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How To Add Music To Video For Facebook

How To Add Music To Video And Edit It On Computer

How To add Music to Facebook Post

If you want to add suitable background music to video, a video editor is a necessity. Since there are many video editing software on the market, here recommend you a free video editor without watermark MiniTool Movie Maker.

MiniTool Movie Maker is an easy-to-use video editing software for beginners. With it, you can trim, split your video and delete unnecessary parts. To enhance your video, it allows you to add transitions and effects to your video. Moreover, you are able to add titles, captions and credits to complete your video. If you want to create a trailer quickly, this tool also offers you some cool movie templates.

When it comes to add background music and edit it, this free video editor can not only help you mute the original track in the video, but also allows you to add different music to different video clips.

Add music to video

To add music to video, take the following steps below.

Step 1: Download and install MiniTool Movie Maker.

Step 2: Launch this tool and close the pop-up window to go to its main interface.

Step 3: Click on Import Media File frame to import the video you want to add background music, then drag and drop the video to the timeline.

Step 4: Click Import Media Files to import the background music you like, then drag and drop the music to the timeline.

Edit music in video

Tip 1: Mute the original track

Step 1: If you want to remove the original track in the video, you can click the Mute button below the video on the timeline.

Adjust The Audio To Fit Your Needs

Heres where youll need to make some decisions . Do you want your music to run through your whole video? Is it just for the intro or the outro?

For this example, lets assume that we want to have the audio run throughout the entire video. Since there will be narration, well want to make sure the music isnt so loud that it makes the narration difficult to hear or understand.

When you select the audio track in the timeline, a line with shading will appear. To adjust the volume, you can click on the line and drag it up or down to the desired level. The waveform in the track grows and shrinks as you adjust the volume up and down, letting you know that the volume has been adjusted.

In the Audio Effects menu, there are additional options for adjusting audio. For example, adding a Fade Out at the end of your video clip can help avoid a potentially jarring abrupt ending.

Now that you know how to add music to a video, try playing around with it the next time you create a video. These were just a few basic steps to get you started, but there are a lot of other ways to edit audio to fit your needs.

How To Add Music To A Video In Imovie

Ease of Use: :

In iMovie, you can add background music to your video directly, or you can add a new sound clip for your video. First off, let’s get right to put background music on a video in iMovie:

  • Select Audio tab in the top browser to work with it.
  • Choose the music from Music libraries, Sound Effects, and GarageBand in the drop-down list of Audio tab in the sidebar.
  • Secondly, let’s have a close look at how to mute your source video and customize a sound clip for it:

  • Import media files to iMovie: add audio and video files to iMovie
  • Drag and drop the video to the timeline
  • Remove the sound from the background: right-click on the video > click Detach Audio in the drop-down list > delete the audio track from the timeline. There’s zero audio left in the whole video.
  • Add music to the video you just detached audio: in My Media, pick up the desired music clip you’ve imported and drag and drop it to the timeline. When you play over, the audio will start with the video.
  • Adjust the volume a little bit: if, however, you notice that the audio volume level is a bit higher than expected, you can lower it down by dragging downward the line in the middle of the audio track. If you want the volume up, drag and raise the line up. There are two small dots in the beginning and end of the audio track. Extent it forward or backward, a curve will appear, which will create a fade-in or fade-out audio effect, making your video look more cinematic.
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    That Sounds Good: Adding Audio Track To Youtube

    YouTube videos with background music could be bliss or a disaster for viewers. A cheerful tone brings the summer vibe into your seaside vlog, while a loud music in a tutorial video drives people crazy. Think twice: do you really need to add grooves to your footage? If so, let’s get lively and attack the day!

    • To add background music before uploading: using editing software listed in the above part.
    • To add music after uploading via YouTube Studio: follow steps below.
  • Sign in to YouTube, and click CREATE next to your profile picture.
  • Upload your video. Follow the instructions on the screen and go give your video an enchanting title and an informative description.
  • Click the Editor from the left panel within YouTube Studio, then click on + Audio.
  • Find a music that fits the mood and tempo of your video, and click ADD. You can use filters such as genre, mood, and length to speed up the selection process.
  • Note: you can also adjust the audio saturation to get the perfect volume. For instance, if you don’t want the background music to be louder than people talking in the video, you can dial the button to favor original audio.

    Add Music To Video Faq

    How to Add Music on Facebook Profile and Stories

    What app can I use to add music to a video?How do I add music to video on iPhone?

  • Launch the iMovie app and create a new video project.
  • Tap on Movie and choose the video you want to add background music.
  • Press Create Movie in the lower part.
  • Tap on the gear icon in the lower right corner and toggle Theme Music on. Then select the music you want.
  • How can I add music to my photos?

  • Import audio and photos. First drag and drops photos to the timeline. After that, put the audio in the audio track.
  • Click on Export to adjust the output settings.
  • Finally, tap on Export.
  • How do you avoid copyrighted music on YouTube?

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    How To Add Music To A Video On Your Computer

    Want to add music to your video? Here’s how to do it on Windows or Mac.

    Do you have some music that you want to add to your videos to further enhance them? All you need is a basic video editor, and you can add any music to any of your videos on your computer.

    Here, we show you how to add music to a video on both Windows and Mac computers. These tools work offline, so you dont need to be connected to the internet to use them.

    Drag Audio To Timeline

    • To add the entire audio: simply drag it from the resource bin and drop it to the timeline.
    • To add part of the audio to timeline: click on the audio in resource bin and it will appear in the source monitor. Click the in and out icon to set in and out points. Hover your mouse until it turns into a hand-shaped icon, then drag audio to the timeline.

    A: Resource bin. B: In point. C: Out point. D: Drag Audio Only.

    Tips: If you don’t want to keep the original sound in the video, right click on the clip and hit unlink. Then click on the A1 track, and hit Delete on the keyboard.

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    How To Add Music To A Video

    Video is essential for teaching, training, sharing knowledge, and explaining concepts. No matter who your audience is, video helps them learn better.

    Humans are hardwired to process visual content, but adding great visuals to a video is just half the battle.

    Background music can add more interest to your videos, making them even more engaging and entertaining. The good news is that adding music to videos is pretty simple.

    How do you add music to a video? Where can you find music? Read more to learn how to add music to a video.

    Use this guide to learn how to add music to your video, how choose the right kind of music for the mood of your video, and where to find music .

    Merge Audio And Video Online: Voice2v


    Ease of Use: Website:

    Another way to simply add background music to video online without audio editing is to use Voice2v. The music adding would be as easy as merging audio and video files together. But if you need to adjust the music length, make sure you do it in advance. Because there are no options of trimming audio, applying filters like fade-in and fade-out, or even changing audio volume inside the Add Music to Video module.

    How to merge audio and video online on Voice2v:

  • Go to and choose Add Music to Video in the menu bar.
  • Move to the upload area and click to browse and select a video file.
  • The video uploading kicks off. It is a process that will take some time.
  • Meanwhile, upload an audio file.
  • Click the arrow button to proceed to ADD THE AUDIO TO THE VIDEO NOW.
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    Places To Find Free Music For Video

    Cant find copyright-free music on the web? This part offers you 5 royalty-free websites.

    YouTube Audio Library

    YouTube Audio Library offers hundreds of tracks for free, including music and sound effects. Its very simple to find suitable music or sound effect for your video. In YouTube Audio Library, music is organized according to genre, mood, instrument, duration and attribution. You can easily navigate through the collection and search for specific tracks such as Pop, Jazz or Rock.

    There are over 20 categories of sound effects in the YouTube Audio Library. You can download sound effects as you like quickly.

    Free Music Archive

    Free Music Archive is launched in 2009. Its an interactive library of high-quality and legal audio downloads founded by the most renowned freeform radio station WFMU. It offers over 10 popular types of music, such as Blues, Country, Classical, Electronic and so on.

    This website has another feature Charts. You can see the most popular music in this week, this month and all time.

    You can download these songs without having to log in.


    Freesound offers audio snippets, recordings, samples, bleeps etc., which allows you to use them for free. It also provides some interesting ways to help you access samples.

  • You can type keywords to browse the sounds you may like.
  • You can upload sounds to the website under creative commons
  • You are able to interact with other sound-artists.
  • It also allows you to comment on the audio track that you like.
  • Add Trendy Music In Tiktok Video

  • Open up TikTok on your mobile phone > click on Me in the bottom right corner.
  • Click Sounds in the top area of the screen, search for the music you would like to add for your video, and click the red check-mark in the rear of the music profile.
  • There you go, the song you choose has been added to your video!

    Warm Note: If you want to add the specific part of the audio you choose, you can hit the Trim icon appears in the right sidebar to cut out your desired part, then hit the check-mark. And if you want to make your own sound on TikTok video, you can refer to this guide for more details.

    At this moment, it’s time for you to do the real-time editing with the add-on background music. Once you’ve finished the video shooting, just hit the Next button and post the creation to your TikTok channel.

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    How Do I Add Music To A Video

    Its pretty simple to add music to a video. In this section, well assume you have the music file you want to use, but later in this article well share tips on where you can find music for your videos.

    In fact, itll probably take you more time to choose your music than it will to actually add it to your video.

    I use Camtasia to create and edit all my videos.

    Quicktime Is Another Tool For Mac Users

    Facebook adds music features to profiles and Stories ...

    Ease of Use: :

    QuickTime is bundled with macOS, but it is more than just a media player in your Mac. Actually, the application covers basic editing features like trim, combine, split, flip, rotate, record your video and audio files, etc.. Given that you can combine MOV files and MP4 files in a trouble-free manner, to add background music to a video breaks you no sweat in QuickTime.

    How to replace audio in video with QuickTime:

  • Start with opening one video file with QuickTime.
  • Choose File> Open File> import the audio file. Or, you can drag and drop the audio file to QuickTime .
  • Hit the Start button, and both the video file and the audio file will be played at the same time.
  • Editing Tips:

  • In QuickTime, you are allowed to add several video and audio clips, and each clip you added will be merged into a whole. You may rearrange the order provided you want the output be played in a specific sequence.
  • You can trim the video clip to match with the audio: choose the clip > Edit> the Trim tab in the brower > drag the handle > the Trim button.
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    How To Add Music To A Video On Sharefactory

    Do you want to know how import music sharefactory. Fierofastback for letting us know about this cool trick add music with sharefactory’s import option and only a.

    how to add music to a video on sharefactory Indeed lately has been hunted by consumers around us, maybe one of you personally. People now are accustomed to using the internet in gadgets to view image and video data for inspiration, and according to the name of the article I will discuss about How To Add Music To A Video On Sharefactory.

    How To Import Music Sharefactory Easy Method

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    Play || ||

    If you’re searching for picture and video information linked to the keyword How to add music to a video on sharefactory you have come to visit the right blog. Our website gives you suggestions for seeing the maximum quality video and picture content, hunt and find more informative video articles and images that fit your interests. How to add music to a video on sharefactory includes one of thousands of movie collections from various sources, especially Youtube, therefore we recommend this movie that you see. It is also possible to bring about supporting this site by sharing videos and graphics that you like on this site on your social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram or educate your closest friends share your experiences about the ease of access to downloads and the information you get on this website. This blog is for them to stop by this site.

    How To Add Music To A Video Online

    Start by clicking the Get Started button and upload either your audio or your video by clicking Upload, pasting a link to content on the web, or just dragging a file straight to the Timeline. When your audio and video are in the Timeline, trim them, move them, and right-click on the video to detach and remove its original background audio, if you want.

    Using the Studio, you can add as many audio and video layers as you want! You can use sound effects, voiceovers, music layers, TikTok songs, and visual effects like text, subtitles, lyrics, filters, fancam effects, and much more.

    Kapwing enables creators to trim their audio and specify when in a video the music should start playing. You can import directly from YouTube or upload from a computer or phone.

  • Upload your video or GIF

    Upload a video or GIF that you want to add music to. You can also paste a link from Youtube, Twitter, etc!

  • Add your audio

    Using our easy editor, add audio to video easily. You can drag and drop to set the start time of your audio.

  • Download and share!

    Just hit Export, and your final video will be produced. Kapwing is completely free to use and requires no downloads!

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    Fantastic Music And Where To Find Them

    Besides raiding and sifting through free background music sites, there are many ways to grab your music. Let’s hit the road.

    YouTube Creative Commons is Your Music Bank You are only one-click way from a plethora of free music in YouTube. Looking for dope Stomp Intro Music? Search it and make sure the Creative Commons is ticked in the search filter.

    Revive That Music Wave from Old CDs and Videos Internet is a large reservoir of media, but it might fail to store our best memories. Dust off your old CDs and video disks, digitalize that very piece of media to your hard drive, and you can enjoy adding music to your home videos for private use.

    Vlc: Adding Music Is One Of The Many Possibilities

    How to Add Music on your Facebook Profile! (2021)

    Ease of Use: :

    If you need a free program to nail the task, VLC, although best known as media player software, should be on your list. The good thing is, with audio filters like audio channel remapper, pitch shifter and volume normalizer built in, VLC allows you to add sound to video with rough control over audio quality. But you won’t see any specific parameter adjusting settings. That makes sense. After all, it is a media player.

    How to add audio to video in VLC:

  • Open VLC media player, click Media> Convert / Save.
  • Click +Add to load your video file in the pop-up Open Media window.
  • Choose Convert in the dropdown menu of Convert / Save.
  • Move to Settings> Profile> Edit selected profile.
  • Switch to Audio codec, disable Audio, and then Save to mute the original audio.
  • Go back to the main interface > Media> Convert / Save.
  • Import your video clip by +Add.
  • Re-enable the Audio option and Keep original audio track.
  • Click Show more options > enable Play another media synchronously > Extra media.
  • Load the audio you are going to add into video, click Select> Convert / Save.
  • Browse to reset the destination folder and rename your file > Save> Start to add new audio.
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