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How To Add Music To Instagram Post 2021

Preview Your Instagram Story

How to Add Music to an Instagram Post in 2021

Its always better to be safe than sorry. Sometimes your music clip may start abruptly or mid-sentence. That can seem awkward.

To avoid such a scenario, its advisable to preview your Instagram Story after you add music to it. It just takes a few seconds of your time but it can save you from making embarrassing mistakes.

Like Button For Stories

Instagram is also working on a like button for Stories. Currently, if you view someones story on the platform, you will find the share button at the bottom right corner.

However, as per Alessandro Paluzzi, the company is aiming to replace the share button with a heart button that will let users like someones story with a tap. Moreover, users will be able to tap the button multiple times to increase their like counts, as per a recent tweet by Paluzzi. Now, coming to availability, we have no information on that yet. So, stay tuned to know more about it in the coming days.

How To Add Music To An Instagram Post

Adding music to Instagram posts will draw attention to your feed and increase engagement rate. In addition, it will make your post more engaging and helps you stand out in the crowd.

If you desire to add a song to a post and upload it on Instagram, you must edit your video in advance. Then, you can quickly . In the following, Ill share some apps with you to help you add music to Instagram photos and videos.

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How To Add Music To Igtv And Regular Feed Videos

While Instagram allows adding music to stories and reels, unfortunately, itâs not the same with other video formats like regular feed videos and IGTVs.

If you want to add music and sound effects, itâs best to use an online video editor like VEED and source music from free sites like Mixkit or pay for a music library subscription on Soundstripe if you regularly post videos on the platform.

Letâs look at how you can add music to your videos through VEEDâs online editor:

  • Sign up if you havenât already, or log into VEED. Click on âCreate new project.â
  • Upload your video, drag-and-drop or enter a YouTube URL for the video you want to add music to.
  • Go to the âUploadâ tab and click on âUpload Audioâ to choose the track from your device.
  • in your video timeline to reveal audio editing tools .
  • Customize your video. Besides adding audio, you can also add subtitles automatically, resize your video, add text, progress bars, and more. You can also resize your video for all Instagram post sizes with a click of a button using VEEDâs canvas resize.
  • Once youâre satisfied with the video, click on âExportâ in the top right corner to download and share your video on Instagram!
  • How To Use Tiktok To Add Music To An Instagram Post

    Instagram Launches Labels for Black

    One of the most popular recent , and an easy way to get music on your Instagram Post, is to use a TikTok video.

    Start by opening TikTok and tapping the Plus icon near the bottom of the screen. Click the Add Sound button at the top of the screen. Find the song you want to use and tap the red checkbox next to it.

    Record your video and add any effects youd like. Tap the Next icon. On the next screen, you can write your caption, select your video options, and post your video to TikTok. Once your video is published, you can view it. Youll see an ellipses icon in the lower-right hand corner. Tap it.

    Youll see that Instagram is one of the sharing options. Click the icon and your phone will prompt you to choose either your feed or your stories. Select Feed and youll be redirected to Instagram. From there, you can publish your Instagram post as usual.

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    How To Add Music To Instagram Video Post Using Videoshop

    A fully featured video editor is another free app. It is easy to use and has intuitive controls. However, it offers all the features an editor needs. Although it isnt as comprehensive as other music programs, the built-in music may be easier than others.

    Step 1: After installing the app, select the video that you wish to add music.

    Step 2: There are two options available at the bottom.

    Step 3: Click sound to open a submenu. Click on Music.

    Step 4: The screen displays a long selection of tracks that you can choose from.

    Step 5: Choose a music track. It will take just a few seconds for the loading process to complete.

    Step 6: After the music loads, youll see start or stop time. This indicates the exact moment that you want to play a track of music on your video.

    Step 7: Select the time and start/stop times, then click the Done! button at the top.

    Step 8: Apply the music to the video.

    Videoshop allows you to create duplicates of your clips and then edit each one individually. You can also use multiple text overlays or filters to customize the software.

    How To Add Music To An Instagram Post Best Things To Know 2021

    Need to know how to add music to an Instagram post free?. Adding music to your Instagram post is a great way to set the mood. Hype up your audience with some favorite tunes or create a soundscape that reflects the theme of your post.

    Sharing and creating Instagram content on social media can be addictive and time-consuming, but there are plenty of apps available for you to make it easier. Fidlar will provide you some tips about how to add music to Instagram post with and without apps.

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    Inspiring Creativity With Instagram Stories Music

    Music is a gateway to the soul. It can broadcast your authentic personality and what youre trying to say creatively. It can also give your audience a sneak peek into who you are and what you like.

    Music also enhances emotions and moods, giving your Instagram Story added depth and meaning.

    So basically, it can give you an entirely new and memorable way to connect with your followers and enhance your engagement!

    Whether its showing them a portion of your new favorite song, or bonding over nostalgic lyrics, music gives you another window to connect with and make an imprint on your audience.

    Plus, if you tag the band/artist, theres always a chance for a re-share!

    So, how do you share music in Instagram Stories? Let me know below!

    Until next time, cool cats.

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    Fans Have Mixed Feelings About The Potential Upcoming Release

    How to Add Music to Instagram Post (2021)

    Shortly after the New York rapper released No Time for Sleep in September, Bobby Shmurda has teased fans of an upcoming song on his Instagram.

    The clip gives audiences a glimpse of a music video that pertains to Shmurdas second track post-prison. Shmurda captions the post, Trappin is a sport yea yea nd she call me lil daddy. The post immediately garnered a lot of attention from fans, with some leaving fire emojis and singing praises at the teased track. However, there were also polarizing comments from fans who seem to be disappointed with the track. One fan even asked, Can we get the old Bobby tf is this, while another said bring back gs9 shmurda.

    Shmurda was released from prison on February 23 after being sentenced for seven years back in 2014. He recently took a plea deal to help his fellow rapper Rowdy Rebel, get a lighter sentence.

    There is no word on when the song will release. Check out a glimpse of what is to come below.

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    How To Add Music To Instagram Story Without Sticker 2021

    One of the most popular features of Instagram is adding music to Instagram stories. Instagram offers a long list of tunes in its music library.

    This has become even more popular ever since Instagram introduced the option to add music to your stories.

    Here you can add music to your Instagram in different ways. Like Tik Tok, now people are using Instagram reel a lot.

    Do you have difficulty uploading music to your Instagram stories? Here you will learn how to add music to your Instagram Stories & Post in 2021?

    Adding Music To A Story Photo

  • 1Open Instagram. Tap the Instagram app icon, which resembles a multicolored camera. Doing so opens your Instagram feed if you’re logged in.
  • If you aren’t logged into Instagram, enter your email address and password when prompted before proceeding.
  • 2Open the “Home” tab. If Instagram doesn’t open to the Home feed, tap the house-shaped icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  • 3Tap Your Story. It’s at the top of the page. Doing so opens the upload screen.
  • 4Take a photo. Aim your phone at an item you want to photograph, then tap the circular “Capture” button at the bottom of the screen.
  • If you want to select an existing photo from your Camera Roll, tap the “Photos” square in the lower-left side of the screen, then tap the photo you want to use.
  • 5Tap the smiley face icon. It’s at the top of the screen. A pop-up menu will appear.
  • 6Tap MUSIC. This option is in the pop-up menu. Doing so opens a list of commonly-used music.
  • You may have to scroll down to find this option.
  • 7Search for a song. Tap the search bar at the top of the screen, then type in the name of a song or an artist.
  • You can also just scroll through the Popular tab’s list of music.
  • If your search doesn’t produce any results, you’ll have to search for a different song.
  • 8Select a song. Once you find the song you want to use, tap its name to add it to your photo.
  • 9Select a segment of music to use. Tap and drag left or right the box that’s on the sound wave at the bottom of the screen.
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    How To Find And Use A Popular Or Trending Song In Your Reel

    Did you just discover a trending Reel on Instagram? We can understand you are tempted to create a Reel with the music used in the Trending video. Fortunately, you dont need to manually search for the song or anything like that. Instagram makes it quite easy to add music from someones Reel to your own Reel.

    To find the original audio used in an Instagram Reel, open the Reel whose music you want to use. You will notice the name of the song at the bottom of the Reel. Tap on it. You will reach the Audio page of that music where you will find Reels from other creators using the same music. You can check them out for inspiration.

    However, we want to use the music in our own Reel. You can do so in two ways. If you want to immediately create a Reel, tap on the Use Audio button at the bottom.

    You will be taken to the Reel recording screen. Start creating your Reel and the same audio will be used as the background music. Tap on the Audio icon to choose the part of the song to use.

    However, if you want to use the audio for your future Reels, tap on the Save Audio button. You can even send the sound to your friends using the DM icon.

    To view your saved audio clips, tap on the Audio icon while creating a Reel to go to the Music screen. Tap on the Saved button. You will find all your saved clips. Select the one that you want to use.

    Add Music To Feed Posts

    How To Add Music to Your Instagram Story

    Other than the ability to like Stories on its platform, Paluzzi recently discovered that Instagram is also working to enable adding music for regular feed posts as well. Currently, when users upload pictures and videos on Instagram, the app only lets them tag other users and add locations. You can also .

    However, according to the recent discovery, Instagram is testing a new Add Music button on the upload page. It will essentially let users add their favorite music to an image or a video before sharing them on their timeline.

    Although the feature was discovered recently, Instagram might roll it out for global users soon. We will update you once the platform gets this cool new feature.

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    Search For Music To Use On Instagram

    When you click on the Instagram Music Sticker, you will be able to see the Instagram music library. This library has thousands of songs that you can choose to add music from.

    In the Instagram music library, youll see three different options to add music: Popular, Genres, and Moods. You can use these options as filters to look for the best music that fits with your Instagram Stories.

    Alternatively, to add music with a Music Sticker, you can just type the name of the song you are looking for in the search bar. The search bar is at the top of the screen.

    All the songs that are featured in this library are licensed for use on Instagram Stories and will let you add music with a Music Sticker.

    Image via Instagram

    Add Music To Instagram Video On Iphone

    For iOS users, iMovie is the best choice. iMovie is a free application developed by Apple that allows you to edit videos. You can free download it from AppStore and follow the steps below to add music to video for Instagram on your iPhone.

    Step 1. Open the iMovie app and click the big plus icon to create a new project, then select Movie.

    Step 2. Select your video from Photos app and tap Create Movie.

    Step 3. On the project-editing screen, tap the gear icon on the bottom right corner, then toggle on the option Theme Music. iMove comes with some stock music that you can add to the video. Of course, you can also add your music from music library or Files app.

    Step 4. If you want to add your own audio to the video, just tap the plus icon and select Audio > My Music to select a song from your Music Libray or iCloud.

    Step 5. Now you can export the video with the music background and upload it as an Instagram video post.

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    Add Music From The Spotify App

    You can add music to your Instagram story by grabbing it from the Spotify app. With a song playing in Spotify, tap the ellipsis icon and choose the option. Tap Instagram and you’re taken to your Instagram story, where your selected song appears with its cover art. You can add text, stickers, and other effects to your story. Tap the Your Story icon to post the story with the song you selected.

    Once your story has been posted, it will serve as a link back to Spotify. Tap the Your Story icon in Instagram to view it. Anyone who views your story can tap Play on Spotify, and then Open Spotify to launch the song in the app.

    What Kind Of Music Is There To Choose From

    How to Add Music to Instagram Videos Story or Post [NEW] 2021

    There are millions of songs to choose from in the Instagram music library. When you tap on the Music sticker, you can search for a particular song, or you can find one in the For You section. You can also go to the Browse section where you have different categories:

    Genres Rap, Hip Hop, R& B and Soul, Pop, Latin, etc.

    Moods Bright, Dreamy, Groovy, Peaceful, etc.

    Themes Arabic party, Love, Family, Movie soundtracks, Morning, etc.

    If you cant find your song in the Instagram music library, you can import it from external sources .

    You can find virtually any type of music for your Instagram stories.

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    Which Accounts Can And Cannot Add Music On Instagram

    If youre a business account, youve probably run into a few blockers when it comes to adding music to your account, and heres why. Due to copyright restrictions and Facebooks advertising policies, business accounts using popular songs for branded content will get taken down. Another reason you sometimes cant add music to your content is if you live in a country where the music feature isnt available.

    Follow these tips for adding music to your content:

  • Always make sure theres a video component
  • Keep your videos short, so not too much of the song plays in your Instagram content
  • Use Instagrams royalty-free music library
  • We hope this makes adding music to your Instagram content a breeze, so you can start increasing your Instagram Stories and Reels engagement.

    Best Ways To Add Music Or Audio To Reels On Instagram

    Whats an Instagram Reel that lacks audio? Music adds value and attracts the attention of viewers. Many only due to the type of music used in it. Are you also looking to add music to Instagram Reels on Android and iPhone? You have landed at the right place. Whether you want to add songs from Instagrams music collection, add music from someone elses Reels or trending video, use original audio in a Reel, or add voiceover, this post covers all.

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    Using Your Music On Instagram Stories And Reels

    Now that you know how to get your music into Instagrams in-app library, lets talk about how to use it.

    After you open Instagram Stories or Reels and take a photo or video , swipe up. You will see the display of stickers that Instagram offers for their Stories. Click the Music sticker.

    Next, start searching for your music in their search bar. Click on the song youre looking for and it will open as an overlay on your Story or Reel. Tap on the sticker itself to change it. There are multiple options some are cover art/song title display options, and others are font options for the lyrics !

    Note: With the 2021 Instagram roll-out of the Music sticker globally, there have been a lot of issues. Business accounts may only be able to access a small amount of royalty-free music . Good news is that there is an easy fix to this! Switch your account from a Business account to a Creator account and BOOM, problem solved! .

    Want to learn more about how to utilize Instagram for your music career? Check our out Musicians Guide to Instagram Stories & Highlights here.

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