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How To Add Music To Ipod Without Itunes

Prevent Itunes From Automatically Syncing With Your Device

How To Add Songs To Your iPod Without iTunes

First, you’ll need to make sure you can transfer the music on your iPod without iTunes erasing it while syncing.

When you connect a device to iTunes, the music in your iTunes library is automatically synced to your device. You cannot download music from an iPod into iTunes. So if you connect an iPod to iTunes, the music on the device will be overwritten with what’s in your iTunes library.

The method for preventing iTunes from automatically syncing with your iOS device is mostly the same for Windows and Macs running Mojave or earlier:

  • Make sure to disconnect all iOS devices from your computer. Then, open iTunes. In Windows, go to Edit > Preferences. On a Mac, go to iTunes > Preferences.
  • On both platforms, click the Devices tab and check the Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically box. Then click OK and close iTunes.
  • However, Macs running macOS Catalina and newer use Finder instead of iTunes to sync iOS devices. Because of this, you’ll need to open your device in Finder and uncheck the Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected box.

    Step : Transfer Your Music To Ipod

    Now simply drag your favorite song or a music folder from your screen to the WALTR 2 app.

    As you drop the files, a progress bar will appear showing the percentage of files being transferred. It only takes only a few seconds to complete the transfer.

    Once the completion message pops up, you are good to go.

    Now you can listen to your favorite song anywhere, anytime, through your old buddy, your iPod!

    Solution 2 How To Sync Mp3 To Ipod With Itunes

    iTunes is the default tool that Apple has provided to copy MP3 to iPod. If you want to transfer MP3 to iPod with your iTunes, you should update your iTunes to the latest version first. You can either check the new version in your iTunes or the latest version from Apple official site. Next, follow the steps below.

    Step 1: Run iTunes on your computer. Click the File menu in iTunes > select Add File to Library or Add Folder to Library to add your MP3 songs to iTunes Library.

    Step 2: Click the View menuin iTunes > select Show Sidebar. Connect your iPod with your computer via a USB cable. When connected, your iPod will apear in DEVICES in the sidebar.

    Step 3: Click your iPod in the sidebar. Then click Music tab in the right side window. From here, check Sync Music. Next, you should select songs and click Apply to put MP3 to your iPod.

    Disadvantages: 1. Complex operation 2. Can’t transfer some music formats

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    Reason 5 A Nostalgic Trip Down Your Memory Lane

    Take a trip down your memory lane by holding the revolutionary iPod Classic again after years. iPod Classic was a true milestone in the history of Apple Inc. and even now Apple aficionados will gladly spend a fortune to get a rare edition of iPod Classic. That is because, for many people, it still symbolizes the whole era and brings back those sweet memories of the older days.

    Add The Music To Your Itunes Library

    How to Add Music to iPod Without Deleting Old Music

    After transferring the music from your iPod to your computer, you can start making adjustments. First, add the music from your iPod to your iTunes library on your Windows PC or Mac. Note that on macOS Catalina and newer, your music library appears in the Apple Music app since iTunes is gone.

    You can have iTunes for Windows make a copy of each file and place them into the iTunes media folder. Moving the original files would then not affect the music in your iTunes library.

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    One More Thingdont Worry About The Format

    Dont worry if your music file format is MP3, M4A, FLAC, AIFF, APE, or any other that is incompatible with iOS devices. WALTR 2 converts any format to the iOS compatible format.

    WALTR 2 also helps to connect your iPods wirelessly via Wi-Fi. But all iPods do not support Wi-Fi. So if you have a later iPod version that supports Wi-Fi, you can add music wirelessly too.

    Alternatives And How To Use Mp3tag On Mac

    There are music tagging apps for Mac like Kid3, but they aren’t as easy to use as Mp3tag. The developer of Mp3tag offers a prepackaged wrapped application for use on Mac. You can for use on Mac.

    After it’s finished, add it directly to the Applications folder on your Mac and run the prepackaged application. Unfortunately, macOS Catalina doesn’t support apps utilizing Wine, so this won’t work until the developer releases a native version.

    Use the same steps listed above to rename music files using Mp3tag on your Mac.

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    How To Add Music To Ipod Without Deleting Old Music

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    Synchronizing an iPod to iTunes automatically erases and adds music files to and from your device. Normally, you’re only allowed to connect your iPod with a single iTunes library on a single computer. When you connect your iPod to a new computer, you’ll be prompted to erase its contents before proceeding. You can change the settings on your iPod so that this doesn’t happen in the future. You can also use a third-party program to transfer music without using iTunes at all.

    Way : How To Transfer Music From Ipod To Computer Without Itunes With One Click

    How to put music into an ipod without itunes

    Compared with moving songs from computer to iPhone/iPod/iPad, it’s a little bit complex to work in reverse. Because iPod and other iDevices can only be synced manually, and with just one computer. It is apparent that these restrictions can be overcome by MobiKin Assistant for iOS , as this powerful software is an all-around player, enabling you to make iPod file transfer without iTunes. In terms of managing your iPod, it has performed fairly well in hundreds of thousands of trials done by its users.

    Key Features of MobiKin Assistant for iOS:

    – Move up to 14 types of data from iPod/iPad/iPhone to computer easily, including all the music, videos, pictures, eBooks, contacts, SMS, notes, Safari Bookmarks, voice memos, podcasts, ringtones, etc.

    – Backup iPod files to iTunes default location or any other places on your computer.

    – Add or delete backups on computer without any limitations.

    – Manage your iDevice contents freely .

    – Work well with various iDevices, including iPod touch 5/4/3/2, iPod shuffle 4/3/2/1, iPod classic 3/2, iPod nano 6/5/4/3/2, as well as all models of iPhone and iPad, with iOS 4 and up.

    Guidance on how to transfer music from iPod to computer without iTunes using MobiKin Assistant for iOS:

    Step 1. Download, install and open MobiKin Assistant for iOS, and get your iPod linked to computer via an applicable USB cord.

    Step 4. After the selection, hit the “Export” button from the top menu to save the chosen songs on any folders of your computer.

    Video Guide:

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    If You Have No Idea How To Add Music To Ipod Without Itunes Get The Best Solution From This Article To Transfer Music To Ipod Just Go On And Find The Solution

    I can’t put music on ipod ? Does anyone know how to add music to iPod without using iTunes ?

    iTunes might be the default and the most used application through which you can transfer music to your iPod, but itâs not the only one. Some users have been facing extreme difficulties while trying to navigate through iTunes in a quest to add music to their iPod. Sometimes, people also have a bad internet connection which means that theyâre unable to download iTunes and thus cannot copy music to their iPod without bypassing iTunes. There have also been some content erasing issues with iTunes in the past, so in fear of having their favorite music getting deleted, people try to search for the existing alternatives to iTunes.

    Add Music To Ipod Classic From Pc And Itunes

    To add music from computer to iPod classic, Iâd like to advice you this program â Dr.Fone – Phone Manager . It gives you the power to add music from iTunes and PC to your iPod classic, iPod classic 2, iPod classic 3, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, and iPod Touch immediately. It will retains song information and fix ID3 tags, like ratings, play count, will be added to your iPod classic, which lets you quickly find your wanted music. Surprisingly, it never deletes previous songs on your iPod classic when adding music to it. At the same time, if the music file has an incompatible format, this program will also convert it to iPod classic friendly format. The quality remains the same and there is no loss over the transfer.

    Transfer Music from Computer to iPod/iPhone/iPad without iTunes

    • Transfer, manage, export/import your music, photos, videos, contacts, SMS, Apps etc.
    • Backup your music, photos, videos, contacts, SMS, Apps etc. to computer and restore them easily.
    • Transfer music, photos, videos, contacts, messages, etc from one smartphone to another.
    • Transfer media files between iOS devices and iTunes.
    • Support all iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models with any iOS versions.


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    How To Put Music On Ipod Without Itunes Works With Iphone Too

    Learning how to put music on iPod without iTunes can be a very daunting task. And users are struggling to get their iPod connected with iTunes because it is a bit of a complicated task. Therefore, if you want to learn how to transfer your favorite music into your iPod without using iTunes, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps to add music to your iPod.

    iPods have become one of the most used music players over the past several years. Due to technological advancement, it is much convenient to sync music to your iPod device rather than lugging around a case of 50-200 CDs. Though iPod is specially designed to be used along with iTunes to transfer music, plenty of users do not like the way of using iTunes to add music tracks to their iPods.

    How To Transfer Music From Ipod To Mac Without Software

    How to Add Music From iTunes to iPhone (iPod Touch/iPad ...

    Initially, you have to connect the iPod with your Mac systems using the USB cable. Disable auto sync option of iTunes in your iPod then follow the below guidelines.

    Step 1: On your Mac systems, create a new folder at your desired location and open the âFinderâ window. Select the âMusicâ folder on your iPod.

    Step 2: Click and drag the music files from the âFinderâ window to the newly created folder on your system.

    The iPod songs enter into the new folder in your Mac system easily.

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    How To Put Music On Ipod Using Itunes

    The main reason why many users are not willing to transfer music to iPod with iTunes is that iTunes will cause data loss on the iOS device by syncing. However, if you have a brand new iPod, you have no such worry and you can use iTunes to add music to your iPod for free by automatic syncing or drag-and-drop.

    To add music from iTunes to iPod manually:

    Step 1. Connect the iOS device to your computer and wait for iTunes to run automatically.

    Step 2. In iTunes, click the device icon and select “Settings” > “Summary” from the left side.

    Step 3. Scroll down to the “Options” section, check “Manually manage music and videos”, then click the “Apply” button.

    Step 4. Go to “Devices” > “Music”. Open the folder that contains the songs, select the music files you want to import, then drag and drop them to the left panel or to the center of the window.

    You can also use iTunes to sync music to iPod via automatic sync mode.

    How To Put Music On Ipod Classic

    One of the best ways to listen and jam to your favorite music is through iPod Classic. But due to the byproduct philosophy of Apple, it’s difficult to add your favorite music to the iPod. Don’t worry we have got you here:

    • Step 1: Install WALTR PRO on your computer
    • Step 2: Launch the app and connect your iPod Classic to your computer via USB
    • Step 3: Drop your favorite song in the drop zone of WALTR PRO
    • Step 4: Wait for a few seconds and then visit the music app on your iPod Classic How to Put Music on iPod Nano

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    How To Transfer Songs From One Ipod To Another Via The Itunes Store

    Are the songs you want to move purchased from the iTunes Store? Are you using the same Apple ID on the two iPods? If that’s the case, you can sync music from one iPod to another without iTunes or even a computer.

    To copy music from one iPod to another:

    Step 1. Go to the target iPod and sign in with the Apple ID you use on the source iPod via settings.

    Step 2. Open the iTunes Store and click “More” > “Purchased”.

    Step 3. Select “Music” and click the “Not on This iPod” tab.

    Step 4. Choose “All Songs” and tap “Download All” to download songs to your new iPod.

    Reason : Thousands Of Songs In Your Pocket

    How To add music onto iPhone/ipod touch [WITHOUT ITUNES/COMPUTER]

    Sick of getting those Storage full messages on your phone? Just transfer your music library to iPod and you will have more storage for other stuff in your phone, and an entire other device dedicated just for your songs.

    iPod’s storage has always been unbelievably huge. From 5GB to a whopping 160GB, iPods prove that you can never have too many songs. With this much storage in your iPod, you can have thousands of songs , right in your pocket!

    Gigantic music subscription platforms like Apple Music, YouTube Music or Spotify may offer millions of songs, but 160 GB of storage just for music is more than anyone will ever need. And yet it doesn’t have any monthly fee or data charges. So go ahead and put as much music on your iPod as it can hold!

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    Reason : Update Your Ipods With The Latest Music

    With WALTR 2, blow life into those old iPods laying somewhere around your house and update them with the latest music. We just showed you how to add music to iPod without iTunes. Now go ahead and download thousands of songs to your iPods at once by transferring entire folders with WALTR 2.

    So the next time you go for a run and you want to listen to music, you won’t need to bring your phone along because your iPod has got you covered.

    Option : Sync Music From Mac To Ipod Via Finder

    Before syncing music from Mac to iPod via Finder, make sure to note that this method works only for users who are using a Mac running macOS Catalina and later.

    Here’s how to sync music from computer to iPod via Finder!

  • Step 1: Open “Finder” and connect your iPod to your PC.
  • Step 2: Unlock your iPod and trust the PC.
  • Step 3: In “Finder,” select your device under “Locations” and select the “Music” tab.
  • Step 4: Check “Sync music onto ” and select which content to sync.
  • Step 5: Finally, tap the “Apply” button to start transferring music from your PC to your iPod.

  • A few minutes later, you will be successful in syncing music from Mac to iPod via Finder!

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    Add Music To Ipod Touch And Listen Offline

    In the Music app , Apple Music subscribers can add and download songs and videos from Apple Music. You can stream music you add to iPod touch when you have an internet connection. To play music when youre not connected to the internet, you must first download it.

    Note: You cant add and download music in the Apple Music Voice Plan. For more information, see the Apple Support article About Apple Music Voice.

    Is There Any Way To Put Music On Ipod Without Itunes Here In This Guide You Will Find 2 Helpful Ways To Put Music On Ipod Without Itunes

    How to Add Music from iTunes to iPod: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

    Is there any way to put music on an iPod without the use of iTunes? Surprisingly enough, there is a way. Itâs nothing complicated or difficult either. In fact, we can confidently say that learning how to put music on iPod without iTunes is much easier than actually using the iTunes program. How? Well, that is dependent on the tools ability to bypass iTunesâs limits, allowing you to move all types of songs (even those not purchased directly from the Apple Music store.

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    How To Put Music On Ipod Shuffle Nano Mini Without Itunes

    • WALTR 2
    • How to Put Music on iPod Shuffle, Nano, Mini without iTunes

    Are you wondering how to put music on iPod shuffle without iTunes 2020? This guide is here to help – so read on!

    Regardless of the advancements that iPhones have made, iPods haven’t lost their charm. In fact, there is something very nostalgic and music-geeky about it.

    It doesn’t matter where you are, you can always playback any song with just an iPod in the pocket of your jeans. You don’t need an Internet connection too, because this guide will show you how to add music to an iPod without iTunes and listen to it offline.

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