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How To Add Music To Your Instagram Story

Ready To Add Music To Your Instagram Story

How To Add Music To Instagram Story

Instagram Stories have been around for a while. They are a hit with business owners and marketers who want to engage their audiences. It is easy to add music to an Instagram Story with the Instagram app music feature and can make your Stories more entertaining.

Now that you know how to add music to your Instagram Stories, its time to experiment. Go on, publish your own Story and add music.

Did you add music to your Instagram Stories before? How did your audience react to it? Please share your experience in the comment box below.


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How To Fix Instagram Music If Restricted In Your Area

What if Instagram Music is inaccessible, you ask? The main reason why it might not be available in some countries and regions is very simple: copyright.

Instagram has to acquire a license legally to play the songs it offers as part of the Instagram Music sticker feature. In fact, it does procure media that way. It was even reported that the feature has become successful after Facebook got an agreement with Sony Music, Universal Music, and the Warner Music Group to stream clips on Facebook and Instagram.

So, how do you fix the issue of Instagram Music being restricted in your region? Below are various workarounds to make Instagram Music work.

Can You Put Your Own Music On Instagram Story

In order to put your own music on your Instagram story, you can click on the Instagram music sticker if it is available for your country. If it is not, a way around this is to play the music in the video that you upload to your story. This way, the music is coming from the video rather than the music sticker.

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Heres How To Put Music On Instagram Stories

Have you noticed how some Instagram Stories have soulful music playing in the background as the Story progresses?

Music evokes memories and feelings. It makes us nostalgic. Adding music to your Instagram Stories can give a sneak peek into your brands philosophy and connect with your followers at a deeper level.

use the Instagram Stories feature daily, and 4 million businesses use Story ads every month. But, what makes Stories so popular?

Well, there are plenty of features, and music ranks high.

We are sure that you must now be wondering how to put music on Instagram Stories to make it more lively and fun, right?

In this blog, we will take you through the process of putting music on Instagram Stories. Keep reading!

Want More Real Instagram Followers

How to Add Music to an Instagram Story

Many social media innovations are geared toward improving user experience. Enhanced interactivity, in particular, definitely encourages increased user engagement. On Instagram, the option to add music to a story has leveled up the fun factor for both story creators and viewers. Theres no doubt that engaging as many of the senses as possible makes for a more realistic and enjoyable experience on the platform.

Have you tried out this feature yet? Adding music to your Story is simple, and its also an easy way to create content that will appeal to more people and help you earn more followers. Keep reading to find out how you can start creating stories that are aesthetically pleasing to both the eyes and ears!

  • Final Thoughts
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    How To Add Music To Instagram Story From Shazam App

    While the Shazam is usually reserved to identify a song playing in the background, you can also share music from it!

    • Step 1: Open Shazam and let it find a song.
    • Step 2: Once identified, tap the three-dot icon on the top right corner.
    • Step 3: Tap the share option.
    • Step 4: The cover art and the song will be put on an Instagram story.
    • Step 5: Share and the song will start playing on your story.

    Its a great way to remember a song youve listened to.

    Ask Questions On Your Instagram Stories

    Questions trigger a natural answering reflex in humans . To ask your followers a question, select the Questions options by swiping up when creating a story. Next, you will be asked to type in your question. This is a great way to open communication and kick off conversations with your audience, gather questions for a live Q& A, run an Instagram Stories contest or share FAQs and useful information.

    Image: Evening Standard

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    The Spotify & Apple Music Apps

    One way to get your music on Instagram Stories is to share your music straight from the Spotify App on your phone. When you share from it your Story will display your cover art or Canvas, song title, and your artist name, along with a link which will show up under your username for fans to click which will lead them to your track on Spotify. Using the Spotify App unfortunately does not offer a way for your music to play during your story.

    The same goes for the Apple Music App. When you share to your Story, it will display your cover art, song title, and your artist name, along with a link which will show up under your username for fans to click which will lead them to your track on Spotify. Using the Apple App unfortunately does not offer a way for your music to play during your story !

    How To Add Music To Your Videos On Instagram

    How to Add Music to Instagram Story

    License popular music for Instagram quickly, easily and cheaply with Lickd.

    Music is an easy way to breathe life into your Instagram story or timeline post: its a powerful driver of emotions, which helps you to connect with your audience and gives your content a winning edge. With the right track, you can set your Instagram videos apart, whether its IGTV, Instagram Stories, Reels, or just a video for your feed.As experts in licensing the best music for social media creators, we know a thing or two about how to best utilize music on Instagram. In this guide, well cover how to add music to Instagram video posts and Instagram stories, then run you through the best places to find the music thatll make your content really stand out.

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    How Do You Add Music To Your Instagram Stories

    Instagram offers a selection of music from its own audio library. You can access this library from within the app itself. If you want to add custom music to your Instagram story, you can do so using an Online Video Editor. Here’s everything you need to know about music and Instagram.

    There are 2 ways you can add music to your Instagram stories.

    How to add music to Instagram stories using the Instagram App?

    Follow these simple steps:

    Step 1: You can shoot the video on Instagram itself or just upload one from your camera roll. In any case, first, launch the Instagram app and click on the Your Story icon on the top left corner of your app.

    Step 2: You can either select a video from your camera roll by clicking on the browse icon on the bottom left corner of your screen or a simpler way to access this is to swipe up and you can now choose the file from your camera roll.

    If you want to shoot your Instagram Stories from the app, simply press the shutter button continuously to record it.

    Step 3: Now that you have the video you want to upload, its time to add music to it. You can turn off the original video sound if needed by clicking on the sound icon on the top menu. Next click on the media icon you use to add GIFs and emojis to your Instagram Stories.

    Step 4: Here youll find an option labeled Music – tap on it.

    Step 6: Since only 15-second videos are allowed on Instagram stories, music tracks are auto-adjusted to fit your video.

    Can You Also Add Music To An Instagram Post

    Unfortunately, you wont be able to do this as easily as with IG stories the option is not available within the app. Additionally, you can only add a song to a video post this is not possible with a photo. You can either record a video with the song you like playing in the background or use a video editing tool to add music to your video. But take note of to make sure that you wont be in violation of any music copyright.

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    How To Use The Music Sticker On The Instagram App

    The easiest method is to use the music sticker.

    The music sticker is a built-in function that lets you add music to your Instagram stories.

    It is easy to use, but slightly hard to find.

    Heres how you add music directly to a story with the sticker:

    • Step 1: Open the Instagram App
    • Step 2: Tap the Story Icon. Its on your profile picture in the top left corner of your screen. It looks like a plus sign. It will take you to your camera screen.
    • Step 3: Press the big record button in the middle to create a new Instagram story. Or, select a video from your camera roll.
    • Step 4: On the top right corner, youll see the sticker icon. A smiley face that looks like a sticker. Tap the sticker icon.
    • Step 5: Scroll down until you see the Music sticker. Or, you can search it by typing music on the search bar. Tap the Instagram Music Sticker.
    • Step 6: Search the music library by typing a song title.
    • Step 7: Tap the play button to listen to a preview, if you like the song, tap its name to select it.
    • Step 9: On the lower bar, you can select what part of the song you would like to hear when the song plays.
    • Step 10: Lastly, tap on the sticker to select the display options. You display the songs lyrics or the album art. If you dont like how it looks, just double-tap it to change it.
    • Step 11: Tap send to post it!

    Business accounts wont have access to all the songs available.

    There are a few reasons as to why thats the case, but the main one is due to licensing issues.

    Its advertising after all.

    Preview The Song To Add To Your Instagram Story

    How to Add Music to an Instagram Story

    Before you pick a song to add to your Instagram Story with a Music Sticker, you can check out if it will fit in. Instagram gives you a preview before you finally add music to your Story.

    To get a preview before you add music, you can click on the play button or the arrow that you see next to the name of each song.

    If you are looking for music using the Genres and Moods options, youll first have to select what kind of music you are looking for to find the right Music Sticker to add music.

    A preview is a good way to ensure that when you add music with Music Stickers, it matches your Instagram Stories.


    After deciding on the song, you need to select the part that you want to feature in your Stories. To do that, you can hold and then drag the selection box. You can take it to the part of the song that you want to use when you add music to your Story.

    Image via Instagram

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    What You Need To Know About The New Instagram Music Feature

    Instead of playing songs in the background of your stories, Instagram has introduced a new feature which allows you to add music to your stories.

    You can browse through your favourite songs and even discover new music you may like by playing a short snippet before you add it too your story.

    However, the music feature only allows the song to play as long as the stories doesnt end.

    Dont worry, all the songs are up to date so you wont have to worry about not finding your favourite artists any time soon.

    Instagram also allows you to choose from which music you want before adding it to your story.

    How To Play Music From Soundcloud On Your Story

    Just like Apple Music and Spotify, the instructions for sharing SoundCloud songs on your Stories are easy to follow. And, like music shared from those platforms, songs from SoundCloud will not play on your Stories. Instead, followers who tap on the Story will be redirected to the song in SoundCloud.

    Heres how to share a song on your Stories through SoundCloud:

  • Open the SoundCloud App.
  • Navigate to the song you wish to share.
  • Press the three horizontal dots at the bottom-right of the screen.
  • Select Share to Instagram Stories.
  • Press the Your Story button at the bottom-left of the screen.
  • Adding music to an Instagram Story is a great way to elevate your content and make it unique. Whether youre sharing your current favorite song or adding some background music to a video, we hope this guide helps you take your Stories to the next level. And if you want to make a video Story with your favorite track, check out the music video editors that help you do just that.

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    How To Add Music To Your Instagram Story On Android

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    This wikiHow article teaches you how to add music to your Instagram Story using your Android device. Adding pictures and videos to your Instagram Story is a fun way to interact with your audience or to let your friends know what youre up to. The option to add music is just another great way to express your current mood.

    Create A New Instagram Story

    How To Add Your Own Music To Your Instagram Story (Step-By-Step Tutorial)

    Open your Instagram app and go to your profile. The next step is to create a new Instagram Story.

    To do this you can click on the + sign on the thumbnail of your profile picture. Youll find this option at the top-left corner of the screen.

    Alternatively, you can also swipe right from the Instagram Feed screen.

    Image via Instagram

    This will enable you to take a photo or video using your smartphone. After doing this, click on the Stickers button that is located at the top of the screen.

    Image via Instagram

    Youll see a range of on your screen. Choose the Instagram Music Sticker for your Story.

    Here is what the Music Sticker looks like:

    Image via Instagram

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    How To Add Music To Ig Story An Ultimate Guide

    Shanoon Cox

    I see a lot of Instagram stories with songs posted, but I donât know how to do that. Can someone tell me how to add music to IG story?

    If you are also an avid Instagram user who would like to post stories on the app, then you can have a similar query. Although, the feature of Instagram Music was only available in selected countries in 2018 â today, it is accessible almost everywhere. It lets us add a song to our Instagram story for our viewers with tons of customized options. Since it makes our stories more fun, a lot of people add music to IG story every now and then. Without much ado, letâs proceed and learn how to put music on IG story in detail.

    How To Use The Instagram Story Music Sticker

    The Instagram Story Music sticker was released in June 2018. Itâs a fun way to add some audible flair to your Stories. We will also show you how to add music to an Instagram Story without the sticker in the next section, or you can find more information about finding upbeat commercial songs for your next advertising video on IG stories here.

    Weâll dive into the instructions in more details below, but hereâs a quick step by step to get you started:

  • Create a new Instagram Story
  • Tap the sticker icon at the top of the screen
  • Tap to select the Music sticker icon
  • Select a song
  • Choose the portion of the song you want to play
  • Tap âDoneâ to add the song to your story
  • And now, onto the more in-depth instructions! If you do have access to the Music sticker, it can be used on any type of Instagram Story. Youâll find it when you tap the sticker icon at the top of your screen when youâre creating your Story. Tap on the Music sticker to get started.

    Once you do, itâll open up a new screen where you can search for music according to Popular, Moods, and Genres. Instagram offers a variety of popular music thatâs licensed for use in your Instagram Stories. However, you can only use up to 15 seconds at a time and the sticker will be displayed on your Story while the song plays, with the name of the song and the artist listed.

    Scroll through and click the play button to preview songs, or search for something specific using the âSearch musicâ field at the top of the screen.

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    How To Add Music From Spotify To Instagram Stories

    One of Instagram’s most useful features is called Stories, which allows you to capture in-the-moment videos, or lets you post a bunch of photos that play like a slideshow. The photos and videos will disappear after 24 hours and won’t appear on your profile grid or in feed.

    Instagram Stories are an incredible way to connect with your audience in fresh and authentic ways. If youre creating an Instagram Story, one of the fabulous ways through which you can make your posts more interesting and entertaining is by adding music track or sound effect to your stories. Don’t know how to add music to your story? Don’t worry! It is quite simple to get it done.

    In this post, we will explore two ways in which we can add music from Spotify to Instagram stories. The first is through the Instagram app itself and the other is through the third-party apps.

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