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How To Edit My Apple Music Profile

How To Create Apple Music Profile On Iphone And Ipad

How do I claim my artist profile on Apple music & Change Your Apple Music Artist Profile

Apple Music allows you to discover the music your friends are listening to and also share yours with them. Want to find out how it works? To get started, you need to first make an Apple Music profile to connect with your friends on your device.

You get the option to customize your account and choose who can discover your shared music. At any time, you dont want to share the music you listen to, you can remove it from your profile. Whether you are already subscribed to Apple Music or making the most of the three-month trial period, follow through this quick guide to set up Apple Music profile to connect with friends. You can follow these same steps to make Apple Music profile on your Mac.

Apple Music: How To Add Friends

Lee StantonRead more April 30, 2021

Apple Music is more than just a streaming service its also a great platform for some light socializing between music lovers. Once you set up a profile, you can start following your friends and check out what theyre listening to. More than that, you can create collaborative playlists and share your favorite tracks. Its not as advanced as a social media platform, but it certainly has its charms.

So, if youre looking to know more about this side of Apple Music, youve come to the right place. In this article, we cover it all from how to add friends to why you should do it in the first place. Keep reading for a breakdown of one of the most popular streaming services in the world.

How To Change Your Profile Photo In Apple Music For Artists

1. Open Apple Music for Artists and navigate to the Manage tab.

2. In the section labeled Artist Image, you can upload a new image. It needs to be 2400 x 2400 and a .jpg or .png file.

3. Once the image is uploaded, you can adjust the crop and how it will appear on the service. When finished, select Submit.

4. Your image wont appear changed because there is a manual approval process for new changes in place, but changes typically only take a few days to process. Once you see Submitted for Review, you know the process is underway.

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How To Update Your Apple Music Profile

Your profile is visible and accessible on most pages in Apple Music. Follow these steps to set up and customize it.

  • Open the Music app and tap Listen Now at the bottom of the screen.

  • Tap the Account button at the top of the screen. It’s the silhouette of a head with a circle around it.

  • Select See What Friends Are Listening To.

  • Tap Get Started.

  • Tap the camera icon to take a profile picture or choose one from your Photos app.

    Tap Continue to Find Contacts to move on.

    The nickname can’t include spaces, but you can put in an underscore in place of one.

  • The next screen shows your contacts who are currently sharing their information on Apple Music and ones who are on the platform but don’t have profiles.

    Tap Follow next to your friends’ names to share music with them and see theirs, or tap Invite to ask other contacts to create profiles of their own.

    Tap Next to continue.

  • The next screen contains privacy settings. Tap to select whether anyone can follow you or just people you approve. You can also use the lower switches to decide when Apple Music will notify you with friend recommendations or show you in other people’s.

    Tap Next to continue.

  • If you’ve created playlists on Apple Music, the next page lets you share them with your contacts.

    Select Next.

  • Finally, you can decide whether to receive notifications when you get new followers or when artists you like have new music.

    Tap Done to finish your profile.

  • Hide Music That You’re Listening To

    How to change your name on your Apple Music profile and ...

    To hide something that you’re listening to, go to your profile, touch and hold an album or playlist, then tap Hide from Profile.

    To hide all of the music that you’re listening to:

  • At the top of your profile, tap Edit.
  • Scroll to the bottom, then follow the steps for your device:
  • On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, turn off Listening To.
  • On your Android device, tap Additional Privacy Settings, then turn off Listening To.
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    How To Make Your Apple Music Profile Private

    Apple Music debuted a new set of social features alongside the launch of iOS 11, which allow you to more easily share the music you love with other Apple Music users. When you first set up your profile, maybe you decided to share everything with anyone who wanted to follow you, but now some time has passed and you’ve grown a bit more selective. Apple Music has a couple of options for making your account more private.

    Here’s how you control the privacy of your Apple Music account.

    Turn Off Personalized Recommendations

    Turning off Personalized Recommendations for your Apple ID is a good way to stop seeing any new suggestions moving forward.

    Disabling this option won’t remove your existing curation data, meaning the app will continue to build suggestions based on your usage. You just won’t see them anymore. Shutting off Personalized Recommendations will also affect your recommendations in other Apple service apps, such as Apple Books.

    Here’s how to disable Personalized Recommendations on an iPhone:

  • Open the Apple Music app.
  • Go to the Listen Now tab.
  • Open your Apple Music profile by selecting the circular icon with a person’s silhouette in the top-right corner of the screen. If you have previously uploaded an image as a personal profile picture, that will appear instead of the silhouette.
  • Select View Apple ID which can be located by scrolling to the bottom of the Account page.
  • Turn off Personalized Recommendations.
  • Select Done in the top right corner, and you are finished.
  • Image Gallery

    After doing this, any new music searches, downloads, or playthroughs in Apple Music will no longer affect your auto-suggestions. This will not automatically delete your previous searches which means it may take a little while to notice the effects of this method.

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    How Do I Update My Artist Bio Or Photo In Streaming

    Spotify Updating your artist pic & bio is done through Spotify for Artists.Get instant access to Spotify for Artists. iTunes/Apple Music You can edit your artist image directly via Apple Music for Artists.If you’re not already registered, sign up for Apple Music for Artists through Apple directly: When asked for contact info, you can use your own.

    Reset Apple Music Suggestions On Iphone/android/pc

    DistroKid Tutorial: How To Change Your Apple Music & Spotify For Artist Profile

    Today, Apple Music has also released a version for Android phones. Apple Music is officially compatible with iPhone XS/X/8/7/6S/6/5S/5/SE, iPad, iPod touch, Android phones, and computers. Let’s look at how it works.

    Change Apple Music ‘For You’ Suggestions on iOS

    Step 1. Open Apple Music and click on the ‘For You’ icon.

    Step 2. In the top right corner, tap your photo .

    Step 3. Scroll down to the bottom to find the View Account option and tap it.

    Step 4. Tap Choose Artists For You.

    Step 5. This will take you back to the music preference bubble. You can manually change or add genres and artists to your liking.

    Step 6. Once you’ve finished customizing your preferences, click Done to save your changes.

    Change Apple Music ‘For You’ Suggestions on Android

    Step 1. Launch Apple Music app on your Android device and click the menu icon in the upper-left corner.

    Step 2. Click your photo or Apple ID at the top of the menu. At this point you may be asked to enter your password.

    Step 3. Scroll down and tap the View Account icon and select the “Choose Artist For You”.

    Step 4. Next, you can change any type of artist by searching. And you can also click on the “Reset” icon to delete all selected genres and artists, and reset them exactly according to your personal preferences.

    Step 5. Finally, click on “Done”.

    Change Apple Music ‘For You’ Suggestions on Mac or Windows PC

    Step 1. Launch iTunes on your Mac or PC.

    Step 2. Sign in with your Apple ID and password.

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    Apple Music Tips Tricks And Features

    Since its launch in 2015, Apple Music garnered 72 million subscribers by the end of 2020 and even more impressively racked up a five-star review from us.

    Five iOS updates and a couple of hefty interface refreshes later, the arrival of the splendid HomePod Mini means there’s no better time to get fully acquainted with the ins and outs of Apple’s music streaming service. You won’t get far with Apple’s little smart speaker if you don’t, at any rate and there’s so much to enjoy.

    Whether you’re on the free three-month trial or already a subscriber and regular user, we’ve pulled together some key tips, tricks and features to make sure you get the utmost from Apple Music.

    Catalog Migration: Switch To A New Distributor With A Few Simple Steps

    We know the feeling all too well from insurance companies or mobile phone subscriptions: You realize that a different provider has a better offer in store and you could save a lot of money, but its just too much work, so you end up staying with your current provider. A lot of musicians and record labels go through the same experience when considering a switch from one distributor or record label to another. Many shy away from the manual effort and are unsure whether the streaming numbers and playlist placements would really be retained after a switch.

    In this article, we will show you what to keep in mind when it comes to a catalog migration and introduce the elegant solution iGroove has recently developed.

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    Apple Music For Artists Cd Baby Help Center

    In order to add your artist photo to your Apple Music Artist profile, follow these simple steps. Claim your Apple Music for Artist profile. Open Apple Music for Artists and navigate to the Manage tab. In the section labeled Artist Image, you can upload a new image. *** It needs to be 2400 x 2400 and …

    How Can I Claim My Artist Profile In Stores

    How to change your Apple Music account profile picture on ...

    The music stores are responsible for matching a release with an existing artist profile or creating a new one if it is an artists first release. Your music needs to be on its own unique page for you to claim your artist profile. If your release is on the wrong artist profile, please submit a request to us first.

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    How To Find Your Spotify Artist Id

    Spotify supports three URIs , which are unique identifiers associated with an artist, album, and song. To ensure your music is associated properly

  • To copy your artist ID, go to the Spotify app and Copy your Artist URI from the menu option and paste it into your artist profile within AvidPlay.
  • In AvidPlay under your Artist profile, click the Outlet Profile button and paste in the artist URI in the Spotify Profile URI field .
  • How To Find Your Artist Id And Fix Artist Association Problems On Music Streaming Platforms

    Rob D’Amico

    When distributing music to the many different streaming outlets like Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud etc., your specific band or artist name can sometimes be associated with a different band or artist profile with the same name. Unfortunately, this is outside the control of DIY music distribution services. Thankfully, you can protect this from happening with your music on Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloudall within AvidPlay.

    Until all streaming outlets come together and standardize on associating artist IDs, here are some guidelines to follow and make sure it doesnt happen to you on Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud. Plus, find out where to go to resolve incorrect name associations for other streaming outlets.

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    How Do I Claim My Artist Profile On Apple Music

    Through Apple Music Connect you’ll be able to share share audio, photos, and videos, and engage directly with your fans. You can learn more about Apple Music Connect here . In order to claim your profile in Apple Music Connect: 1. Go Here. Enter in your Apple ID and Password. 2. Select the type of content youâd like to manage (choose …

    Putting Together A Media List

    Fix Your Songs Under The Wrong Artist Profile on Apple Music

    Before you can start, you need to know who you actually want to contact. Instead of buying a list of media contacts online, most of which wont be a good fit, you should put together a handpicked list yourself. If youre a rap artist, there is no point in writing to blogs specializing in electro or rock music. Thats why its better to get in touch with only 20 media outlets that actually fit your style, instead of wasting your time.

    Once you have your list put together, you need to find out how the outlets in question like to receive their submissions. Some list their e-mail address, others upload a form or use external platforms. Make sure to actually follow these submission guidelines!

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    How To Claim Your Artist Profile On Spotify:

  • Go to the Artist page in your Amuse app.
  • Sign up or log in to your Spotify user account.
  • Youll be redirected to Spotify for Artists, fill in your information there.
  • After submitting your details, youll be granted access and redirected to your Artist Page.
  • Important: To claim your artist profile you need to have at least one release thats live on Spotify distributed by Amuse.

    Read more about claiming your artist profile on Spotify here.

    Friends That Stream Together Stay Together

    You can learn a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to. With Apple Music, you get a sneak peek into your friends listening history. All it takes is setting up a profile, and you can find out which one of your buddies is the best road trip companion.

    Of course, it goes both ways. When someone starts following you, they gain access to your shared playlists. You can decide what will show up on your profile while setting it up. If you change your mind somewhere along the way, you can always edit accordingly.

    Do you have an Apple Music profile? Do you only follow the people you know personally? Comment below, and feel free to share your favorite playlists.

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    How To Change Your Apple Music Profile Image

    Sometimes, we get questions asking if we can charge artist profile images on Apple Music, Spotify, or another platform. The answer is we canât, but you can!

    Apple Music Connect is basically your artist page on Apple Music. From it, you can edit your page and also share your content. Fans and followers can love, comment, and share through iMessage to their friends. Follow these simply steps to change your profile image on Apple Music.

    Cancel Through Apple Tv

    How to Change Apple Music Artist Profile Picture

    Apple Music is also available on the fourth-generation Apple TV and Apple TV 4K. You can manage your subscription directly from the TV by going to Settings > Users and Accounts > > Subscriptions > Apple Music Membership. At this screen, you can then cancel or change your subscription status.

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    How To Keep Your Apple Music Profile And Listening History Private

    If you would rather your Apple Music listening remain private, here is how to stop your listening history from being seen by other users.

    With the launch of iOS 11, Apple Music allows you to easily share the music you enjoy with other users of the service. When you set up your profile in Apple Music, you might have allowed viewing of your profile and listening history. Maybe your tastes have changed since then or you just want to keep your listening habits more private. Whatever the case, here is how to make your profile and listening history private again.

    Create An Apple Music Profile On Mac

    After you , you can create an Apple Music profile that features your favorite playlists and what youre currently listening to. You can share your profile with everyone or only friends you invite to see it.

    After you create a profile, you can choose the playlists you want to share. Additionally, you can see profiles created by friends or request to follow them and see what theyre listening to.

    Note: You cant create an Apple Music profile in the Apple Music Voice Plan. Apple Music and Apple Music Voice arent available in all countries or regions. See the Apple Support article Availability of Apple Media Services.

  • In the Music app on your Mac, click Listen Now in the sidebar on the left.

  • Follow the onscreen prompts to create a user name, find and follow friends, share playlists, and more.

    If you want to share music with friends only, make sure to select People You Approve in the Choose who can follow you area.

  • After you finish setting up your profile, you can find friends whose music profile youd like to follow or choose who you share music with .

    Note: If youre the organizer of a Family Sharing group, you can allow children to create Apple Music profiles . See Restrict access to items in Music.

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