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How To Convert Apple Music To Mp3

How To Convert Spotify Music To Mp3 By Tunesbank Spotify Music Converter

How to Convert Apple Music to MP3 on Mac 2020

Step 1. Launch TunesBank Spotify Music ConverterDownload and Install TunesBank Spotify Music Converter. Then launch the software, and Spotify app will be launched automatically. If you get the latest Windows version of TunesBank Spotify Music Converter, no need to install Spotify client, it can load Spotify songs and playlists based on Spotify web player.

Step 2. Add Spotify Songs & Playlists to TunesBank

Find the music tracks or playlists you want to download on Spotify app or web player, and copy the URL. Then paste the music URL to the search bar of TunesBank, and click Add File.

Another easy way is to drag and drop the Spotify songs/playlist to TunesBank main screen.

Step 3. Select MP3 Format for Spotify Tracks

You can choose MP3 or other formats in the Convert all files to: option or Output Format: option.

Besides, you can also head to Menu bar and then choose the Preferences. Here you can reset the output path, output format, sample rate, bitrate for Spotify audio tracks as you like.

Step 4. Start Converting Spotify Songs to MP3

Simply press on Convert All button to begin to converting Spotify tracks and playlists to MP3 files.

Step 5. Get MP3 Music

After conversion, you can get the output MP3 files in Finished option.

Solution 1 Convert Unprotected Apple Music To Mp3 With Itunes

The first method only needs iTunes for conversion. Lets see how to use iTunes to convert unprotected Apple Music songs to MP3 format.

1. Open iTunes. Go to Edit > Preference on a Windows computer and iTunes > Preference on a Mac.

2. Select the General tab. Click the Import Settings… button.

3. From the popping up window, under the Import Using section, select the MP3 Encoder choice.

4. Find the songs that you want to convert to MP3 and highlight them.

5. Navigate to File > Convert > Create MP3 version. iTunes will create an MP3 version for these songs.

Apple Music Downloader & Drm Removal & Converter

To save songs downloaded on Apple Music playing offline forever in case you cancel the subscription someday, what you need is a professional Apple Music Converter, Apple Music DRM Removal.

UkeySoft Apple Music Converter and TunesBank Apple Music Converter, both can do what general music converter and iTunes cant do, Apple Music Converter helps you . Whats more, it can iTunes M4P songs and iTunes audiobooks to MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, AC3, AU and MKA. ID3 tags like song tile, album, artist, track number, genre, artwork, etc. will be kept after removing DRM and convert them to DRM-free audio format. You dont need to download songs to library, just add Apple Music songs to iTunes library, the Apple Music Converter can loads all added songs and playlist, then select the songs you want to download and convert them to MP3 or M4A files at up to 16X faster conversion speed.

Free download the Apple Music Converter, it is available for Windows and Mac, fully compatible with latest Windows 10, macOS Catalina, and it works well with the new Apple Music app and iTunes.

If you are a Mac user, you will prefer TunesBank Apple Music Converter. This is a professional Apple Music Converter that can be used to download and convert Apple Music into multiple formats, such as MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, AIFF, AU, AC3, etc. TunesBank for Mac version downloads Apple music files at 5X speed, which is faster than any Apple music converter on the market.

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Convert Music File Formats In Music On Mac

You can convert a song to a different file format . For example, you can save a copy of a compressed song file such as MP3 or AAC in an uncompressed song format .

When converting from a compressed to uncompressed file format , you shouldnt notice any reduction in sound quality. However, when converting between compressed formats , you might notice a reduction in the sound quality. For the best results, if you want your music encoded in a different file format, import the music again from the original source using the new encoding format.

Important: You can convert iTunes Store purchases only if theyre iTunes Plus songs.

  • on your Mac, choose Music > Preferences, then click Files.

  • In the Import Using pop-up menu, choose the format you want to convert songs to, then click OK to save the settings.

  • Select one or more songs in your library, then choose File > Convert > Create Version.

  • The song in its original format and the newly converted song appear in your library.

    Benefits To Convert Apple Music To Mp3

    How to convert Apple Music to MP3 on Windows?

    We all know that Apple Music streams are DRM-protected, which not allow Apple Music subscriber keep Apple Music tracks forever after canceling subscription, and we cant transfer the downloaded Apple Music to non-authorized devices such as MP3 player, iPod nano, iPod shuffle, iPod classic, Sony PS4/PS3/PSP, Chromecast audio, Xbox, unauthorized mobile phone, etc. However, after removing the DRM from Apple Music songs and convert to MP3 format, we can keep all downloaded Apple Music songs forever on iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, Android mobile phone or other devices. Why we need to convert Apple Music to MP3?

    You can learn more benefits after converting Apple Music songs to MP3:

    Offline enjoy Apple Music songs on all kinds of devices without any limitation Keep Apple Music songs playable after canceling subscription Play Apple Music on multiple devices at once without using a family plan Still playing Apple Music after 3-month free trial Offline Play Apple Music on Any Device via Chromecast Audio Transfer Apple Music and iTunes music & audiobooks to external hard drive or USB flash drive Convert Apple Music to MP3 for offline play on any Android devices and iOS devices, such as Samsung Galaxy S20/S11/S10/S9/S8/S7, HUAWEI Mate X/Mate 20/Mate 40/30/P20/P10, Sony, HTC, LG, Google Pixel, iPhone 12/11/XS/XR/X/8, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch, Zune, etc Make Apple Music as iPhone or Android phone ringtone Burn Apple Music to CD, etc.

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    The Best Apple Music Converter You Deserve To Own

    With iMusic, you can download and record Apple music to MP3. This Apple Music converter allows you to download music from more than 3000 music sites and record music from unlimited music sites and radio stations, say iTunes Radio.

    To download music, you only need to copy and paste the URL to the download box, then click Download. The software will get the music with its identification automatically for you. For reording music, it will filter the ads and identify the music by itself, offering you complete songs.

    After downloading and recording music, you can use iMusic to transfer music to iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android phones & tablets for sharing or enjoyment without any data erasing issues.

    Besides, this Apple Music converter can also help backup, rebuild or repair iTunes Library even on a Windows PC computer.

    How To Convert Apple Music To Mp3 Via Itunes Or Music

    All your songs purchased from Apple Music or iTunes, youre able to use convert them to another format on your computer using iTunes or Music. However, those older purchased songs are encoded in a Protected AAC format that prevents them from being converted. Thus, you need to remove DRM from iTunes first, then you can convert them to another format.

    You can convert the format of your purchased Apple Music songs that are in your music library, in a folder, or on a disk. Then follow the steps in section 1 to convert Apple Music M4P to MP3 if youre using iTunes. Or to convert Apple Music files to MP3 with the Apple Music app, follow the steps in section 2.

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    Key Features Of Tunelf Audio Converter

    • Remove built-in DRM protection from Audible, Apple Music, and iTunes
    • Convert Apple Music, iTunes audios, and Audible books to MP3 and more
    • Cut large Audible or iTunes audiobooks into small segments by chapters
    • Keep audios with ID3 tags and lossless audio quality at 30× faster speed

    There are two versions of Tunelf Audio Converter available, and you can download them according to your operating system. If you are a Windows user, you could install the Windows version on your computer if not, just choose the Mac version. Then you can follow the below steps to download and convert Apple Music playlist to MP3.

    Step 1 Select your Apple Music files

    Firstly, fire up Tunelf Audio Converter on your computer and then click the Load iTunes Library button at the top of the interface. Then you can browse your songs from Apple Music and add them you wish to convert to Tunelf interface. Or, you can directly add Apple Music files from the local folder to Tunelf interface.

    Step 2 Customize your output settings

    Next, click the Format panel. In this option, you can set the output audio format and adjust the bit rate, sample rate, code, and channel according to your personal demands. You could select MP3 format from among several audio formats as the output audio format and then click the OK button to close the window.

    Step 3 Convert Apple Music playlist to MP3

    How To Convert Songs To Mp3 With Apple Music App On Mac

    How to Convert Apple Music to MP3

    This method is only available when you upgrade your Mac computer to macOS Catalina 10.15. In the latest version, Apple divides iTunes into 3 parts, namely Apple Music, Podcast and Apple TV. The new Apple Music app allows you to convert songs to other audio formats. Now let’s start to expand the step-by-step method of converting Apple Music songs to MP3 format in macOS Catalina.

    Step 1. Launch the new Apple Music app on macOS Catalina.

    Step 2. Select Music> Preferences and then select “Files“.

    Step 3. Click on Import Settings.

    Step 4. Select the output format you want. You can choose MP3 as output encoding format.

    Step 5. Click OK and now you can start to import and convert songs to MP3 with Apple Music app.

    Step 6. Hold down the Option key and choose File> Convert> Convert to on your keyboard.

    Step 7. Select the folder or disk that contains songs that you want to import and convert.

    Cons of converting songs to MP3 with Apple Music App:

    1. When you convert a song to MP3 compression format, some data may be lost.2. The sound quality may not be as good as the original uncompressed format.3. It does not support converting DRM-protected Apple Music songs.

    If you want to get rid of the DRM restriction of Apple Music and convert Apple Music to MP3 format, please get the following Apple Music to MP3 Converter, you will quickly get DRM-free Apple Music. It makes it easy for you to enjoy Apple Music on MP3 players or you can keep Apple Music songs forever.

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    Tutorial: How To Rip Apple Music As Mp3 Format

    Step 1.Run the Screen Recorder software

    After installing the Screen Recorder application, open and set up it.

    If you want to record Apple Music songs from system sound, please click the Audio Recorder button to enter the audio recording function.

    Step 2.Turn on System Sound and Turn off Microphone Option

    Just turn on System Sound option. As you plan to record songs, stereo mix needs to be turned off. This recorder can also capture the screen when music is playing. You can easily get the detailed information of this song, such as its creation time, artists, and genre.

    Step 3.Choose MP3 as Output Format

    When shifting to your audio recorder, you can click the Settings to set your record file formats and output folder, it can help you rip Apple Music to most popular DRM free format, like MP3, WMA, M4A and ACC.

    Note: Before you record music, you can choose output audio format, MP3, AAC, M4A or WMA by clicking the Settings button.

    Step 4.Start to Record the Selected Apple Music Songs by Click REC

    Go to the iTunes and select the Apple Music song you want. Before playing the songs, click the REC button in the application. Then click to play your selected music and start your music recording.

    Step 5.Listen to your Recorded Song and Save it

    Once the recording is done, you can listen to your recorded Apple Music song first and save it to your local files.

    Downoad the Screen Recorder and try to record your Apple Music tracks as MP3 easily.

    Convert Songs With The Apple Music On Mac

    STEP 1. Adjust Import Settings.

    Open the Apple Music app. Select Music> Preferences from the menu bar. And then, click the Files tab and click Import Settings.

    STEP 2. Change encoding settings.

    Click the menu next to Import Using, and choose MP3 Encoder and select an output quality from the setting drop-down menu. Donât forget to click OK to confirm.

    STEP 3. Convert songs to MP3 with Apple Music App.

    Select songs in your library that you want to convert. On your keyboard, hold down the Option key, and choose File> Convert> Convert to . And then the converted songs will appear in your library next to the original song files.

    Tip: To convert songs from a folder or on a disk, just select the folder or disk after you select File > Convert > Convert to .

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    Solution 4 Download Apple Music To Mp3 With Tuneskit Audio Capture

    To stream Apple Music MP3, the music recording software is also a great choice. For instance, TunesKit Audio Capture, with which you can record the Apple Music tracks and save the files in MP3 format with high quality. Unlike the traditional audio recorder, this apple music converter for Windows and Mac is more intelligent as it’s able to record multiple tracks simultaneously. It can also keep and fix the ID tags while recording Apple Music to MP3.

    You can follow this tutorial: How to Record Apple Music to MP3 for more details.

    Dmca Complaint To Google

    Ondesoft Apple Music Converter for Mac
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    Kind of Work:UnspecifiedDescriptionFilms and series about streaming services, Musical compositions and audio works. In our opinion, these links distribute apps to bypass encryption of video streaming services like Netflix, Disney +, HBO, Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube, Dailymotion, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc., resulting in ripping and the duplication of unlicensed copies. films and TV shows.circumvention content:These links provides the circumventive measures to download the copyrighted video or audio content by bypassing the copyright protection of streaming services including Netflix, Disney+, HBO, Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube, Dailymotion, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music etc. Thus hereby we strongly protest on behalf of Video Industry Association of America to take down these content.circumvention mechanism:circumvention softwareOriginal URLs: No copyrighted URLs were submitted. Allegedly Infringing URLs:

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    Why Choose Tunecable Imusic Converter

    TuneCable Apple Music Converter performs audio-format conversion feature with MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, M4A & AIFF , making Apple Music possible to be compatible with various portable players. Sounds after conversion to MP3 are as good as the original AAC encoded files. You can just convert the Apple Music to what device really requires. Plus, the converted songs will save in your computer local storage. You can directly transfer them to any players you want. This is going to literally play your Apple Music free of iTunes player.

    Windown and Mac version of TuneCable iMusic Converter are available, get the one you need: Windows Version / Mac Version

    Tutorial: Convert Apple Music To Mp3 In 5 Steps

    Step 1. Add Apple Music Songs to Your LibraryIf you are using a Windows computer, you need to launch iTunes, go to For You section or Browse section, browse any playlist or albums you want to convert to MP3 then add them to iTunes library.

    If you are using MacOS 10.14 or lower, the steps are the same as the Windows version, but the latest macOS Catalina 10.15 starts to get different. For macOS Catalina 10.15 or higher, launch the Apple Music app and go to For You section or Browse section, browse any playlist or albums you like and add them to Apple Music library.

    Apple Music tracks or playlist added to the library.

    When you’re done, quit the iTunes application or the Apple Music app, then launch the UkeySoft Apple Music Converter program to get started.

    Step 2. Launch UkeySoft Apple Music ConverterLaunch UkeySoft Apple Music Converter and iTunes or Apple Music app will be opened automatically depending on your computer version. Apple Music tracks, playlists, audiobooks and other media files in the iTunes library will be in the left panel.

    Step 3. Select Apple Music tracksIf you added Apple Music songs/albums to Library, click Music/Playlist on the left side and find your songs. Click the top checkbox if you want to select all songs in the playlist. Alternatively, you can select multiple Apple Music tracks by checking the checkbox in front of the song.

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    How To Convert Apple Music To Mp3 Via Itunes

    Step 1. Open iTunes Preference.Windows: Choose Edit > PreferenceMac: Choose iTunes > Preference

    Step 2. Click the General button, then click the Importing Settings button in the lower section of the window.

    Step 3. From the Import Using pop-up menu, choose the encoding format that you want to convert the song to, then click OK to save the settings. MP3/AAC/AIFF/WAV Encoder is available to choose.

    Step 4. Select one or more songs in your library, then from the File > Create New Version menu, choose one of the following :

    -Create MP3 Version

    Shortcomings of this method:1. The convert iTunes music will not keep its original quality.2. It not allow convert older purchased songs, as they are protected by AAC format that prevents them from being converted. If you need to convert these songs to another audio format, please refer to solutions two.

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