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How To Add Music To Google Slides

How To Add Music To Google Slides Faq

How to Add Background Music to your Google Slides

How to add music to Google Slides?

Frequently used options to add music to Google Slides include inserting a YouTube video, inserting a music link, and downloading the music file to Google Drive. I think the easiest of them is the first variant, because all you need to do is insert a video to any slide and put it in the background. Thus, you won’t see it, and the music will be on the slide.

How to add music to PowerPoint?

Adding music to your PowerPoint presentation process is much faster and easier. You need to open your presentation, choose Insert from the main panel, and click Audio. Then select the audio file on your computer and paste it into your presentation. Each version of PowerPoint has its own nuances about adding music, but basically the algorithm is the same.

Can I customize the music on Google Slides?

Unfortunately, there is no feature like adding audio in Google Slides, so the only ways you can do that are by adding a link, video, or downloading from Google Drive.

How To Add Music On Google Slides From Spotify Online

You can add audio to Google Slides presentation quickly and easily by adding a link of the track you want to hear in the background. However, when playing audio from Spotify, you’ll need to start and stop the audio during your presentation. And the computer you use must be connected to the internet.

To add a link from the Spotify program to a Google Slides presentation:

Step 1. Launch Spotify web player in a browser windows and go to the page containing the soundtrack you want to use for copying the link of the soundtrack.

Step 2. Open your presentation in Google Slides and select a slide where you want to insert the soundtrack.

Step 3. Select the slide where the soundtrack will play and add an icon or text on the slide for the link.

Step 4. Click on the Insert button and select the Link option from the drop-down menu.

Step 5. Then go back to Insert and select Shape from the drop-down menu to add a shape.

Step 6. Paste the link to Spotify music track in the Link text box and select Apply.

After inserting Spotify music in Google Slides, you need to test the audio file and make sure it plays. Simply click the Play button of the text or image containing the link. Also, you should note that the audio will stop when changing slides.

How To Add Sound To Google Slides For Windows Mac Or Chromebook

All the methods above are available regardless of whether your operating system is Windows OS or Mac OS. This is true even if you are using Chromebook. Google Slides does not require installation and is, therefore, non-system dependent.

It works online and does not require any installation. Using a computer, follow the above steps to embed audio in your Google Slide presentation.

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How To Add Music To Google Slides

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Adding music to an otherwise text-heavy Google Slides presentation can spice it up. If you want to add music to Google Slides, youll need to use a YouTube or Google Drive video, or link to a third-party streaming service instead.

Key Features Of Tunelf Amatune Music Converter

How to Add Music to Google Slides
  • Convert Amazon Music songs to MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, M4A, and M4B
  • Handle the audio conversion of Amazon Music at a faster speed of 5×
  • Ensure the output audio quality while retaining ID3 tags and metadata

Now we will show you how to add Amazon tracks to Google Slides with Tunelf as below.

Step 1 Download and Launch Tunelf Amatune Music Converter

Go to the official website to choose and install the trial version of Tunelf Amatune Music Converter based on your devices. After downloading, launch Tunelf. The converter will link to the Amazon Music website at once. Then, log in to your Amazon account to access your Amazon Music library.

Step 2 Customize Output Format and Parameters

Click the Menu bar > Preferences > Advanced option. The setting window will show up, then you can adjust the channel, sample rate, and bit rate. But for the lossless format, you cannot set these parameters.

Step 3 Add Playlists from Amazon Music to the Converter

Right-click to open the albums or playlists you want to convert, then tap the yellow Add button that appeared on the right side, and youll add a list of songs in the converter. Now you need to confirm the list by clicking the little box in front of each song.

Step 4 Start the Conversion of Amazon Music to MP3

Step 5 Add Amazon Music to Google Slides

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Choose The Music You Want

As previously mentioned, we will be embedding cloud music files to Google Slides, so you need to visit the corresponding website.

Lets say you choose an instrumental track from SoundCloud be sure to sign in and upload the music file if needed. You would do the same for other cloud platforms such as YouTube. Look for the option to share the media file and click or tap on it.

You will see various sharing options, most of the social networks, but the one you will be using is the link or URL, which you will need to copy.


Copyright Precautions In Music For Presentations

You may have thought that adding music to your Google Slides is as simple as choosing the music and playing it during the presentation. However, if you do so, you will face harsh penalties for violating the rights of the songs you use.

In general, the risk of someone being able to sue you for using music without having the rights is low. However, this will largely depend on the size of the presentation and the audience to which it is shown.

If we want to avoid any kind of punishment and be at peacemaking our presentation, we can acquire music from either of these two portals:


Before choosing the music you will use during the presentation, you need to make sure you have the rights to the songs or licenses necessary to comply with the law.

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What Kind Of Music Should I Include

Of course, you shouldnt include some random music just because. In the best scenario, the sound that goes along with your presentation should be perceived as a whole where one does not disturb the other.

Not always does it even have to be a melody or a song. The sounds that go along with your presentation context or ideas can work even better. For instance, the audience would barely be able to keep up with the text on the slides while listening to a song containing lyrics.

Now, lets get down to our step-by-step guide on how to add audio to Google Slides. In fact, you can do it in three different ways:

Detailed Guide: Download And Add Spotify Music To Google Slides

How to add a Background Music to Google Slides – Tutorial

NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter supports both Windows and Mac OS. The following is a detailed tutorial about how to so that you can add Spotify audio to Google Slides. Please download this useful tool on your computer first before getting started.

1 Launch NoteBurner Spotify Music Downloader

Launch NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter and it will open your Spotify app automatically. Here’s the main interface of this program:

2 Add Spotify Music to NoteBurner

Simply drag and drop your Spotify background music playlist to NoteBurner. Or you can also copy and paste the Spotify playlist URL to NoteBurner for adding songs.

3 Choose Output Format for Spotify Songs

Click “Menu > Settings” to get in to the setting window. In this step, you’re able to choose conversion mode, output format , output quality, conversion speed, and so on. Please don’t forget to choose MP3 or WAV format, as Google Slides only supports these two audio formats.

Tips: WebPlayer Download mode makes it possible to download songs from the Spotify web player. If you choose this mode, you’ll need to log into your Spotify account before conversion, but don’t worry, it will not take any other information from your account other than the songs.

4 Start Downloading Spotify Songs for Google Slides

After selection, click “Convert” to start downloading Spotify songs offline. This step will be finished soon.

5 Find Spotify Background Music for Google Slides

6 Add Spotify Music to Google Slides

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Add Cloud Music To A Single Google Slide

Most people learn how to add music to Google Slides for the entire presentation through the use of audio files that have been previously uploaded to internet servers that are publicly accessible, and which also offer an embedding option through their application programming interface .

In other words, this method calls relies on your ability to link to cloud music services such as YouTube, SoundCloud, or even Google Drive.

To get started, you need to figure out on which of the slides in your presentation the music track will start playing.

For most projects, this would be the first slide, but not all presentations are the same.

Some people prefer to deliver a few messages and visuals before the music starts playing to this effect, you may want to add an explanatory disclaimer that lets your presentation targets know about the upcoming audio. Once you have made this choice, there are five more steps to follow:

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On Android And Iphone

Step 1. Launch Google Slides and open a slideshow presentation.

Step 2. Tap on the + button on the upper right corner of the screen and select Text or Shape.

Step 3. Then go to open Google Drive and find Spotify songs youve uploaded.

Step 4. Locate the music you want and tap on the three-dot icon to tap the Copy link on the pop-up menu. Go back to Google Slides and tap the text box then tap the three-dot icon to select Insert Link.

Step 5. Paste the music link into the text box by tapping Paste and then tap on the Check icon.

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How To Add Spotify Music To Google Slides

The first way to use Spotify in Google Slides is to add a Spotify link to Google Slides. However, this way needs the internet connection when you present your Google Slides presentation. You also have to start and stop the playback of Spotify music manually during the presentation. If you dont mind these shortcomings, check the tutorial in the following. Otherwise, you can go to the second method given in this post.

Step 1. Launch Google Slides in your web browser and create a presentation then go to the slide that you plan to add Spotify tracks.

Step 2. Add an image or text to this slide. Then select Insert > Test box from the menu and click anywhere on the slide to add a text box.

Step 3. After adding a text box, then go to add a link to it by selecting the Link option.

Step 4. Open the Spotify web player in the browser and find the playlist or track you want to add to Google Slides.

Step 5. Click the three-dot icon and choose then click the Copy Song Link button.

Step 6. Return to your slide and paste the music link into the text box. Then select View > Present from the menu to play your presentation.

How To Add Music To Google Slides On Windows Mac And Chromebook

How to Add Music to Google Slides

No matter whether the operating system is Windows or Mac OS, all the methods listed above will be available for you to use. The same is also true when using a Chromebook. Google Slides is not system dependent and requires no installation to run. It operates completely online and will not change in functionality no matter what system you use. Refer to the methods listed above to embed audio into your Google Slide presentation when using a computer.

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How To Set Apple Music As Google Slides Background Music

People are used to having tunes and soundtracks from the TV shows and movies that we watch. Therefore, a beautiful melody on your illustration will make your Google Slide more attractive and impressive. The steps to add Apple Music to Google Slides is very simple. You can have any other music for slideshow apart from Apple Music. Music is not necessarily an option for presentations and slide shows, but it can certainly attract the audience and liven the session up.

To have some background music on your slides that will match your presentations, you will need some pretty good sources. Apple Music is a music streaming service with over 90 million songs to choose from, and this qualifies it as the best source for background music. The only setback is how to use Apple Music in Google Slides because Google Slides do not offer an insert option for you to upload your music for use. There are two main ways that you can use to add your Apple Music to Google Slides.

How To Add Tidal Music To Google Slides Best Way

As for the incompatibility of Tidal and Google Slides, the best way to import Tidal music to Google Slides is via AudKeep Tidal Music Converter. This app supports several output formats like FLAC, WAV, Lossless, M4B, and many more for Tidal songs. This lets you stream your music on any device, anywhere without limitation. Besides, the AudKeep program will retain 100% of the original quality and all ID3 tags for all the songs from Tidal.

Additionally, AudKeep Tidal Music Converter allows you to adjust the output audio parameters like audio codec, bit rate, channel, and many more. And when it comes to speed, it comes with an advanced encoding technology to manage up to a 5X speed rate, which is much more convenient and time-saving.

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How To Add Online Music To Google Slides

You can add a link to an online music track to your Google Slides presentation. Now, lets have a look at how to add online music to Google Slides.

Step 1. Open Google Slides on your browser.

Step 2. Select the slide to which youd like to add music.

Step 3. Click the Insert tab.

Step 4. Select Shape in the list and click Shapes or Arrows and then choose an icon that you want to appear on the slide.

Step 5. Go to any online music streaming site and copy the link of the audio file you need.

Step 6. Go back to the page where contains the icon and right-click on it and select Link.

Step 7. Press Ctrl + V to paste the URL.

Step 8. Click Apply to save all changes.

Please bear in mind that when playing music from an online music streaming service, youll need to start and stop the audio during your presentation, and the computer must be connected to the internet.

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Add Amazon Music To Google Slides With Tunelf

How to Add Audio to Google Slides | How to Insert Audio on Google Slides

Though the first way is convenient, it only works with an internet-connected. We will show you a better way to be compatible with any situation. To play Amazon Music on Google Slides, you need to convert or other universal formats. Here you need an Amazon Music converter. With the help of Amazon Music converter, you can add Amazon Music to Google Slides even without the internet. If you are looking for a powerful third-party tool, Tunelf Amatune Music Converter will be a nice choice.

Tunelf Amatune Music Converter is an all-in-one professional tool to convert Amazon Music to MP3, FLAC, WAV, and more at a faster speed. It can convert and download Amazon Music for batch while maintaining the original quality of the songs. The ID3 tags will be preserved as well.

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Key Features Of Tunelf Spotibeat Music Converter

  • Convert Spotify music to MP3, WAV, FLAC, and other audio formats
  • Keep Spotify music tracks with lossless audio quality and ID3 tags
  • Remove ads and DRM protection from Spotify music at a 5× faster speed

First, you need to download and install Tunelf Spotibeat Music Converter from the link above to your computer. Then, perform the following steps to finish the conversion of Spotify to MP3.

Step 1 Add Tracks from Spotify to Tunelf

After launching Tunelf Spotibeat Music Converter, the Spotify app will be launched automatically. Then browse the music or playlist you want to download on Spotify. To add the target items to the conversion list, you can drag and drop the playlist that you want to embed in Google Slides to the main interface of the converter.

Step 2 Configure the Output Audio Format

When all music tracks are imported to the converter, you can click the menu bar and select the Preferences button to load the settings window. Here you can choose an audio format and edit the audio parameters like bit rate, sample rate, and channel. In addition, you can also set the conversion speed and the output folder.

Step 3 Download Spotify Music to MP3

Simply click the Convert button to download songs from Spotify and convert them to unprotected audio formats. Wait for a while and click the Converted button to navigate to the folder in which Tunelf saves all the converted Spotify songs. Then we can start to add Spotify music to Google Slides.

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