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How To Cancel Prime Music

How To Cancel Your Amazon Prime Membership

How to Cancel Amazon Music Prime Subscription?

First of all, it is important to remember that Amazon Prime has a free trial that lasts 30 days. When the free trial expires, you are charged for a full, upcoming month. If you do not want to use the perks of a Prime membership, you can always . Heres how its done:

  • Log in to your account
  • Select Your Prime Membership from the Account & Lists drop-down menu
  • Select End Membership and Benefits
  • Confirm the cancelation
  • You can only get a refund within three days of signing up or converting from a free trial to a paid membership. Remember that you will be charged for the value of Prime benefits you used during those three days.

    If you signed up for Amazon Prime through a third party, you will have to contact the third party to cancel your membership.

    How To Cancel An Amazon Prime Free Trial

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    You signed up for a free trial of Amazon Prime, but sadly that 30-day window is coming to a close. As long as you cancel your membership before those 30 days are over, youre in the clear and wont get billed. Even after you cancel, you actually have until the end of the 30-day trial to continue using your Prime membership . Luckily, cancelling an Amazon Prime free trial is really easy, and you can do it on your phone or a computer.

    How To Keep Your Amazon Music Playable After Unsubscription

    After the cancellation of Amazon Music subscription, you will lose the right to access to any offline content you downloaded when you had subscribed to Amazon Music Unlimited or Prime Music. If you want to keep the Amazon Music playable forever on your devices or continue playing the downloaded music for offline listening, the best tool that can help you is Sidify Amazon Music Converter.

    is an excellent third party software tool that can help you download any music from Amazon Music Unlimited and Prime Music. It is also the fastest program to convert Amazon Music to unprotected MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC or AIFF format at 10 times faster speed. During the conversion process, there wouldnt be any quality loss and thus you could get a high-quality output to stream your favorite Amazon Music on any device. This tool is available for both Mac & Windows with user guide and tremendous online support.

    In this following, we’ll take the Windows version of the program as an example to show you the steps of downloading Amazon Music from Amazon Music to plain MP3 format with Sidify Amazon Music Converter.

    Step 1Download and install Sidify Amazon Music Converter.

    Step 2 Open Sidify Amazon Music Converter, and you’ll see the simple and concise interface as below:

    Step 3Click the Add button, drag and drop a song or a playlist from the Amazon Music app to Sidify, and check the songs that you’d like to download.

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    How To Cancel Amazon Music From Your Phone Pc Or Itunes

    Lee StantonRead more December 13, 2020

    With so many streaming options available, such as Spotify and Apple Music, you might be inclined to cut your monthly music streaming budget by canceling your Amazon Music subscription.

    Signing up for this service is straightforward, quick, and simple. Opting out, however, might take a little more effort. Worry not, though in this article, youll learn how to cancel your Amazon Music subscription from various devices.

    How To Cancel Amazon Music On Ios

    How to Cancel Amazon Music Unlimited Subscription Easily ...

    Whether youre an iPhone or an iPad user, youll be able to find the Amazon Music app in the App Store. The app works on pretty much the same principle as the Android one. However, you wont be able to cancel your subscription using the Amazon Music iOS app. Youre going to have to use the web browser for subscription cancelation.

  • Open your preferred web browser.
  • Go to
  • Sign in to your account via the hamburger menu in the top-left corner of the screen.
  • In the Account menu, navigate to the Account settings section.
  • Go to Your Memberships & Subscriptions.
  • Find the Amazon Music Unlimited entry and tap it.
  • Find and select Amazon Music Unlimited Settings.
  • Select Cancel subscription.
  • Select a reason for the cancelation. Tap Confirm cancelation to confirm.
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    How To Cancel Amazon Music On Itunes

    You can subscribe to various services using Apples iTunes. The payments are processed through your Apple account, which many Apple users find preferable to a direct Amazon Music subscription. To cancel an iTunes-based Amazon Music subscription, youre going to be using your browser or your phones/tablets settings.

    Cancel Amazon Music On Android

    You can cancel your Amazon Music subscription on your Android phone or tablet in a few quick steps.

  • Launch the Amazon Music app and tap the Settings icon.
  • Tap Amazon Music.
  • Next, select Cancel Subscription, give a reason why you want to cancel your subscription, and tap Submit andConfirm Cancelation.
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    How To Cancel Amazon Music Unlimited Subscription

    To cancel your Amazon Music Unlimited subscription, you’re going to need to head to Amazon on the web.

  • Open Safari or the web browser of your choice from your dock or Applications folder.
  • Head to

  • Hover your cursor over Account & Lists.

  • Click Your Music Subscriptions.

  • Click Cancel subscription.

  • Click Confirm cancellation.

  • Unfortunately, this is the only way to cancel an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription. While you can cancel your subscription in the mobile app on an Android device, currently, you cannot do so on your iPhone.

    How To Cancel Your Amazon Music Subscription On Your Iphone

    How To Cancel or End Your Amazon Music Unlimited membership so you wont be charged? (2021)

    1. Open the web browser of your choice on your iPhone.

    2. Go to .

    3. If you aren’t signed in, tap the three stacked lines in the top-left corner.

    4. In the menu that opens, tap “Sign In.”

    5. Log in with your Amazon account information.

    6. Once signed in, tap the three stacked lines again and select “Account” in the menu.

    7. Under “Account settings” tap “Your Memberships & Subscriptions.”

    8. Your memberships past and present will be listed. Scroll to “Amazon Music Unlimited” and tap it.

    9. On this page, beneath “Advanced controls,” tap the “Amazon Music Unlimited Settings” button.

    10. Tap “Cancel subscription.”

    11. Pick a reason for why you’re canceling your subscription on the next screen, and then finally confirm on the next page by clicking “Confirm cancellation.”

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    How To Cancel Amazon Music From Itunes

    Do you own an Apple iTunes ID? Have you linked your Amazon Music account with your iTunes? If you have done that, these simple methods teach you how to unsubscribe your Amazon Music by using your iTunes ID. Lets see.

    Step 1: At first, open iTunes from your Mac or Windows computer

    Note: If you are using a Mac PC, click on the multicoloured music icon, or if you are using a Windows system the same multicoloured music note icon will available on your start menu, simply click on that

    Step 2: Next, enter your Apple login credentials to Sign in to your iTunes

    Step 3: Then, At the top right corner Account menu will be available, click on that

    Step 4: Now, a list will be opened on your computer screen, tap on the View My Account from the list

    Note: Sometimes, Apple may not recognize the user and may prompt to verify your password.

    Step 5: After that, your Apple ID information will appear on your screen and click on the Settings option that is available on the bottom of the page

    Step 6: Now, you will be able to see all your subscribed services, under the subscription tab Manage button will be available, tap on that

    Step 7: Then, click on the Edit button that you can find next to your Amazon Music subscriptions

    Step 8: Below, your Amazon Music Subscription details along with the Cancel Subscription option will show up, click on that

    Step 9: Finally, a pop-up window will appear on your screen, simply click on the Confirm button

    Top 4 Methods To Cancel Amazon Music

    You might think that Amazon would make it difficult to cancel Amazon Music, but it is quite easy actually. It is even easier when you do it from your PC. So follow these steps below to send your Amazon Music subscription. Make sure you perform each step exactly as its mentioned here else you may find it difficult to reach the optimum solution of your query- how to cancel Amazon Music subscription. Have a look now.

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    What Else Can Donotpay Help You With

    DoNotPay can make your life easier by providing you with services that will help you save money, cancel unwanted subscriptions, and even sue big corporations in small claims court.DoNotPay uses advanced artificial intelligence that assists you in filing your case against any corporation you have a grievance with. You will be able to focus on your claim, while DoNotPay deals with filing your court forms. All you have to do is let the app know who youre filing a suit against, what type of claim you are filing, and what your personal information is. The worlds first robot lawyer will take care of the rest. We can even help you with your unpaid bills.

    One of our most popular products is the Virtual Credit Card. You can use the card to get free online trials without being charged for the next month. The card has a unique credit card number, which is randomly generated. When used for a transaction, it does not reveal your personal information, your real credit card number, expiration date, and name are safe from fraudulent activities. All you have to do is go to your web browserand log in. Heres what DoNotPay has to offer:

    How To Cancel Amazon Music From The Amazon Music App

    How to Cancel Amazon Music Unlimited Subscription Easily ...

    You might know, Amazon provides a free trial period before charging you. Many users cancel the subscription package just not to get charged once the free trial ends. No matter whether you are one of those users or just fed up with the application, these steps for cancelling the Amazon Music subscription from the app itself will help you a lot. Take a look now.

    Step 1: Firstly, locate your Amazon Music app on your mobile phone

    Step 2:Then, you have to put your amazon login credentials correctly to enter your account

    Step 3: Next, click on the settings icon, that is exactly available on your top left corner

    Step 4: Now, click on the Music Settings button

    Step 5: When the music settings option opens on your phone screen, in the Subscription renewal section Cancel Subscription button will be available, simply click on that

    Step 6: Now, select an appropriate reason for not continuing the Amazon music

    Step 7: After that, click on the Submit and continue to cancel button

    Step 8: In this step, Amazon can offer some attractive deals for not cancelling the amazon music, you just need to ignore those and continue with the cancellation process by clicking on the Cancel my subscription option

    Step 9: In the end, simply tap on the Confirm cancellation and your amazon music subscription will be cancelled

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    Cancel My Prime Video Subscription

    Cancel your subscription online.

    If your subscription was created through a third-party, such as a mobile service provider, contact them for further assistance.

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    Cancel Through Amazon Music Setting Page

    In general, you need to navigate to the “” page to cancel the subscription. Below are the detailed steps:

    Step 1 Go to page.

    Step 2When the login screen pops up, please enter the “email or mobile phone number account number” and “password”, and click “Login”.

    This will bring up the Amazon Music Unlimited settings screen. Your current registered plans and their prices are displayed there.

    Step 3 On the screen, select the Cancel subscription option in your Subscription Renewal details.

    Step 4 Select the reason for canceling and then confirm the cancellation.

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    What You Pay Extra For

    • Prime Video Channels lets you add channels, showing sport, TV drama and movies, to your package for what Amazon call a low monthly subscription fee.
    • is an on-demand music streaming service giving members access to over 40 million songs, for an additional £7.99 a month. Family plans are available for up to six people at £14.99.
    • is where Prime members can buy groceries and other household goods. The first box in a delivery costs £2.99 with additional boxes 99p each.

    Can I Use Amazon Prime Free Trial And Then Cancel

    How To Cancel Amazon Music Subscription iPhone or Tablet

    During your trial period, you can take advantage of all Prime member perks offered by Amazon. However, after your free trial is up, Amazon will automatically charge your credit card for the full cost of membership, which is $119/year. To prevent any unwanted charges, heres how you can cancel your membership.

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    Can I Download Amazon Music To An Sd Card

    Amazons Prime Music stores tracks on an SD card. To help you conserve that limited storage space on your Android device, Amazon is letting you download Prime Music tracks to an SD card. If your go-to device has a slot for extra memory, youll be able to store music from Amazons streaming library for offline listening

    Second Step To Follow

    In this step, you need to focus on what you are giving up, because you will not only be giving up Amazon Prime Music . This cancellation implies the abandonment of the entire Amazon Prime account and the benefits it brings to you, such as the following:

    • Prime Music.
    • Top notch delivery.
    • Prime Video .

    Therefore, we recommend that you think about it and read all the benefits of being an Amazon Prime customer, before terminating your account. If you are still determined to cancel your Prime account , follow the steps below:

  • Scroll left to view your Prime account information.
  • There you have to select the option “Terminate Membership and Benefits ».
  • Then you will get a page to start the cancellation process.
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    How To Get A Refund From Amazon Music Unlimited Services

    Whenever some thing is offered for the very first time, human beings crave to experience it, at the earliest.

    Be it the just launched theme park ride, a movie premiere, the newly opened diner, a music video, a smart phone, a brand new automobile, a tech gadget or an app its human nature.

    While some are content with what they purchased, a select few regret their decision, reminding themselves not to make such mistakes in future.

    With more than 60 million songs, is one such service that has satisfied the majority of its customers but like every other app, there are a few disgruntled subscribers.

    If you are one those rare listeners not impressed with Music Unlimiteds premium features, you can always cancel your subscription before the 30 day free trial ends and switch back to the basic version.

    The entire process is automated and you wont be charged a penny.

    But what if you forgot to cancel your subscription and got billed on the 31st day, will you get a refund then?

    You may or may not get a refund, it all depends on your ability to express your predicament to Amazons customer support representative through a call back or a web chat.

    Then comes the accidental purchases, common among the smart phone users, but a routine for parents with kids.

    Accidental purchases can happen for a variety of reasons, curious kids meddling with your phone, a careless partner and unintentional taps.

    Open your account and feed in your Login details.

    Once you submit, wait for approval.

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    utube prime : How To Delete Trim Video for Youtube ...

    As you know, after cancelling the subscription you wont be able to listen to your favourite playlist again. But there is always a way out!

    Once you cancel your Amazon Music Subscription, you will lose all the access to your offline content which you might have added to My Music. Your complete playlist will be greyed out, and the playback option will be removed. But nothing to be disappointed as we have mentioned top three software here which will help you to keep your list of music playable even after the cancellation. Take a glance!

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    How Can I Listen To Amazon Music Songs Even After Canceling The Subscription

    You are not able to enjoy your downloads from Amazon Music Unlimited once your free trial is over, unless you prior to the end date of your subscription. Here, we recommend you to use a professional Amazon Music Converter — to download Amazon music in MP3 format. With its help, you can easily download any songs from Amazon Music Unlimited, even from Prime Music, to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, or AIFF format, and enjoy them anywhere anytime.

    Key Features of TunePat Amazon Music Converter

    TunePat Amazon Music Converter

    • Convert songs, albums, playlists, podcasts from Amazon
    • Convert music to MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC/AIFF
    • Keep ID3 tags after conversion
    • No need to install the Amazon Music app

    TunePat Amazon Music Converter supports to keep ID3 tags and excellent audio quality in the output files. After fast conversion, all your songs, no matter from Amazon Music Unlimited or Prime Music, will be stored locally. Lets check out the video below to get how exactly you can do it.

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