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How To Discover New Music

Find New Music: Read Blog Posts

The Best Way to Find New Music

Honestly, I think reading blog posts about pretty much anything is a great way to learn something new. Whether youre trying to get travel advice for your next city break , discover a new drink, or in this case discover new music. You can find everything you need by reading blog posts. For those of you that have followed Female Original for a while, youll know that Im always sharing new music on here, on social media and in my newsletter too. But of course, there are loads of other bloggers out there that write about music. My advice would be to start with actual music bloggers, aka the bloggers that exclusively post about music.

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Youll likely find things like new song and album releases, interviews with small musicians and maybe even a few playlists on music blogs. I do have to say that, in my three years of blogging Ive found it hard to find bloggers that focus exclusively on music. So, if youre struggling to find music bloggers, the next thing to do is look to bloggers that have music sections, in the same way that you might come to me for music content.

Music Streaming Services Such As Spotify Or Apple Music

Music streaming services such as Spotify or Apple Music are a great way to find new music. Each of these music streaming platforms has various ways to discover new music and they make the process pretty simple. First, lets start with playlists. Each music streaming service has thousands of playlists that have been curated for every genre and this can serve as a great starting point for finding new music. When searching for a playlist be sure to include terms specific to what youre looking for, as many of playlists have detailed titles.

If youre looking for upbeat rock songs to workout to then consider searching workout rock music or upbeat rock. If youre looking to discover upcoming country music artists, dont just type in country music, consider typing in upcoming country, new upcoming artists or country on the rise. These keywords will assist you in discovering the new music youre on the hunt for.

Heres an example of a great Spotify playlist that pops up when I searched country on the rise and its got a ton of new artists Ive never heard

Another example for someone who loves alternative rock might be searching Warped Tour which is a popular alternative rock festival. This great playlist popped up which encompasses a bunch of bands who have played or sound like bands whove played the Vans Warped Tour in the past.

Io Music Notable Features:

  • View the trending songs from around the world, whats being searched, and whats being played by others.
  • Create playlists, add songs to them, and share tracks with your friends.
  • Listen to music by artist, see whats featured, and save your favorites.

The io music app is another great way to discover fresh tunes and new artists with a clean interface that makes it easy.

  • Availability: iPhone and Android
  • Cost: Free with an in-app purchase to remove the ads

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Congrats Youre A Music

So that just about covers everything you need to know about how to find new music. I know it was a pretty hefty post but hopefully, you feel like you know exactly how to discover some new music to listen to and WHERE to look for it! Do you have any other ideas of where to find new music? Have you got specific sources that you read to keep up to date with the latest tunes? Send them my way.

If you enjoyed reading then make sure to share the post on socials and tag me in it! Id love to chat with you about your own music discovery journey. And if youre looking for even more music content to read then why not sign-up to my blog newsletter

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Discover New Music Services

Discover New Music

There are a buttload of websites that will automatically help you find music that is similar to what you already listen to. No work required, unlike those complex Wikipedia steps I had above. Here are two that I like:

Music Roamer: Enter in an artist that you like, and it will return a web of other artists that are similar. You can then click the Listen to ARTIST NAME to listen to that artist.

The streams arent particularly high quality, but they certainly are good enough to let you know whether you like it or not think YouTube 360p. As far as finding a plethora of bands, is not as good as the first option. Where it does excel though, is in listening. is mainly set up as a radio that plays music based on your current interests.

Its definitely more complex than the first two options, and has its own little social network and whatnot, so you kind of have to sign up for a fair amount to use it.

But where Music Roamer is really great for finding a lot of new artists quickly, is great for someone who just wants to listen continuously, slowly picking out artists when they like their sound. Its less intentional once youve got your own account.

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How To Discover New Music On Spotify

Vann Vicente has been a technology writer for four years, with a focus on explainers geared towards average consumers. He also works as a digital marketer for a regional e-commerce website. He’s invested in internet culture, social media, and how people interact with the web. Read more…

One of Spotifys most powerful features is its recommendation system, which allows you to find great songs you may not have heard yet. Heres how to discover new music on the streaming service.

Is There A Right Way To Discover Music In 2021

I will admit, these techniques are extremely impressive and do in fact yield some amazing finds from time to time. However, there is an underlying problem with the entire system that is overlooked by so many listeners looking for new music. That is, an algorithm can only know you so much. Trust your taste in music more than robots! Evidently, everyone will have different expectations on how a recommendation system should and should not operate, but I implore you to take a few of these simple steps to diversify your library!

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Niche Blogs And Forums

Similar to artist communities, finding niche publications and forums are a great way to discover new music. People who actively participate in forums are typically very involved in what the forum is about, so it can be a great way to discover new and upcoming artists. In addition, nowadays it seems like there is someone starting a new blog every day. Many of these blog curators take their niche very seriously, making them a great resource for discovering new music.

Music Streaming Services: Spotify Daily Mix Feature

How To Find New Music (A Guide)

One of my favourite things about Spotify is just how easy it is to find new music. Spotify will make up their own playlists tailored to what youve been listening to, which are called your daily mixes. A lot of the songs in your daily mixes will be tracks that you already listen to, but Spotify also throws in a few tracks by similar artists, as well as songs that you havent listened to by the artists that you do listen to . So, say for example you listen to Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin all the time, Spotify will include that in your daily mix but they also might add in Black Dog or Ramble On . Get the gist?

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Playlistify : Create Playlists From Setlists

You can’t be at every concert that your favorite artist performs at. But maybe you can get closer to the band by listening to the same setlist that they played. Playlistify is the simplest way to turn setlists into playlists for Spotify .

The app works with three popular setlist curators: 1001 Tracklists, Setlist.FM, and LiveTracklist.

Between these three, you’ll find tracklists based on live shows and concerts, music festivals, venues, radio shows, mixes, and more. Grab the URL of something that catches your fancy, paste it into Playlistify, and let it do its magic.

You’ll need to grant it access to your Spotify, of course. And at times, the mix might not be perfect. For example, it tends to favor studio tracks to live tracks, even though you’re trying to get the feel of the latter. But hey, it’s still a cool way to discover a fun new playlist for your favorite artist.

Get A Digital Mixtape From Your Friends

Back in the day, your friends or significant other might have made you a mix tape to share new music these days, we have Apple’s automated Friends Mix. Every Monday, those who have connected with friends via Apple Music will get a 25-song playlist populated with tunes their friends have been listening to.

To connect with someone on Apple Music using the mobile app, tap the For You section at the bottom and then the circle in the top-right corner. From there, tap on View Profile and scroll down to find and invite people. Then, keep tabs on what friends you follow are listening to on Apple Music in the For You Section.

Spotify, meanwhile, offers a “Collaborative Playlist” option, which lets friends add music to a playlist you created. On desktop, right-click on any playlist on the left side of your screen and click “Collaborative Playlist” in the pop-up window. On mobile, tap the three-dot menu and select “Make Collaborative.” You can then share the playlist via any number of messaging apps or email.

To find friends on Spotify, tap on the gear icon in the top-right corner and then tap on your profile name at the top. On the next screen, tap Find Friends to connect with Facebook friends. Control social listening under Settings > Social.

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Music Streaming Services: Spotify Fans Also Like Feature

Another favourite aspect of Spotify for me is the fans also like section which pops up when you click on a specific artist. Lets take Harry Styles for example. Hes one of the biggest names in music so youre probably thinking that when you click on the fans also like section on his profile itll just be loads of other big names that you already know. And to a certain extent that is true. You get the other 4 members of One Direction and loads of other big-name pop acts. But you also get Declan McKenna, who has around 8% of the amount of monthly listeners that Harry Styles does.

Do the same thing on Declan McKennas profile and youll find bands like Vistas who have 20% of Declan McKennas listeners. Then do the same again and youll find a band called High Tyde who have 8% of Vistas listeners. 4 clicks on Spotify and youve gone from a musician with 44m monthly views to a band with 52k monthly views. Pretty easy right?

Set A Budget Aside For Discoveries

Discover New Music

Can you set aside a budget per month for records that will pull you into new rabbit holes? If you have a determined amount to spend on experiments, youll definitely be more appealed to go beyond your front line of music choices.

We would advise starting with a relatively small budget to see if you like discovering new music this way. Your budget could go hand in hand with how many times you rinse and repeat.

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Moodify : Playlists Based On Songs And Musical Features

It’s easy for algorithms to create a randomized playlist based on an artist you like. Unlike most apps, Moodify wants to get specific and create a truly personalized playlist based on features you want in the songs, as well as tracks they’re similar to.

So here are the different adjustable musical features or parameters to get Moodify to create a playlist:

  • Acousticness
  • Instrumentalness
  • Tempo
  • Danceability
  • Energy
  • Mood

Apart from the parameters, you can nudge Moodify to look for songs that are similar to a few tracks you already like. Search for them in the provided box and choose from the Spotify results.

Once you click the Create Playlist button, the new playlist will appear in your Spotify app under the name “Discover Moodify.” If you like it, change the name to save it for the future, or create a copy. Before you use Moodify again, clear this playlist or the new songs will be added to it.

How To Find New Music With Spotify

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This wikiHow teaches you how to view and listen to newly released music on Spotify.

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Nts Radio Notable Features:

  • Tons of unique genres to choose from including cosmic disco, freak folk, and jazz fusion.
  • Music and hosts from across the globe in locations like Chicago, Paris, London, and Moscow.
  • A favorites section to save the songs and radio shows you enjoy.

With the different features for finding something new to listen to, NTS Radio is certainly a terrific option.

  • Availability: iPhone, iPad, and the web
  • Cost: Free

How To Find New Music According To Critics Spotify And Teenagers

HOW TO DISCOVER NEW MUSIC ON SPOTIFY (make the most out of spotify!)

The Internet has mutated the way we hear about new artists and songs. There are reviews, a plethora of apps, and algorithms upon algorithmsmeaning that discovering your favorite new bop is as overwhelming as ever. So we asked the people who know best about their strategies: people who write about music for a living, music execs, and of course, high schoolers.

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Spotify Sites To Discover New Music And Find Playlists You’ll Like

Spotify makes it easier to discover new tunes. Check out these cool apps to get new playlists or album recommendations.

Unlike other music streaming services, Spotify’s openness makes it easier to discover new tunes from apps, friends, and third parties. Here are six cool apps to get new playlists or album recommendations.

Now, Spotify already does a good job of uncovering new music you might like through its features like Discover Weekly, Daily Mix, and Radio Stations. But when you step out of the Spotify bubble, there are better ways to discover new music. That’s what this fresh list of Spotify related apps is for.

Stay Up To Date With The Latest Trends

Following whats new in the world can do you a great favor when you want to explore and discover new music sounds. Erfun Khoshdel is one of the voices of the new generation, and he is one of the many who bring joy and fun into current pop music.

You can just go on your internet browser and read the news about the latest trends in music, see whats new, whats popular, and whats good. Remember that some of the things may not be to your taste, but you will also find amazing beats that will make you want to get up and dance.

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Music Streaming Services: Spotify Specific Genre Playlists

Then youve also got playlists that are pre-made by Spotify and focus on a specific genre. I find that these playlists are ideal if youre just looking to learn about a certain genre. For example, Ive recently been enjoying the pre-made Bossa Nova playlist on Spotify. All I had to do to find it was a quick Spotify search for Bossa Nova. Whats so great about the pre-made genre playlists is 1. how theres a mix of big names in the genre and up-and-coming artists too and 2. how much they flow as playlists. You can shuffle one of their genre playlists without any fear that a completely random track will come on in the midst of your chilled vibe. If you want to discover some ready-made gems then head on over to my favourite Spotify playlists post for a few recommendations.

Music Discovery Apps Such As Soundhound Or Shazam

Teaser Music, Discover Songs, Find New Music

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, have you ever been out somewhere, heard a song in a restaurant or club, and say to yourself I wonder who sings this?. Well, you should most definitely be taking note of those songs. Ive discovered so much great music this way and its as simple as clicking a button. Think about it. If that song you hear can catch your attention in a crowded bar or eatery then its got to be pretty good. Luckily there are music discovery apps such as SoundHound or Shazam that allow you to whip out your phone, click a button and discover the song thats playing.

These music discovery apps work great and can typically find the song thats playing in a matter of seconds. Itll then pull up the song and/or artist information so you can refer to it later.

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