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How To Get Leaked Music On Apple Music

Apple Music Will Soon Add Support For Lossless Hi


Apple Music may not be one of the most widely used music streaming services, compared to YouTube Music, Spotify or Amazon Prime Music, but the company just set the bar for high-quality audio streaming for every other service with the announcement of lossless and Dolby Atmos support for all subscribers at no extra cost next month.

According to Apple, the companys entire catalog of over 75 million tracks will available to stream by the end of the year listeners can access over 20 million tracks when the service launches. Following Apples announcement, Amazons music streaming service has also announced that users will be upgraded to lossless music streaming at no extra cost.

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However, using Apple Musics lossless streaming service wont be as simple as connecting your wireless earphones and using the latest Apple Music app youll need to be using hardware that is designed to support these new features, plus iOS 14.6 which will release next month. If youre interested in using the upgrades coming to Apple Music next month, heres all you need to know.

Support for Dolby Atmos tracks

But keep in mind that Spatial Audio will only work automatically on some of these devices. If you have wireless headphones or earphones from any other manufacturer, you can go to Settings> Music> Audio on your iPhone and force the Dolby Atmos setting to Always on.

Apple Music Lossless tracks

How Artist Imposters And Fake Songs Sneak Onto Streaming Services

When songs leak on Spotify and Apple Music, illegal uploads can generate substantial royalty paymentsbut for whom?

  • Open share drawer

Last December, new music from Beyoncé and SZA appeared out of nowhere on Spotify and Apple Music. Released under the names Queen Carter and Sister Solana respectively, these full-length projects initially seemed like surprise drops with a twist. Soon fans realized that something wasnt right: Many of the Beyoncé recordings came from old sessions, and the SZA songs sounded like unfinished demos, which the singer later confirmed. Neither Beyoncé nor SZA had anything to do with the releases, in fact. It wasnt the first time a big artists music had been uploaded illegally to Spotify and Apple Music, and it wouldnt be the last.

The related artists on Lil Kambos page revealed even more Playboi Carti leakers, as well as artists who were masquerading as Juice WRLD and Lil Uzi Vert. Given the prevalence of such impersonators, it came as no surprise when Pissy Pamper / Kid Cudi made its way up the Spotify Viral chart again, under a different name, a month after the first fake was removed. Before the end of June, five more unreleased Playboi Carti tracks appeared on the rappers official Apple Music page. Fans celebrated the leaks, which made headlines on Genius and The Fader before being removed the following day.

A spokesperson for Spotify said:

TuneCore Chief Communications Officer Jonathan Gardner said:

How To Upload Your Music To Apple Music

With a growing subscriber base currently at 68 million users, Apple Music provides one of the largest audiences for artists among music streaming platforms. It has a global reach, as it is currently available in 167 countries worldwide . In this article, I will give you a brief overview of what Apple Music is, why you should get your music on the platform, and how to upload your music to Apple Music.

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What Apple Musics New $5 Voice Plan Wont Let You Do

Apple’s new Voice Plan for $5/month


If you dont mind asking Siri a question every single time you listen to music, Apples got a new $5 per month way for you to access Apple Musics 90 million songs: a new Voice Plan.

Half the price of the standard plan, the new voice plan wont let you browse Apples music library on your phone or Mac, create your own playlists, or even download the music you love to your devices for offline use. It doesnt offer spatial music, Apples new feature that essentially lets you move around in a sound field, nor does it offer lossless audio as other Apple subscription levels do. In addition, it wont allow you to play Apple Music on Sonos or other integrated ecosystem speaker systems.

But it will give you 24/7 radio-on-demand without ads for a very low price.

The plan is only available in 17 countries, but Apples created new functionality to make it appealing. Taking cues from Spotify, Apple Music will now let all subscribers ask Siri for dynamic on-demand playlists for their current moods or actives. Need a relax playlist? Workout playlist? New music playlist?

All are available.

This is a major answer to one of the key problems with Apple Music: the price. While other streaming media players offer free ad-supported, Apple has always had a premium model which has limited its appeal.

At $5/month, Apple Musics new Voice Plan is may be appealing to many of those people.

You also wont be able to:

Why Should You Get Your Music On Apple Music


Not only does Apple Music offer artists the potential to reach a global audience, it also has user features that help listeners discover new music and artists based on their listening habits. Apple Music also gives artists access to their music stats through the Apple Music for Artists platform. On top of this, artists get paid by Apple Music whenever their songs get streamed on the service. I will discuss all this in detail below.

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How To Sign Up For Apple Music

You can sign-up and manage your Apple Music accountacross multiple platforms, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows, and the web. Once you do, you can access the service across all your devices using your login credentials.

It’s also possible to sign up for the Apple Music Family plan or switch between it and an individual plan.

Backing Up Your Music Library

Though we store more and more of our music online these days, a hard-copy backup is still the gold standard for keeping your data safe. And if you use Apple Music or iCloud Music Library, the best way to do that is still iTunes.

There are a few ways to back up your iTunes library it’s essential to choose one and regularly back up so that you won’t have to worry about your local copy getting lost or damaged. My music â at least for me â is one of those must-backup items I don’t want to have to manually re-build or re-buy thousands of tracks.

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Microsoft Edge Will Help Keep Track Of Price Changes For Products You Have Viewed

Microsoft Edge is getting useful features ahead of the holiday season

  • Microsoft Edge will help users change leaked passwords easily
  • The company is also introducing an Efficiency Mode to save power
  • The price-tracking feature on Microsoft Edge will also be improved

Microsoft Edge is getting three features that will improve their browsing experience while safeguarding their information as they browse the Web. The first feature will try to automate the process of changing a leaked password the second feature is an efficiency mode that will help users conserve power while on battery power. The third feature announced by Microsoft is an improved price tracker that will alert users to discounts online, as part of an improvement to the browser’s shopping feature.

The company explained in a Windows Experience Blog post that it was updating two Microsoft Edge features, Password Health Dashboard and Password Monitor, with the ability to quickly update compromised passwords. The new easy update feature will allow users to change their password on a site where their passwords have been leaked, with a single click inside the password settings. Users can click the three-dot menu> Settings > Passwords on Microsoft Edge and click on Change next to the affected password. Clicking this button on supported websites will take the user to the relevant password change screen where Edge can suggest a new password and save it to the user’s account.

Apple Accidentally Leaks New Mobile Platform Ahead Of Wwdc


UKRAINE – 2021/04/18: In this photo illustration, Apple Music app and Apple logo seen displayed on a … smartphone screen.

A keen-eyed reporter has spotted something in a job advert which may reveal that a whole new Apple operating system in on its way. Javier Lacort noticed a listing beginning, Are you passionate about music? The Apple Music team is looking for stellar software engineers to create awesome listening experiences for our over 1 billion active users.

But, later in the same paragraph it mentions learning the inner-workings of iOS, watchOS, tvOS and homeOS. Well, this is interesting. Have you ever heard of homeOS? Thought not. It is listed again further down in reference to the system-integrated Apple Music experience on all of our mobile platforms: iOS, watchOS and homeOS.

This really looks like a new operating system is on its way from Apple, and given that it is related to Apple Music, and the name homeOS, suggests that theres a change coming to products that are music-compatible.

The most obvious is the smart speaker range, the now discontinued HomePod and the highly affordable HomePod mini, which use a version of tvOS.

Since tvOS is listed as well, it doesnt sound like Apple is simply renaming tvOS as homeOS.

And anyway, it refers to it as a mobile platform, which is curious. So why would that be?

HomePod mini in space gray.

David Phelan

Well, a new unified smart home software could be useful for that, too.

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Apple Music For Artists

Apple Music is one of the few major streaming services that offers artists direct backend access to their stats. They do this through the Apple Music for Artists platform. Once your music is on Apple Music, you can apply for access to Apple Music for Artists, where you gain access to stats on how your music is performing on the platform. It also provides helpful information such as the demographics of your musics performance, including areas and regions where your music is popular, ages of the listeners etc.

Since the integration of Shazam into the Apple family, your Shazam stats are also available on Apple Music for Artists. This is great because you get to know where your music is being discovered, along with other helpful stats to know how your music is performing on Shazam.

Core Experience: Music Discovery

One of the first things that I found out was that users of streaming services generally fell somewhere on the following spectrum:


  • Have a large library that they add to from time to time
  • Are more selective about what they listen to


  • Rely on playlists/curated content
  • Are probably already using Spotify

Apple Music sits at the Hoarder side of the spectrum. Open an Apple Music playlist and youll probably find this in the description:

If you hear something you like, add it to your library.

Treating playlists as tools to discover new music is an approach that makes sense given Apple Musics pastlife as iTunes. However, the way that playlists are currently implemented feels very tacked on. I found that users werent comfortable with adding entire playlists to their personal libraries, especially if said playlists were constantly updating.

If Apple Music wants to expand to the nomadic side of the spectrum, they have to do it in a way that brings their existing user base along. This means creating a music discovery experience centered on artists and albums instead of playlists. Enter My Sampler

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How To Download Music On Apple Music

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This wikiHow teaches you how to download your favorite Apple Music tracks for offline listening using your computer, phone, or tablet. As long as you subscribe to Apple Music, you’ll be able to download any album, song, or playlist that you’ve saved to your library.

How To Download Music On Your Ipod

Get FREE MUSIC from ITUNES on iOS 9!

We all use YouTube as our go-to app for listening to music. Whether we are working, driving, studying, or working out, YouTube is always in use on our phones. But in order to listen to YouTube anytime and anywhere you want, you gotta have a stable internet connection.

What if I told you that you can listen to your favorite YouTube music anytime you want on your iPod without worrying about having an internet connection? You can listen to all of your favorite podcasts, background music, tracks, and audiobooks right on your iPod. Now if you are Googling How to put songs on iPod, stop right there because we have already answered your question below:

With Softorino YouTube Converter 2, you can at a lightning-fast speed. It is actually remarkably easy.

Here’s how it works:

Download the Softorino YouTube Converter 2 on your MacBook for free by clicking on the download button below. The app is free to download with unlimited video and MP3 downloads on your one-day free trial.

Launch Softorino YouTube Converter 2 on your PC. Open your desired YouTube song in the in-app browser and add it to the download queue. The app will show a preview of your selected song on the top.

Next, select Audio. This will allow you to download music on your iPod in the form of an audio file. In the Save to option, select the device by clicking on the iPod icon. Before moving forward, make sure your iPod is connected to the PC via a cable.

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If You Want To Use A Track On Apple Music

If you don’t want to use a song from your Apple Music subscription, skip to the next section. After all, the song you want to use is probably already located in your Music library, so there’s no need to download it.

When you want to use an Apple Music track, however, you have to find the song in the Music app first. Once you’ve found a good wake-up song on Apple Music to use as an alarm, tap on the to add the song to your library instantly. If you see a cloud icon instead or nothing at all, it’s already added to your library or downloaded for offline playback, respectively.

Alternatively, press firmly on the song, then tap “Add to Library.” You do not need to download the song to your iPhone for it to work as an alarm sound. But obviously, downloaded songs also work. Proceed to the next section to see how to make your Apple Music song your alarm tune.

Option : Use A Smart Playlist For Your Library

The easiest way to keep a collection of your loved songs is to create a Smart Playlist on your computer. That way, you can make iTunes or the Music app automatically add loved songs to it whether they’re or in iCloud Music Library.

There is a catch, however. This option only works for songs you already have in or have added to your library. You can love songs on Apple Music without adding them to your library, and you can even add those songs to playlists, but unless you add them to your library, the Smart Playlist won’t grab those songs.

If you add every song you like to your library, then I’d suggest the Smart Playlist route. Fire up iTunes on macOS or Windows. If you’re running macOS 10.15 Catalina or higher, iTunes doesn’t exist, so open up Music instead the process is the same as in iTunes, so there are no changes aside from the app name.

Next, click “File” in the menu bar, then “New,” and “Smart Playlist.”

Next, ensure the checkmark next to “Match” is enabled, then choose “music” from the dro-down. You can keep it at “all media” too, but music videos may also appear in your playlist. Afterward, click “Artist” and make sure “Love” is selected instead. Ensure “is” is chosen in the middle drop-down and “Loved” drop-down on the right.

You can also choose to add custom cover art for the playlist by clicking on the art and selecting from default images, recent pictures, or from anywhere else on your hard drive.

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Uploading & Submitting Music

Before submitting your music on Apple Music, ensure your music and artwork is the right format and meets the specifications. Check the iTunes Store Music Style Guide and Video and Audio Asset Guideto see the complete guide on standards and specifications for music. These are the essential requirements.

Audio with a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz and 96, 176.4 or 192 kHz

Use the stereo audio source. If this is not available, the audio source must have identical channels for left and right

Audio must be recorded with a Codec qualified and approved by Apple

Cover Art must be 3000 x 3000 pixels with 1:1 aspect ratio, high quality JPEG or PNG files

Once you have gone through the guides and have everything ready, launch iTunes Producer and sign in with your iTunes Connect credentials. Create an album even for singles, as they are uploaded on the platforms as an album in themselves. You will have the option to either create an album from CD or from audio files. After creating your album, you can add album details, artist names, genres, original release date, copyright information and other relevant metadata as required. To add the cover art, drag the art onto the Cover Art box or click Choose and select the cover art file.

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