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How To Find Loved Songs On Apple Music Iphone

Connect To Your Artists

How to use Apple Music on iPhone

Connect is Apples answer to Spotifys Follow feature, which gives users the opportunity to not only see when their favorite artists have released new music or tour dates, but also get an inside look at what theyre listening to on their own accounts.

If we had to give it to either side, for now the advantage would sneak slightly over to Apple Music. Connect is an improvement on Follow in almost every way, faulted only for the fact that its the first thing youll see if click on an artist from search and they have it enabled .

Option : Use A Smart Playlist For Your Library

The easiest way to keep a collection of your loved songs is to create a Smart Playlist on your computer. That way, you can make iTunes or the Music app automatically add loved songs to it whether they’re or in iCloud Music Library.

There is a catch, however. This option only works for songs you already have in or have added to your library. You can love songs on Apple Music without adding them to your library, and you can even add those songs to playlists, but unless you add them to your library, the Smart Playlist won’t grab those songs.

If you add every song you like to your library, then I’d suggest the Smart Playlist route. Fire up iTunes on macOS or Windows. If you’re running macOS 10.15 Catalina or higher, iTunes doesn’t exist, so open up Music instead the process is the same as in iTunes, so there are no changes aside from the app name.

Next, click “File” in the menu bar, then “New,” and “Smart Playlist.”

Next, ensure the checkmark next to “Match” is enabled, then choose “music” from the dro-down. You can keep it at “all media” too, but music videos may also appear in your playlist. Afterward, click “Artist” and make sure “Love” is selected instead. Ensure “is” is chosen in the middle drop-down and “Loved” drop-down on the right.

You can also choose to add custom cover art for the playlist by clicking on the art and selecting from default images, recent pictures, or from anywhere else on your hard drive.

How To Favorite Songs On Iphone

To favorite a song on the iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Open the Music app and start playing a song. Expand the player to fullscreen, if needed.

  • Tap the icon.

  • Tap Love to favorite the song.

  • To unfavorite a song, repeat the first two steps and then tap Dislike. You can also favorite entire albums by tapping when viewing the tracklist for the album.

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    How To See Your Top 25 Most Played Songs In Apple Music

    Have you ever wanted to see a list of the songs you listen to most on Apple Music? Most of us have a set of songs that we find ourselves often listening to, and if you make use of Apple Music to listen to your favorite songs on your iPhone or iPad, then youre in luck. Apple Music curates a set of default smart playlists based on your listening habits, and one of them is simply called Top 25 Most Played.

    If youre looking to just sit back and enjoy listening to some of your most favorite songs, then youll probably want to use this smart playlist every now and then. It also comes in handy when youre driving or doing something important and cant keep manually switching between songs, you can just rely on listening to your favorites by play-count.

    Are you interested in making use of this playlist on your iPhone and iPad? Perfect, because in this article, well be discussing exactly how you can view your top 25 most played songs in Apple Music. Without further ado, lets take a look at the procedure.

    How To Use Apple Music’s Love And Dislike Buttons

    Eight marvelous music players for iPhone

    Next time you’re playing a song or listening to a custom-generated or live radio station, tap the ellipsis button at the bottom right of the screen.

    This brings up an additional options pane, at the bottom of which you’ll see Love and Dislike buttons. You can tap either of these, and Apple Music will use your preference to guide its recommendation algorithms going forward.

    You can also access these buttons to indicate whether you enjoy an album or not. From any album screen, tap the red ellipsis button in the upper right area of the screen.

    This brings up a smaller pane of options, but you’ll still find the Love and Dislike buttons at the bottom.

    If you’re listening to Apple Music on a PC or Mac, you can find the Love and Dislike options in iTunes via the Song menu bar menu.

    They can also be accessed using a similar ellipsis button that appears in the upper left of the album/playlist window, and at the bottom of the mini player view.

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    Find Loved Songs On Apple Music: How To

    Find Loved Songs On Apple Music: Apple Music offers an amazing feature that lets you love a song by tapping the heart. While the feature is deliberate to help Apple recommend songs to you based on what you like. Many people use this to mark their favorite tunes. So if you want to see all of the songs you mark as love, where do you look?

    Apple doesnt make it accessible while providing a playlist of your loved songs. We have a guide that shows you how you can do that yourself with a Smart Playlist. But you might just want to see through those songs for one in specific.

    If you have a Mac, then you can do this in the Music app. Currently, there doesnt appear to be a way to do it on iOS, unfortunately. Heres simple guide on how to find your loved songs in Apple Music on Mac.


  • 2 Conclusion:
  • Improved Imessage App For Apple Music

    The iMessage app for Apple Music feels like something the company has just forgotten about. Its never been updated and still shows the same thing it did when it was releasedsongs youve recently played.

    It needs to allow us to search for songs from Apple Music and share them with our friends. Theres no search bar in the iMessage app, unfortunately, so you have to share songs via the share sheet in the Music app. It would be nice if this app surfaced playlists, artist pages, or albums as well for quick sharing.

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    Dealing With Inaccurate Recommendations

    Occasionally, you may find that Apple Music continues to play songs by artists or from genres you’ve indicated you don’t like. This appears to be tied to the way Apple’s algorithms use your listening history and the albums in your music library.

    It’s worth checking your library to make sure you haven’t accidentally added any songs or albums you don’t like . Another solution you can try is to launch the Settings app on an iPhone or iPad, then tap Music and turn off the Use Listening History toggle.

    What Is The Difference Between Top 25 Most Played Playlist And Apple Music Replay

    How To Find Your Downloaded Apple Music

    Apple Music subscription is a must for Replay. You can see your top songs, playlists, and insights in Replay, which is updated every Sunday. It has a rank wise list of the top 100 songs from your library that you have played the most.

    Just like regular playlists, you can save, download, and . Finally, you can even see Replay for the year 2015 and onwards.

    Wrapping up

    These were the steps to view your top 25 most played songs in the Apple Music app or iTunes. It is always great to have a dynamic playlist of the most listened tracks that you love and enjoy repeatedly. What are your thoughts on this? Kindly share it with us in the comments section below.

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    Listen To The Most Immersive Audio Possible

    Apple has improved Apple Music a lot in the past year. It rolled out a lossless audio tier at no extra cost and introduced support for Dolby Atmos and its own immersive sound technology called Spatial Audio, the latter of which uses various sensors in Apple’s AirPods Pro or AirPods Max to create an virtual listening space that adjusts as you move your head.

    To take advantage of this extremely immersive experience, you must be an Apple Music subscriber and be wearing either AirPods Pro or AirPods Max. If you check both those boxes, all you have to do is make sure Spatial Audio with dynamic head tracking is turned on: open the Settings app on your iPhone > select Music > scroll down to the Audio section and choose Dolby Atmos > make sure it’s “Automatic” or “Always On”.

    Create A Soundtrack To Your Photos

    With iOS 15, Apple rolled out a deeper integration between its music app and its photos app . Specifically, it allows Apple Music subscribers to select songs to play while using the Memories feature in the Photos app you can have a soundtrack for your photos. There’s even a song suggestion feature that will recommend songs based on the time and location of your photo memory if you attend a certain concert, the suggestions are smart enough to recommend songs by that artist.

    To add a song to your Memories, open the Photos app > select the For You tab > select the Memories tab and select a specific Memory you want to add music to > select the music icon in the bottom-left corner and you’ll be directed to Apple Music.

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    In Case You Missed Anything

    Apple Music Student

    • * New subscribers only. $9.99/month after free trial. Plan automatically renews until cancelled. Terms apply.
  • 20 million songs in lossless audio at launch with the full 75 million songs available by the end of the year.
  • Compatible hardware and software required. Not all content available in Dolby Atmos. Head tracking feature requires iPhone or iPad paired with AirPods Pro or AirPods Max.
  • Apple Music 1, Apple Music Hits and Apple Music Country are available without an Apple Music subscription.
  • Eligible post-secondary students only. Requires initial sign-up and enrolment verification by UNiDAYS.
  • Requires Family Sharing. See for more information.
  • The Apple One free trial includes only services that you are not currently using through a free trial or a subscription. Plan automatically renews after trial until cancelled. Restrictions and other terms apply.
  • Limited time offer, offer may end at any time. Free Apple TV+ access for students ends when you no longer qualify or do not renew your Apple Music Student subscription. Offer good for verified post-secondary students only and does not extend to a Family Sharing Group.
    • Summertime written by Orville Peck.

    Identify Songs Playing On Iphone Using Music Recognition

    Apple Music App Missing on Home Screen With iOS 10? How to ...

    I love this feature as its letting me identify songs on shows and movies that I love. My only complaint is that it doesnt keep a history of identified songs like the Shazam app did in the past.

    And since I dont use Apple Music, I dont have an easy way to launch the song in a music streaming app and save it there. Right now, I use the back-tap gesture of iOS 14 to take a quick screenshot to save the song info. Hopefully, I can improve this feature in the future.

    What do you think of this new Music Recognition features? Let us know in the comments below.

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    Deleting Music From Iphone/ipad Using Itunes

    To use this method, you need to plug in your iPhone into the computer. After you click on iPhone icon in iTunes, follow these steps

    1. Head to My Device Section -> Music.

    2. Youll see artists, albums, and playlists. Use cmd+A to select ALL and then press Delete key. Confirm when prompted.

    3. Click on Summary at the top left pane column and clock on Apply at the bottom right of the main pane.

    If you are wondering what happens to songs you purchased on iTunes, the music will be available as always. To get the songs you purchased back on your iPhone, follow these steps-

    • Head to Settings -> Music.
    • Tap on Show All Music.

    All the music that you purchased is now available, but with the download icon displayed next to it. To download them back to your iPhone, just tap on the download icon.

    Rate Music In Your Library

  • Go to Settings , then tap Music.

  • Turn on Show Star Ratings.

  • In Music, touch and hold a song in your library, tap Rate Song, then choose a rating from one to five stars.

  • Song ratings sync to all devices that use the same Apple ID.

    This option appears only if you already have star ratings from a synced library on your device.

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    How Do I Transfer Music From Datpiff To Apple Music

    Most of us love to listen to mixtapes, rather than the original soundtracks from streaming platforms. If you have been listening to your collection of Mixtapes from Datpiff, HotNewHipHop, or SoundCloud, you can ave them on your Apple Music as well. Datpiff already allows users to download music on the iPhone, to listen while you are offline. However, without taking that much space from your iPhone, adding them to Apple Music and streaming is a better option.

    For that, you can follow similar steps as above. Follow the guide to make it quicker.

  • the mixtape tracks from Datpiff or any other platform to your PC.
  • Copy all of your mixtapes or remixes on to a single folder.
  • Open iTunes on your system.
  • Click File > Add Folder to Library.
  • Select your Mixtape directory from the system.
  • Wait for the iTunes to sync all the album and playlist to your iCloud Music Library.
  • After syncing, you can take the Apple Music on your iPhone or Android device immediately to check for the synced music and mixtapes. Before all these, you must be sure to know that the iCloud Music Library is already enabled for the iTunes and iPhone.

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    How To Upload Local Songs To Apple Music

    How to Find Song Lyrics in Apple Music | iOS 14 Update

    Apple provides the top-lass music streaming service through Apple Music. With an Apple ID and monthly subscription to Apple Music, you can listen to any music right from your iPhone as well as Android smartphones. However, you might have some music collection with your which you would not get to listen to Apple Music. If you were unaware, it is possible to upload your local songs to Apple Music, so you can listen from any devices using the same Apple ID.

    Here is how to upload local songs to Apple Music and listen from anywhere.

  • Enable iCloud Music Library on iPhone?
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    How To Rate Songs In Itunes

    To rate a song in iTunes, follow these steps:

  • Open iTunes and find the song you want to rate.

  • In the Song view, hover your mouse over the Rating column next to the song, and click the dots that correspond to the number of stars you want to assign.

    If the Rating column isn’t visible, go to View> Show View Options> check Rating.

  • Your rating is automatically saved but can be changed whenever you want.

  • What Star Ratings Are Used For In Itunes & Apple Music

    Ratingsfor songs and albums are used in iTunes to:

  • Create Smart Playlists.
  • Sort your music library.
  • Sort playlists.
  • A Smart Playlist is created based on criteria you select, including the rating you assigned to songs. For example, you can create a Smart Playlist that includes all songs you’ve rated 5 stars. It even automatically adds new songs to the playlist as you rate them 5 stars.

    If you view your iTunes music library by song, you can click the Rating column header to sort your songs by rating .

    Within standard playlists you’ve already created, you can order songs by rating. To do this, click a playlist to select it and click Edit Playlist. In the playlist editing window, click Sort by Manual Order and then click Rating. Click Done to save the new order.

    This only works in older versions of iTunes. The latest versions no longer sort by rating.

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    On Your Iphone Ipad Ipod Touch Or Android Device

    1. On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, open the Music app. On your Android device, open the Apple Music app.

    2. Find music that you want to add to your library.

    3. To add a song, tap the Plus icon. To add an entire album or playlist, tap +ADD.

    Then, you can find songs, albums, and playlists that you’ve added in Library.

    Find New Favorites And Expand Your Horizons With Apple Music

    How to make your Apple Music profile private

    With huge, wide-ranging collections of playlists and stations available on Apple Music, you have lots of options for finding more of the music you like and expanding your tastes. Once you understand the differences between playlists and stations, it becomes a lot easier to navigate the app and much more fun to explore.

    For even more new music, check out Apple Music’s Up Next section to discover the newest exciting artists that are about to hit the charts.

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    Adjust Your Eq Settings

    Apple offers a bunch of different EQ presets that you can choose from depending on your listening preference. The catch is that you can’t adjust these EQ settings from within the Apple Music app. Instead, you need to open the Settings app > scroll down and select Music > and then select the EQ tab. Once there you can choose from over 20 presets, whether you want more or less bass or treble, or EQ that caters to certain genres of music, like jazz, hip hop or rock.

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