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How To Add Music To Samsung Music App

How To Move Music From Computer To Phone

Samsung Galaxy S8: How to Play Songs With Play Music App

If you want to transfer music from the computer to Samsung via Smart Switch, you can follow this tutorial:

Step 1. Tap the Restore Tab

After launching the software and connecting both devices, you can tap the “Restore” tab on the interface.

Step 2. Restore the Backup Music to Samsung

Then hit the “Select your backup data” icon to pick your backup music. Next, tap the “OK“> “Restore” button to get the music back to your Samsung device.

How To Play Music From Phone To Samsung Tv

2. How to play music from phone to Samsung Smart TV using bluetooth

  • In the Settings section, select Sound and select Professional settings.
  • Next, select Sound Mirroring.
  • Select Open to start Screen Mirroing mode.
  • At this time, a message will appear on the Smart TV screen, select Yes to confirm.
  • How To Transfer Artists From Groove Music To Samsung Music

    You need to complete 3 easy steps to transfer artists from Groove Music to Samsung Music:

    1 Select Groove Music as the source service

    2 In Artists tab select artists you want to transfer and click Transfer

    3 Select Samsung Music as the destination service

    The transfer will start. Once finished, your artists will be available on Samsung Music.

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    Import Music From Itunes Library To Samsung

    iTunes is used for managing and playing music or videos for apple users. If the songs that you want to transfer are from iTunes Library instead of in your iOS device, dont quit the program, the Restore module of Syncios Data Transfer can help you import music to Samsung mobile phone from iTunes Library.

    Step 1Click ‘Back’ to the main interface. Then go to ‘Restore’ module. Therere four options: Syncios Backup, iTunes Backup, iCloud Backup and iTunes Library. Tap iTunes Library option to find a pop-up window.

    Step 2Syncios will detect and load music files from iTunes Library on your computer automatically. Pick all songs and then click ‘OK’ > ‘Next’ > ‘OK’ option to import music to Samsung.

    How To Sync Music From Samsung Phone To Computer


    You can follow the guide to move music from a Samsung device to a computer via Smart Switch:

    Step 1. Install Smart Switch

    Please install the correct version of Smart Switch on your computer, and set up a USB connection between your Samsung mobile device and the computer.

    Step 2. Choose Music Option

    Tap the “MORE“> “Preferences“> “Backup items” tab, and select the “Music” data type. Then click the “OK” icon.

    Step 3. Move All Music to Computer

    Hit the “Backup” icon to transfer all the Samsung music to your computer.

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    Sync Music From Itunes Library To Samsung Galaxy S20

    Step 1: Another identity of Syncios Data Transfer an iTunes extractor. If want to restore files without overwriting, or transfer music and videos from iTunes Library to Samsung Galaxy S20, you should run the transfer tool and connect Samsung Galaxy S20 to computer using an USB cable.

    Step 2: From the primary interface, choose Restore column and navigate to iTunes Library tap, click on it.

    Step 3: A pop-up window appears, you can see you iTunes Library. Select songs and videos and click on OK to sync music and videos to your Samsung Galaxy S20 directly. Without iTunes, without a few complicated steps, you have copied media files from iTunes Library to Samsung Galaxy S20.

    Add Music To Samsung Music App From Pc Via Windows Media Player

    Step 1Run Windows Media Player on computer, then the Music Library will appears.

    Step 2Choose the music your want to sync to Samsung, then click Sync button on the upper-right corner.

    By the way, it also can be a nice option for people who want to know how to transfer text messages from Android to Android.

    Thats all for how to add music to Samsung Music app. If you want to flexibly transfer songs to Samsung from any iOS, Android, Mac or PC, using FoneLab HyperTrans is your most time-saving choice. You can move all kinds of music files to your Samsung phone directly. It just combines digital players together running different OS. Next time you want to transfer music and other large files to your new Samsung phone, you should not miss HyperTrans.

    Transfer Data From iPhone, Android, iOS, Computer to Anywhere without Any Loss.

    • Move Files between iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android.
    • Import Files from iOS to iOS or from Android to Android.
    • Move Files from iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android to Computer.
    • Save Files from Computer to iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android.

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    How To Put Music On Your Samsung Galaxy A10e With A Computer

    So we start our little file by discovering the different ways of doing things available to you for transfer music to a Samsung Galaxy A10e from a computer. This is the common method that most people use. Indeed, it is much easier to download music on a computer rather than from a smartphone. First, we will show you the technique using the USB port, then, how to do it wirelessly. In the event that you do not know how to connect your Samsung Galaxy A10e to your computer, feel free to take a look at our guide.

    Control The Music Player

    Galaxy S21/Ultra/Plus: How to Add/Remove Songs to Your Playlist in Samsung Music App

    Get pumped up at the gym by playing and controlling music straight from your smart watch. You can control the music that’s playing directly through your watch or your phone.

    Here are the different music player controls:

    • Volume control: Set the volume level.

    • Switch device: Alternate between your phone or watch’s playlist.

    • Next track: Skip to the next track.

    • Play or Pause: Start or pause the track that is playing.

    • Previous track or restart: Go back to the previous track or restart the current track.

    • Library: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access your music library. On some watch models, you may have to tap the Library button to access it. Here you can view your tracks, artists, albums, and so on. This option may not appear if you do not have music files stored on the watch itself.

    • More options: Tap this to get additional controls for your music, such as Shuffle, Repeat, Favorites, and more. This option may not appear if you do not have music files stored on the watch itself.

    With a Galaxy Fit or Fit2, you can use the Music Controller widget to control music playing from your phone. To access the widget, just press the Power or Home key on the watch, and then swipe left until you see it. You can adjust the volume of your music with the Galaxy Fit2 by swiping up twice on the widget, and then tapping +.

    Note: You cannot adjust the volume level or alternate playlist with the Fit.

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    Transfer Songs To Samsung Music Via A Usb Cable

    For Mac users, you should have an Android manager before you add your music to Samsung Music. You can connect your device to your computer and then directly move the converted Spotify music files to your device.

    Step 1. Connect your Samsung device to your computer with a USB cable.

    Step 2. Launch the Samsung Music app folder from your computer after recognizing your device.

    Step 3. Open the folder where your Spotify Music is stored and drag and drop them to the Samsung Music folder.

    Audfree Amazon Music Downloader

    Moreover, you will receive the songs with their ID3 tags preserved. The steps to link Samsung TV to Amazon Music is easy. Surprisingly, you are inspired to set the music parameters for the TV. You will get the converted Amazon Music songs in a short time.

    Here you are provided the guide on streaming Amazon Music tracks on Samsung Smart TV.

    Step 1Import Amazon Music songs to AudFree
    Firstly, please install the Amazon Music app and the AudFree Audio Capture on your computer. Open the AudFree program, you can see that a list of icons of software or browser on your computer are on the window. Please make sure the icon of Amazon Music or the web browser that leads you to the Amazon Music website is on it. If not, please click the button “+” to add it to the window.
    Step 2Choose output parameters
    Now please reset the format of Amazon Music for Samsung Smart TV. Hit the “Audio” icon on the right of the window. Select the one you prefer and customize the codec, channel, bit rate and sample rate to get a better quality. You are advised to choose MP3, 320 kbps, 48000Hz to improve the music quality from Amazon Music.

    Posted by Roger Kelly to Audio Recording Tips

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    If Youre Signed In To A Smart Tv That You No Longer Have Access To

    If youre signed in to the Apple Music app with your Apple ID on someone elses smart TV, or a smart TV that you no longer have access to, follow these steps to sign out.

    On your Mac or PC:

  • Go to and sign in with your Apple ID and password.
  • Scroll down to devices and select your smart TV.
  • Select Remove from account.
  • On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch:

  • Go to Settings > .
  • Scroll down and tap your smart TV.
  • Tap Remove from Account.
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    How To Transfer Playlists From Groove Music To Samsung Music

    Inside Galaxy: Samsung Galaxy S4: How to Add or Remove ...

    You need to complete 3 easy steps to transfer playlists from Groove Music to Samsung Music:

    1 Select Groove Music as the source service

    2 In the Playlists tab select playlists you want to transfer and click Transfer

    3 Select Samsung Music as the destination service

    Enjoy a cup of tea while MusConv works for you Once finished, your playlists and songs will be available on Samsung Music.

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    How To Transfer Spotify Music To Samsung Music

    With the rise of many music streaming services, many people could find their preferred tracks from those streaming platforms such as Spotify. Spotify has an extensive library with over 30 million songs available for users. However, many other people prefer listening to songs on those programs preinstalled on their devices like the Samsung Music app.

    To many people, Samsung Music is a friendly app for managing music on their Samsung devices. So, is it possible to transfer Spotify music to Samsung Music? In fact, you cannot link Spotify to Samsung Music to access your personal collections even if you have a Premium account. Dont worry. Here we come to help you add Spotify music to Samsung Music.

    Play Amazon Music On Samsung Tv

    However, when the network connection is not stable, you may encounter some errors while you are listening to the Amazon Music songs on Samsung TV. What’s more, once you cancel the subscription, you can not access the songs on the TV as they are not saved as local files.

    To avoid errors, you can use the AudFree Audio Capture to get Amazon Music on Samsung Smart TV. The AudFree software aims to in the format of MP3, AAC, WAV, M4A and M4B. Then you can send the songs to Samsung Smart TV and listen to them with no Internet anytime.

    If you have other players, you can also store the songs on them for playback. All in all, you are able to keep the Amazon Music playlist on your devices for your entertainment every time. In addition, you do not need to worry about the quality of the recorded songs as the AudFree tool gives you back lossless files.

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    Import Music From Iphone To Samsung

    All the time we know that therere some difficulties to transfer data between iPhone and Android. So is there any tool can help us solve it perfectly? Will it be complicated? Syncios Data Transfer provides the simplest answer for you. Youre allowed to transfer contacts, messages, videos, pictures, audio and more from iOS device to Samsung without any limitation.

    Step 1First of all, download and install Syncios Data Transfer.

    Step 2Open Syncios Data Transfer by clicking ‘Phone Transfer’ from the interface of Syncios Toolkit.

    Step 3Connect your Samsung phone to your computer.

    Step 4As you can see, there are three different modules:Transfer: transfer almost all files, including contacts, video, SMS, photos, call logs, music, bookmarks and more between unlimited mobile devices.Restore: restore data from iTunes/iCloud backup or from iTunes Library to mobile phones.Backup: backup your phone data to computer by one-click.

    Go to Transfer module like the following screenshot.

    NOTE: Your target phone should be put on the right. If the position is incorrect, you can change it manually.

    Step 5Click ‘Next’ to the next step. If you want to transfer music, check ‘Audio’ option, then click ‘Next’ option to load the data.. Then tap ‘Next’ > ‘OK’ to start data transfer.

    Download Music From Stream Music To Samsung

    How To Add Music On Samsung Gear IconX 2018 | Google Play Music

    There are some mainstream music platform commonly used by music lovers. But how can we download songs in a common format and then we can enjoy them on iPod, iPhone, Zune, PSP, MP3 player and some other devices offline? AudiCable Audio Recorder can do that in an easy way.

    Step 1 Download and install AudiCable Audio Recorder.

    Step 1 Run it on your computer. There are some popular music platforms listed on the start-up page.

    Step 2Click the ‘Settings’ button on the top right to customize the basic parameters, including Output format, Output quality and Output folder.

    Step 3 One the main interface, click on ‘Spotify’ and then click ‘Sign in’. Enter your account information to login. It supports both Free and Premium accounts.

    Step 4 After you login, search and find the music/song you like. Then select a song or a playlist to play. AudiCable will automatically begin to record the music.

    Step 5 When the song is played to the end, back to the main window and switch to the ‘Recorded’ panel. The music you just listen is recorded and listed here, which is saved on your computer. Now you can enjoy the music off-line.

    Step 6 Follow the process in Method 2 to transfer the music to your Samsung mobile phone.

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    Get Amazon Music On Samsung Smart Tv Directly

    Amazon Music has been supported by Samsung TV since 2017. Owners can use Amazon Music app on Samsung TV. You are allowed to browse playlists, stations, and libraries and so on directly on Samsung TV. Subscribers can download the songs on the app. The three services – the Amazon Music Free, Amazon Prime Music, Amazon Unlimited Music offer you different choices for your needs.

    Itâs easy to operate it. Please download the Amazon Music app on it from the âSamsung Appâ section and then you can select and listen to Amazon Music on Samsung TV via the official app.

    How To Get Music On Your Phone From A Computer

    How do I transfer music from my computer to my phone via Bluetooth? Here are the steps:

    Step 1. Set Up Bluetooth

    – After connecting your Samsung cellphone and computer, you need to set up Bluetooth on your computer. On a PC, right-tap Bluetooth and choose the “Send a File” option.

    – On Mac, please hit Bluetooth, select your Samsung device, and the “Send file to device” option.

    Step 2. Send Music to Your Samsung Phone

    – To send music from Windows to Samsung, please choose your Samsung phone on the popup, and click the “Browse” icon to select files. Then select the “Accept” option on the smartphone, and you will get the music.

    – To transfer music from Mac to Samsung, you can browse the music files on Mac and send them via Bluetooth directly. At last, hit the “Accept” icon on Samsung to receive the music files.

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    How Do I Transfer Music Between Samsung And Mac Computer

    Here’s how to sync music from a Mac computer to a phone:

    Step 1. Download Android File Transfer

    In the beginning, please download and install Android File Transfer on Mac.

    Step 2. Link Samsung to Mac

    Use a supplied USB cable to link your Samsung device to the Mac, and open Android File Transfer. Then you can browse your Samsung files on Mac.

    Step 3. Copy Music

    – To copy music from Samsung to Mac, you can open the music folder. Then highlight and drag them to the Mac desktop.

    – To sync music from the Mac computer to the phone, you can go to the location stored songs on Mac, and drag the songs to a Samsung folder. After the transfer is over, you can remove the connection and listen to the songs on Samsung.

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    How To Put Usb Music On Your Samsung Galaxy A10e

    2 Quick Ways to Transfer Amazon Music to iTunes

    You may know this, but, the first thing to do is to connect your Samsung Galaxy A10e to your computer so that you can put music on it. Follow the instructions below to complete the procedure correctly:

    • Connect your Samsung Galaxy A10e via your USB cable to your computer.
    • In the notification bar of your smartphone confirm the authorization to transfer files.
    • On your computer, go to » Computer , Then in the tab of your Samsung Galaxy A10e create a folder in which you will put the music you want to transfer.
    • Find the folder in which the music is saved on your PC, then thanks to a simple copy / paste in the destination folder you will perform the transfer.
    • All you have to do is wait for the transfer time, which may be longer or shorter depending on the number and size of the files.
    • Check that the music is present in the destination folder, you will now need to disconnect your Samsung Galaxy A10e from your computer.

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