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How To Add Music To Final Cut Pro

How To Add Amazon Music To Final Cut Pro

How to Add MUSIC in Final Cut Pro X 10.4.8 – Beginners Tutorial | 2020

Videos are a great way to capture your daily life and share with friends. They can be called storytellers, which allows your audience to connect and communicate with you on a deeper emotional level. As for the versatile video editing tools, Apple users may prefer Final Cut Pro and iMovie. Besides, background music is the gem content of making a real-life video. You have a lot to choose from, like Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music. Here, well dive into adding Amazon Music to Final Cut Pro.

Despite your presence here, you may not know that all popular streaming music services are available only in media players. Thus, you cannot access Amazon Music directly in your Final Cut Pro software. But if weve removed all the DRM limitations? Things will get much easier then. Now read on this tutorial, and well show you the best method to add Amazon Music to Final Cut Pro.

How To Import Spotify Music To Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X, a revolutionary app for creating, editing, and producing the highest-quality video, combines high-performance digital editing and native support for virtually any video format with easy-to-use and time-saving features that let you focus on storytelling. Compared with Apple iMovie, it targets both consumers who want more power for their video-editing projects and professionals who create content for the professional videos.

However, the most important element in each video is the background music which can create a unique scene for the audience. One of the big names in the music streaming industry, Spotify boasts a library of 70 million songs and adds about 20,000 tracks to this library every day. It is easy for you to find background music from Spotify for Final Cut Pro X. Here we’ll introduce how to add Spotify music to Final Cut Pro X.

Adjusting The Shape Of Audio Fades

You can also adjust the shape of fades in Final Cut Pro to fine-tune the type of audio transition you create. To access these options, just Control-Click the audio fade handle of any clip. There are several options:

  • Linear: Fades in or out at a constant speed.
  • S-curve: Eases into the fade and then eases out of it at the end.
  • +3dB: Good for quick fades, it begins fading quickly and tapers off at the end
  • -3dB: Begins slowly and then increases speed, useful for crossfades.

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How To Cut Your Clips In Final Cut Pro X

If you want to remove footage from your clip in Final Cut Pro X, and you dont want to adjust its duration, the Blade tool is handy, any way you slice it. This tool lets you remove footage from your clip you dont want to use or to adjust duration.

Heres how it works.

How to cut your video clip

  • Move the clip you want to cut to the timeline.
  • Click the tools menu in the top left corner of the timeline and choose the Blade tool. For an easier way, just press the B key on your keyboard.
  • Move your skimmer over where you want to make your cut and then click.
  • Thats it! Its really that simple. Theres a bit more functionality built into the Blade tool so heres a couple of helpful tips.

    How to get the most out of the Blade tool

    Tip 1: If you want to just use the Blade tool momentarily, press and hold the B key while performing the cut. After you make the cut, the tool will revert back to the one you were previously using.

    Tip 2: If you have multiple audio and video tracks on top of each other, you can cut them all at once by moving your skimmer to the location where you want to cut and then hitting Shift-Command-B on your keyboard.

    Tip 3: If you want to undo a cut you made, select the two clips you want to turn back into one and then go to Trim > Join Clips.

    Now thats cutting edge technology.

    How To Add Text In Final Cut Pro X

    How to Add Music in Final Cut Pro: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

    Adding text to your video can up its professional value immensely. Lower thirds, titles, and end credits all bring helpful context to your storyline. Plus, theyre pretty easy to incorporate in post-production you can do it all directly in Final Cut Pro X . In this tutorial, well walk you through the process.

    Lets begin.

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    How To Edit Audio In Final Cut Pro X

    If editing video footage wasnt daunting enough, theres also the added complexity of dealing with audio. Thats where Oliver from Motion Array Tutorials steps in. In this brief, but helpful tutorial we learn the basics of audio editing in FCP X including: reading the timeline waveform, discovering the audio effects tools, adjusting volume levels, and using audio effects such as equalisation to alter the audio waveform. So whether you just need to turn it up, or add some low-end bass presence to an authoritative voice-over, this video points out exactly where you need to go.

    How To Make Audio Sound Echoey In Final Cut Pro

    Final Cut Pro has a lot of great built in audio effects including several echo units, to find them go to the effects window and search for echo. There are several options available, have a go with each of them and check out the built in presets – youâll be sure to find something that works for you.

    There are several options available, have a go with each of them and check out the built in presets – youâll be sure to find something that works for you.

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    Add Music And Sound In Final Cut Pro

    You can add music and sound files directly to a project or an event from your Music library or other sources.

    Final Cut Pro also includes a number of built-in Foley and other sound effects that you can insert as connected audio clips.

    If you have a clip that contains both audio and video, you can choose to insert only the audio portion of the clip. See Add only a clips video or audio in Final Cut Pro.

  • In Final Cut Pro, open the Photos and Audio sidebar by doing one of the following:

  • Choose Window > Go To > Photos and Audio .

  • In the Photos and Audio sidebar, select the sound category or app you want to browse.

    The audio clips in that category appear in a list in the browser.

    The Photos and Audio sidebar includes a Sound Effects category and a list of music and sound apps, such as Music, GarageBand, or Logic Pro .

  • To find the music or sound you want to use, do any of the following:

  • Search and filter the collection: Use the pop-up menu at the top of the browser to filter the items shown in the browser. For example, you could select Music in the sidebar and then choose Purchased from the pop-up menu, or select Sound Effects and then choose Final Cut Pro Sound Effects > Impacts & Crashes.

  • Preview an item: Select an item in the list, then click the Play button .

  • Select more than one item: Command-click each item.

  • When youve selected the clip or clips you want to use, do one of the following:

  • Drag the sound clip or clips to the timeline.

  • Apple Books | PDF

    Hidden Features In Fcpx

    How to Add Music & Sound Effects to Final Cut Pro X Library

    Think you know everything about Final Cut Pro? This tutorial is here to challenge that conception. Account Brad and Donna takes you through some lesser-known features, which will really put some zing into your editing process. Starting out with optical flow , moving through the Precision Editor function and touching on saving effects as presets , these hidden features will supercharge your process.

    Read more:

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    How To Add Music/audio To Final Cut Pro

    Do you have music or audio file that you want to add to Final Cut Pro? The following steps will guide you on how to accomplish that with ease:

    Step 1. First and foremost, get to know if your audio file is supported by Final Cut Pro. Compatibility is very vital for the music to play and the format used must be compatible with the program before you can proceed. Look at the audio formats supported by FCP and compare that with what your file has.

    Step 2. Open Final Cut Pro from your computer and then click to open the “project library”. You will locate the icon for that on the bottom-left side of the program. You can now freely navigate to locate the project that you want music added to and double-click to open.

    Step 3. When you browse through the timeline, it will be easy locating the icon marked “music and sound” which you will click to open up the music or audio files. From that, choose the music file that you are going to use.

    Step 4. Once you have noted the music file to use, click on it and then drag all the way to the timeline. Make sure it is positioned at the exact point where you desire it to play and then leave it free. Your project will now play together with the music and you can do some testing to be sure it is added successfully.

    How To Add Music In Final Cut Pro

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    Final Cut Pro is an Apple-supported software application that allows users to create and edit videos. In Final Cut Pro, you can add music to enhance your video such as using music to play in your video’s background or during the opening and closing credits. Music files stored on your computer can be added to your project in Final Cut Pro. You can add music to your video using the Timeline toolbar or by importing it into Final Cut Pro from where it is stored on your computer.

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    How To Fade Audio In Final Cut Pro

    It doesnt take long to learn how to fade audio in Final Cut Pro. There are a number of different methods to do it, and also a few cool tricks you can learn such as crossfading. These techniques are basic but essential for producing professional-quality video compositions, so its definitely worth taking a few minutes to learn.

    This tutorial will cover the 2 main ways to fade audio in Final Cut Pro, and in the end, well share a few really great music tracks to jazz up your next production.


    Why Cant Import Apple Music To Final Cut Pro

    How to Add Music in Final Cut Pro: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

    As we all know, Apple Music is a subscription-based streaming music service. Subscribers rent music from Apple Music rather than buy music. No one can own the music of Apple Music forever. Even for downloaded songs, Apple Music will check the subscription every month to ensure whether you are able to hold the downloaded Apple Music songs. To protect Apple Music audios, Apple keeps Apple Music songs in encrypted M4P format. Due to this, you cannot transfer the Apple Music to many other software such as Final Cut Pro. And the sole answer for how to import Apple Music to Final Cut Pro is to convert M4P to formats that are supported by Final Cut Pro.

    Note: Final Cut Pro supports AAC, AIFF, BWF, CAF, MP3, MP4, and WAV.

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    How To Use Apple Music In Final Cut Pro

    In this part, it is time to add Apple Music to Final Cut Pro as you had got the plain Apple Music files. The steps below are for you to learn how to use Apple Music in Final Cut Pro. Just follow and see how to do.

    Step 1. Open the Final Cut Pro on your computer.

    Step 2. Open a video project on Final Cut Pro.

    Step 3. Select ‘File’ > ‘Import’ > ‘Media’ button to launch the ‘Media Import’ window.

    Step 4. Find and select the local Apple Music files. Hit the ‘Import Selected’ button to import Apple Music to Final Cut Pro.

    Now, you can use Apple Music in Final Cut Pro directly with the help of DRmare Apple Music Converter.

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    Drag The Sound Files To The Timeline

    How To Add Music/Audio In Final Cut Pro X

    It is important to note that to get a better import or playback performance, Final Cut Pro will transcode automatically all the MP3 audio files into MOV audio files while retaining the original MP3 files to be used again in the future. View Locate source media files for information about transcoded and original media files.

    • Transfer between iOS/Android devices directly
    • Transfer audio and video from Device to iTunes and PC
    • Make any photos or video PC to GIF images
    • Delete photos/videos by batch with a single click
    • De-duplicate the repeated contacts
    • Fix & optimize ID3 tags,covers,song information
    • Export & Backup contact, text messages, MMS
    • Transfer music, photos without iTunes restrictions
    • Perfectly backup/restore iTunes library

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    How To Make Audio Deeper In Final Cut Pro

    To make a voice recording or other audio clip deeper in Final Cut Pro X itâs best to use the stock Pitch Shifter effect. Load the Pitch Shifter as you would any other effect in Final Cut, open the effects panel, search for the Pitch Shifter and drag it onto the audio clip you want to make deeper. Once the Pitch Shifter is loaded simply bring the Semi-Tone dial down and you will hear the audio begin to sound deeper.

    Add Your Trimmed Clips To The Timeline

    You should see thumbnails of all the media you just imported appear in the Browser. To create your video, youll need to arrange and trim that media in the Timeline. The Timeline shows previews of all your footage and file names to help you stay organized.

  • In the Browser you can set the In and Out points for each video clip by holding Option, clicking the thumbnail and dragging with your mouse. You should see a yellow outline appear on the clip, representing the range that will be added to your video in the Timeline.
  • Drag your clips from the Browser down into the Timeline in the order youd like to play them from left to right. You may want to start with an establishing shot to set the scene for the viewer before diving into your videos subject matter.
  • Trim each clip by moving your mouse cursor to the inside edge of its thumbnail in the timeline. You should see the Trim Tool appear in place of your cursor. You can drag forward or backward to adjust the ending of the clip. Do this on both sides of each clip you add.
  • If youd like to rearrange the order of the clips in your sequence, you can drag and drop any clip from the timeline into a different spot. Final Cut Pro Xs Magnetic Timeline will automatically insert and arrange the clips for you. Just make sure that your arrangement doesnt move any clip on top of another one .
  • Move the Playhead to the beginning of the Timeline and press Play . You can see a preview of your video in the Viewer.
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    Creating A Split Edit

    Lets go back to the Lift Off clip to try a more subtle way to fade the audio and video clips. This one is called the Split Edit. Split edits are great because they are very subtle. The transition begins on an almost subconscious level. Your audience will hear the change coming before they see it happen.To create a split edit, double-click the audio waveform of the Lift Off clip. The audio is now expanded beneath the other clips in the primary storyline.

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