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How To Add Songs To Music Library In Android

How To Add Music And Itunes Music Library To Your Oneplus 9 Pro

Galaxy S20/S20 : How To Add Songs To YouTube Music Library

If you’ve just recently switched to the OnePlus 9/9 Pro after using an iPhone, there might be a problem that you want to import your iTunes music library to your new OnePlus. It may seem like a difficult task, but actually, it is a fairly straightforward process. In this article, we’ll teach you how to import music to your OnePlus 9 smartphone including the iTunes music library.

On Your Iphone Ipad Ipod Touch Or Android Device

1. On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, open the Music app. On your Android device, open the Apple Music app.

2. Find music that you want to add to your library.

3. To add a song, tap the Plus icon. To add an entire album or playlist, tap +ADD.

Then, you can find songs, albums, and playlists that you’ve added in Library.

What Is Apple Music Tv

Apple Music TV is a music video channel. You access it from the Browse section of the Apple Music app or the Apple TV app.

Apple Music TV is different from Apple Music 1 . Apple Music TV is a free, 24-hour, curated live stream of popular music videos, while Apple Music 1 is a 24/7 music radio station owned by Apple. Both are accessible through the Apple Music app.

Apple’s music video channel premieres new videos at noon ET every Friday. It hosts original Apple Music content, from concerts to interviews. For instance, Bruce Springsteen was one of the first to appear on Apple Music TV to promote his upcoming album, Letter to You, via music videos, a live stream, and a Zane Lowe interview.

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How Do I Transfer Music From Datpiff To Apple Music

Most of us love to listen to mixtapes, rather than the original soundtracks from streaming platforms. If you have been listening to your collection of Mixtapes from Datpiff, HotNewHipHop, or SoundCloud, you can ave them on your Apple Music as well. Datpiff already allows users to download music on the iPhone, to listen while you are offline. However, without taking that much space from your iPhone, adding them to Apple Music and streaming is a better option.

For that, you can follow similar steps as above. Follow the guide to make it quicker.

  • the mixtape tracks from Datpiff or any other platform to your PC.
  • Copy all of your mixtapes or remixes on to a single folder.
  • Open iTunes on your system.
  • Click File > Add Folder to Library.
  • Select your Mixtape directory from the system.
  • Wait for the iTunes to sync all the album and playlist to your iCloud Music Library.
  • After syncing, you can take the Apple Music on your iPhone or Android device immediately to check for the synced music and mixtapes. Before all these, you must be sure to know that the iCloud Music Library is already enabled for the iTunes and iPhone.

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    Selectively Transfer Music/playlist From Ios Or Android To Samsung Galaxy S21/21+/s21 Ultra

    How to add note(?) to playlist

    In some cases when you just switch to Samsung Galaxy S21, you might want keep some songs from your previous phone. How to make it easier to migrate some music on another iOS or Android phone to Samsung Galaxy S21 and skip the other songs that you get tired of. So to make a selective music transfer, you can use with Syncios Mobile Manager, this is how to do it:

    If you have got around with Syncios Mobile Manager, you will be clear on how to backup your desired music partly from iPhone/Android to PC and then easily restore this backup folder to your Samsung Galaxy S21. The latter steps of restoring backup are exactly the same to what you do with importing music from PC to your phone in Method 1. Import Music from PC to Samsung Galaxy S21.

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    Put Google Play Music On Samsung Music Player From Your Phone

    Step 1Open the Google Play Music app.

    Step 2Choose an album or playlist from My Library.

    Step 3Tap to download music to Samsung.

    Step 4Open File Manager. Open the folder that contains the downloaded Google Play music.

    Step 5Tap and hold the target songs.

    Step 6Choose Move to and set the Samsung Music Player folder as the destination. Now you can put music on music player on Samsung.

    How To Upload Music To Spotify Locally

    The process of uploading music to Spotify from your device is called uploading local files. This allows Spotify to show music on your device that youve downloaded locally. This will not allow other people to stream your music this is just for you to listen to on your device.

    • Open the Spotify mobile app on your device. From the Home screen, select the gear-shaped icon in the upper right corner of the interface to open Settings.
    • Scroll down in Settings until you see Import. Underneath, you should see Show local audio files. Switch this on.
    • If you have music or audio downloaded on your device and this can even be audio recordings that youve done using a voice recorder these will show up in a folder called Local Files in Your Library.

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    Adding Local Music On Android Device

    • Float this Topic for Current User
    • Bookmark

    How does this work?

    I read through the information on help page .” rel=”nofollow”>!/article/Listen-to-local-files/?in=search). It tells me to tal on local files in step 6. But i do not have this option. Does this really mean that i can only listen to local files if im in same wifi network with my laptop/desktop computer?

    I actually have all my music downloaded into my android phone. I went out and bought fast 32gb memory card for the reason. Only issue is – i cannot add my own local music into spotify on android and it sucks.

    I can definitely tell you that you can listen to your local music files.I give you another little instruction:1. First of all you should go into the Spotify Settings onto your PC.2. When you scroll down you find a section called like “local files”. If you get there you turn these buttons on, if they’re not already…3. Your music should now be listed in Spotify. If not, restart Spotify.4. Now you have to add the songs to a playlist you’ve created in Spotify.5. This should be the last step: Take your phone and make the playlist where you add the music available offline.-> After that you should be able to listen to this music everywhere.This should be it, Ihope i could help you!Quanty

    I did the exact things u did before and it worked then,

    now i’m trying it again and it doenst seem to work.

    How To Use Spotify Blend

    How to Transfer Music from from iTunes to Android Phones and Tablets

    To Blend a Spotify playlist with a friend or family member, both users will need a Spotify account, but neither needs a Premium subscription. To create a Blend, youll need the mobile app on a smartphone or tablet, as the feature isnt available yet on the desktop app. However, you can listen to your Blend playlists on your desktop once created.

    To get started, open the mobile Spotify app and select the Search tab from the bottom bar. Next, tap the Made for you icon.

    From there, scroll down to the Made for Us section and select Create a Blend.

    On the following screen, tap the Invite button to choose your friend to join Blend via your preferred messaging service. They will receive a unique link to join your Blend.

    Once you send the link, have your friend open it on their phone or tablet and tap the Join button that appears.

    After that, Spotify will generate a Blend playlist with custom cover art and a tracklist for the two of you filled with songs based on your listening preferences and tastes.

    To view your unique Blend story, tap the three-dot icon beside the download icon. Blend Story will show your Blend results, how similar your tastes are, and the option to share your story with others across your social media channels.

    There you go! Youve successfully Blended on Spotify. The playlist updates every day, meaning youll always stay in sync.

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    How To Transfer Music From Android To Itunes

    iTunes is an excellent music player and organizer. If you have an Apple device such as an iPhone X, you can easily sync your music collection from iTunes to iPhone and vice versa. But what if you have an Android device and thinking about moving to iPhone? There a good chance that you will want to experience the crowning features of iTunes by building your own personal music library filled with personalized endless listening experiences. You should be wondering if it is still possible to sync and transfer music from Android to iTunes. The short answer is absolutely YES. In this article, we’ll teach you exactly how to transfer music from Android to iTunes easily. We will go over 3 different ways to do so. Before you start, note that iTunes supports the following files:

  • AAC
  • AIFF
  • So, make sure you have converted all your music collection to one of these formats before attempting to transfer music from Android to iTunes.

    Optional Method How To Make A Playlist For Android From Pc

    Since the playlist feature of VLC App is faultiness on some aspects, for example, it doesnt allow you to add all music into a playlist at one click. So many people wonder whether they could play a playlist in VLC App, if they created the playlist using VLC for Windows. Actually, in most cases, it does not work. But if you want to make a playlist for Android form PC, you can follow the simple steps below:

    Step 1. On your computer, create a new folder and copy the music files you want to save into a playlist.

    Step 2. Choose all files, right-click and select Properties. Then go to the Details tab.

    Step 3. There are several options you can modify, such as Album artist, Album, Year, Genre, etc. This time, I choose to change the Album tag. Please make sure the Album tag is special and is different from any music Album tag on your Android phone. So there I change the Album to Test Music, which will be applied to all the music files in the folder.

    Step 4. Copy the folder to your phone, open your music player and choose to play music by Album > Test Music.

    Step 5. Now you can play the music in the playlist with ease.

    An All Purpose Tool to Meet Your Demands for Video Playback

    WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

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    What Is Apple Music

    Apple Music launched in 2015, following Apple’s acquisition of Beats Electronics in 2014 that included the now-discontinued Beats Music subscription service.

    The Apple Music service not only lets you stream on-demand any track from the iTunes catalogue but also access all your music in one place on all of your devices, whether purchased from iTunes, copied from a CD, or downloaded from the web.

    The streaming service also offers up recommendations tailored to your interests, internet radio radio station among others), the ability to save music to your device for offline listening, expert-curated playlists, integration with the Siri assistant on iOS devices and features like Lyrics view.

    Add Music To Samsung Music App From Pc Or Mac Via A Usb Cable

    Add Music to Voice Apk Mod Unlock All

    You can transfer files from Android to PC or PC to Android via USB connection. For Mac users, you need to install Android File Manager before adding music to Samsung Music app.

    Step 1Connect your Samsung phone or tablet to PC with a USB cable. Choose Media device on your phone if necessary.

    Step 2Open the Samsung Music app folder after recognizing the device.

    Step 3Drag and drop the selected music files to import songs to Samsung Music app.

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    Using Id3tagman: Mp3 Tag Editor


    Open the Android Market on your phone and search for “ID3TagMan: MP3 Tag Editor.” Tap “Download,” and then tap “Accept and Install.” Open your application list and tap “ID3TagMan: MP3 Tag” to open the app.


    Tap “Scan Media” to scan your phone for music files, and then tap on the file you want to edit.


    Tap “Fix” next to a field you want to edit, and then tap the desired information. Tap “Save & Close” when you are finished.


    How To Make A Playlist On Spotify

    Playlists are music groups composed entirely of songs you or put together by choice. You can customize their and , and they come in handy on trips where you dont have access to the internet, as they can be . Heres how to make a playlist on .

    Read more:


    To make a playlist on Spotify on Android or iOS, open the Spotify mobile app. Go to Your Library. Select the button in the top right corner to create a new playlist.

    To make a playlist on the Spotify desktop app and web player, click Create Playlist, located on the left side of the interface.


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    Import Music From Computer To Samsung Galaxy S21/21+/s21 Ultra

    If you have stored music on your PC, you can go with this way to directly import music to your new Samsung Galaxy S21. And to import music from your computer to your Samsung Galaxy S21, you should make sure music are playable on PC local.

    Syncios Mobile Manager is a good option on the way of importing any file on computer to your Samsung Galaxy S21, like Music, Video, Contacts, Messages, Call history, Photos, Apps and App document. It is so easy to achieve a Computer-to-Phone transfer. Let’s go to see how it simply helps to import the music on a PC to your Samsung Galaxy S21.

    Syncios Mobile Manager
    • Support to transfer, edit, backup, manage, view mobile data such as contacts, apps, photos, music, ringtone, videos, SMS messages, eBooks and more.
    • Manage iOS devices/Android music, edit song details and de-duplicate tracks.
    • Handy tools: HEIC Converter and Photo Compression.
    • Fully compatible with latest Android and iOS devices.

    Step 1: Download and run Syncios Toolkit, click on the ‘Mobile Manager’ module to initiate the Syncios Mobile Manager program on computer.

    Step 2:Connect your Samsung Galaxy S21 to computer and then tap the ‘Music’ tab on the top menu. Fix Android Device Detection

    Step 4: You will be prompted to add songs by files or by folder with multiple songs included. Choose add files and guide yourself to local files on your computer and tap ‘Open’ to instruct the operation.

    Option : Transfer Music From Other Ios/android Phone To Oneplus 9/9 Pro

    How To Add Your Own Music Tracks to Spotify 2021 – Mac/PC/Android/iOS

    The other way to add music files to OnePlus is to transfer music files from other mobile phones and you also can use Syncios Data Transfer in such a situation.

    Steps to add music to OnePlus 9 from other phones

    Step 1: Download and install Syncios Data Transfer to your windows PC or Mac. Then run it from Syncios Toolkit.

    Step 2: Connect your both phones to the computer.

    You’d better unlock your phone when connecting the phone to PC in case you ignore any important prompts. The USB debugging mode should be enabled on Android devices. If you met a problem, please go to this guide page. And for iOS devices, just choose “Trust” on the device when connecting to the computer.

    Step 3: When the phone connected well, you are able to choose Transfer mode. And using the “flip icon” to adjust the positions of the source device and target device. The source phone should be on the left while the target phone is on the right. And Syncios will transfer data from the source device to the target device. Once it’s done, click on Next.

    Step 4: Then select all contents or just tick off the checkbox of Audio when you just need sync music. Click on Next to load the selected contents. At last, click on Next to start the transfer. After a while, Syncios will sync all songs from another device to your OnePlus 9.

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    How Do I Use Music On Samsung Galaxy S7

  • Find Play Music Press Apps.
  • Play audio file. Slide your finger right starting from the left side of the screen.
  • Select volume. Press the Volume keys to select volume.
  • Go to the next or previous audio file.
  • Turn repeat on or off.
  • Turn shuffle on or off.
  • Add audio file to playlist.
  • Return to the home screen.
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    Option : Import Music To Oneplus 9/9 Pro From Computer

    We have stored abundant music files on our computer. And transferring music from your computer to the OnePlus 9 is the most common way when we consider adding music to the OnePlus phone. You can also use a tool to make this work easily. One of the simplest and most stable tools is Syncios Mobile Manager. It is a comprehensive phone data management tool. It focuses on exporting, importing, managing files on iOS and Android devices selectively.

    What Syncios Mobile Manager can do for you:

    • Enable users to import music from the computer to iOS and Android devices or backup music from iOS and Android devices to the computer.
    • Manage music, videos, photos, apps, ebooks, contacts, etc. on iOS and Android devices.
    • Handy Toolkit: 1-Click Backup, 1-Click Restore, Audio Converter, Video Converter, Ringtone Maker, etc.
    • Work perfectly with Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Google, HUAWEI, Motorola, ZTE, Nokia and more smartphones.
    • Fully compatible with the latest iOS and Android devices.

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