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How To Find Similar Music On Apple Music

View Album Of Song Playing

How To Turn On Or Off Repeat On Apple Music

When you discover an awesome song in a playlist, you are only a couple of taps away from being able to view the album on which it appears. From the Now Playing panel, you’ll see the artist and album info in red letters below the title of the current song playing. Tap those red letters and the current song will continue to play while Apple Music opens the album so you can read its description and peruse its tracklist.

How To Follow Friends On Apple Music

Once you’ve set up your profile on Apple Music, you’ll want to connect to those friends of yours that also use Apple Music.

  • Open Music on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap For You.
  • Tap Follow next to anyone sharing Apple Music.

  • Tap Invite to invite someone to share Apple Music with you.
  • Tap Connect Facebook if you want to connect to Apple Music with your Facebook friends.

  • Sign in to if you’ve chosen to connect it.
  • Change Apple Music Genre Preferences On Ios

  • Open Apple Music.

  • Tap For You.

  • In the upper-right, tap your photo .

  • Scroll down to the bottom.

  • Tap View Account.

  • Tap Choose Artists For You.

  • From here, you have a couple of choices. You can manually change or add genres and artists to your liking, and even specifically like or love genres and artists that are important to you. Otherwise, you can reset your music genre preferences completely by tapping Reset.

  • Once youre done tailoring your preferences, save the changes by tapping Done.

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    Spotify Is Better For Use With Voice Assistants

    Spotify is compatible with many voice assistants, including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

    If you use a voice assistant in your daily life, whether it be through a smartphone or smart speaker, Spotify has you covered. The platform is supported by most, if not all voice assistantsincluding , , and Apples Siri. Yes, you read that right. Even Siri supports Spotify. Do note that voice assistant integration requires a Spotify Premium subscription.

    On the flip side, Apple Music is quite lacking in terms of voice assistant functionality, with only Siri having full support for the platform. Unless youve got a HomePod or any other Siri-enabled device, dont expect to stream your Apple Music playlists using your non-Apple virtual assistant.

    Apple Music Vs Spotify: Cloud Locker

    How to Find Similar Songs on Mac

    Apple Music’s biggest special feature is the iCloud Music Library, which allows MP3 collectors to access their libraries of rare tracks wherever they go. While the service’s original rollout was hampered by collection-distorting bugs, it’s currently a useful feature that helps the service stand out from the pack.

    Spotify is supposed to allow you to listen to your MP3s within the app itself, but this has never worked that smoothly, and definitely doesn’t allow you to upload tracks.

    Winner: Apple Music

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    Select Your Favorite Genres And Artists

    When you first tap Listen Now, youre asked to tell Apple Music about your preferences. Apple Music uses these preferences when recommending music.

  • Tap the genres you like .

  • Tap Next, then do the same with the artists that appear.

  • To add a specific artist who isnt listed, tap Add an Artist, then enter the artists name.

    Apple Music Vs Spotify: User Interface And Features

    Spotifys clean user interface puts your content at the forefront before giving you recommendations.

    When it comes to music streaming apps, Spotify has the best user interfacewhich is surprising considering Apple is typically the king when it comes to design. In this case, Spotifys app layout is much cleaner and better organized than Apple Music.

    Spotifys UI is laid out in a way that gives you instant access to your own content. The home page shows your recently played songs and playlists, which is what most people want to see when opening a music app. Every part of Spotifys design puts your content at the forefront, only providing you with suggestions after youve seen what you wanted to see.

    Apple Musics interface is intuitive but can look cluttered at first.

    Apple Music is also well-designed, though it can come across as overwhelming with all the different tabs at the bottom of the screen. It seems like Apple wants to show off all the features at first glance, though this tends to get in the way of accessing your content. Apple Musics interface divides its features into separate sections, rather than integrating them into a single scrollable page like Spotify. The large, colorful artwork plays into Apples design aesthetics, making Apple Musiclike the companys other appsquite pleasing to the eye.

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    Turn On Autoplay In Music

    The Autoplay feature in Music is not enabled be default. So if you want that continuous flow of songs, youll need to turn it on.

    When you open your queue and see your Playing Next list, youll notice the Autoplay icon . Tap it to enable this mode. Youll know that Autoplay mode is on when the background of the icon is highlighted.

    Whats nice about this feature, aside from non-stop music, is that you can see what will be playing next while using this mode.

    Below Playing Next, you should see something like Autoplaying similar music after a song or Similar music will keep playing at the end of a playlist.

    When youre done using continuous play, just tap the icon to turn it off and youll be back to your regular music mode.

    Apple Music Replay Playlist

    How to Find Duplicate and Similar Files On Your Mac

    Apple Music has a Replay playlist of your most played songs of each year all the way from 2015 when the service launched.

    The feature doesnt have much, but by the end of every year, you can enter the Replay website here and see how much you listened to your favorite artists, your top 100 songs, and play counts for your top albums.

    With iOS 14, by the end of the Listen Now tab, you can find all your Replay playlists as well.

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    Does Apple Music Or Spotify Have Better Streaming Quality

    Spotify uses the Ogg Vorbis format or AAC. On mobile you can choose what bit rate to stream, in increments up to 320Kbps, which is handy especially if you’re worried about using up too much mobile data. If you listen on Spotify’s web player, it streams in AAC at 128Kbps for free users or 256Kbps for premium.

    Apple Music streams 256Kbps AAC files and now has lossless and spatial audio on select songs. Users will need to opt-in to lossless audio by going to Settings, then Music, then Audio Quality on the iPhone. Spotify will soon add a HiFi subscription for lossless audio later in 2021. To find out more about bit rate and audio quality, read this in-depth comparison of sound quality between Apple Music and Spotify.

    You can also adjust the equalizer in both to suit your preferences, although you’ll find Apple Music’s EQ outside of the app in the Settings app.

    Winner: Apple Music

    Add To Library Vs Download

    By default, the “+” button for a song or the “+ADD” button for an album adds it to your library but doesn’t download it for offline use, but you can change this. If you want everything on your Library tab to also be available when you are without a cellular or Wi-Fi connection, head to Settings > Music and toggle on Automatic Downloads. I would advise doing so only if you have an iPhone with lots of storage space or if you are particularly choosy about what you add to your library.

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    How To Follow People On Apple Music

    AppleInsider is supported by its audience and may earn commission as an Amazon Associate and affiliate partner on qualifying purchases. These affiliate partnerships do not influence our editorial content.

    Apple Music allows you to follow your friends to find out what they’re listening to, and it makes it easy to share all your favorite playlists, too. This guide shows you how to set up an Apple Music profile and walks you through the process of adding friends.

    Before you begin adding friends to Apple Music, you’ll need to create an Apple Music profile. It only takes a few minutes, and you can do it from either your Mac, or from a device like an iPhone, iPad, or even an iPod touch.

    Create A Station On Your Computer

    Apple Music 網é ?ç使ç¨è©³è§£ï¼ç¡é iTunes å Music App ä¹è½è?¼ä¸²æµ?é³æ¨ï¼?
  • Open iTunes.
  • Find a song or album you like, then click the ellipsis button.
  • Click Create Station.
  • A new station based on your selection will begin playing.
  • These personalized radio stations will feature songs that are similar to the original song used to create them, with songs from the same artist and other similar artists. Any song on Apple Music can be used to create a custom radio station with automatically generated music of the same type, which is a great way to find new music that you like with little effort.

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    What Quality Does Apple Music Stream

    Apple Music uses the AAC format encoded at 256 Kbps, with a sample rate of 44.1 kHz, which sounds as awesome as the near-CD quality.

    But if you are listening to music under different network connections, you will get different sound quality correspondently.

  • Playing from Wi-Fi connection: Apple Music streams its tracks at 256 Kbps AAC, which is the highest quality available.

  • Playing from cellular data: Apple Music streams tunes at a lower quality bitrate by default to reduce data usage on your mobile device.

  • There’s no option for you to adjust music quality in iTunes for macOS or Windows because Apple Music uses AAC with up to 256 Kbps by default.

    However, when it comes to iDevice or Android device, you can manually enable the High-quality Streaming features which allow you to get the best sound quality even when you’re using the cellular network. But activating this feature will use more mobile data and may take longer for the songs to start playing.

    So, if you have an unlimited data plan or don’t care much about your cell phone bill, then follow the tutorials below to play high fidelity Apple Music all the time.

    Ask Your Music Butler

    If you want to dig into music discovery just a tiny bit more than automated playlists and stalking your friends, there are several third-party services that can help you uncover new music. is handy service that helps keep track of all the new music being released from artists you’ve listened to in the past. Apple Music and Spotify have both been moving in this direction to keep you up to date, but Musicbutler still does it best for now.

    It can monitor multiple services at once and provides links to get to the music on and various apps. It also adds music release details as the artist announces them, and does a good job at keeping you alerted with regular emails.

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    How To Find New Music

    It happens to everyone: you get stuck in a musical rut, and youre desperate to find something new to capture that feeling you had way back when. Call it nostalgia, call it wistfulness, call it what you will: sometimes we just need to find a new banger or two. Were here to tell you how to find new music so that you can shake off that routine and lift your spirits with new tunes, no matter where you are in your journey.

    The truth of the matter is that go onto Pandora or Spotify and click around is insufficient because of how our brains work. While letting a streaming service pick songs for us can work sometimes, its not the best way to find new jams. If youve tried letting the streaming services pick new songs for you, scoured curated lists of new music, and youre still having trouble finding new jams, this article is for you.

    Editors note: this article was updated on September 28, 2021, to include a content menu.

    How To Save Apple Music Songs For Offline Listening

    Tidal vs Apple Music iOS (Honest Review)

    Adding music to your library is great, but Apple Music lets you do something even better.

    Just adding music to your library means that every time you listen to a song, you stream it. That requires either being on Wi-Fi or using wireless data, and if you don’t have an internet connection you won’t be able to listen to the music. Get around those limitations by downloading the music to your iPhone or iPad for offline listening. This uses storage space on your device, but it means you’re never without the songs you want. Here’s what to do:

  • Go through the steps from the last few sections to add a song, playlist, or album to your music library.

  • Go to the item you just added. If it’s a song, you can find it from the Songs list on the Library tab. For an album or playlist, go to the screen that lists all of the tracks.

  • Tap the download icon to download the song, album, or playlist to your device.

  • You can download individual songs or entire albums, depending on the download icon you tap.

  • Want to remove downloaded music from your iPhone or iPad? It’s almost as easy as adding it. Just find the music you want to remove and tap the icon and select Remove. Then you can decide to Remove Downloads or to Delete from Library .

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    Apple Music Vs Spotify: Which Is The Better Music App

    We first ran an Apple Music vs. Spotify comparison a few years ago, and Spotify comfortably won, on the back of its curated content, value for money and wealth of supported hardware.

    Really, though, it’s lossless and spatial audio that make the difference. Not only does this make Apple Music the better choice for listeners who want the best sound quality possible, but given it’s no more expensive than a Spotify Premium subscription, it’s also better on value for those willing to pay.

    Master Your 3d Touch To Keep The Party Going

    Nothing brings a party to a screeching halt and elicits more groans than abruptly stopping the song everyone is grooving to. And this is easy to do by mistake with Apple Music, especially if you have a 3D Touch-enabled iPhone. If you are lining up a song to play next, you need to 3D Touch it to bring up the contextual menu with the Play Next and Play Later options. If your 3D Touch gesture is unsuccessful and ends up being a simple tap instead, however, then the current song immediately stops, your guests groan and the song you just accidentally tapped begins. Make sure you are very deliberate when 3D Touching on a song to add it to your Up Next queue.

    Older iPhones without 3D Touch have it easier in this regard just tap the triple-dot button to the right of a song to call up the contextual menu to add a song to your queue.

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    Are There Any Alternatives

    The obvious alternatives include: Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music Unlimited and Tidal. Each of these services allow you to not only stream music but also keep listening when offline, though you’ll need a paid subscription for access to offline-listening as well as other premium features. You can learn more about all these services by checking out the following Pocket-lint round-ups:

    Adjust Apple Music Equalizer On Iphone

    Comparison: Spotify vs Apple Music

    Step 1. Open the Settings app and tap at Music.

    Step 2. Scroll down and tap EQ.

    Step 3. Select your favorite sound effect from the list of EQ options, then you can play Apple Music at your personalized sound quality.

    Tips: Some of you may be not satisfied with the sound effects offered by Apple Music’s default equalizer, if that so, you can always look for other powerful Apple Music equalizers that can provide more fine-tuned presets and customizable features.

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    How To Follow Friends In Apple Music

    Apple Music not only allows you to listen to a massive library of music, but also connect and share your favorite music with your friends. You can share the playlists you’ve made and see what your friends have been listening to. But how will do follow them in the first place?

    This is how you can follow friends in Apple Music.

    Using The For You Tab In Apple Music

    Apple Music isn’t just a giant library of songs. It also learns your tastes and habits so it can recommend music that you’ll love. The For You tab is where that happens. Content there is updated at least daily, sometimes more, so check back often. On the For You tab, you find:

    • Favorites Mix: A regularly updated playlist that features the songs you listen to the most. This is your personal collection of the greatest hits. Other mixes made from your listening are available by swiping right to left.
    • Recently Played: This lists the albums you’ve listened to on Apple Music most recently.
    • Suggested Albums and Playlists: Based on what you’ve listened to recently, Apple Music suggests albums and playlists, broken up by genre. These update regularly.
    • New Releases: The latest releases by artists already in your music library. Never miss a new album.

    Lots of data goes into determining the recommendations on the For You tab. Help shape those recommendations by favoriting and rating songs. Doing this lets Apple know what you like, and what you don’t, so it can give you more great music. Find out how to do this in Why You Need to Rate Songs in iTunes and iPhone.

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