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How To Add Music On Imovie On Mac

Add Music And Audio Effects On Mac

How to Add Music to iMovie

You can add both background music and sound effects to your movie in iMovie and its easier than you probably think.

Open iMovie and your Project for editing. Then follow these steps to add music or sound effects.

1) At the top, in the iMovie Browser area, click the Audio tab. Optionally, you can also click the Show Libraries List button so that your options display on the left side for easy viewing.

2) Pick from iTunes or GarageBand to add your own music or choose Sound Effects for neat sounds or Theme Music.

3) You can then use the drop-down box to the right to narrow down your list. For instance, if you pick iTunes, you can then select from Music, Podcasts, or your playlists. If you pick Sound Effects, you select from Animals, Transportation, or Sports. The Sound Effects choices also include Theme Music like News and Travel.

4) Once you narrow down your options, you can listen to the music or effects by clicking the Play button.

5) To add audio to your movie, at the top, drag it to the spot you want it in your movie Timeline, and release.

Adjust The Volume Of A Clip

After you add sound to your iMovie project, you can adjust the volume of audio clips to get the sound mix just right. You can also adjust the volume of video clips that were recorded with sound.

To adjust the volume of an audio or video clip, tap the clip in the timeline, tap the Volume button at the bottom of the window, then adjust the slider to increase or decrease the volume. When you turn the volume of a clip all the way down, a Mute icon appears on the clip in the timeline.

You can also make other adjustments, such as fading the volume of the clip or changing its speed. Learn how on iPhone and iPod touch, or learn how on iPad.

How To Add Background Music With Imovie’s Alternative

To apply audio effects or video effects to polish your video, you can use an iMovie alternative program like Wondershare Filmora for Mac.

This is a much more powerful video editor that provides an extensive amount of audio effects, visual effects , and more features you can use to add a Hollywood touch to your videos.

Its multi-audio track management system will allow you to add several audio files to a video simultaneously, which means that you can add your background music, voice-over, or some sound effects to your video with a few clicks.

What’s more, there are more than 300 effects available, and you can use the built-in soundtracks without worrying about the copyright issue. Below explains how to do it step by step.

Let’s watch the tutorial below about how to add background music to your videos with Wondershare Filmora first.

To learn more detailed steps about audio editing, just click Audio Editing Tutorial.

Find the best background music for videos for a special occasion?

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S To Use Snap To Beats Using Imovie Mac

Step 1: Open iMovie on your Mac. Go to the File button and click on New Project. Enter the name of your project and select the aspect ratio you need. You can also select the desired theme. Click on Create.

Step 2: Now, you need to import the file/media to the project. Go to the File menu and hover over to Import. You will have some options click on Movie to import files from the computer.

Step 3: Go to the View menu. Make sure the Snap to Beats option is checked.

Step 4: It is time to add music to the project. On the toolbar, click on the Music and Sound Effects option. Select any music you want in the video and drag it to the project pane. You will see an icon for the music.

Step 5: You need to add markers in the audio. Click on the small settings icon one the music icon. Click on Clip Trimmer. You will see the Trimmer Clipper under the project library. Press the spacebar to play the audio file. Press M to add markers wherever you want. The markers are shown as vertical lines. You can also move the markers by dragging them. After adding all markers, click on Done.

Step 6: Now, you need images/video clips for the markers you have added. You can drag the images/clips to the audio file in the project pane. The video will be added directly according to the markers, and the markers will control the start and end automatically.

Step 9: Finally, go to the menu and export the file.

How To Add Music To Imovie On Iphone/ipad

iMovie 10.1 (2016)

If you have been using iMovie, then you might know that it is available for iPhone and iPad apart from Mac. The best part is that you can also learn how to add music to iMovie on an iPad or iPhone for free. Ideally, the iMovie app can be synced with the stored media on your iOS device. This will let you learn how to add songs to iMovie with a few taps in the following way.

Step 1: Browse the Available Music on iPhone/iPad

To begin with, you can just launch the iMovie app on your iOS device and start working on any project. To add music to iMovie, just tap on the â+â icon from the side and choose to add âAudioâ from the available options.

This will automatically provide a list of the available audio tracks on your iOS device under various sections.

Step 2: Add Any Music File on iMovie

Now, you can enter keywords on the search bar or go through any folder to look for the audio file of your choice. Once you find the file, tap on the âUseâ button and import it to iMovie. You can now drag and drop it to the working timeline to customize it.

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On Iphone Ipad Or Ipod

Step 1. Download iMovie on your iPhone device and launch it and open it.

Step 2. In your iMovie app, open your video project tap on the + symbol to create a new project.

Step 3. Tap on Movie then hit on create Movie space at the screen bottom side. Tap on the gear icon then selects Theme music. There are dozens of themes you can choose one of your preferences by tapping on it.

Step 4. Due to taste and preference, you can opt to add songs of your choosing on the project editing page by tapping on the symbol +.

Step 5. Tap on Audio, then select My Music.

Step 6. On this page, you can find the song you want to add. There are multiple options in which you can use to search for the music you want. You can search by album, song name, or by artist. On the Search icon, then hit the + symbol. Here you will have added music to your iMovie project.

How To Import Apple Music To Imovie

I am a subscriber of Apple Music and I want to create a movie and need to use Apple Music songs as the soundtrack of the movie, is it possible to import Apple Music to iMovie?

You may also have the same question when you want to import Apple Music songs to iMovie for setting as videos soundtrack. Is it possible to import Apple Music to iMovie? For some reason, the answer is no. If you will try it, you will find that any of your attempts end in failure. Why?

Because each of Apple Music songs is protected, that is for personal stream only. Except for listening, Apple will prevent users from using Apple Music songs freely, such as setting Apple Music as iPhone ringtone, importing Apple Music to iMovie for video projects, which brings users with much inconvenience.

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Insert A Clip In The Timeline

  • In the iMovie app on your Mac, select an event in the Libraries list containing footage you want to add to your movie.

    Event clips appear in the browser to the right of the Libraries list.

  • In the timeline, position the playhead where you want to insert the clip.

  • In the browser, do one of the following:

  • Select part of a clip: Press and hold the R key while dragging across the part of the clip you want to select.

  • Select an entire clip: Click the clip.

  • Choose Edit > Insert.

    If the playhead is positioned on top of a clip, the clip in the timeline is split into two segments, and the new clip is inserted between the two segments.

  • Video thats been added to a project is marked along the bottom with an orange stripe in the browser, so you can see at a glance which video youve used. You can add the same video to as many projects as you like.

    Important: If you add 4:3 standard-definition video to a 16:9 high-definition project, iMovie automatically crops the video to fit the full 16:9 frame. To show the full 4:3 frame, see Restore a clips original aspect ratio in Crop clips in iMovie on Mac.

    How To Add Background Music To Imovie Project And Videos

    How to Add MUSIC to iMovie (iMovie Tutorial works in 2021)

    Sometimes, videos will be amazing with some background music, say, wedding videos with some background wedding songs.

    iMovie gives you the option to add background music to your iMovie project. With a piece of background music, you can make your videos seem more professional. Follow this iMovie tutorial on how to add background music to iMovie to enhance your videos instantly.

    In this article, we will offer two solutions for you. The first part is to use iMovie, and the second part is to use iMovie’s alternative – Wondershare Filmora.

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    Way 1 Add Background Music To A Video Using Filmora Video Editor For Mac

    You have to make this your top priority if at all you want to end up with a masterpiece of a video. It is easy to use and has multiple music tracks from which you can choose the ideal one to have in your video. As a positive pointer, Filmora Video Editor for Mac will allow you the freedom of choosing from among other things sound effects, transitions and filters in making sure you have the best experience. Your choices will not be limited at all.

    Key Features of Filmora Video Editor:

    • Over a dozen free pre-installed audio tracks and ability to upload your own music files.
    • Built-in audio effects such as fade in, fade out and de-noise.
    • Direct uploads of edited videos from Filmora to YouTube as well as other social media sharing sites like Vimeo and Facebook.
    • Intuitive interface with easy drag and drop controls.

    Easy Guide To Convert Apple Music To Imovie Supported Format

    Step 1. Launch UkeySoft Apple Music ConverterInstall and launch UkeySoft Apple Music Converter, iTunes will be automatically opened with seconds. Your iTunes library will be listed in the left panel.

    Step 2. Choose Apple Music Songs & PlaylistsNext, choose your favorite Apple Music song & playlists you want to add to iMovie as background music. You can also use search box to locate songs quickly.

    Step 3. Select Output FormatHere, MP3, M4A, AC3, AIFF, AU, FLAC, M4R, MKA are available to choose. Of which, MP3, M4A and AIFF can be supported by iMovie. You can choose one of them as output.

    Step 4. Convert Apple Music for iMovieNow, simply click Convert button to start converting Apple Music tracks to MP3, M4A or AIFF. Once its done, you can click Open Output File to locate converted Apple Music tracks.

    Step 5. Add Apple Music to iMovie as Background MusicOpen iMovie on your Mac and import the videos you want to edit firstly. Then click “Import” to add the converted Apple Music file to iMovie. Or you can use the browser to select a track you want to add to your video. The added tracks will appear as a green audio track below the video.

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    Audio: MP3, WAV, M4A, AIFF, AAC

    Video: MP4, MOV, MPEG-2, AVCHD, DV, HDV, MPEG-4, H.264

    Video Tutorial: How to Convert Apple Music to MP3 on Mac?

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    How To Add Music To Your Mac Device

    If you have decided to take audio from external sources, many newcomers to the field of editing will probably wonder how to add music to the imovie. Below well talk about how to add an audio file to the Mac app.

    • Open a new project in the application and find the Window item, then select Music and sound effects
    • A menu will open in front of you that prompts you to select the source of your file
    • In the preview window, you will see a list of audio files that are suitable for this application, and you will need to select a particular file by holding the cursor and drag it into the project browser on the gray field to the right of the last clip
    • After that, a green icon with a white plus sign will appear on the audio file, which will mean that the file is ready for use. The audio will play until the end of the video
    • If you want to add audio to a separate clip, drag it to the area of the object of interest. After that, you will see a separate green rectangle with the selected audio fragment

    Option 1 Adding Audio Files From Existing Libraries

    How To Add Music To iMovie (iPhone, iPad &  Mac)

    The first option is to add a sound that exists on your iTunes, GarageBand, or sounds from Sound Effects Library. If you want to do this:

  • The tab with the three different libraries will appear. Choose the one youd like to import sound from.
  • When you choose the library, its contents will appear in list-view. You can click on the pop-up menu at the top left of the browser to filter the items from the list.
  • Find the audio file that you want to import.
  • Drag-and-drop the file to the Timeline at the bottom of the app.
  • If you want the audio file as background music for the whole video, add it to the Background Music part of the timeline. You can then customize the file separately from the other media content.
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    Why We Can’t Add Music From Spotify To Imovie

    iMovie is a video editing software for Macintosh computers. It is also available for iOS devices since 2010. iMovie allows users to edit videos and photos and add music, titles, effects, and more. Featuring thousands of awesome features, it aims to make an exclusive video.

    With a Spotify Premium subscription, the offline playback feature is available. You can download songs, playlists, or albums for offline listening. But the key point you can’t miss is that Spotify tracks, online or offline can be in the Spotify application only. Put it another way, you have no right to import Spotify music to other third-party software applications. It includes iMovie and other video editing tools.

    The other reason why we can’t add music from Spotify to iMovie is the compatible issue. iMovie supported audio file formats are MP3, WAV, M4A, AIFF as well as AAC. But Spotify music files are in Ogg Vorbis format, which can’t be recognized by iMovie. As a result, it’s impossible to use Spotify music on iMovie due to different formats.

    So, what should you do to get music from Spotify to iMovie? You can read this article to find an effective workaround.

    How To Use Imovie On Iphone/ipad To Insert Music/audio To Video

    #1. Download and Install Documents to Your iPhone

    From the app store, download the app called Documents and install it. This is vital to the entire process.

    #2. Download Your Videos Royalty Free Music From YouTube

    Once you have downloaded the app, head to YouTube and find the channel called No Copyright Sounds:

    Select a track from the playlist and enter the video page by clicking on it.

    Click the button under the video and copy the link.

    #3. Download the Free Music to Your iPhone

    In the Documents app, go to the lower right corner and click the button like below:

    In the window that pops up, input then hit Go.

    Now paste the URL that was just copied. The download option will come up instantly. Click .

    In the top right corner, hit Save.

    Once the downloading is complete, select the Folder button on the lower left corner and this will send you back to the Documents main screen. The music you downloaded will be in the Folder called Documents.

    In the top right corner, select the Edit button and pick the song of your choice. Next, in the lower right corner, hit the button. In the popup window, click the button and pick Copy to iMovie.

    #4. Import the Audio to Any of your iMovie Videos.

    Your most recent video list will instantly open in iMovie. Pick the video you want to add audio to:

    When the audio is in iMovie, it will be displayed on the timeline next to the original video.

    Now you are all done!

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    Drag Audio Files Into The Imovie Project Timeline On Mac

    Step 1: Users can drag different file formats such as .mp3, mp4, aif, and wav files from the Desktop and the Finder right into your iMovie project’s timeline. Files dragged into the timeline act differently, relying on where you drag them.

    Step 2: If users need a music file to stay with specific video footage even if you move the footage, drag the audio file just under the footage so a bar linking the files appears. Utilize this to include voiceover audio or sound effects that you wish to link to particular footage in your project, no matter where the footage is in the timeline.

    Step 3: To add theme or background music that plays throughout the entire project, you need to drag an audio file to the music well, which is represented by the musical note logo in the timeline. By doing this, the audio file will not move even if you move any footage in the timeline.

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