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How To Get Apple Music Replay

See Your Top Songs Of The Year

Apple Music 2020 REPLAY- How To Get Apple Music 2020 Replay Playlist

With Replay, you get to browse the top songs youve listened to this year in an automatically generated playlist. You can explore a Replay playlist for every year that you were subscribed to Apple Music simply by clicking an appropriate playlist cover. Best of all, your Replay Mixes are updated weekly based on your listening history.

Apple Music Replay Online

To see the current years Replay for songs youve listened to the most so far, go directly to Apple Music Replay online. Get your mix or start listening to add songs to it.

  • Go to the Apple Music Replay website and click Sign In on the top right.

  • Select Continue with Password, then enter the Apple ID and password for your Apple Music subscription.

  • Click Get Your Replay Mix to start listening.

  • If you havent listened to enough songs yet this year, youll see the message below. You can then hit Listen Now to enjoy the Apple Music service.

  • If youre an Apple Music subscriber, reap the rewards of Apple Music Replay. Youll receive a Replay of your top songs and artists for each year youre a subscriber. And if you use Apple Music on Windows, be sure to visit one of the websites above to see your Replays.

    How To Find Your Spotify Wrapped Year In Review

    Now, if youre a Spotify user, Spotify Wrapped has officially gone live for 2019 and its easier than ever to view your statistics.

    In the Spotify app, simply look for the Wrapped 2019 graphic. It should appear directly in the Home tab of the app, or you can head to the Search tab and look for it under Browse all. Here, you can view not only your top artists, tracks, and more of 2019, but also your Best of the Decade Wrapped.

    In the Best of the Decade For You Spotify Wrapped playlist, youll see a playlist of all your most listened to songs of the 2010s, which is pretty nifty if youve been a long-time Spotify subscriber.

    Spotify has also launched its 2019 Wrapped for Artists feature. This lets artists themselves view insights into how many listeners they had in 2019 and more. Read more about 2019 Wrapped for Artists here. There is also Wrapped for Podcasters

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    How To Find Apple Music Replay 2021

    Andrew Myrick February 16, 2021

    Spotify is no longer the biggest music streaming service available, as Apple Music has grown into a formidable opponent. There are pros and cons to each streaming service, but its clear that these are the two best options, regardless of which mobile platform you use.


    For a few years now, Spotify has been releasing its Wrapped playlist. This is a user-specific playlist which populates your most-listened to songs over the past year. Then, without you needing to do anything yourself, the playlist is created and shown off in your Spotify app. You can either save the playlist to your favorites, or find it under the Made For You section of your Spotify library.

    Apple Music has recognized the popularity of these year-end recap playlists, and started doing something of its own.

    Apple Music Replay : Heres How To See Your Top Songs

    Apple Music Replay 2021 Playlist Now Available on App and ...

    2 December 2020, 10:10

    Apple Music Replay will update weekly for users throughout the year so they can keep on top of their favourite songs.

    Apple Music listeners, rejoice! Because the streaming service has just added Apple Music Replay 2020, a newer version of its 2019 feature that will automatically keep a playlist of all of your favourite tracks, updated weekly, right through to the end of the year.

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    Similar to Spotify’s Wrapped feature, which shows you a yearly summary of the music you listened to, right through to how many minutes you listened to those songs for, Apple have gone one step ahead and you’ll be able to see your Top 100, as of well…now.

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    How To Find & Use Your Apple Music Replay 2021 Playlist

    Apple Music has made its Replay 2021 playlist available for users, meaning they can revisit their most listened to tracks throughout the year.

    Apple Music has made its Replay 2021 playlist available for users. The feature tracks all of the music a user has been listening to throughout the year and allows them to revisit their most-listened tracks at any point. The playlist is finalized at the end of the year and forms part of the Apple Music Replay end-of-year round-up.

    Apple Music is a music streaming service like Spotify or Deezer that gives users access to a library of 70 million songs and can be used on smartphones, computers, smart TVs, and smart speakers, among other devices. Access costs $9.99, but there’s a more affordable $4.99 rate for students and $14.99 rate for families that gives access for up to six people. The Music Replay playlist was introduced in 2019 and differs from Spotify’s annual ‘Your Top Songs’ playlists in that it is updated throughout the year rather than provided just at the end.

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    Of course, at the very start of a year, there is no music to go into the playlist, so the feature doesn’t become available immediately. However, MacRumors reports that the 2021 edition is now available, having gone live today. The playlist is updated every Sunday.

    How To Repeat Songs In Apple Music On Iphone Or Ipad

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    Apple Music allows you to repeat songs within the Music app itself or from the Quick Access menu.

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    How Do You Access Apple Music Replay

    Apple Music Replay is available to view on the app or at All you have to do is sign in with your Apple Music login information, and it will show you your top playlists for every year you’ve been a subscriber.

    TechCrunch reports that Apple Music Replay is actually really fun to use, especially because it continues updating the more you use Apple Music. Spotify is definitely the giant when it comes to streaming music, but Apple Music Replay is definitely a bid by Apple to compete with Spotify.

    As you probably know, Spotify uses data to regularly provide users with a number of customized playlists and recommendations based on their listening habits.

    Spotify, in September, reported that is reaches 113 million premium subscribers. On the other hand, as of June, Apple Music had around 60 million paying subscribers. There is the hope that Apple Music Replay is a cool enough feature that it will entice more people to use the service.

    What do you think? Are you an Apple Music user? Are you tempted to start an Apple Music account in order to have access to the new Replay feature?

    Apple Music Replay: How To Access Your Most

    Apple Music Replay 2020 (Spotify Wrapped)

    Apple Music Replay is a collection of the songs a user has listened to most from their Apple Music subscription. Here’s how to find the playlist.

    Apple Music offers users the opportunity to listen to songs and artists they love, tune in to live radio stations, watch music videos and more. With the Apple Music Replay feature, they can also take a look back at their most-played songs and albums. Accessing this feature requires a subscription to Apple Music, and from there, its simple to discover which artists they have had on repeat in 2020.

    First launched in 2015, Apple Music is a subscription service similar to Spotify Premium or Pandora Plus. The subscription fee for Apple Music is $9.99 a month for an individual plan and $14.99 for a family plan, with students receiving a discount at $4.99 a month. The family plan includes access to Apple Music for up to six people, along with a personal account for each family member and the option for users to share their music library with anyone they want. Other features include access to 70 million songs, the users iTunes library, and the option to listen on multiple devices. Over 60 million people are subscribed to the service and recently, Apple released the Apple One subscription bundle, which bundles Apple Music with other services, like Apple TV and iCloud Storage.

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    How Apple Music Replay Works

    Apple Music Replay uses your Apple Music listening history to calculate your top songs, albums, and artists throughout the year. Apple Music Replay also uses a variety of other factors to determine the music that you’ve played this year such as:

    • Music played on any device that’s signed in to Apple Music with your Apple ID
    • Not including music played on devices that have “Use Listening History” turned off in Settings
    • Counting only music that’s available in the Apple Music catalog
    • Songs played in your library must be synced with your Apple Music subscription
    • A minimum amount of plays and time spent listening to a song, artist, or album

    Is There An Apple Music Wrapped

    Apple Music has their own version of Wrapped, and it’s called Replay. It launched in November 2019. The easiest way to access it is simply by typing “Apple Replay” into Google and going to If you have an Apple ID that you use with your Apple Music subscription, then you’ll be able to see your top tracks for 2020. It’s actually just as cool and comprehensive as Spotify’s Wrapped.

    In fact, Apple Replay was launched ahead of time, which meant you could listen to Replay at any point during the year if you listened to enough music. Even though the feature was created to mark the end of the year, it’s updated weekly so you can use Replay at any point to listen to your favorite songs. Apple Music also made it possible for users to save their Replay playlists as well as share with other Apple Music members.

    The only limits to Apple Replay is that it chronicles the music within its library, so if you add obscure music from your own collection, it may not reflect in Replay.

    Apple Music Replay vs Spotify Wrapped

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    How To Find Your Apple Music Replay 2020 Because Spotify Can’t Have All The Fun

    Until last year, Apple Music users couldn’t join in the fun. Now, though, users of that service can finally see just how much they actually listened to “Yummy,” or how often they’ve been spinning Ariana Grande’s latest album, with detailed stats similar to those provided by Spotify’s Wrapped feature.

    Apple Music users can access their data, via the “Replay” feature, in a few ways. To simply access the playlist of your 100 most played songs, go to the “Listen Now” tab in the Apple Music app and scroll to the bottom of the page. Once there, you’ll see your Replay for 2020 and every year you’ve had Apple Music. While it’s interesting to look back, it’s probably not going to impress your friends that you listened to Modern Baseball more than any artist in 2016. You can also add the playlists to your own music library for easier access.

    Once you’re in, you can see the top 100 songs you listened to this year , which might lead you to think, “Jeez, there are so many Phoebe Bridgers songs here. I was really going through it, wasn’t I?”

    To access more of the details about what artists and albums you listened to the most, you’ll need to go to in a browser. The page will ask you to sign-in with an Apple ID or use your thumbprint to log-in, if you’re not already signed-in.

    Get Insights Into The Artists And Albums You Listen To The Most

    How to get your end

    Scroll down in the Apple Music web app to see more details such as how many artists youve listened to so far this year, as well as the hours youve spent listening to them. You can also see the top 10 albums youve listened to so far, with handy play counts for each album.

    Apple Music Replay is currently available only on the Apple Music web app, currently in beta.

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    Its As Easyas It Sounds

    • Immerse yourself in spatial audio with dynamic head tracking. And unlock amazing definition with lossless audio.

    • Listen Now is the easiest way to play what you love and discover something new.

    • Tune in to three live radio stations hosted by artists playing todays hits, classics and country.

    • Tap into our editors picks with curated playlists.

    • Sing along, tap ahead or just listen with lyrics view always on unless you turn it off.

    • Enjoy your Apple Music experience in the car with CarPlay.

    • Get the full Apple Music experience online.

    Apple Music is available in iTunes, and for iOS and Android devices.

    Play tracks in Dolby Atmos and hear over 75 million songs in lossless audio, adfree


    Access your entire library from any device and listen online or off


    Free trial with no commitment


    Stream ad-free music and music videos


    See what your friends are listening to


    Original shows, concerts and exclusives


    Live and on-demand radio stations hosted by artists


    Access for up to six people

    A personal account for each family member


    Play tracks in Dolby Atmos and hear over 75 million songs in lossless audio, adfree


    Access your entire library from any device and listen online or off


    Free trial with no commitment


    Stream ad-free music and music videos


    See what your friends are listening to


    Original shows, concerts, and exclusives


    Using Apple Music Replay 2021

    Apple Music users can access their playlist via the mobile app or the web by navigating to the ‘Listen Now’ section. Here, they’ll find the playlist with the 100 songs they’ve listened to most ranked in order. As MacRumors explains, the web version provides some additional bits of info like most streamed artists and albums, play counts, and hours listened, but it advises that some 2020 data is still being shown here for the time being.

    Although Music Replay wasn’t introduced until 2019, it’s actually possible for users to listen to their finalized annual playlists going back to 2015 when Apple Music was launched, or back as far as they’ve been using the service if that’s more recent. The older playlists can be found in the same section and added as playlists in the Apple Music menu bar for easy access.

    As mentioned, a user’s listening data also goes toward their Music Replay end-of-year wrap-up. Like Spotify Wrapped and YouTube Music’s ‘Your 2020 Music Journey,’ that presents back a user’s listening habits with various stats and figures at the end of each year. Spotify’s personalized end-of-year wrap-up for each user is still the best of the bunch, but Apple has made good strides with its own and we can expect the competition to be closer again at the end of 2021.

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    How To Find Your Most Played Apple Music Songs On The Iphone

    Apple Music Replay is a sort of auto-generated recap playlist that shows you the music you listened to the most on this music streaming app. This feature was introduced by Apple Music in January 2021, so you can use it to see your most played songs from 2020, or any other year.

    These playlists consist of artists, bands, and songs you listened to the most. Not only does Apple Music Replay give you the opportunity to find out what you listened to years ago, but it can also remind you of songs you mayve forgotten about. Whats more, Apple doesnt only incorporate music you listened to on your iPhone, but from any other device you used to sign in to your Apple Music account.

    This feature was inspired by Spotifys Wrapped playlist. However, unlike the Wrapped feature, which can only be accessed at the end of the year, you can view your Replay playlist on Apple Music all year round.

    However, there is one prerequisite to having a Replay playlist, and thats a subscription to Apple Music. If youve never even had a subscription up to this point, but you still listened to Apple Music, then Apple wont be able to make the Replay playlist for you. If you choose to subscribe to Apple Music now, youll be able to see your most played songs for this year once you listen to a sufficient number of songs.

    You can access your Apple Music Replay playlist on the Apple Music Website or the app on your iPhone. To find your most played Apple Music songs on your iPhone, follow the steps below:

    What Is Apple Music Replay

    Apple Music Replay: Your 2020 Wrapped (Like Spotify)

    Apple uses your Apple Music listening history to provide you with the songs, albums, and artists you listen to the most every year. Each year your Apple Music stats are compiled into a single playlist called a Replay.

    Replays include music you listen to on any device youve signed in to with the same Apple ID. Exceptions include devices where you have listening history turned off and songs or albums not available in the Apple Music catalog.

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    How To Access Your Replay 2021 Playlist

    Image Gallery

  • Open the Apple Music app.
  • Select the Listen Now tab on the far left.
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom, to the Replay section.
  • The Replay 2021 playlist will be the first one that appears in the list. You can also access your Replay playlists for any prior years in which you were an Apple Music subscriber.
  • Alternatively, you can open the Replay 2021 playlist on Apple Music in your browser. This will give you access to even more listening data. The desktop version shows how many hours you’ve spent listening to music, how many artists you’ve listened to, your top albums, and more detailed streaming information on your top songs.

    If this is your first experience with playlists, be sure to check out our guide on how to get started using Apple Music playlists.

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