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How To Be Your Own Music Distributor

Can I Become My Own Music Distributor And Label And Be Able To Upload To Spodify

The ULTIMATE GUIDE To Music Distributors In 2021: Get Your Music On All Platforms
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My Question or Issue

Can i become my own music distributor and label, and be able to upload to Spodify? Is there some sort of FAQ I can look at?

Hey , thanks for reaching out to the Community!It’s great to hear you’re interested in uploading your music to Spotify. There is a home page for Spotify for Artists here, where you can watch videos and get familiar.

There is also an FAQ page here, where you can find answers to frequently asked questions , and you can understand how to get started with Spotify for Artists. When you get on that page, there are multiple topics to choose from in case you’re looking for answers on a particular topic:

If you have questions that weren’t mentioned in the FAQ, you can reach out to the Spotify for Artists team here. They can take a look and do their best to help. Keep in mind because of the current coronavirus pandemic, response times may be slightly longer.

Hey , thanks for reaching out to the Community!It’s great to hear you’re interested in uploading your music to Spotify. There is a home page for Spotify for Artists here, where you can watch videos and get familiar.

If you have questions that weren’t mentioned in the FAQ, you can reach out to the Spotify for Artists team here. They can take a look and do their best to help. Keep in mind because of the current coronavirus pandemic, response times may be slightly longer.

How Do Distributors Make Money

Distributors make money in one of two ways. They either charge a fee for uploading and distributing each release to the stores, or they take a commission on your music revenue. Typically the larger and more established distributors that have bigger labels and artists as clients will use the commission model. Some will also offer a combination of the two, and others will offer extra services such as marketing or specialists store uploads.

Some distributors offer deals where they manufacture actual products and distribute these to the physical music stores . Triple V in the Netherlands is a good example of this. If they believe a track has enough of a buzz they will press up 500-1000 copies of vinyl and distribute these to stores around the world. The margins are so low that the cost of manufacturing pretty much covers the profits, so you may only get a bit of pocket change, but it is nice to have your music pressed on vinyl and looks cool hanging on your wall.

But let’s concentrate on digital distribution, as that’s where 99% of your sales will come from. Once established you can always look into someone that will do your vinyl, or you can do it yourself.

How To Get A Distributor Deal For Music

Finding a music distributor is crucial if you want to see your album in the shops, whether you’re a band planning to self-release your album or a label trying to get several albums out there. The task of finding music distribution is not always easy, however. This guide will help you get started and give you some clues as to what you should look for in a distributor.

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Create A Single Or Album

Different distro companies have different options but the most common options for what you can distribute are a single, an album or a cover of an already existing song. Click on the option that best suits the description of the project youre dropping.

Once youve picked what type of content you are distributing, you then have to fill in basic info about the project. This info includes:

-Song title

-Main artist

-Featured artist

-What language the lyrics are in

-The primary genre of the music

-The date you want your project to drop

-If the projects been previously released or not

-Label name

Once this information is complete, it will prompt you to upload the cover artwork for your project. Before submitting it, make sure you have researched what the company requirements are for uploading artwork so you create the art with these requirements in mind.

The final task of the creating a single or album step is to upload the actual music upload the mp3. or wav. file of your song to the site.

Collection In The Usa

How To Start Your Own Music Distribution Company

In the US, mechanical royalty payments are handled by the Harry Fox Agency. Record labels will need to obtain a licence from the agency before they can sell records incorporating an original song or a cover version. Labels pay a mechanical royalty rate of 9.1 cents per song, per unit this is known as the statutory rate. These monies are then passed on to publishers and songwriters via the agency. In addition to licensing physical formats CDs, record, tape and so on Harry Fox also license certain digital formats, including full-track downloads and on-demand streaming services. If your labels pressing fewer than 2500 units of a record, you should consider the Harry Fox Songfile service, a quick and easy system for getting a mechanical licence on a small run. Whats more, under US law, where the copyright owner in a song has previously recorded and distributed their music to the general public in the US, your label becomes entitled to a compulsory mechanical licence to record that particular song provided, of course, that you pay the licence fee. If youre releasing your own songs on your own label, you dont actually need a mechanical licence from HFA.

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How To Start A Digital Music Distribution Service

guitariste rock image by JLG from

Digital technology and the Internet have made it easier for a number of businesses to connect with their customers. The technological advances opened the door to industries that otherwise wouldnt have started. Music distribution is one of those industries. Prior to the Internet, a music distributor wouldve needed to establish a network of retail locations or a mail order business and invest in a supply of albums for distribution. Today, you can do the same electronically through MP3 or other music formats.

Start a business and register your company’s name. The requirements for registering your business differ from state to state. At a minimum, youll be required to register your business with the local government, state government and the Internal Revenue Service.

Open a payment transfer account. Youll need a way of receiving payment for the music offered for sale. A few online payment services exist, including, and Paypal. The services allow you to receive direct payments as well as credit card payments. An online payment account links to your bank account for deposits and transfers.

Create a website. Whether you choose to build your website from scratch or use a template site, your website hosts the online storefront in which youll distribute the music. Your website should be easy to use and, more importantly, easy to find through keyword or similar searches.



Bandcamp For Digital Distribution Vinyl And Merch

Bandcamp Distribution Service is perfect for making your songs available to your fans. At Bandcamp, you have your shop as a label or artist. You can offer your songs as a free download and ask for an e-mail address, or set the price by yourself to distribute your latest EP or album. Another nice feature is the integrated store to distribute merch, vinyl, CDs, and tapes. You also have many useful statistics at your disposal, and you can create download codes to give some of your music for free. Distribution via Bandcamp is not exclusive, so you can still distribute your music via streaming providers like Spotify.

Which Shops for Download and Streaming are Included?

  • Bandcamp Store

Spread Income with Horus Music?:

  • They changed the pricing, now you pay an upfront fee for 100% of the revenue back to the artists.

When do you receive payment from Horus Music?

  • The payment threshold depends on where you are based. If youre not in the UK Horus Music has a £10.00 minimum threshold. For UK based clients, Horus Music has no minimum payouts. They will pay your royalties through Western Union each month.


  • Paid option to receive 100% of your royalties
  • Paid opportunities to Create your own VEVO channel, Sell your music video on iTunes, Tidal & FunonGo
  • Physical Distribution

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Distrokid Makes It Easy To Upload Music

DistroKid makes it super easy to upload your song to all major platforms. You also have an option to set your release date, allow people to preorder, and even set your own record label name.

You may upload several songs at the same time to release an album or one at a time for singles. DistroKid will send you an email once your songs are available in each store so you can share the links on your social media platforms.

Digital Distributors & Aggregators

Music Publishing 101: How to Become a Music Publisher?

There are numerous options for selling downloads on-line.If you dont fancy chasing after digital retailers on a daily basis, why not consider using a digital distributor such as Vital:PIAS? Like their rivals Pinnacle , Vital:PIAS are physical distributors who also offer the same service for digital formats as for CDs and vinyl. The advantage of digital distributors is that they can handle relationships with multiple retailers, specialist music sites and ISPs on your behalf leaving you free to concentrate on running your label. They can also help you with overseas markets, as they have distribution deals in place with digital service providers abroad. All back-office administration, including royalty tracking and reporting, is also taken care of. Digital distributors often provide their own in-house sales and marketing support, and they use their considerable bargaining power to secure placements for artists on major retail portals.

The purpose of an aggregator is to get signed and unsigned music onto digital services that wont normally deal direct with individual artists. Typically an aggregator will license and store a large quantity of repertoire, but wont be as familiar with it as an on-line distributor. The most high-profile aggregators at present include CD Baby, The Orchard, IODA and Consolidated Independent.

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Starting A Digital Music Distribution Company Or Indie Music Distribution Companies

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How Long Does It Take For My Music To Show Up On Spotify

After you submit your music for distribution it can take anywhere from 2-5 days before your music is live on Spotify.

Most platforms take about 2-3 days to show your music online but you can expect it to take about a full week for majority of streaming platforms to have your music ready for listeners.

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Don’t Forget To Claim Your Artist Account

Getting your music on Spotify and Apple Music is only the first step. You should also make sure you claim your artist account with these streaming services to see up-to-date streaming stats for your music.

After claiming an artist account, you can post status updates, upload a profile photo, and edit your artist bio.

Visit and to claim your accounts. You’ll also want to claim your account for any other popular streaming services. Take a look at our list of the best music streaming services for audiophiles to find out where else to look.

Get To Know The Major Distribution Platforms:

Guitar Practice  How To Create Your Own Chords

LANDR is the only distribution service that gives you access to professional mastering and global distribution all in one place.

Distribution plans start at just $20 per year, or you can permanently put up a single track for $9. You keep 100% of copyrights, so youll always keep full ownership of anything you put online through LANDR distribution.

Releasing with LANDR gets your music on over 250 music stores and platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play and Amazon. It even provides an easy-to-follow reporting dashboard to track your success and fan base to make important decisions about your next moves as an artist. Big in Sweden? Time to book a tour.

Today LANDR is a preferred partner with Spotify and Apple music, making it easier and faster than ever to claim your profile on each platform and get your tracks out to the world!

Our Favourite LANDR feature: Were a little biased here, but our favorite LANDR release feature has to be the price and the ability to keep 100% of your copyrights. It makes LANDR the distribution service that independent musicians can depend on.

At the end of the day we know that you just want to get your music out in the world. Which is why were happy to be offering such a simple and effective way to do it thats artist-first and transparent.

Theres multiple pricing plans with different features and benefits, so stop by and take a look at what were offering.

Check their pricing here.

CD Baby

Check their pricing here.

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How To Get Your Music Distributed On Spotify And Apple Music

Teaming up with a reputable music distribution company is the best way to submit digital forms of your music to the worlds most influential listening platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon, TIDAL, and a host of others.

A solid music distribution company will streamline the process of not only sending your work to the massive streaming companies weve all heard of, but also a plethora of ones you havent, to give you the best chance of connecting with international audiences.

However, every music distribution company runs on different business models, pricing structures, and digital stores serviced. This means that if youre planning on distributing your work digitally for the first time, youll need to do some research in order to team up with the distribution company that best fits you and your unique needs.

Luckily, this handy guide contains all the information you need to make the right decision.

Promote Your Music On Social Media

Whether youre just starting out, or youre reaching followers in the millions, TuneCore Social Pro can help you no matter where youre at in your career.

TuneCore Social is your all-in-one solution for social media management with the capabilities of multiple apps all in one place to simplify social media for artists on the go.

Get started today and start saving time and money all while taking the mystery out of how to do social media.

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Distrokid Allows You To Upload Your Own Album Cover

DistroKids layout is very easy to navigate and only takes minutes to fill out your projects information. The simple platform is favored by artists looking to quickly upload their work without any hassle.

You also get the option to choose the language,primary genre, and secondary genre along with other options to further describe your track.

DistroKids track price also allows you to set a fixed price on your individual tracks for iTunes, Google Play, & Amazon.

The Benefits Of Streaming Platforms

How To Sell Your Music Online | Get Major Distribution Without A Record Label

Streaming platforms are convenient and convenience sells. People dont want to look for new artists or bands anymore, they want to be catered to music that is similar to what they already love and listen to.

Algorithms take into account what you love listening to and push new relatable content that you might also enjoy. This is how independent artists are being discovered.

The algorithm records how long your song is being streamed, whether its being replayed or not, and how often its being saved. When your tracks get this positive feedback, your streams begin to snowball. Streaming services do a great job at finding a place or person who will enjoy your music even if its not pop.

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Playing The Markup Game

Distributors can use the following formula when it comes to markup: If it costs the manufacturer $5 to produce the product and they have a 100 percent markup, then you buy it for $10. Following the same formula, the wholesaler would double the cost and sell it for $20. Thus, there is a 400 percent markup from manufactured price to the wholesaler’s customer.

Wholesale Distribution Business Resources

  • Alabama Wholesale Distributors Association, 823-8544
  • American Wholesale Marketers Association
  • California Distributors Association, 446-7841
  • Colorado Association of Distributors, 690-8505
  • General Merchandise Distributors Council, 576-4260
  • Idaho Wholesale Marketers Association, 342-8900
  • Industrial Supply Association
  • Mississippi Wholesale Distributors Association, 605-1482
  • National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors

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