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How To Follow Artists On Apple Music

How Are These Radio Stations Different From Apple Music 1

iPhone 6 Tips – How to Follow Artists in Apple Music

In Apple Music, there are countless radio stations just waiting to find an audience. These stations take one of two forms. Semi-automated pre-created stations are organized by genres, such as alternative, electronic, and news and sports. Custom stations are those you create and based on your favorite artists or songs.

Neither option includes live DJs as Apple Music 1 does instead, they use a mix of automated content and custom-curated matches for a neverending sound experience.

Unlike Apple Music 1 and traditional radio stations, those on Apple Music remember where you left off. When you return to the station, you’ll pick off where you left off.

How To Choose More Music You Like In Apple Music On Iphone

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When you first sign up for Apple Music, it tries to get an understanding of what music youre interested in. But if you want to tweak those selections and expand what music Apple Music selects for you, you can go back and choose more music that you like. Of course, there are other factors as to why Apple Music has selected the song for you that it has, but playing around with this setting in Apple Music will let the service know where your music-listening priorities stand. Heres how to choose more music you like in Apple Music on iPhone.

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B Get Access To Apple Music For Artists

  • You have to sign in with an Apple ID. Use either your personal Apple ID or your professional email address and create an Apple ID with that email address first. You can create one here.
  • Once you have your Apple ID, head to the following page and click Sign Up:
  • Search by artist name for the artist page you are claiming:
  • 4. Fill out the requested fields to justify your claim:

    The more information you provide, the more likely you are to get access to your Apple Music for Artists page.

    In the Notes section:

    • You can add further information, such as the *UPC and ISRC codes of your releases, in order to prove that you have access to certain information.
    • Indicate that you are distributed by Wiseband.

    *To view your UPC barcode and ISRC code, log in to your Wiseband account. Go to the menu Digital Distribution, Actions, Single Metadata or Album Metadata.

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    How To Find Your Artist Id And Fix Artist Association Problems On Music Streaming Platforms

    Rob D’Amico

    When distributing music to the many different streaming outlets like Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud etc., your specific band or artist name can sometimes be associated with a different band or artist profile with the same name. Unfortunately, this is outside the control of DIY music distribution services. Thankfully, you can protect this from happening with your music on Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloudall within AvidPlay.

    Until all streaming outlets come together and standardize on associating artist IDs, here are some guidelines to follow and make sure it doesnt happen to you on Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud. Plus, find out where to go to resolve incorrect name associations for other streaming outlets.

    In Case You Missed Anything

    Apple Music gains

    Apple Music Student

    • * New subscribers only. $9.99/month after free trial. Plan automatically renews until cancelled. Terms apply.
  • 20 million songs in lossless audio at launch with the full 75 million songs available by the end of the year.
  • Compatible hardware and software required. Not all content available in Dolby Atmos. Head tracking feature requires iPhone or iPad paired with AirPods Pro or AirPods Max.
  • Apple Music 1, Apple Music Hits, and Apple Music Country are available without an Apple Music subscription.
  • College students only. Verification required.
  • Requires Family Sharing. See for more information.
  • The Apple One free trial includes only services that you are not currently using through a free trial or a subscription. Plan automatically renews after trial until cancelled. Restrictions and other terms apply.
  • Limited-time offer offer may end at any time. Free Apple TV+ access for students ends when you no longer qualify or do not renew your Apple Music Student subscription. Offer good for verified college students only and does not extend to a Family Sharing group.
    • Summertime written by Orville Peck.

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    Remind Yourself About All Your Past Favorite Songs

    Figuring out how to view the music you listened to the most on Apple Music is a piece of cake. No matter which device you use, youll be able to see the songs you listened to the most for each year, ever since you subscribed to Apple Music. You can even take a look at this years favorites, although its always best to wait until the end of the year for the full effect.

    Have you ever used Apple Musics Replay feature before? Which playlist surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments section below.

    On Your Iphone Or Ipad

  • Tap on the Music app on your device’s Home screen. Make sure you’re on the default Listen Now tab.
  • Find, then tap on the radio station under Recently Played.
  • If you can’t find it, tap See All
  • Tap to play to the station you want.

  • Under Applications, click on the Music app.
  • Select Listen Now on the left side of the app.
  • Click on the radio station under Recently Played.
  • If you can’t find it, tap See All
  • Click to play.

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    Spotify Wrapped 2020 Uk Data

    Most Streamed Artists in the UK

    • Drake

    Most Streamed Artists in the UK, from the UK:

    • Ed Sheeran

    Most Streamed Tracks in UK

    • Blinding Lights by The Weeknd
    • Roses Imanbek Remix by Imanbek, SAINt JHN
    • ROCKSTAR by DaBaby, Roddy Ricch
    • The Box by Roddy Ricch
    • Dance Monkey by Tones And I

    Most Streamed Albums in UK

    • Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent, Lewis Capaldi
    • Fine Line, Harry Styles
    • Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon, Pop Smoke
    • After Hours, The Weeknd

    Most Popular Podcasts in the UK

    • The Joe Rogan Experience
    • Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster

    Most Popular Podcast Genres in the UK

    • Comedy

    How To Find Your Soundcloud Artist Id

    How to follow and unfollow artists in Apple Music Connect

    SoundCloud supports artist ID/URLs to protect your music from being associated with other artists by accident. In the latest update to AvidPlay, you can now enter your SoundCloud artist ID in your AvidPlay artist profile, so music distributed will be properly associated.

    To find your SoundCloud Artist ID

  • Search for your artist name in SoundCloud.
  • In AvidPlay under your Artist profile, click on the Outlet Profile button and paste in the URL .
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    Download For Offline Listening

    Apple Music is great on Wi-Fi or cellular, but you can also download tracks for listening offline. Thats great for jamming out on an airplane or when youre just trying to save your cellular data. There are a couple of options to do so, too.

    On any Now Playing page, you can tap the cloud download icon. The cloud download icon also appears in album view and in other places throughout Apple Music. Alternatively, if you go to Settings > Music and enable Automatic Downloads, Apple Music will automatically download music that you add to your Library.

    How To Find Your Most Played Apple Music Songs On A Mac

    If you want to use your Mac to find your most played songs on Apple Music, you can use the Apple Music website. Heres what you need to do:

  • Visit the Apple Music website on your browser.
  • Select the Continue with Password button on the next page.
  • Type in your Apple ID and the password for your Apple Music account.
  • Proceed to Replay: Your Top Songs by Year.
  • Find the year you want to view the most played songs for .
  • To play one of the Replay playlists, simply click on the Play button thats on the left side of each folder.

    You have the option to add songs from the Replay playlist to your other playlists. Even though the Apple Music Replay doesnt offer graphics and detailed statistics like Spotify Wrapped, you will still be able to share the Replay playlist to different devices.

    You can also view the Replay playlists on the Music app on your Mac. Heres how its done:

  • Find the Music app on your dock or in the Applications folder.
  • Scroll down to Replay: Your Top Songs by Year.
  • Find the folder for the year youre interested in and click on it.
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    How To Add Your Artist Photo On Apple Music

    In order to add your artist photo to your Apple Music Artist profile, follow these simple steps.

  • Claim your Apple Music for Artist profile.
  • Open Apple Music for Artists and navigate to the Manage tab.
  • In the section labeled Artist Image, you can upload a new image. *** It needs to be 2400 x 2400 and a .jpg or .png file.
  • Once the image is uploaded, you can adjust, crop, and select how it will appear on the service. When finished, select Submit.
  • Your image wont appear changed because there is a manual approval process for new changes in place, but changes typically only take a few days to process. Once you see “Submitted for Review”, you know the process is underway.
  • If you’re having trouble accessing Apple Music for Artists, you can get support here.

    What You Need To Know

    How to use Apple Music Connect to follow your favorite ...
    • Apple Music is launching in-app notifications.
    • Users can now be notified in-app about new release music.
    • Notifications will appear at the top of your Library.

    Apple Music has always given you the option to enable push notifications about new releases from the artists you follow, but it has never really been the most reliable way to discover new music.

    Apple seems to understand the issue and is now bringing these notifications into the Apple Music app itself. You’ll now be able to receive updates of new albums, EPs, and videos from your favorite artists right at the top of your Library.

    “See new music from artists you like. Get updates about new releases from artists you listen to – right in your library.”

    So now, if an artist you like releases a new album, single, EP, or even music video, Apple Music will let you know about the release right in the app.

    Apple is announcing the new feature in a splash page within the Apple Music app, but if you are not seeing that you can still enable the feature yourself manually. You can do so in your account setting within the app.

  • On iPhone, open the Music app.
  • Tap on the For You tab.
  • Tap on your profile picture at the top right of the app.
  • Tap on the Notifications menu.
  • Turn the Show in Library toggle on.
  • Time for a new beta

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    How Does It Work

    Apple Music is much easier to use now than it was when it first launched in 2015. If you are using an iOS or Mac device, you already have it installed. And its probably set as your default music app. If youre on Android you can from the Play Store, but on Windows youll have to stick to the old iTunes experience.

    Once you have it installed, open it up and youll be greeted by four main sections: Library, For You, Browse, and Radio. Each one has tiles filled with content to listen to right away. On iOS, theres an extra search icon at the bottom right, whereas on Android its located in the upper part of the screen.

    Library is fairly self-explanatory, and it contains your personal music library as well as artists and songs youve saved on the platform. This is also where youll find your saved and custom playlists.

    The For You section is where youll go to discover new music. Apple Music analyzes what youve been listening to and liked/disliked, then recommends similar music using complex algorithms. Browse is another way to find new music, but it relies on Top 100 lists, new releases, and featured playlists rather than your listening history.

    Apple Music Tips Tricks And Features

    Since its launch in 2015, Apple Music garnered 72 million subscribers by the end of 2020 and even more impressively racked up a five-star review from us.

    Five iOS updates and a couple of hefty interface refreshes later, the arrival of the splendid HomePod Mini means there’s no better time to get fully acquainted with the ins and outs of Apple’s music streaming service. You won’t get far with Apple’s little smart speaker if you don’t, at any rate and there’s so much to enjoy.

    Whether you’re on the free three-month trial or already a subscriber and regular user, we’ve pulled together some key tips, tricks and features to make sure you get the utmost from Apple Music.

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    Get Apple Music For Free

    Want Apple Music for free? Of course you do. Unfortunately, the platform doesnt offer a free tier with ads like some of its competing streaming services. But if youre on Verizon or youre willing to switch carriers, theres another option for getting free Apple Music .

    Last year, Verizon announced an exclusive partnership with Apple offering six months of Apple Music for free to its wireless customers. Its currently available to both new and current Verizon customers. If that sounds like something youd be interested in, just go to Verizons dedicated page on the matter to .

    How To Claim Your Artist Page On The Web

    Apple Music for Artists Beta Sign Up Now! | The DIY Musician Guide
  • Sign up for Apple Music for Artists and create an Apple ID if you have not already.
  • Select one of your albums to ensure you are claiming the correct page.
  • Choose your role, then, fill out the requested application fields.
  • For faster verification, sign in to your social media or distributor accounts. The more information you provide, the easier it will be to verify your relationship to the artist.

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    Bump Up The Audio Quality

    Apple wants to help you save on cellular data costs. Thats why, by default, playback in Apple Music is set to a lower-quality standard when using cellular data. If data costs arent an issue for you and lower-quality music offends your earbuds, then you can change it.

    Just go to Settings > Music > Cellular. Tap the switch next to High Quality Streaming. Unlike some other streaming platforms, Apple Music doesnt have different tiers of audio quality. Similarly, it automatically sets the streaming to a higher level of audio quality when youre o Wi-Fi. But the cellular option is worth knowing.

    How To Find Recently Played Songs On Apple Music Radio Stations

    Unlike a playlist, you can’t replay songs in an Apple Music radio station or go back to a previous track. That said, Apple Music does keep track of the songs you’ve listened to via its Up Next queue so that you can find them again.

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    What Is Apple Music For Artists

    Apple Musics relationship to artists started off shaky when it announced it wouldnt pay royalties for music played during a users free trial period, but things quickly improved after that decision was reversed. Now, thanks to Apple Music for Artists, musicians can tap into Apples data and see how their music is performing around the world.

    The musician-focused service allows you to see listener demographics, trend reports, milestones, most Shazamed songs, and more. It can be a powerful tool to figure out where to tour or promote your music, and you can upload a custom artist photo that fans will see when they listen to your music.

    To create an account and start tracking your musics performance, click the button below.

    Apple Music Tips That Will Rock Your Listening World

    MusicHarbor allows you to follow Apple Music artists

    Mike Peterson April 11, 2019

    Since its launch in 2015, Apple Music is now one of the premier streaming services in the world. Despite its popularity, there are certainly some hidden or lesser-known Apple Music tips to the platform.

    Whether youre an Apple Music pro, brand-new to the platform or youre thinking about signing up, here are 17 must-know Apple Music tips to help you get the most out of the streaming service.


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    Apple Music Replay Online

    To see the current years Replay for songs youve listened to the most so far, go directly to Apple Music Replay online. Get your mix or start listening to add songs to it.

  • Go to the Apple Music Replay website and click Sign In on the top right.

  • Select Continue with Password, then enter the Apple ID and password for your Apple Music subscription.

  • Click Get Your Replay Mix to start listening.

  • If you havent listened to enough songs yet this year, youll see the message below. You can then hit Listen Now to enjoy the Apple Music service.

  • If youre an Apple Music subscriber, reap the rewards of Apple Music Replay. Youll receive a Replay of your top songs and artists for each year youre a subscriber. And if you use Apple Music on Windows, be sure to visit one of the websites above to see your Replays.

    Apple Music Vs Youtube Music

    YouTube Music replaced as Googles premier music streaming service, and its an excellent alternative for Android users. Like Spotify, it offers a free ad-supported tier for all music, while Apple Music sticks to premium paid subscriptions.

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    As for paid subscriptions, pricing is virtually identical for the three platforms. However, YouTube Music is included in a YouTube Premium subscription, which also eliminates ads on YouTube videos for $12 a month. This is a great deal if you watch a lot of YouTube videos and cant stand advertising interruptions.

    But where YouTube Music really shines is when you want to listen to obscure music. No other service has the same variety of remixes, mixtapes, and older songs. It also has the uncanny ability to recommend songs that no one has heard of but somehow fit your musical taste perfectly.

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