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How To Add Spotify Music To Imovie On Iphone

Guide On How To Add Music To Imovie On Iphone & Mac

How to add any music track to iMovie on your iPhone

Once completing the conversion, you can easily import the DRM-free Spotify songs to iMovie on Mac and iOS devices. In this part, you’d know how to add background music to iMovie on your Mac or iOS device like iPhone. Furthermore, watch the video below about how to add background music to your videos in iMovie.

S To Add Music From Spotify To Imovie On Iphone & Mac

Once the downloading and conversion of Spotify music is completed, youre prepared to upload Spotify music into iMovie for use. You could choose to add Spotify music to your iMovie project on your iOS device. Or you could edit Spotify songs in your iMovie project on Mac for creating a fun finished video. Heres how to:

How To Add Spotify Music To Imovie From Icloud Drive

1. Run iMovie app on iPhone and then open a project in this software. 2. Drag the timeline to allow the playhead displays in the part that you want to add the Spotify music. 3. Hit the “+” button and then click on “Audio> iCloud Drive” to choose the Spotify music in iCloud Drive to add.

As you can see, after you make use of Leawo Prof. DRM to eliminate the DRM of Spotify music and convert the file to MP3 to computer local folder, you can continue to use various tools to assist you to fix how to add music to iMovie from Spotify on iPhone. It is not hard to handle by referring to the solutions offered you in the above. Choose one proper way to achieve your aim and then you will be able to enjoy Spotify music in iMovie clip freely.

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How To Add Music In Imovie On An Iphone

Apple includes an extensive collection of music, soundtracks, and audio effects created by popular artists and composers in the iMovie database. You can then add these audio files to the video you are editing. The steps that follow will show you how to add music in iMovie on an iPhone:

  • Have your project open on the timeline.
  • Navigate to the Add Media button, an icon that looks like a plus sign.
  • Tap this button to open the menu. From this menu, choose the Audio option.
  • Next, tap on Soundtracks to view the different built-in music offerings.
  • Tap on a soundtrack to preview it. Not all soundtracks are downloaded. If the track appears dimmed, you will need to click on it to download it first before tapping on it to preview the song.
  • To add your chosen soundtrack to the project, click on the Add Audio icon next to the soundtrack. This icon looks like a small circle with a plus sign placed inside it.
  • iMovie will automatically import the song, position it at the beginning of the video clip, and fit it to your projects length.
  • Once you have added your audio clip to your video project, you can tweak it to suit your needs. For example, it is here that you will change the length of the clip or add in a second song.

    S To Add Music From Spotify To Imovie To Your Iphone & Mac

    How to Add Spotify Music to iMovie as BGM

    After Spotify music has been downloaded and converted, you can upload Spotify music for iMovie. You can add Spotify music directly to your iMovie on iOS devices.

    You can also edit Spotify songs in your iMovie Mac project to create a fun final video. Heres how:

    Adding Spotify songs into iMovie on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

    You must first move your converted Spotify music to your iOS devices via iTunes or iCloud before you can add Spotify music to iMovie. You can then add a variety of Spotify music files into your iMovie Project:

    Step 1: Once you have your project open in the timeline click the Add Media button.

    Step 2: Select Audio, then tap My Music to browse Spotify songs youve transfer to your device in the Music app.

    Step 3: Choose a Spotify song youd like to add to iMovie and tap the selected Spotify song to preview it.

    Step 4: To add a Spotify track to your project, click the Plus button beside a song. Your Spotify song will be added to the bottom of your project timeline, beginning at the beginning.

    Adding Spotify tracks to iMovie for Mac

    iMovie Mac allows you to drag Spotify audio file directly into your timeline using the Finder. You can also access Spotify songs from your music files and other locations via the media browser in iMovie.

    Step 1: Once you have your project open, click Audio in the top right corner.

    Step 2: To access your music library click Music in the Libraries list. Next, browse Spotify songs.

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    How To Add Spotify Songs To Imovie On Iphone Ipad Or Ipod Touch

    Before adding Spotify music to iMovie, you need to move the converted Spotify music to your iOS devices using iTunes or iCloud first. Then you can add a variety of Spotify music files to your iMovie project:

    Step 1. With your project open in the timeline, tap the Add Media button.

    Step 2. Tap Audio, then tap My Music to browse Spotify songs youve transfer to your device in the Music app.

    Step 3. Choose a Spotify song youd like to add to iMovie and tap the selected Spotify song to preview it.

    Step 4. To add a Spotify song to your project, tap the Plus button next to a song and then your Spotify song is added at the bottom of the project timeline, starting at the beginning of your project.

    Upload Music To Imovie

    Once you have downloaded your songs, it is time now to upload them to iMovie. Now, since iMovie is compatible with both Mac and IOS, the upload process is different.

    How to add music to iMovie on mac

    On your Mac computer, open iMovie, and then click the Audio function found at the top of the screen. Ensure that iTunes is selected as well.

    After that, once the iTunes library opens, you should see all the songs therein, including the ones you just added. It is also possible to drag-and-drop audio files into the platforms media folder.

    How to add music to iMovie on IOS

    The first thing you do is to open iMovie, then tap the + function and then click Audio, then Songs where you will add the songs that you would like to use.

    In doing all this, you need to ensure that you have synced your iTunes library, and if the music is in your iCloud Drive, and not iTunes, then you need to select iCloud Drive to navigate the music file.

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    How To Add Music To Imovie

    When its time to add music to iMovie, you have options. You can add theme music and soundtracks, your music from iTunes or iCloud drive, or songs that youve created in another app and imported into iMovie. You can also create additional sound effects or voice overs using your phones external microphone. By using some of these music options for your project, youll discover endless opportunities for creating a unique soundtrack to accompany your film or slideshow in iMovie.

    Spotify Music Converter: Best Solution To Add Spotify Songs To Imovie

    How To Add Music From ANY APP TO iMOVIE FREE 2018

    TuneMobie Spotify Music Converter allows you to convert your favorite Spotify songs, albums and playlists to MP3/M4A with ID3 tags retained. After conversion, you can add the output songs to iTunes or Music app and you will be able to use the songs in iMovie. If you are using iMovie on iPhone/iPad, you need to transfer the songs to your device first. Let’s check what TuneMobie Spotify Music Converter can do for you.

    • Work with both Spotify Free and Spotify Premium
    • Convert Spotify songs, albums and playlists to MP3, M4A, WAV, etc. in bulk
    • Retain 100% original audio quality for better music enjoyment
    • Preserve ID3 tags like title, album, artist, track number, artwork, etc.
    • Sort output files into folders by artist, album, album/artist or artist/album
    • Rename output files in bulk by artist, title, album, hyphen, space, etc.
    • Customize output audio paramaters and adjust output audio volume as you like
    • Fully compatible with the latest Windows, macOS and Spotify application

    The free trial version of TuneMobie Spotify Music Converter allows you to convert 3 minutes of each song. If you want to add Spotify songs to iMovie video project, download the free trial version to have a try first.

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    Add Background Music Stored On Your Device

  • With your project open, tap the Add Media button , then tap Audio.

  • To find music previously synced to your device from your computer, tap My Music.

  • To listen to the music before adding it, tap the item.

  • To add the music to your movie project, tap the item, then tap the Add Audio button .

  • Tip: If youre creating a music video and want to align video clips to specific points in the music, add background music to your project first.

    What Is Imovie App Used For

    iMovie was a Macintosh device video production program. It has already been accessible for iOS operating systems as of 2010. iMovie enables subscribers to customize clips and pictures, insert songs, descriptions, impacts, and perhaps more. With hundreds of amazing functionalities, the goal is to produce another interesting film.

    The offline audio characteristic seems to be accessible with a Spotify Paid version. You may access tracks, playback, and collections through offline streaming. However, the crucial issue you cannot afford to skip would be that Spotify tunes could just be offline or online in the Spotify system.

    Look at it one more way you do not have the privilege to transfer Spotify songs to several other third-party system apps. All of this contains iMovie as well as other toolkits for post-production videos. Consequently, if other documents have been in various types you will not be allowed to attach them to iMovie as intended.

    Sadly, this is the situation of Spotify. To really be precise, Spotify tracks were presented in a DRM-protected OGG Vorbis layout. Therefore, Spotify tracks cannot function throughout the Spotify store, regardless though the tracks become installed. Another factor we cannot even attach songs through Spotify for iMovie was its compatibility thing. iMovie authorized sound file systems include MP3, WAV, M4A, AIFF and AAC. Although Spotify audio data will be in Ogg Vorbis mode, that could even become identified in iMovie.

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    Solvedhow To Add Spotify Music To Imovie

    In reality, most users have almost the exact issue with Fabrizio whenever attempting to connect Spotify tracks with iMovie for background music . That was to tell, while paid consumers could stream Spotify tracks. And it is inconsistent with the Spotify software. Luckily, through a quick technique now, you could always add Spotify music to iMovie. The next section would teach you how to do it.

    Article ContentPart 1. What Is iMovie App Used For?Part 3. How Do I Add Music To An iMovie? Part 4. Summary

    How To Import Music Into Imovie From Spotify

    Add Spotify Music to iMovie on iPhone/iPadAudiCable

    Music can add emotion, feeling and mood where there was none before. Think of the movie Jaws. What would that movie be like without its classic string accompaniment? With iMovie, one of the most powerful yet free audio/video editing tools for Mac OS X users, you can utilize its awesome features, for example, join and trim clips, apply effects, view all your video and audio with ease, share the music or video you make instantly. Why not downloading and having a try by yourself?

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    Make Music Video On Imovie Alternative Filme

    iMovie is an excellent application however, it has some limitations. While editing videos on iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you cannot edit your videos professionally. It is suitable for casual use, but when it comes to professional video editing or if you want something more than perfect, you need a desktop tool, such as Filme. There are dozens of desktop video editing tools, but Filme is a beginner-friendly tool, and it has exceptional features that will make your videos more engaging and appealing. You can use it to easily create YouTube videos with music with its Fast Video mode.


    • Filme has all the basic and advanced video editing tools. You can edit your videos as you like. It is an all-in-one video editor.

    • The Fast Video mode of Filme helps you create a perfect slideshow with music. There are dozens of templates available, and the video will be ready in a few clicks.

    • You can make your videos more appealing by adding effects, transitions, stickers, music, sound effects, titles, subtitles, or anything you like.

    • The best thing about Filme is that you can add various audio tracks, videos, and images in the timeline and mix them. Thus, you can mix different music and sounds and express your creativity.

    Can You Add Music From Spotify To Imovie

    Why can’t you add Spotify music to iMovie? Below you can get the reason in details.

    iMovie is a built-in video editor that installed on iOS and macOS systems by default. With concise but useful design, iMovie can help you make wonderful video projects. You can cut and trim video clips and add special effects. Also, you can put background music in a proper place, etc. in iMovie.

    Spotify is the popular streaming music service. It offers the Spotify app and Web Player to enjoy songs. It covers songs, playlists, radios, podcasts, and other kinds of audio catalogs. Spotify is no doubt the best place for music lovers to get their favorite music resources for free.

    To add music to iMovie from Spotify, the first step is to download Spotify music on your local device. But it not just requires you to subscribe to Spotify’s premium plan. The point is, even if you are a Spotify subscriber, Spotify downloaded files can be only played on the Spotify app. It is not possible to add music from Spotify to iMovie.

    Besides, the downloaded Spotify music is also protected. It is a special format called Ogg Vorbis. But iMovie only supports common audio formats like MP3, WAV, M4A, AIFF, AAC, and more. It means that original Spotify files are not adapted to iMovie.

    So, how to add songs to iMovie from Spotify? Is there any solution? Please don’t worry. Keep reading and you will find the answer.

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    How To Add Sound Effects In Imovie

    Adding sound effects to a video can really take your movie to the next level by spicing things up for your viewers. Heres how you can add sound effects in iMovie:

  • Open your project in iMovie.
  • Scroll through the timeline and position the playhead at the point where you want to add a sound effect.
  • Tap + > Audio > Sound Effects.
  • Tap on a sound effect to preview it.
  • Tap + to add it to your movie.
  • The sound effect will appear in your videos timeline as a light blue line underneath your video. If the sound effect isnt precisely where you want it, you can press and hold on it in the timeline and drag it to the perfect spot.

    Even though youre creating a video, its the audio that can really elevate your projects quality. iMovie makes it easy to add and experiment with music, voiceovers, and sound effects. So dont be afraid to get in there and try something fun or crazy with your videos. Whether youre looking to video or just want to make a fun clip with your vacation photos, iMovie can get it done.

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    Download And Convert Spotify Music To Imovie Supported Format

    How to add a song to your iPhone without subscribing to  Music or Spotify. #Tech7

    As mentioned above, we have mentioned the iMovie supports audio formats, to put music from Spotify on to iMovie, you can download & convert Spotify music and audio to MP3, M4A or WAV by using UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter.

    UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter also is an Free Spotify downloader, it not only can help you free download Spotify songs, playlists, audio and albums to local computer, but also convert Spotify tracks to MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC , after getting the DRM-free Spotify audio, you can directly transfer them to iMovie as BGM.

    The following is a detailed tutorial about how to add Spotify music to iMovie project. Please download this useful Spotify downoader tool on your computer first before getting started.

    • Convert Spotify music to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC.
    • Remove DRM from Spotify songs, albums or playlists.
    • 5X conversion speed to convert Spotify songs with 100% lossless quality.
    • Preserve Spotify songs metadata and original ID3 tags.
    • Add the converted Spotify music to any video editor directly.
    • Transfer Spotify music to MP3 player, iPod Nano, mobile phone for offline listening.
    • Burn Spotify music to CD easily.

    Lets shows you how to convert Spotify music to MP3 firstly, then import the converted Spotify music into iMovie by using iTunes, so that you use Spotify music as background music in your own video.

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    Tool Required: Noteburner Spotify Music Converter

    Each Spotify track is protected, even the paid users cant take the downloaded Spotify albums and playlists outside of Spotify client for using. So to import songs from Spotify to iMovie, you need to record Spotify music to get songs in an open music format.

    NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter is an excellent Spotify music downloading and converting tool, which can help you record Spotify music, and convert them to MP3, AAC, FLAC, AIFF, or WAV with 100% original quality. The following is a detailed tutorial about how to add songs from Spotify into iMovie. Please download this useful tool on your computer first before getting started.

    Seeking a way to save songs from Amazon Music Unlimited as well as Prime Music forever? is all you need, which carries the best audio recording core, able to download any Amazon songs to MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC/AIFF format.

    Features of NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter:
    • Convert Spotify music to plain MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF, FLAC.
    • Record songs at 10X faster speed with 100% lossless quality.
    • Upload music to OneDrive directly.
    • Keep ID3 tags after conversion.
    • Burn Spotify music to CD easily.

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