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How To Find Music For Reels

How To Add Music To Your Instagram Reels

How to Search, Save, and Use Audio & Music on Reels

Adding music to your is simple and comes with many benefits. Follow these steps to get started:

  • Open up the Instagram app and tap on the + icon in the top right-hand corner.
  • On the left-hand side of the screen, select the audio icon to choose a song to use for your content. Creators can alternatively record a Reel first, then add audio later using the music tab.
  • Browse through audio tracks to find the right song for your Reel. You can use the search bar to find specific tracks or click on See More to discover new audio. Songs can be previewed before using them by tapping the play icon next to each track’s title.
  • Once you choose a track, youll decide on the particular part of the song youd like to use. A slider will appear at the bottom of the window that allows you to choose a section of the track pink spots on the slider indicate which parts of the song are most popular in Reels.

If you decide you want to use a different track, songs can be deleted from Reels by selecting the trash can icon at the top left-hand side of the screen.

Demo Reel Tip #: Music Throughout Or Bookends

Once you have clips selected for your reel, its time to start cutting them together on the timeline. An early consideration must be made: should you have music throughout or simply bookend your reel with a music track? This decision should largely be based on the type of work you do. Motion designers will likely find that a solid demo reel music throughout can drive the montage. However, director and DP reels may actually benefit from a bookended approach, especially if theres dialogue.

Thats a big factor to consider: if you have dialogue in your clips, will the music work for each clip? In many cases, the same music track wont work for multiple scenes, as the tone, pace and subject matter of each clip varies. It may go without saying, but if you do decide to use music under clips with dialogue, its important that those clips dont have music of their own . Instead, go back to the original edit of those projects, strip the music out, and export a dialogue only version. Then, when you put these clips in a reel, youll only have the demo reel music and dialogue of each clip.

If youre not running music throughout, bookending your reel with a music track is an effective way to draw the viewer in at the start. Also, when it shows up again at the end of the reel it completes the cycle, making the reel feel more cohesive.

Finding Trending Music Through Instagram:

Another way to nd trending music is by simply taking straight to Instagram to nd the most popular sounds for your Instagram Reels. To see the available music options, you will start by clicking on the Reels section of Instagram in the same area you would upload Stories or start Lives. From here, you will see recommended songs based on the currently trending songs on Instagram. This will essentially help with brainstorming ideas, and for many, this is the foundation for content creation.

While looking through music suggestions, it is always good to take notes and do as much research as you can. Then, look through and see what others might be doing with these sounds and begin to create your own unique content. Many people choose to create playlists based on these songs to access them whenever they need them. Listening to the songs and genuinely hearing them for their lyricism, rhythm, beat, etc., can spark creativity for many people. But, remember, if you want others to feel inspired by your content, you need to nd that inspiration for yourself rst. For many, this comes through developing content based on the music they hear.

To nd trending music, you can also look through your feed and see how certain content performs. From here, you can discover which sounds are most popular and develop your unique content by analyzing the engagement of other posts.

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Check The Explore Page

You can find newReelstrends on the Explore Page.

Instagram usually recommends Reels that are related to what you like and postabout.

See what music and audio they are using. If you like what you hear, you can save the audiofor later.


Open one Reels video and scroll down to see the next videos that might interest you. The will continue to recommend you other Reels with popular songs.

Demo Reel Tip #: The Pitfalls Of Copyright Tracks

Itsbynne Reel Sheet music for Flute, Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone ...

Truthfully, most of the demo reels Ive seen use copyright music but this decision could be costly.

Using copyrighted music isnt only unprofessional, its also illegal. Unless you pay to license a track for this usage, youre violating copyright. This may be completely offputting to a potential employer . There are abundant options for using quality royalty free music tracks leaving little reason to break the law.

Additionally, uploading demos reels with copyright music to popular video sharing sites will likely get you flagged. YouTube has been increasingly more aggressive on the use of copyright music in video uploads. They give the copyright owner the option of:

Blocking the video to make it unviewable, tracking the viewing statistics of the video, or adding advertisements to the video.

What good is a demo reel if you cant share it?! For more info, check out our previous post on Getting Flagged on YouTube or Vimeo?

Lastly, copyrighted music is often overused in reels. Some popular commercial tracks have a catchy or creative vibe that simply lend themselves to demo reels. The result is that these same tracks appear over and over in reels. Take M83s Outro for example. Its a great track, but is used all too often in demo reels . Theres many popular commercial tracks that fall into the same trap.

Need music for your demo reel project? Have a listen! Weve curated 1,000 of exclusive tracks for media projects.

A few beautiful reels using M83s Outro:

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Switch To Entrepreneur Account:

You can also switch the category of your account to add music. You need to edit your profile and change its category to Entrepreneur. After you do so, it will unlock most of the music thats available on Instagram. You can even hide your profile category from the public so that its not displayed to anyone.

You can switch the category of your profile by following the mentioned steps:

Step 1: Open the Instagram app on your device.

Step 2: You need to head onto your profile page by clicking on the small profile picture icon at the bottom right of the screen.

Step 3: Next, you need to click on the option Edit Profile.

Step 4: On the following page, search for Entrepreneur and then click on it to change the category of your profile, then click the option Done.

NOTE: If you want to hide it from the public, you can turn off the toggle that youll find next to the Display Category level.

Step 5: Next, click on Done to hide it, and then again click on Done to confirm it.

The Bottom Lines:

To find the best music, you can first get to know about the trending music from the people of your industry. One of the tricks to adding music is by recording a video with music on TikTok and then you can extract the audio from the video using third-party apps.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How To Find Trending Reel Songs On Instagram

Have you ever wondered how some creators seem to be aware of the trending sounds and effects before everyone else? Perhaps you have no idea what a trending reel is , but youd still like to learn more. Heres how to find the trending reel sounds on Instagram.

  • How to search trending reel songs on Instagram?
  • 1. Using the Audio Tab on Explore Page
  • 2. Using the Trend Report
  • 3. Scrolling through the Reels
  • 4. Search for the arrow sign:
  • 5. Browse popular Spotify playlists:
  • 6. Keep an eye on other creators

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How To Find Trending Music For Instagram Reels

Rahim Karsan

Its safe to say the newest addition of Instagram Reels was inspired by the success of TikToks minute-long videos. These two platforms have become very closely connected in terms of trending sounds, and what is popular on one will typically transfer to the other.

Instagram Reels were implemented so that individuals could create short videos to engage with other users. With the combination of Instagram Reels, Lives and IGTV, there are more ways now than ever to grow your audience.

Reels specifically allow your content to be seen by many more people than your Instagram pictures might. Particularly, if your prole is public, it is much easier for your Reels to end up on the Explore Page. If you create content thats applicable to both pictures and videos, Instagram Reels may be the best way to diversify your prole and increase your overall engagement levels.

With all that said, heres what you need to know about catching trends, specically when it comes to trending sounds!

How To Do The Challenge

How to Find Trending Sounds on Instagram Reels (and Go Viral!)
  • Open the Reels maker.
  • Tap the 1x icon on the left-hand side.
  • Select the speed at which youd like to record. To do a speedy time-lapse, choose the 4x speed but this tool gives you the option to do slo-mo recordings, too, with a total range of 0.3x to 4x speed.
  • Hold the record button to start recording.
  • When youre done, tap the arrow icon to proceed to the editing screen. Tap when youre ready to post.
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    But How Do You Know A Song Will Help Your Reel Perform Well

    Just like with any other social media, there are trends on Instagram Reels. And a lot of the trends are closely tied to music. Now Im going to be 100% honest and say that Im not into the Reels trends. I make cinematic Reels to share moods from nature, and the music I pick I choose based on how it helps me tell the story I want to tell. However I do have a few tips on how to find trending music for your Reels

  • The explore page is your friend the Reels rising on the explore page can often offer you a great starting point for finding trending music for your Reels.
  • Search and scroll Search for Reels using keywords that suit the Reel you are making. Scroll through the results to see what songs are popular in your niche.
  • The arrow gives a hint If a song is on the rise, youll see an arrow next to the song name if youre watching Reels on mobile devices.
  • I know some people search TikTok and Spotify and stuff as well, but Im no expert on that area and will leave tips on that for others that are.

    How To Save Audio On Instagram

    In a reel Open a reel and tap the audio link in the bottom-left corner to view the audio used by the reel. Then tap on Save Audio.

    In a story Open an Instagram story that uses external audio. Tap the music link at the top-left and a box will pop up at the bottom. Then tap the Save Music button to save it.

    In a post Find a post in your Instagram feed and tap the audio link under the profile name. Tap on Save Audio to save the audio.


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    What Other Users Are Doing

    Understanding and seeing what other accounts are doing is SUPER important. If you see what works well for them, you can take the idea and make it your own. Im not saying to copy what others are doing! But realize that one of the nuances of using short form video is that you dont have to constantly be coming up with brand new ideas every time. Using the trending sounds and dances can actually be really effective on these platforms. But still put your own spin on it!

    When youre on the main page of Instagram, youll see Instagram Reels from the people youre following mixed in. Take note of what theyre doing too because theyre part of your circle. Be inspired by the people youve chosen to follow! Some of the people I love to follow are Shine with Natasha, Jera Bean, and Natasha Coyle.

    Need more inspiration? Follow me on ! Come see what Ive been doing with my Instagram Reels and please, use the sounds Ive created and used in my videos! Thats the whole point of this kind of short form video. I cant wait to see what you create!

    PS. Grab a copy of my here too!

    Your Demo Reel Deserves To Stand Apart From The Crowd Consider The Following Tips For Finding And Editing Demo Reel Music

    Reel Big Fish " Party Down"  Guitar, Bass, Trumpet, Trombone and Drumset ...

    Forget resumes. In the video production/motion design/filmmaking world, your demo reel is your calling card and ticket to new job opportunities. With hundreds of new reels uploaded to the web daily, how can you separate yourself from the rest?

    Obviously your body of work must speak for itself, but the approach you take in editing the demo reel also holds importance. Lets dig deep into one aspect of this process: picking the right demo reel music and using it to successfully enhance your work.

    As a testament to the importance of demo reel music, Pixar actually stresses this significance of music in their job postings:

    For people interested in Editorial, we understand your reels will be longer in length and music/sound will play an important part in demonstrating your editorial ability.

    Should your reel have solid music throughout? Multiple tracks? Do you need music at all? Lets dig in.

    In a previous post, I outlined 20 Tips for Creating a Successful Demo Reel, covering pointers on picking clips, formatting and distribution. Check it out if youre interested in general demo reel tips!

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    More Trends Collected From Around The Internet

  • Graduation Group Transition
  • Its graduation season! While playing @thevamps Somebody to You, film a clip running towards the camera, propped up on the ground, in your everyday look. Then film yourself running away from the camera in the opposite direction in your graduation cap and gown. Turn to face the camera at the end to complete your transition.

    Pro Tip: Tag the products you used to create your look in your Reel description.

    Audio: Snatched Big Boss Vette

    3. Look at me!

    Switch things up with this new editing style that makes you loop your video, transitioning from a different point of view. Film yourself staring at the camera before suddenly having the camera switch angles, filming as if from someone elses perspective before coming back to your first angle to achieve the looping effect.

    Pro Tip: Use text overlay to explain what POV youre acting out using the loop editing effect.

    Audio: Look at Me Bammbreezy Montana

    Cool, isnt it? Bookmark this page so you can refer back to it, and we hope it comes in handy for all your future Reels content creation!

    All the steps we mentioned previously were used in order to identify the IG Reels viral songs and audio lists. Weve also provided links for original audios so theyre easier to find.

    Lets keep going to our viral charts right now.

    How To Add Your Music To Instagram Reels

    If youâre already releasing your music to Instagram then it should already be available for you to select and use via Instagramâs music library. From here youâll be able to automatically add your track to a Reel.

    1. Open up your Instagram camera

    2. Select âReelsâ

    3. Click on the musical notes icon

    4. Search for your song and add it to the Reel

    < center>

    < /center>

    And if your tracks arenât already available, you can , as well other big platforms like Spotify, TikTok and Apple Music right now by signing up with Ditto Music.

    Once youâve created, uploaded and finished editing your Reel, always make sure you as well as in your Reels section. This will simply make sure it generates as much viewer attention and engagement as possible.

    So now you know what reels are, why you should use them & how to upload one featuring your music, letâs talk about everything to consider when creating your very first Instagram. Reel.

    < hr>

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    List Of Trending Songs Or Sounds

    As you now know, trending songs change over time. Nevertheless, at the time of writing, these songs reportedly trended in the last month :

  • High Enough K.Flay
  • First Order of Business Baby Keem
  • Insane Summer Walker
  • Boys Will Be Bugs Cavetown
  • Face Off Tech N9ne, Joey Cool, King ISO, Dwayne Johnson
  • Nuestra Canción Monsieur Períne
  • Sad Girlz Luv Money Amaarae, Moliy, Kali Uchis
  • No Love Summer Walker, SZA
  • Mood Wizkid, Buju
  • Up and Down Doja Cat
  • Overpass Graffiti Ed Sheeran
  • Isii Nafta Nimco Happy
  • Original Audio @lv_iw
  • Bubbly Young Thug
  • Future Benjamins Burn
  • My Girlfriend Is A Witch October Country
  • Original audio @1annaonly
  • Life Goes On Oliver Tree
  • Peru Fireboy DML
  • In My Mind Lyn Lapid
  • Panda Desiinger
    • Imagine Dragons
    • Kina Grannis

    These artists are worth keeping in mind for your Reels, depending on the style youre looking to create .

    Bonus tip:You can also keep up with trending songs by checking out Reels music playlists on Spotify .

    How To Add Music To Reels: A Step

    How to Find Trending Songs on Instagram Reels

    When Instagram first launched Reels, there was a lot of confusion around adding music. Some people had it, and others did not. Some of the sounds people loved on TikTok were nowhere to be found, and the ability to save music to use later was non-existent.

    Since then, Instagram has rolled out a bunch of new features to clear up the confusion and help them compete with TikTok.

    You can now:

    Save audio clips to a folder and use it for a future Reel.

    Share audio pages via DMs.

    Search the audio browser to find sounds and music for your clips.

    Not sure how to do it? Keep reading.

    Were breaking down the entire process to have you Reeling like a pro in no time.

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