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How To Add Music To Story Instagram

How To Add Spotify Music To Your Instagram Story

How To Add Music To Instagram Story

In the Spotify app, find the song you would like to share and open it in full-screen.

Press the button in the bottom right corner to open the menu. This is the button that looks like three dots connected.

From the menu, select . This will open the Instagram mobile app.

From Instagram, select the button in the bottom right corner.

Finally, select Your Story and then to add this Spotify song to your Instagram story.

Where To Get Music For Instagram Videos

Before we dive into where to find cool music and background beats for your Instagram posts and Stories, its important to note that Instagram will ban any videos that are posted with non-licensed music.

If youre posting a video to your Instagram Stories, you can use Instagrams in-app music library, which well dive into later, but if youre posting a video to your feed, youll have to double-check where its music comes from. You should also always credit the artist when using their work.

Below, weve listed a few options for getting music thats legal to use and wont land you in Instagram jail.

Add Music To An Instagram Story From The Soundcloud App

  • Open the SoundCloud app and type the song you want to add to your Instagram story in the search bar.
  • If you want to check how your story will look, click on the play button to preview the song. Otherwise, click on the share icon beside the music.
  • Select the Instagram stories option. It will move you to the Instagram app shortly with the selected song added to the story.
  • You may edit your story with stickers, texts, colors, or anything you want.
  • Tap Done to share your Story with Music added from SoundCloud
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    Decide On The Length Of The Music

    As soon as you decide on the song you want to use to add music to your Instagram Story, you must figure out how long you want it to play.

    If youre using a static image, the minimum length of music on your Instagram Story is 1 second. The maximum length when you add music, on the other hand, is 15 seconds.

    To change the length of the music, you can click on the button on the left that reads 15. For video posts, the length of the song will automatically adjust to your videos length.

    Image via Instagram

    The Instagram music feature is set up so that its possible to add lyrics to any music when you add music to your Instagram Story. This happens if there are lyrics available for the song. If they are not available, the lyrics wont pop up on the screen when you are previewing it.


    Add Music To Instagram Story

    How to Add Music to an Instagram Story
    • Step 1 Create a new Instagram story and tap the sticker icon at the top of the screen. Search for the Music.
    • Image Board: How to Add Music to Instagram Story with Music Sticker

    • Step 2 On the search interface, select a song under the menu of Popular, Moods, and Genres.
    • Step 3 Click to add a song to the story. Tap Done.
    • Step 4 A sticker will be added to your story. Hold and drag to re-position or resize.
    • Step 5 Preview and share. If you are satisfied with your video, tap Send to to share your Instagram story.

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    How To Add Music To An Instagram Story If You Don’t Have The Music Sticker

    1. Open a music streaming app, like Spotify or Apple Music, on your device.

    2. Start playing the song you want to use.

    3. With the song still playing, go back to Instagram and record your Story the music playing on your phone will be integrated. You won’t be able to add a dynamic album cover or live lyrics, however.

    Note: If you add music this way, Instagram will check your Story for copyright infringement, and if detected, will remove the sound from your video.

    If you don’t have the music sticker on Instagram, it may be because:

    • You live in a country where the feature isn’t available. Music is enabled on the app in over 90 countries, but due to Instagram’s strict adherence to copyright law, it’s disabled in some countries.
    • Your app is out of date. You may need to simply .
    • You’re trying to share a branded content campaign. Due to copyright laws and Instagram’s advertising policies, music and some other features like stickers and emojis aren’t allowed in branded content ads.

    How To Post A Music Video On Instagram Using Tiktok

    Another way you can add some music to your Instagram feed is by sharing a music video youve created on TikTok.

    If youre not already familiar with this app, TikTok is a video sharing platform originally designed for sharing lip-sync videos. Its free to download and use, and it has a massive library of licensed sounds and songs you can add to your videos. The app allows you to record a full video in a single take or in bite-sized snippets. Plus, you have the option to upload an existing video from your Camera Roll.

    Heres how to create a TikTok video and share it on Instagram:

  • Open the TikTok app.
  • Publish your Instagram post as you normally would.
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    How To Use Backgroundmusic To Add Music To An Instagram Post

    If you want catchy music that adds a little bit of spice to your videos, you should check out BackgroundMusic. This video-editor app has all sorts of features that make adding background music to any post seamless and quick.

    From the ability to trim frame by frame to recording your very own voiceover to fading in-and-out effects, this video maker will transform you a pro video editor with little to no effort.

    To get started, download the app on your device and click the purple Start button. Make sure you allow access to your photos and videos, then select which one you want to add some background music to and name your new project. Youll have the option to start a free 7-day trial, or continue for $2.99 per week. Youll have the option to choose Portrait, Square, or Landscape, depending on which format best suits your video.

    Once you press Continue, select the Music icon, which will take you to a Categories section with all sorts of music genres: classical, energetic, happy, romantic, sad, etc.

    Select a mood that suits your video, then preview the video with music before tapping the Share icon to post onto your Instagram. Make sure to tweak any features like speed and volume to your liking before you post. Itll add that extra flair your video needs to shine and stand out among the rest.

    How To Add Music To An Instagram Post Not Story: Know Instagrams Music Guidelines

    How To Add Music To Instagram Story! (2021)

    Unfortunately, adding music to an Instagram post is not as easy as with IG stories the option is not available within the app. Additionally, you can only add a song to a video post this is not possible with a photo. You can either record a video with the song you like playing in the background or use a video editing tool to add music to your video. But take note of to make sure that you wont be in violation of any music copyright.

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    Best Video Editor Apps To Add Music To Instagram Reels Stories And Posts

    Most of the Instagram posts or Reels that you see on your feed are made on a video editor app. Video editors generally have a ton of features and are quite flexible. Here are some of the best video editor apps for your smartphone


    InShot is quite popular for editing videos for Instagram and adding music. Within the app, you can choose to add default music to your video or upload your own. Aside from that, the app has all the essential video editing features. The best part is that the app allows you to remove a watermark in return for watching an ad. InShot is available on Android and iOS.


    YouCut is similar to InShots in looks and features, except it has no ads. You can easily import your music and choose from preexisting tunes within the app. YouCut is available on Android.

    Adobe Premiere Rush

    Adobe is a big name in the video editing fraternity. Adobes Premiere Pro on Windows is used for professional video editing. But if you know the basics, you can also use the tool for editing Instagram videos.

    Premiere Rush is a light version of Premiere Pro, but it is perfect if you want to upload videos on social media. It has all the essential video editing tools and you can easily add music to your videos. The app is available on Android and iOS.

    Thanks for reading till the end of this article. For more such informative and exclusive tech content, like our

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    Option : Use Our Ios App

    If you have an iPhone 6 or above, you can try our app, Animoto: Social Video Editor, designed for creating videos for Instagram Stories. It includes a library of over 700 commercially-licensed songs, handpicked by our team to stand out on IG Stories.

    Pro Tip: If youâre creating a video to upload to Instagram, remember that Instagram Stories are limited to 15 seconds, so youâll want to make sure your video is 15 seconds or less or, if itâs longer, that itâs cut into pieces of 15 seconds or less. Once your video is created, make sure itâs accessible from your device. Then, you can easily upload it to Instagram with the following steps:

  • Log into Instagram
  • Tap âYour Storyâ in the top left corner of your screen
  • Create a âNormalâ story and select the video from your Camera Roll
  • Tap the âSend To > â button to add the video to your Story
  • Check out our guide to learn everything you need to know about .

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    Top Reasons For Not Having Music Stickers On Instagram

    • Music features are not available in your country
    • Your app is not updated, thereby facing technical issues
    • If you are trying to share branded content ads, you wont be able to use stickers because of copyright laws and Instagrams advertising policies

    Dont worry, weve got you covered on how to add music without stickers!

    Heres how you can add music without stickers:

    Step 1: Open any music streaming app on your device.

    Step 2: Start playing the song you want to use.

    Step 3: Switch to open your Instagram app and record your video. The music will be automatically integrated with the video. However, here you wont be able to add lyrics or music album covers.

    When you add music this way, Instagram will check your Story for copyright infringement. If any copyright violations are detected, the sound from your video will be removed.

    What Is Instagram Music

    How to Add Music to Instagram Story

    In 2018, Instagram introduced a music widget to add music to Stories, allowing users to add their favorite songs to their photos, texts, and videos. Users can access thousands of songs from the Instagram music library and share their stories in a new, musical way. The Instagram music clip is capped at 15 seconds for all kinds of stories.

    However, business accounts cant access this feature due to copyrights and infringements agreements. Also, the ability to choose a song before capturing video is only available on iOS, with Android coming soon. But there is an extended option for users to add music along with the lyrics from third-party applications like Spotify, SoundCloud, etc.

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    How To Post A Music Video To Stories Using Tiktok

    You can also post your TikTok videos to your Instagram Stories. Heres how to do that:

  • Open the TikTok app.
  • Tap the + icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Press the Sounds button at the top-center of the screen.
  • Navigate and search for the song you want to use.
  • Select it and press the red check mark that appears to add it to your video.
  • Press the record button to record your video.
  • Press the check mark when youve finished recording.
  • Add any effects, texts, or filters and press Next at the bottom-right of the screen.
  • Fill out your caption and press Post at the bottom-right of the screen.
  • Go to your newly published TikTok video and press Share.
  • Select the Instagram Stories icon.
  • Press Your Story at the bottom-left of the screen to publish your video to your Stories.
  • Brilliant Ways To Add Music To Instagram Story Without Sticker

    We all know that Instagram allows users to add a soundtrack to their stories through the embedded music sticker. This is the result of Facebooks agreement with Universal Music Group to let people use licensed songs in their videos.

    But have you ever seen an Instagram story with background music, but the sticker was nowhere to be found on your screen no matter how hard you tried?

    Well, thats why youre here with AskForApps because were gonna instruct you how to add music to Instagram story without sticker.

    Step by step, rest assured that youll grasp the following information:

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    How To Use Inshot To Add Music To An Instagram Post

    Inshot is another option for creating an Instagram post with music.

    Start by opening the app and selecting Video. Choose the video or images youd like to feature in your video. Youll see an editing menu across the bottom of your screen and this is where you can select music for your video.

    Tap the Music icon and youll have three options: add a music track, add a sound effect, or record your own audio. By sliding your video bar, you can insert pieces of audio at multiple points in one video. You can also customize each piece of audio that you add by tapping on Edit.

    When youre finished adding sound, click the Checkmark. Add any other stickers, filters, or text youd like and tap Save. When your video is finished saving, youll see a menu of sharing options. Tap on the Instagram icon and your phone will prompt you to select Feed or stories. Select Feed and post as usual.

    About Instagrams Music Sticker

    How to Add Music to Instagram Story

    Since Instagram introduced their Story feature in 2018, millions of users have become way more excited to update their daily records. Thanks to it, they no longer fear the embarrassing moments when you bombard your followers IG feed with your content.

    Year after year, Instagram has added original ideas to the Story editor, making it even better than all competitors. Of all gimmicks, the music sticker is among the most favorites to express more of our taste.

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    How To Add Music From Spotify To Instagram Stories

    One of Instagram’s most useful features is called Stories, which allows you to capture in-the-moment videos, or lets you post a bunch of photos that play like a slideshow. The photos and videos will disappear after 24 hours and won’t appear on your profile grid or in feed.

    Instagram Stories are an incredible way to connect with your audience in fresh and authentic ways. If youre creating an Instagram Story, one of the fabulous ways through which you can make your posts more interesting and entertaining is by adding music track or sound effect to your stories. Don’t know how to add music to your story? Don’t worry! It is quite simple to get it done.

    In this post, we will explore two ways in which we can add music from Spotify to Instagram stories. The first is through the Instagram app itself and the other is through the third-party apps.

    Why Dont I Have A Music Sticker

    There could be the following reasons why you cant add music to your Instagram story:

    • Your app isnt up to date. Try reinstalling the Instagram app to see if the sticker shows up.
    • The music feature isnt supported in your region. Use VPN to select a country where Instagram music stickers are available.
    • Instagram music is accessible to private accounts only so if you have a business account you cant access this feature due to copyright policies.

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    How To Add A Music Sticker To An Instagram Story

    The process of adding a music sticker to your Instagram Story is straightforward:

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Press your Story icon at the top-left of your screen.
  • Upload your Story by swiping up to access your Camera Roll or shoot it with the Story camera.
  • Press the sticker button at the top of the screen or swipe up.
  • Tap the Music button.
  • Either type the song you want to use into the search bar or browse via your mood, genre preference, or whats popular today.
  • Press the song to add it to your Story.
  • Then, press Done at the top-right corner of the page.
  • Move your sticker to the placement you want on your Stories.
  • Press the Your Story button at the bottom-left of the screen.
  • When selecting a song for your Story, you have the option to listen to a preview before adding it. All you have to do is press the play button to the right of the song.

    This Is Still Only Available In Select Countries


    Lyrics are still a relatively new addition to music in Instagram Stories. The company is gradually rolling out the feature across select countries.

    One reason for this gradual release could be the thorny issue of music rights. Presumably, Instagram has made licensing agreements with music companies, and they will have to be negotiated separately for each region. The first countries to access Instagram Music are Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Sweden, the UK, and the USA. Presumably, other countries will be added to this list when legal issues are sorted.


    Several websites have suggested a workaround for this limitation if you live outside the official nations. According to Techwiser, you should follow these steps:

  • Uninstall your existing Instagram app
  • Use a VPN on your phone. You should find a suitable VPN by searching if you don’t already have one of choice. There are both free and paid alternatives
  • Connect to a server from one of the “legitimate” countries
  • Follow the VPS’s instructions to ensure that it’s running properly
  • Go to your app store and reinstall Instagram
  • Log into your account
  • At this point, you should be able to create a Story with music by following the instructions above. Make sure that you can see the Music tab on the bottom left as you create your Story.

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