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How To Add Music To Facebook Video

Adding Background Music Is Easy

How To add Music to Facebook Post (2021)

So long as you pay close attention to the volume and starting position of each audio track that you add to your video clip, its fairly straightforward to add nice background music to your video clip.

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What Kind Of Background Music Do You Want

Before you get started with your video editing project, decide on what exactly you want your final video clip to sound like. You have several options to choose from to add music to your clip.

  • Play background music over a silent video clip
  • Combine background music over the background sounds on your video clip
  • Combine background music with your own voiceover

Each of these scenarios requires that you pay close attention to volume controls in each track of your video project. This includes the video track sound and every audio track music or sound effect that you add.

How To Add Background Music To A Video Clip

Editing videos youve captured on your phone or a video camera can feel overwhelming at first. Most video editing software offers many options, controls, and panels, and it might feel like the learning curve is too steep. Luckily, if you want to add background music to a video clip, the process is pretty simple, regardless of the video editing software youre using.

In this step-by-step tutorial, youll learn the basic principles of adding background music to videos thatll work in any video editing app. This is thanks to the fact that video editing tools all tend to manage audio tracks and background music similarly.

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Add Music To Video Online For Free

Add excellent music or audio files to your video in seconds! No editing skills required.

  • Popular Formats Supported

    FlexClip supports nearly all popular audio and video formats. Your videos and audios can be combined.

  • Easy Editing

    FlexClip combines your audio to video. You can also do trimmings or syncing in clicks.

  • Completely Free

    It is completely free to use FlexClip to add audio to video. The combined video also contains no watermark.

Where To Find Good Background Music

How to Add Music to Facebook Profile?

If youre thinking about just downloading some of the music channels on YouTube for use in your own project, think again. Most music on YouTube videos and other websites is protected by copyright and its illegal to reuse them on your own projects.

However, you can find a simple library of royalty-free music for your videos, but you need to be careful that the artists allow that music to be used on videos that are monetized .

The following are some other free background music sites you can use as well when you edit videos with music. But again, remember that you likely wont be able to monetize videos where youve used these music tracks. If you do want to monetize, these same websites usually offer a subscription plan where you can license the tracks in their music library for use on professional or commercial projects.

Of course, another option is to create your own music, if youre musically gifted enough to do so.

Now that you know where to get background music for your video project, lets take a look at the different options you have for applying that background music to your video clip.

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