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How To Add Music To Video Editor

A Complete Video Guide Of Editing Audios

How to Add Music to a Video | Free | Windows 10 Video Editor

In case you want to add music background to your video footage in a rush, you can watch the video tutorial below about how to add background music and edit audio files with Filmora. This easy-to-use video editing tool makes it hardly a bother to add your favorite background music or audio track to videos .

Besides, you can trim the length, adjust the playing speed, volume, pitch, add fade in/fade out to make it perfect for your video. Just follow below step by step guide to add audio or music to your video with ease. Whatâs more, you can also add videos to MP3 files.

How To Split The Music Into Parts In Your Video

In case if you want to cut your audio track into a few pieces, select a place where you want the first part of the audio to end and click Split.

Split audio in your video

Itll probably be easier if you were to split the video into clips in advance, but either way works.

Pro tip: Youll have to select the audio file and then choose either the Trim or the Volume option to edit it.

Import Music To A Video Project In Final Cut Pro X

Ease of Use: OS: macOS 10.14.6 or laterWhere to get: Apple App Store

Final Cut Pro X is a video editing program for macOS X. Some people dub it iMovie-Pro as it is very much similar to iMovie.

Quik Guide:

  • Add one video file > detach audio.
  • Pick up your background soundtrack and drag the audio file you want to add to the timeline.
  • Fine-tune the volume level, clip length and fade-in fade-out effect of the audio file.
  • Editing Tips:

  • -9.0 dB would be a recommendation in case you need to tweak the volume level.
  • Fast way to trim the excessive audio clip length: locate the end of the video > keyboard command B > a blank video track will be created on the timeline > delete the blank video track and the excessive audio track at a go.
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    How To Add Audio To A Video On Mac

    If you want to add audio to a video on Mac, iMovie, which is launched by Apple, is the great video editor for help. If you dont have iMovie on your Mac, you can download it from the Mac App Store. Once iMovie is installed, you are ready to get started.

    • Step 1. Start iMovie and import a video clip: File> Import Media, then drag the video to the timeline
    • Step 2. Under the main menu bar, click Audio and there appear 3 options in the left-side bar
    • Step 3. Suppose you select iTunes, then select one track from the iTunes list and drag it to the timeline. You can trim the audio track length to match the video length. Meanwhile, you can also set up the start time and end time, tune the volume up and down
    • Step 4. Save the video is you are happy with the change

    Save The Changes And Download The Final Zoom Video

    [Free] How to Add Music to Video Online Free No Watermark ...

    Good job! You’re done editing. Subtitles, sound, images, and the unnecessary part have all been added, and now it’s time to save the final version.

    Once you’ve finished editing your video, you can download it by clicking the “download” button at the right bottom corner of Veed.

    With Veed, you can edit all your videos and save them as .mp4 files.

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    How To Add A Song To A Video What You Need To Know

    You can really create atmosphere for or enhance the mood of onscreen images when you put music over video. Sometimes this is even downright essential, for instance when the audio track of the video you’ve made is not so interesting, or has been rendered unusable because of background noise.

    Use short, recognizable extracts from songs, rather than a full song. After all, you’re not making a video clip. It’s usual best not to put music on video the entire time instead, fade it in and out in specific parts and pause it occasionally so you have passages without music.

    In sections where there is no music, however, we recommend you don’t remove the audio track fully. Passages that are totally silent may come across as jarring and unrealistic, while a little background noise can really add a note of authenticity to the scene.

    MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Plus offers full flexibility when you want to add music to a video and adjust its audio track. Simply drag & drop music of your choice to the tracks underneath the video and then move them to the right location.

    Comprehensive editing functions and dissolve options mean you can quickly and easily play around to find the right combination of video and music. You can also use the volume curve to smoothly balance volume levels for music and audio tracks.

    In this article we’ll show you how it all works in a detailed step by step process.

    Add Music To Video Online On Pixiko

    Ease of Use: Website:

    If you need an online audio and video merger coupled with a breadth of features to help with video audio editing, Pixiko would be the best option among those three. Such a clear interface makes it straightforward to mute video, add sound to video, trim audio track, add text, etc. But there is a limit to the size of video audio clips you can upload for merging together. And you will have to pay to unlock the maximum 500 MB limitation.

    Quick Guide:

  • Open > TOOLS> Add Music to a Video.
  • Click Get started! to get into the online music adder.
  • Drag your video clips to the blue area for loading up.
  • Click Volume under the Edit uploaded video section and move the slidebar down to zero.
  • Change audio volume and click RENDER to start adding music to video.
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    How Do You Extend The Duration Of The Audio To The Whole Length Of The Video

    Probably, your video files are longer than your audio file.

    There are a few options to approach this issue. The one which youll choose will depend on the kind of your video and audio files.

    Option #1. Slow down your audio file. To do that, click on the audio layer you selected, and choose Speed. Adjust it accordingly.

    Option #2. Duplicate your audio file. Use duplicate feature to do so.

    Option #3. Select a few audio files.

    Option #4. Decrease the duration of your video to align it with the audio duration.

    Option #5. Decrease the duration of the transitions between your videos.

    Ok, now that we know how to mute the sound in a video, and we are aware of the handy volume sliders, whats the first thing that pops into your mind?

    If you are anything like us, it is the thought that you desperately need a decent burger and a mug of ice-cold IPA right now.

    The very next thought is probably about adding a cool fade-in, fade-out effect.

    As you may have noticed, there are two additional sliders under the volume bar. One is titled Audio Fade In and the other is Audio Fade Out. These bad boys should be pretty self-explanatory.

    Set up the duration and youll get one of the coolest professional audio editing effects in less than a minute. If you need more details, check up this blog.


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    Add Music To A Video Using A Built

    How to Add Music Tutorial | Movavi Video Editor Plus

    If you would prefer not installing an app to put music on a video, you can use Windows built-in tool to do the task. Windows 10 actually comes with a basic video editor, and its good enough for most basic editing tasks.

    You can use it to add any music files to your videos by doing the following:

  • Open the Start Menu, search for Video editor, and click Video editor.
  • Click the New video project button to create a new project for your task.
  • Type a name for your project and click OK.
  • Its time to add your video to the tool. Click Add, select From this PC, and select the video that you want to add music to.
  • Once the video appears in the editor, right-click on the video and select Place in the storyboard.
  • You can now add music to your video. To do this, click the Custom audio option at the top.
  • Select Add the audio file on the right sidebar to select your music file.
  • Use the markers to define the position for your music and then click Done.
  • Click Finish video at the top to save your edited video.
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    How To Edit Audio In Your Video

    Now, when you have an audio set up, you might want to make some changes to it, to make sure it goes perfectly with your video.

    To edit audio in your video, you simply need to click on the audio track and you will see the menu at the bottom of the screen as you can see on the screenshot below. You can also find here an alternative option to set up the right moment for your audio to start playing.

    Edit audio in your video

    Heres How To Add Music To A Video On Iphone Using The Video Editor App:

    • Launch the Video Editor app.
    • Gallery, Camera, or Videos: Find and select your video from any of these location.
    • Tap on ADD MUSIC.
    • Tracks, iTunes Music, and Record Audio: Select the location for the audio file youd want to add.
    • In the editing section, add your song to the video. Adjust the volume and time intervals of the music to the video.
    • Once completed, tap on the Upload icon to save and share your video.

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    Make Videos More Engaging By Adding Music

    Theres no doubt that music can greatly enhance your videos and turn them into something that people love to watch. There are many ways to add music to your videos as shown above, and its the easiest video editing task that anyone can do.

    Those of you looking to further edit their videos should use a fully-featured video editing program. This kind of program has many features that will help you take your videos to the next level.

    Way 1 Add Background Music To A Video Using Filmora Video Editor For Mac

    How to add audio or music to your videos with filmora ...

    You have to make this your top priority if at all you want to end up with a masterpiece of a video. It is easy to use and has multiple music tracks from which you can choose the ideal one to have in your video. As a positive pointer, Filmora Video Editor for Mac will allow you the freedom of choosing from among other things sound effects, transitions and filters in making sure you have the best experience. Your choices will not be limited at all.

    Key Features of Filmora Video Editor:

    • Over a dozen free pre-installed audio tracks and ability to upload your own music files.
    • Built-in audio effects such as fade in, fade out and de-noise.
    • Direct uploads of edited videos from Filmora to YouTube as well as other social media sharing sites like Vimeo and Facebook.
    • Intuitive interface with easy drag and drop controls.

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    Add Audio To Your Video

    To start open VideoStudio and add your videos, photos, or record your screen to the timeline. Toadd a soundtrack to your video, you can drag and drop any music file into your library and thenon to your timeline. Alternatively, VideoStudio offers a selection of royalty free music,meaning you can use this music freely for both personal and commercial use. To access thislibrary, on the Timeline toolbar, click the Auto Music button. Here you can search and explore arange of different songs and tracks by using the drop-down lists. Press Play to preview theselected music. You can also access the music library in the Library panel, under ScoreFittermusic. Alternatively, you can import a soundtrack from your own content files by importing intoyour library and then adding it to the timeline. ScoreFitter tracks are designed toautomatically match the length of your video project. To enable this, be sure that Auto Trimis clicked on before you add the track to your timeline.

    How To Download Music From Spotify Onto Splice

    This section will cover how to download Spotify music and playlists to common audio files so that you can add them to splice for use.

    You first need to download and install AudFree Spotify Music Converter on your computer. Then, launch it and wait for the Spotify app to open automatically. Next, continue to register AudFree by clicking the “Menu” > “Register” option from the top taskbar.

    You can then activate the full version as the trial version only allows the conversion of the first 1 minute of each track. Just copy and paste your license email and registration code in the corresponding boxes.

    Step 1Add Spotify songs to convert and use on Splice
    Select which Spotify songs or playlists you wish to download and convert from the Spotify app. Then right-click on the playlist you selected and click on the “Share” > “Copy Song Link” option. Next, paste the link into AudFreeâs interface search box and hit the “+” icon to import it. You can also opt to directly drag and drop music from Spotify to the Converter.
    Step 2Customize Spotify output format and parameters for Splice
    From the taskbar, click on the “Menu” > “Preferences” tabs. Then choose output formats like M4A, FLAC, MP3, or other Splice-compatible audio format. Next, move on to edit audio parameters like sample rate, channel, bit rate, and how to archive output tracks. You can achieve this by organizing your tracks by artist or album. Next, click on the “OK” button.

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    How To Add Music To A Video On Windows

    While Windows 10 offers video editing features that include automatically matching your videos to music that aligns with the tempo and moments in your video, you can add background music to your video manually to make your ideas come to life.

  • Open Photos and select Create at the top a dropdown menu will open.
  • From the list of options, select Custom video with music. Then check the box in the top right corner of the video you want to select.
  • Next, select Music at the top of your screen. You can choose from Your music or the Recommended section depending on whether you want to use a custom track or choose from the default files.
  • How To Add Background Music To Video On Phone

    How to Add Music to Your Videos with YouTube Editor! (2016)

    Many people keep asking us how to add background music to video on the Phone recently. Looks like it is not easy to find an app to complete adding music. Today, we are going to show you how to put music to video with one easy-to-use editor, which is called Add Music To Video Editor. By using this editor, you can record your own voice and then add it to the desired video. You can also trim and cut audio to fit the length of the video. More important, you are also allowed to share your creativity with the social platforms directly like IG and Snapchat. Please check the following steps.

      • First, import your video that you want to edit. Then you can tab video sideline to cut some parts that you feel like it is needless
      • Tab “TAP HERE TO ADD MUSIC” to add music. Besides, you are free to add song or recordings
      • In this step, you need to reposition the music track to meet your needs. Just drag it on the timeline.
      • In the last step, if you are satisfied with what you have done, tap Save to export your work.

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    Recommended Online Royalty Free Music Resource: Filmstock

    Filmstock is a one-stop-shop for royalty-free video effects, music and sound effects, stock video footage, and more stock media. You can download royalty-free music from different genres in MP3 or WAV format. Besides, you can also find sound effects in the audio library. Visit the Music library of Filmstock and explore more songs and music for your video.

    Add Background Music To Video On Iphone And Android Phone

    Whether you are using an iPhone, iPad or Android phone, you can easily find some third-party video editor apps to help you add background music to video. If you donât know which one you should use, you can give the popular InShot app a try. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

    Step 1: First, you should go to App Store or Google Play Store to install the InShot app on your phone.

    Step 2: Open InShot and tap the Video option under Create Now. You should allow access to your library and then add your video to this app. Then tap Music option, choose Tracks to select a suitable audio track. Tap Use to confirm your operation. After that, you are allowed to edit the added music in the timeline to fit your video.

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    Supported Formats By Wondershare Filmora

    This professional video editing software supports almost any video and audio formats. So you’ll find it very convenient to add a music file to a video without extra conversion and quality sacrifice.

    • Video Formats: MOV, MPG, MPEG, MP4, WMV, AVI, FLV, MKV, M4V, DV, H264, 3GP, VOB, DIF, NUT, H261, NSV, DAT, EVO, RM, RMVB, TS, DVR-MS, TP, TRP, M2TS, ASF
    • Audio Formats: MP3, AAC, WAV, AC3, MKA, M4V, M4A, FLAC, APE, AIF, AIFF, APE, CUE, AU, AMR, OGG, DPE, MPA, MP2, RA, WMA

    If you need more tutorials about how to edit music and audio in your video with Filmora, check this short YouTube tutorial below.

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