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How To Check If Music Is Copyrighted

Purchase Royalty Free Music

How to Check if Music is Copyrighted (EASIEST WAY) Copyright Free Tutorial 2016

While spending money on licensing isn’t always the ideal choice for YouTubers, filmmakers, podcasters, or other creators, it isn’t as scary as it sounds. Purchasing a proper license for royalty free music is quick, easy, and surprisingly cheap.

Royalty free music refers to a type of licensed music that doesn’t require the buyer to negotiate or pay any royalties for use outside of the original purchase. These tracks are typically recorded collaboratively with several different musicians and then sampled into the track as a unique sound meant for distribution in creative works licensed through a royalty free distribution website.

The top recommendation from our guide on the best royalty-free music sites is Soundstripe. We love Soundstripe for its high-quality music library, affordable yearly pricing, and straight-forward licensing, which covers both personal and commercial use. Read our full Soundstripe review.

How To Register A Copyright For Your Songs

If you want to legally register a copyright for your music in the USA, youll need to do that directly with the Copyright Office, or you can use Cosynd, a service that handles all the heavy lifting for you.

The advantage of using Cosynd is its much more user-friendly than the numerous steps involved when you register directly with the Copyright Office. CD Baby partnered with Cosynd over other companies who offer similar services because their interface is easy to navigate, their process is quick, and theyre efficient and professional every step of the way.

Compared to other services, Cosynd lets you register multiple songs on one application some services only let you register one at a time. Most important of all, Cosynd is 80% less expensive compared to similar services.

What Might Happen If You Dont Get Permission

Best case scenario, if you dont get copyright permission to use a piece of music in your video, you might be asked to take it down. But you might also face more severe consequences. For example, if you post your video on YouTube, you could get a copyright strike against your account or have the audio on your video muted Any ad money might be given to the copyright holder, or in a worst case scenario, you could get sued.

To avoid the legal headaches youll need to make sure you have explicit permission from the copyright holder to use any music.

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How Do You Know If A Video Is Copyrighted

Before discussing any specifics, it’s important to know when copyright begins.

When anyone creates original video, copyright protection covers it. It doesn’t matter who uploads the video first as it belongs to the creator.

However, cases still exist where you need to check the video for copyright. For instance, if you paid for a video, you should doublecheck. You might also include footage thinking it falls under fair use. But this could be a gray area that should be scrutinized further and avoid misinformation.

To combat this, YouTube continues to educate and help protect copyright holders. Otherwise, it’s hard to stay informed on these creator issues like whether .

Beware Of Copyright Strikes: Potential Youtube Account Deletion

How to know if a song is copyrighted or not

One of the common situations that newer content creators run into is facing a copyright strike on their social media channel. A copyright strike in YouTube’s case is a written declaration by a copyright owner stating that you have used their copyrighted material without permission. When they receive this type of official copyright claim, they will remove your video to adhere to copyright law.

A video can only be subject to one copyright infringement charge at a time. Note that YouTube videos may be deleted from the site for various reasons beyond simply copyright infringement. However, Content ID claims do not lead to a formal copyright strike. It’s worth noting that removing a video with a strike doesn’t automatically expunge the account penalty.

The first copyright strike will come as an email and should act as a warning of which YouTube will require you to go through their Copyright School. This is a program designed for educating an offending creator as to how copyright law works and how it is enforced by YouTube.

Obtaining copyright strikes over time can resort to many severe issues with your YouTube creator account. For example, monetization and the potential for generating ad revenue may be affected temporarily or permanently. If an active live stream was removed for violating copyright, your live streaming privileges will be restricted for at least a week.

For repeat offenders or those who obtain 3 copyright strikes, you’ll face some harsh punishments from YouTube:

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Check Out Youtube’s Free Music Library

Since YouTube has experienced so many creators having trouble finding good copyright-free music for their uploaded videos, the tech giant has released a small audio library of free songs and sound effects that can be used within your videos. It isn’t the largest or highest-quality music, but it helps if you are on a little to no budget.

You can find the YouTube audio library within your creator studio. There is no official license that needs to be purchased, keep in mind that some included songs or sound effects still require you to attribute the original creator in your YouTube video description, or you’ll still be subject to punishment on the service and potential legal issues.

Music Copyright : How To Copyright Your Music And Compositions As An Artist Songwriter Or Producer

As an independent musician, you own your songs and recordings. Its YOUR intellectual property.

That might seem obvious, but its worth repeating: YOU control the copyright to the songs you write and the recordings you create. Ownership of your music copyright gives you leverage, protection, and power when it comes to making money from your music catalog.

In this article well provide an overview of what music copyright is, how to copyright your music, and how you can use your copyright as a songwriter or artist to earn money.

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Songs Under Creative Commons Licenses

Songs that fall under creative commons are technically still copyrighted, theyve just been assigned a special license. This license means you can use them under certain conditions. You have to meet these terms when using the song, and this could be as simple as providing credit in the video description. Each song may have different requirements, so always double-check and dont assume its a one size fits all.

Creative commons offers 6 different licenses at different levels of requirement. Some of the stricter ones wont allow you to make edits or use a song for commercial purposes.

Copyright Alerts Across Youtube Studio

How to see if a song is copyrighted on YouTube – Post removal of the content I.D system

Once you’ve logged into YouTube Studio, there are three main avenues to access any known copyright issues:

  • View the Dashboard’s Copyright Strikes Card
  • By filtering your video library for Copyright claims
  • Look at the Restrictions column

The first thing you’ll notice is these methods aren’t active screeners. Instead, they just take you to identified copyright issues to explain and start you towards a resolution.

For someone with no issues, you can hover the Restrictions column. From here, you’ll be click Learn More and get access to more copyright information.

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How To Tell If A Song Is Copyrighted On Youtube

The short answer is this: that song is copyrighted. If you jump on YouTube or Spotify, search for the music track and find it on there, itll be copyrighted in some manner. This means youll need to acquire the rights to use it.

YouTube recommends that you upload a video and set it to private or hidden before you publish it. This way YouTube can run its automated checks to spot for any copyright infringement.

Copyright simply means that only the Creator of a work has the right to make copies, unless that Creator extends permission. So every song is automatically copyrighted the moment its created. In todays digital world, making copies means anything from dubbing a cassette tape to using a song on a YouTube video. So if youre wondering how to know if a song is copyrighted, the simplest thing to do is to just assume it is.

How Do I Copyright A Song

Although the Berne Convention, which the United States is a signatory to, creates a universal copyright or copyright upon creation and publication of a work, the work is not registered until it has, in fact, been registered with the U.S. Copyright Office. This means that all of the benefits of copyright ownership are not available in America until the Copyright has been registered.

Registering a copyright is as easy as preparing and submitting an application to the United States Copyright Office with the appropriate filing fee and copies of the copyrighted material. Once the work is registered and the certification is issued, the benefits of the registration begin immediately and are retroactive to the initial filing date.

A formal registration of the creative materials with the U.S. Copyright Office within three months of public release provides additional, valuable benefits to the owner of the work. Some of these benefits include that the work now becomes a matter of public record and is available for search within the U.S. Copyright Office and the Library of Congress. A work must also be registered in order to bring a copyright infringement lawsuit ).

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Try Youtube Audio Library

With YouTube witnessing so many copyright claims and creator finding it difficult to find copyright free music, it has YouTube Audio Library. It is a small music library with different free songs and sound effects. You can search according to the genre, track title, duration, and artist name. Similarly, there are other two categories named attribution required and attribution not required. In music that has attribution required icon with cc, then you should give credit to the artist in your video description.

However, the YouTube library is not the best option if you are looking for the finest music to fit your audio-visual project. The choices are limited and your video will have the common sound as it would have already been used by other creators. But if you are willing to use the music outside of YouTube, you will need other alternatives.

Check A Video Description On Youtube Itself


There are two ways for you to check this. First of all, if you know the track you want to use, you can simply search for the title and artist on YouTube then, in the video description section, itll state who owns the license. All this information will be found in the section Music in this video.The same goes for when you hear a track in another video and want to check if its copyrighted. Youll just need to scroll down to the description and check to see what the songs information is.

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Beyond Checking Video Copyright

Learning copyright keeps your intellectual property protected. It requires more upfront effort, but it’s increasingly important to be vigilant in the digital age. Otherwise, you may never know who is using your content.

However, copyright terminology isn’t all content creators should know. With the evolution of content distribution, you should also know key concepts like copyleft vs. copyright.

Songs Under Public Domain

Older songs can enter whats known as the public domain. This means that sometimes when theyre old enough, they can be considered free from copyright. But how old do they really have to be?

  • Copyright of the song in relation to the publishing rights expires 70 years after the death of the songwriter
  • Copyright of the sound recording in relation to the mastering rightsexpires 70 years after the recording was released

This makes the pool of available tracks quite limited, but you can find some real gems available in the public domain. Dont just assume that a song is in the public domain simply because its old though, some copyright owners still renew licenses for older tracks, and in some instances, where a song has been re-recorded you wont be able to use that recording. Not sure what we mean? Heres an example:

  • Mozart writes the iconic Eine kleine Nachtmusik in 1787
  • Mozart passed away in December of 1791, a little more than 70 years ago
  • The publishing right for that song is now in the public domain
  • An orchestra records a version of that son in 2010

You guessed it, you cant use that particular recording of that score from 2010 as that will have its own recording rights.

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Royalty Free Vs Copyright Free

Contrary to the popular belief, royalty free and copyright free are not the same!

Copyright free music does not require payment: You can use copyright free music without paying for it or making attributions. Unfortunately, completely copyright free music is very, very rare.

Royalty free, on the other hand, means that you dont have to pay for royalties. You purchase royalty free songs just once, you dont have to pay for each use.

What To Do About Copyright Permissions


As you may have figured by now, a large portion of copyright checking rests on you. While there are resources online discussing the basics, exceptions exist and copyright law can change between different countries as well. So whenever working with video, you can’t beat using your own content.

If you choose to go ahead and ask for permission, it’s important that you understand the legal needs and consequences. Depending on your video’s purpose, you can try alternative routes. You can explore what is creative commons and non-commercial use, for instance.

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What Is Copyrighted Music

Music copyright is a right to copy where owners have major 5 exclusive rights. They arecopying, adaptation, distribution, performing public works, and displaying it in public. Each music has copyrights, owned by its composers and authors. On the other hand, copyright-free music is a music type that no one can claim performing rights than the initial license fee. It is due to the publisher or music production company who has granted the license. If you are a beginner podcast maker, our how to use a copyright free music article might interest you.

Any Quick Way To Know If My Tune Is Already Used

When I come up with a lick/melody, there always lingers that question of “Has this melody already been used?” Should I worry about it or is there a way to find out without too much hassle?

  • 3There’s no way to find out for sure that your melody has never been used before because there are many songs that have never been published, recorded or publicly performed. But those that have been recorded number in the millions, so there isn’t really a practical way to compare each one. You could play the melody for several music-loving friends, and see if any of them find it familiar.Jan 3 ’15 at 3:19
  • 2I think about this a lot. As an amateur songwriter, I can’t count the number of times I’ve come up with a great original melody only to discover later it is not original at all. I then either discard the song, or acknowledge the theft somehow in the song itself, as homage. As a hobbyist, I don’t need to worry about plagiarism, but I still don’t want to be, as Will Hunting would say, unoriginal. I don’t have an answer to your question, but I can pass along the sentiment of T S Eliot: “Bad poets borrow…good poets steal.”

Non-expert opinion:

Are you widely distributing it? Is it possibly from a piece of music that still may be under copyright ?You could pay for a search or the advice of an entertainment attorney.

Just an idea, I haven’t tried this, but SoundHound1) supposedly recognizes tunes from singing the melody.

You can do that only for recordings, not tunes.

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How To Know If A Song Is Copyrighted

One of the biggest challenges faced by content creators is finding the right music for their videos. Due to strict rules and regulations of the major video sharing platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch and Instagram, using a copyrighted song in a video results gravely: Your video can be taken down, you might lose your monetization privileges or even your entire channel. That is why you must pay great attention to the music you use in your videos.

  • How to Know If a Song is Copyrighted?

    Can You Use A Cover Of A Popular Song On Youtube

    How to know Instantly if a song is Copyrighted in 2020?

    A long-standing myth is that you can simply cover a song and youre good to go, waltzing off into the sunset without having to worry about copyright infringement. Unfortunately, thats just not the case. This cover will just fall under a different type of copyright license. You can record and distribute a cover, sure, but youll need to be granted whats known as a mechanical license.

    For YouTube it can get even more complicated. If youre adding a visual element, i.e. your video, you may need a synchronization license too. This is all particularly important if youre aiming to monetize your video. If youre just covering a song for personal use, youre good to go, but adding one to your YouTube video without a license? You could find yourself in hot water very quickly.

    Wed recommend steering clear of covers. Theyre a minefield you dont want to try and traverse. Youre much better off using the real deal and licensing popular music through Lickd.

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