete unwanted music/video/photos/apps in bulk. It is the free trial.
    • Back up iPhone media to a local library on Mac and enjoy a huge music collection.
    • Edit iPhone music ID3 tags, like artwork, name, artist, etc.
    • Manage music playlists by creating, renaming, adding/removing music.

    How To Transfer Itunes Library From Mac To Mac

    Transfer Music from iPhone to Your Mac (or iTunes) – Easy & Free –

    Often, Mac users will have more than one Mac in their home. It is the nature of the beast, as they may be so pleased with their exclusive Mac environment that there may suddenly be a MacBook or an iMac in the house where there may have been only one Mac computer previously. So, like households with both PC and Mac systems in them, households with more than one Mac may decide that its time to copy their iTunes library from one Mac to another. There are a number of steps to follow when transferring iTunes from one Mac computer to the other, just as there are when you transfer iTunes from PC to Mac. Here is how its done:

    Step 1. Open iTunes. Go to Preferences > Advanced

    From there, click Keep iTunes Media folder organized in order to see your iTunes folder stay properly organized and keep the transition from one computer to the other smooth.

    Step 2. Deauthorize your computer from the iTunes store

    Its important to ensure that you deauthorize your old computer from the iTunes Store if you are planning on not using your old computer on iTunes anymore. All you need to do is go to Store> Deauthorize this computer, and your old computer will be deauthorized.

    Step 3. Move your iTunes Media Folder

    From here, its simply a matter of closing iTunes on your old computer and moving your iTunes Media folder across the network to your new computer. Locate the Music folder and use either an external hard drive or a wired or wireless network to get the job done.

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    How To Transfer Music From Iphone To Mac With Email

    Similar to transferring music through iMessage, you can also sync music from your iPhone to your Mac via email.

    If you want to email music from your iPhone to your Mac, there are two ways you can do so. The first is through an app. The second is through the Message app, which you will learn about later. The app is called Song2Email app and it is just a quick download from the app store.

    Here is how you copy music from your iPhone to your Mac via Song2Email:

    Step 1 Open the Song2Email app and tap the center button to select the songs you want

    Step 2 Tap the plus sign to add the songs. For emails, the largest attachment size is about 20mb, which is around 3-5 songs.

    Step 3 Click done. Then, you will be taken to an email page where you can select the recipient. For your own Mac, enter your own email and email it to yourself.

    Hereâs what makes the Song2Email app particularly great. First, you can send multiple songs in a single message rather than just one at a time.

    Second, songs wonât be restricted and will maintain their metadata, such as the artist name and album art.

    Lastly, the app is universal for other Apple devices, like iPads, iTouches, and iPods.

    If you do not want to go through the trouble of downloading an app, there is another easy way to get music from iPhone to Mac via email. To do this, you only need to go through your Music app on your phone, which is similar to getting music through iMessage.

    Step 1 Open your Music app on your iPhone.

    How To Copy Music From Your Mac To Your New Iphone Or Ipad

    SK February 27, 2020

    A reader recently upgraded her iPhone from iPhone 7 to a new iPhone 11. All her music was missing on the new iPhone. She had all her music stored on her MacBook and it was also on the iPhone 7. Following the upgrade to the new iPhone 11, she found that her music had disappeared from the new iPhone. It didnt copy over to the new iPhone.

    If you ever find yourself in this situation where you need to copy music from your Mac over to your new iPhone or another iDevice, it is an easy and straightforward process.

    This is primarily for users who dont use iCloud to sync their data across devices. You will need a USB cable to copy music. Make sure that you are using the same Apple ID across both your MacBook and your new iPhone.


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    How To Transfer Music From Mac To Iphone With Finder

    You might not know this, but you donât need to use iTunes to sync music from your iPhone to Mac. With the help of this new feature of Finder, you can easily manage your iPhone data and even transfer it to your Mac. Once you have synced your iPhoneâs music library with Mac, its songs would automatically be moved to the connected iPhone.

    Step 1: Open your iPhone in Finder

    At first, just connect your iPhone to Mac and wait as it would automatically be detected. If you are connecting it for the first time, then you need to trust the computer on your iPhone. Later, you can view the symbol of the connected iPhone on Macâs Finder. You can just click on it to manage the saved data on your iPhone.

    Step 2: Transfer music from Mac to iPhone

    This will launch a dedicated interface for your iPhone on Finder with different tabs for photos, music, podcasts, and so on. From here, you can just go to the âMusicâ section on Finder.

    Now, all you need to do is enable the syncing option for music between your Mac and iPhone. You can choose to select the entire music library or simply pick the artists/album/playlists of your choice to sync.

    Manually Add Music To Your Iphone: Macos Catalina And Later

    Free Apple Music  How To Get Free Apple Music 12 Months ...

    Beginning with macOS Catalina , music syncing is controlled via the Music app, but you must first enable manual control via Finder.

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer using its cable.

  • Open a Finder window and select iPhone from the menu bar on the left.

  • In the General tab, select the Manually manage music, movies, and TV shows check box.

  • Select Apply in the lower-right corner.

  • Open the Music app and navigate to the media you would like to add to your iPhone.

  • Click and drag any song, album, or artist to the iPhone button under Devices in the left menu bar.

  • Repeat for all other music or media you’d like to add to your iPhone. When finished, return to a Finder window and select the Eject button next to iPhone before unplugging the device.

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    Sync Itunes Music To Iphone Using Finder In Macos Mojave And Earlier

    If youre using macOS Mojave and earlier, youll use the iTunes Mac app instead. Lets take a look at the process and how it goes.

  • Connect your iPhone to your Mac via USB cable.
  • Open iTunes on your Mac.
  • Locate the Device icon in the shape of an iPhone at the top-left.
  • Access your iPhone and select Music.
  • Choose what you want to sync.
  • Select Apply.
  • If it doesnt sync immediately, select Sync.
  • If you want to do this over Wi-fi, its a valid option. Just make sure your Mac and iPhone are connected to the same network. You should detect your iPhone this way.

  • Connect your iPhone to your Mac.
  • Open iTunes on your Mac.
  • Select Summary on the left side of the window.
  • Select Sync With This Over Wi-fi.
  • Select Apply to begin.
  • This will allow your iPhone to sync automatically. As long as iTunes is open on your computer, the process will begin. Both devices will have to be on the same network as well.

    The automatic transfer over Wi-Fi allows you to transfer while you take care of your other affairs.

    How To Transfer Music From Mac To Iphone

    Written By Axel Nash| Jul 25,2020

    âI want to transfer music from Mac to iPhone, but I donât know how to do that. Can someone tell me how to transfer music from Mac to iPhone?â

    If you also own a Mac and an iPhone, then you might encounter a similar situation as well. A lot of people, who move from Android to iPhone, often find it hard to manage their device. Since both iPhone and Mac are developed by Apple, the process of syncing music from Mac to iPhone is actually pretty easy. To make your job even simpler, Iâm going to discuss three solutions on how to transfer songs from Mac to iPhone that anyone can implement.

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    Transfer Music From Mac To Iphone Using Cloud Services

    Perfect for: iPhone users who have much iOS space and have stable Wi-Fi connection.

    Cloud services allow you to store music on servers using the Internet, so you can technically use them to transfer music from Mac to iPhone as well. Here are some services you could try:

    • Google Play Music
    • Airmore
    • Dropbox

    However, as we can see that all these three ways are not that convenient as iMyFone TunesMate, which only need one program and a usb cable to transfer music from Mac easily.

    How To Upload Music To Apple Music With A Mac

    How to transfer music files from MAC OS to iPhone – Without using iTunes/Apple Music

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    If you’ve ever wondered how to get Apple Music tracks from your Mac to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, or upload your own tracks, we’ve got a handy guide that teaches you how to do it, and sync it to your favorite devices.

    The process is simple, with Apple’s iCloud infrastructure doing most of the work. Adding your own tunes to the Music app for local playback can be as simple as dragging the tracks into the app’s window, and waiting if you want them to be streaming tracks. However, you can also select folders for input, manually.

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