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How To Add Music To Android Phone

Using Inshot Video Editor

How To Add Music To Any Android Phone/Tablet

Download and install the InShot Video Editor from Google Play and once the app is installed, open it. To start creating a video with background music, select the Video tile from the apps home screen, select a video, and then tap on the tick mark bubble at the bottom right corner.

At this point, the apps native video editor screen will pop up. Tap on the Music tab from the bottom toolbar and then tap on the Tracks button on the next screen.

You will now be offered a number of choices to add audio under these sections Featured, My Music, and Effects.

Featured: This section offers pre-defined music that you can add to your video. Currently, there are songs from over 23 different artists/albums/playlists to choose from like Pollen, Not the king, Rook1e, Ikson, Carl Storm, Jef, Phillip E Morris, and more.

My Music: You also have an option to load songs and tracks that are already present in your library. You also get an option to extract audio from videos present in your storage.

Effects: If you do not want music to run in the background but instead prefer to add reactions, then choose your background audio effect under the Effects tab. You can choose to add effects ranging from laughter, bells, farts, heartbeat to that of airplanes, weapons, and even insects.

Select any audio depending on your preference. When using a track thats available online, tap on the download button. To use audio from the list, tap on the Use button adjacent to your selection.

Wirelessly Transfer Using Airdroid

If you dont have a USB cable handy, you can use AirDroid to transfer files between your PC and Android device instead.

Install the app onto your Android device and sign up for an AirDroid account . Youll then need to for your PC.

AirDroid supports Windows and macOS, but it also has a web interface to let you upload files using your browser. Once its downloaded, sign in with the same AirDroid account as your Android device.

Once youve logged in on both devices, you should see your Android device listed under My Devices on your PC. If you do, click Files on the side menu.

Rename this to something obvious like Music or Music Collection.

Open up Windows File Manager, select your files , and begin dragging them to the folder youve created in AirDroid.

AirDroid will then upload these files to your Android device wirelessly. When thats done, you can then access them in a music app of your choice.

Using Videoshow Video Editor

Install the VideoShow Video Editor from Google Play and then open it. When the app opens, tap on the Edit video tile, select a video to add background audio to and then tap on the Next button at the bottom.

In the video editor screen, tap on the Sound tab at the bottom and select Music. The app also allows you to select multiple audios, add sound effects, and a VoiceOver over your video.

When you tap on the Music option, you will be taken to a new screen, asking you whether you want a background sound from VideoShow Video Editors options or from your own library. To select your own sound, tap on the My Music tab, if not, go to the My downloads tab at the top and tap on the Download more music button.

Choose your background song from VideoShows library and when youre ready with your selection, tap on the download icon next to the audio and then on hit the + icon when the download is complete. In the next screen, you will be asked to trim the audio that you want to add to the video. When trimming is done, tap on the Add music button at the bottom.

Youre almost complete. When the main editing screen appears, you can choose to adjust the volume of the original sound by sliding through the volume control bar at the top. You can now save the video by tapping on the Export button at the top right corner and then hitting the Save to Gallery button on the next screen.

So, these were the three best apps to help you add background music to your videos on Android.

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Then Follow These Steps To Subscribe

  • Open the Apple Music app on your Android device.
  • The first time you open the app, you’ll see a “Welcome to Apple Music” message. If you don’t see this message, tap Listen Now at the bottom of your screen. Already subscribe to Apple Music?
  • Tap the trial offer .
  • Choose an individual subscription, family subscription to share with up to six people, or student subscription.
  • If you have an Apple ID, tap Use Existing Apple ID and sign in. If you dont have an Apple ID, tap Create New Apple ID, then follow the steps. If you’re not sure if you have an Apple ID, we can help you find out.
  • Confirm your billing information and add a valid payment method.
  • Tap Join Apple Music.
  • How To Put Music On An Android Device

    How to Transfer Music from Computer to Android Phone, Add ...

    Over the last few months, Android devices have gained a greater share of the mobile marketplace, though they still havent taken over Apples iPhone dominance. Still, this means that more and more Android phones are wandering around and what better way to use your new device than to throw your jams on it?

    In this how-to, well teach you three different ways to get your tracks on to your device to get you rockin away.

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    Move From Android To Iphone Ipad Or Ipod Touch

    Ready to transfer to iOS? Download the Move to iOS app to get help switching from your Android device to your new iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

    If you can’t use the Google Play Store, learn .

    • On your Android device, make sure that Wi-Fi is turned on.
    • Plug your new iOS device and your Android device into power.
    • Make sure that the content you’re moving, including what’s on your external Micro SD card, will fit on your new iOS device
    • If you want to transfer your Chrome bookmarks, update to the latest version of Chrome on your Android device.

    Tutorial On How To Sync Music To Android From Computer Via Google Play Music:

    • Sign in with your Google account.
    • Select the location where your music files stored and the tool will upload the songs to the Music Manager.
    • Then you need to tick off the option “Automatically upload songs added to my selected folders”.
    • Next, you can click on “Add folder” to upload additional songs saved in other folders.
    • Once you uploaded all the desired songs, please click on “Apply”.
    • Now you can open the Play Music App on your Android and sign in with the same Google account.
    • Then click on the “Menu” button and choose “Music library”.
    • Tap on the song you want to listen to and click on “More”> “Download” to sync the song to your Android device.

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    Upload To Google Drive

    With 15 GB of free storage, Google Drive offers the easiest method for you to keep your music collection synced across all of your devices, including Android and PC.

    The Google Drive app for Android doesnt allow you to download entire folders directly to your Android device. Unless you want to download your files one by one, folder by folder, the easiest method is to use CloudBeats.

    Using a third-party music app for Android allows you to download your files to your device directly from cloud storage providers, including from Google Drive and Dropbox. You could use alternatives like CloudPlayer instead.

    Start by uploading your music to . Click New in the top-left corner and choose File Upload to upload files individually or Folder Upload to upload your music collection in one go.

    If youd prefer, you can use to sync files from your PC. Download the installer, open it up after installation is complete, and then click Get Started. Youll be asked to sign in to your Google account.

    Once youve signed in, select the music folders you want to sync to Google Drive by clicking Choose Folder, and then click Next.

    At the next step, confirm you want to sync Google Drive to your PC and click Start. Your existing Google Drive files will begin to download onto your PC, while your music collection will begin uploading to Google Drive.

    Once your files are in place, install CloudBeats on your Android device, open it, and swipe left to Files.

    Sync With Windows Media Player

    How to Put Music on ANY Android Phone/Tablet (EASY METHOD) 2018

    Most Android phones dont come with their own desktop sync utilities. But if you want the convenience of automatic desktop synchronization in Windows, you need look no further than Windows Media Player.

    To sync your tunes with Media Player, first take the same steps as described above: Plug your Android phone into your PCs USB port, tap USB connected in the phones notification area, and tap Mount to make your phone recognizable in Windows. Then launch Windows Media Player and wait for your phone to appear as a drive letter in the left pane of Media Players Library view.

    To set up syncing to your phone, click the Sync tab in the upper-right corner of Windows Media Player and then click the small Sync options drop-down menu under that. Click Set up sync and then either name your device or leave it as the drive letter, at your preference. When you click Finish, youll have a sync relationship configured so that your phone will update to mirror your PCs Music folder whenever the handset is connected.

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    How To Get Free Music On Android

    Listening to music is a good way to relax. After work all day long, for example, listening to music on the way home can relieve stress. It is not surprise that smartphone has become the most commonly-used platform to enjoy music. Where to discover new music on Android devices? How to get free music on Android phone? We are going to answer these questions in this post. Smartphone users spend a lot of time to access mobile apps, so we will introduce the best apps to get free music on Android.

    How To Add Your Own Music To Apple Music With Itunes

    If you have an audio file that downloaded from other platforms, or that you created, you cant just add it to your Apple Music. Instead, you are required to have the iTunes installed on PC or Mac along with an active Apple Music subscription. Then you can access your music library across all of your devices that are signed in with the same Apple ID.

    Before putting your own music on iTunes, one thing you need to note is the format of your audio file. iTunes supported audio formats include: MP3, AAC, AIFF, WAV, Audible .aa files and iTunes purchased M4A and M4P music files. If the format of your music is not supported, you must convert it to the above one. Here we highly recommend you to use this versatile audio converter Apeaksoft Video Converter Ultimate to help you convert any audio format to the iTunes supported format without quality loss.

    • Convert audio to MP3, AAC, AIFF, WAV or other iTunes compatible format.
    • Convert videos and homemade DVDs to various formats, such as MP4, MOV, FLV, etc.
    • Flip, rotate, clip, merge, crop and even manage audio and video files.
    • Provide 4 different methods to enhance and improve video quality.

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    Top 5 Best Apps To Add Music To Video On Android Devices

    It is easy for us to use Smartphone to capture video now. However, it seems lots of people still find it difficult to edit their captured videos directly on their phone. One of the most searched query would be how to add background music to a video clip on Android directly. Here we list 5 professional apps to help you solve the problem.

    Add Music to Video on Android

    Transfer Using Flash Drive

    How to transfer music from iTunes to Android

    You can also use a USB flash drive to transfer your music files from your PC to your device. You can either use a USB-C flash drive or use a USB-C OTG adapter to allow you to connect a standard USB flash drive.

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    Your internal file manager on Android may vary, but when you plug in your USB storage, itll provide you with the option to view the files. If it doesnt, locate your devices file manager app and locate your USB drive.

    Most file managers will support either moving your files directly or copying them to leave the original files intact.

    In the Samsung My Files app, for instance, you can select a file or folder located in your attached USB storage and choose Move or Copy at the bottom.

    Select your music files and choose to either copy or move them. Move from your USB storage to either your internal storage or SD card, and then paste or move the files there.

    Your music files will be then stored on your device, ready for you to access in a music app of your choice.

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    Transfer Music From Android To Computer By Using Usb Cable

    This method could be very primary and may not be cool. And sometimes it takes long time to find the location of your music if you’re not familiar with your folder in your device, that’s why this method seems to be a little complicated and may not be a effective way.

    Step 1: Connect your Android device to computer via USB cable, and your computer will recognize it as a removable USB drive.

    Step 2: Drag down Notifications panel from the top of your phone’s screen, connect as “Media device”. Click”ok” when the “Allow USB debugging” pop out.

    Step 3: Ensure the drive installed succecefully on your computer. Open the Portable Devices and find music .

    Step 4: Select and copy the music what you want to transfer from your Android to your computer.

    Transfer Your Music Using Doubletwist Sync

    If youre looking for an easier method to transfer music files between iTunes and Android, an alternative to manual file transfer is doubleTwist Sync.

    This software for Windows bridges the gap between Android and iTunes. It lets you sync your music collection between Android devices and iTunes in both directions. New music files on your Android device will sync to iTunes and vice versa.

    It will also work over Wi-Fi, allowing you to transfer your music files without needing a direct USB connection.

    Start by downloading and installing the doubleTwist software to your PC. Once you open doubleTwist Sync, youll be asked to connect your device over USB or use the AirSync app to connect over WiFi.

    AirSync isnt free, so the cheapest method is to connect your device using USB.

    Once you connect your Android device, doubleTwist will display used and available space on your device. Click the Music tab on the top menu.

    If you want to sync files from iTunes to Android, click the Sync Music checkbox. Youll also need to click the checkboxes for the listed subcategories, including Albums and Artists.

    If you also want to sync files from Android back to iTunes, click the Import New Music and Playlists checkbox.

    When youre ready to begin syncing your files, click the Sync Now button. Your iTunes music files will begin transferring to your Android device, while any missing music files on your Android device will transfer to your PC to join the rest of your iTunes collection.

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    Top : Supercloud Song Downloader

    If you are looking for a fast solution to get free music on Android, SuperCloud Song Downloader should be the application you should choose. Just enter the name of the music in order to download the desired music with ease.

    • 1. Search for the favorite music or the artists from the program before downloading.
    • 2. Preview thousands of music before getting free music on Android devices within the program.
    • 3. Download music to your media library or stream the files online.

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    How to Add Music From Your Computer to Android!

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    Google lets you add up to 50,000 songs from your own personal music collection to Play Music, which is pretty great if you already have a big digital music library. Some users arent thrilled about the recommended song upload method of using Googles Play Music app for Chrome. I have been able to successfully upload songs through my Chrome browser, so its worth a shot if you want to move your personal library into Play Music.

    The $9.99-per-month subscription upgrade option for Play Music gets you ad-free access to 40 million songs. Theres a lot of competition when it comes to subscription music services, with Apple Music and Spotify giving Google Play Music a run for its money. Google sweetens the deal by bundling in the YouTube Music service for ad-free music video access. If you often find yourself browsing YouTube for music, then this is a nice bonus.

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    Download Spotify Free Music To Android Phone Without Premium

    To download spotify songs without premium on Android, you can try this free and open source – Telegram Bot. It works as a Musics Hunter, when you copy the Spotify song link to the bar, it will downloads the same song from YouTube. However, this open source is not stable, you may fail to save Spotify music to your Android phone.

    Step 1. Download both Spotify app and Telegram app on your Android phone. Then launch them, and sign in your Spotify account on Spotify app.

    Step 2. Next, start Telegram app, and search for Spotify downloader in it. Choose the Telegram Spotify bot and tap on “Start”.

    Step 3. Copy the link of a Spotify song on Spotify app. Then paste the link to the chatting bar of Telegram, and click the “Send” button.

    Step 4. Next, start Telegram app, and search for Spotify downloader in it, and choose the Telegram Spotify bot.

    Step 5. Hit on the “Download” to get Spotify MP3 songs from YouTube on your Android phone.

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