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How To Add Music In Video Background

A Melodious Video For Your Viewers

How to add background music to any video online

Do you have a cool video and a desire to make it more attractive? There is a simple way to upgrade your content. If you have background sounds and want to remove them, do it quickly with the help of Video Mute. Then you can add your soundtrack to a video file.

Do it step by step. At first, select your video and upload it to the Editor. Then upload or drag-and-drop your audio file. You will see two timelines for the video and audio at the left. Move it as many times as you want. Trim the video and audio files if it is necessary.

After that, you will listen to your music and watch your video. Now your video can sing! Yes, yes. It is not a joke! Download a new variant and enjoy it. Lets your friends watch your work of art on social networks. We are sure they will like it.

Add Your Media To The Timeline

Once youve imported your file, find it in the media bin, click on it, then drag and drop it to the timeline. You can add it to a new track or add it to an existing track depending on your needs. I typically add things to new tracks by default so theyre easier to find later.

If no empty track is available, Camtasia automatically creates a new track if you drag your file to the open area above the timeline.

How To Add Music To Instagram Videos

Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing social platform, and the rise of reels has proved the same. If you want to stand out as a business or content creatorâInstagram should be your go-to platform today.

Being a visual platform, videos work really well on Instagram, but only when coupled with fantastic music do they see significant reach and exposure.

Hereâs how you can add music to your videos on stories and reels:

How to add music to Instagram stories

  • Open your Instagram account, and swipe right to see the story, live and reels options
  • Record your video, or swipe up and upload the video you want to add music to from your camera roll
  • Press âMusicâ
  • Search for your preferred sound, or pick from the Instagram recommended tunes based on trending music.
  • Adjust the song using the slider to select the part of the song you want to use
  • How to add music to Instagram reels

  • Choose âReelsâ just beside the story option.
  • Search for your preferred tune, or pick from the Instagram suggested songs
  • Adjust the song duration you want to pick
  • Record the video, or swipe up and upload the one you want to add music to from your camera roll
  • Preview and upload
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    Basic Types Of Music Licenses

    Different music licenses accommodate varying budgets and use cases. Besides avoiding any legal problems, its important to understand licenses so you can quickly decide which one makes the most sense for a project. For example, if you needed a specific top 10 hit, you could most likely get it through a Creative Commons license but not for free under public domain.

    Filmmaker Pro Video Editor

    How to add music in video background in filmora 9

    Available for: iOSRating: 4.6

    Lastly, weâre covering the app Filmmaker Pro â Video Editor. As you can gather from its name, this one is a bit more advanced than the others. The app has a 4.6 rating on the app store and has been reviewed a whopping 240,000 times. The functionality of this one is very extensive, making it a good choice for content creators or those who have a bit more experience editing videos. However, its advanced features might be a bit much for a beginner.

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    Adjust Volume For The First And Last Slide

    Playing background audio at full volume when the video ends might make the ending sound abrupt. To prevent that, Narakeet will automatically reduce the background audio volume during the last presentation slide. This should be the correct behaviour in most situations. If you are building a clip that needs to be part of a longer video, or if you use a custom audio designed to already ease out the ending, you may want to disable this function. You can do so by clicking the Ease out last slide checkbox, and make sure its not checked.

    All the standard Narakeet background music loops are designed to play at full volume from the start of the video, but for custom audio backgrounds that might make the start too forceful. If you want Narakeet to gradually increase the volume during the first slide, check the Ease out first slide checkbox.

    Where To Find Music For Your Video

    We should mention that you cant use just any music in your videos as most songs are copyrighted. This means they are owned by the creator or singer, and using them without authorization from the owner can result in a lawsuit.

    Luckily, you can find music that you can use without worrying about legal actions. Royalty-free music works like royalty-free images. You dont need to pay for it to use it. There are dozens of free sites that provide royalty-free music, including

    • HookSounds,

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    Editing Videos With Quick

    Wondering how to add music to a video on iPhone quickly? Quik is a free app that helps you retouch your videos on iOS. You can also use it to edit videos on Android.

    While the app doesnt boast innovative video editing features, its simple functionssuch as trimming, rotating, and adding background musicwork well.

    You can choose from hundreds of royalty-free tracks within the app or add a tune from your iTunes library. Heres how to do it:

    1. Download the Quik app from the App Store

    2. Launch the app and import the video you want to add music to

    3. Tap the music icon at the bottom of the screen

    4. Add the music file you want to include in your video from your library or choose from Quiks library

    In the Quik app, you have three options to choose from when it comes to adding music:

    Quik App Music Options

    – AAC- MOV

    While you cant do professional-level editing with Quik, the app is a great solution for video editing beginners.

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    Top 5 Apps To Add Music To Videos In 2022

    How to Make Your Own Video and Add Background Music

    We all know that music can set the tone for an entire video and instantly take it from boring to fabulous. However, many of us donât know where to begin when it comes to apps to add music to video.

    This article will share the easy step-by-step guide on how to add music to videos, also five of the best video maker apps that help users add music to their videos.

    For adding music to videos, the app store has countless options. To make it easier to find the one for you, read on to discover the five best video editing apps for adding background music.

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    Where Music Is Put On Video

    • Interesting content for your website.
    • Social networks stories such as Instagram, Facebook etc.
    • Posts on your account page on different social media.
    • Posts on your community on social networks.
    • A video for YouTube channel.
    • Presentations of your company.
    • Personal use just to remember moments.

    Try to add music and enjoy your video for free!

    How Do I Purchase A Song To Use In A Video

    In order to use that recording, youll need a master use license. Together, a master use license and a sync license will allow you to add your favorite songs to the films and video games you create. The good news is that you dont have to contact famous celebrities directly in order to obtain these licenses.

    Can I use music as background for my video?

    Using commercial music as the background for your YouTube video without permission might violate U.S. copyright law. The music rights holder could issue a copyright claim on your video, resulting in the video being taken down or the audio stripped from it.

    Where can I buy music without copyright background?

    11 Places to Find Royalty-Free Background Music for Marketing Videos

    • YouTube Audio Library. In the Create section of YouTube, youll find their Audio Library.
    • Free Music Archive. The U.S. radio station WFMU runs the Free Music Archive.
    • Incompetech.

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    Export Your Video With A Music File

    When you’re satisfied with the result, hit “Export” to export your video. In the pop-up window that appears, choose to save any file format you like.

    Besides exporting video on your computer, you can also create a video for devices like the iPhone, iPad, or directly upload the video to YouTube and Vimeo, or burn to DVD for playing on TV. All can be achieved with this all-in-one video editor, no extra software required. If you want to loop background music, you just need to drag the background music clip to the same length of the video clip. So easy to do it!

    Benefits Of A Video Maker With Licensed Music

    How To Add Background Music To Your Videos With Adobe Premiere Pro CC ...

    Get professionally recorded music as part of your Animoto subscription. You donât have to pay extra to make your videos sound amazing.

    Give your videos a sense of flair. Adding music evokes emotion and encourages viewers to take action.

    Finalize your video with soundtrack in a matter of minutes. Create content that looks and sounds great, so you can share it quickly.

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    Add Music And Soundtracks In Imovie On Iphone

    You can add any of the following types of background music to a movie project:

    • Soundtracks and theme music: iMovie comes with a collection of soundtracks that dynamically adjust to fit the length of your project. Soundtracks include the music from iMovie themes, which you can add separately from themes. Theme music works just like a soundtrack and is automatically adjusted to fit your project. For more information about themes, see Work with themes in iMovie on iPhone.

    • Music: You can add songs from the Music app that have been synced to your device using Music on your computer.

      Note: To use a song you purchased from the iTunes Store in your project, you must be the copyright holder of the song or have express permission from the copyright holder. For more information, see the iMovie for iOS and iPadOS software license agreement.

    • Imported: You can add songs that you created in GarageBand, Logic Pro, or another app and imported into iMovie using iCloud Drive or the Music app on your computer.

    Background music clips are colored green in the timeline. If you add a song thats less than 1 minute long, it behaves the same as a sound effect in the project and is colored blue in the timeline. See Add sound effects in iMovie on iPhone.

    Create Pro Videos In Minutes With Invideo

    You can easily record a video and merge photos to create a video on your iPhone. But if youre wondering how to add music to a video on iPhone, you will need to use a video editing app thats convenient for quick edits that you can make on the go and dont have to wait to get home and edit them.

    In this article, we will show you how to add music to a video on iPhone and further add voice-overs & sound effects using any of these six different apps listed below:

    6. InShot

    And as a bonus, we will also share how you can edit videos professionally from anywhere using InVideos online editor.

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    How To Add Audio To Video Online

    Upload a video

    First, select a video file from your Mac, Windows, Android or iPhone. You can also choose it from your Google Drive or Dropbox account. Read the complete guide on how to add audio to a video.

    Add an audio

    When the video is uploaded, add the necessary soundtrack. Then you can trim or loop it. Set the volume for the video and audio. When you’re done editing, select a format for the output file and click “Export”.

    It’s done! Now, watch the preview and if you like it, just click “Download” . Otherwise, go back to editing.

    Have a perfect song for a perfect moment captured in a video? With Clideo, you can easily combine them into a memorable clip!

    The add music to video tool is very simple to use, the only thing you need to do is trimming the track if it’s longer than video or looping it if it’s shorter.

    Find The Appropriate Music

    How to Add Background Music to a Video!

    Select the Audio tab located at the top of the screen to browse through the songs. Youll have three choices from the audio: Sound Effects, Music, and GarageBand. Choose your category to start adding sound over a video. Preview the song before using it to see if it fits with the theme of your video.

    You can browse through the music library of the background music changer to find any music you want. When youve found the perfect sound, drag the clip to the background music well thats behind the timeline.

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    Faqs Of How To Add Music To A Video

    How do you add free music to iMovie?

    Whether you are using iMovie on a Mac or iOS device like iPhone or iPod, you can simply choose the Add Media button and then Audio to select and add free music to iMovie.

    How to add music to Instagram video?

    To add music to an Instagram video post, Story or Reel, you can use the methods and video editors above to get the job done.

    How to add music to YouTube video?

    When you need to add background music to your YouTube video, you can rely on its default editor. Just sign in to YouTube Studio, click on Content on the left menu, and then select the video you want to add music. Click Editor option and then use filters to find a new audio track in the audio row. When you locate the right audio track, you can click Add to add it to the YouTube video.

    Why I Dont Like It That Much

    This app makes you wanna use it, and if your new when it says My project pick what you wanna name your project and if you want it Portrait, Square, Landscape pick one and then go to the top and click create, and this is the part where I dont really like… It makes you pay 2.99$ or 9.99$ its alit of money sometimes and some other people also dont like it and have made reviews of it and its a waste of money one review said Review by: Jennyjolll Title: Why its a huge waste. This app is making us pay a lot of money by Apple Pay and it making us pay like $9.99 and its a lot for me and it is probably a lot for a lot of people and a lot of people cant pay for that because maybe they dont have any money for Apple Pay. I know some people like this app but other people dont and it makes us pay a lot so whoever sees this that was helping or doing something with the game please tell the creator or if the creator is seeing this review Im sorry but its making a lot of us pay like around 9.99 so please low it down thank you. And that bad review is making a lot of people not buy it much. Thank you for reading this whole review and have a good day! Bye!!!

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    Recommended Online Royalty Free Music Resource: Filmstock

    Filmstock is a one-stop-shop for royalty-free video effects, music and sound effects, stock video footage, and more stock media. You can download royalty-free music from different genres in MP3 or WAV format. Besides, you can also find sound effects in the audio library. Visit the Music library of Filmstock and explore more songs and music for your video.

    How To Pick The Right Music For A Video

    adding background music to video

    Once youâve decided you want to add music to your videos, the next step is to choose what kind will go best with it. Choosing the wrong type of sounds for your video concept and content can negatively impact perception and cause confusion.

    Your music should enhance the graphics in the video and help your audience understand and resonate with your brand better. Here are some tips on picking the right music for your videos:

    • Determine how you want your audience to perceive your videos. If youâre making an explainer video for your product, using light music that complements your videoâs colour tones would be wise than using metal music that contradicts the meaning and feeling altogether.
    • Identify the tone and goal of your content to align music that elicits emotion which pushes the audience to take the desired action.
    • Discover your audienceâs interest, and choose music that will immediately catch their attention, and turn their eyes to your video.
    • Consider hiring a composer to create original tunes for your brand or specific campaigns. You can always find music online, but it isnât easy to find the right one if you have a vast and firm requirement.

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    How To Add Music To A Video

    Video is essential for teaching, training, sharing knowledge, and explaining concepts. No matter who your audience is, video helps them learn better.

    Humans are hardwired to process visual content, but adding great visuals to a video is just half the battle.

    Background music can add more interest to your videos, making them even more engaging and entertaining. The good news is that adding music to videos is pretty simple.

    How do you add music to a video? Where can you find music? Read more to learn how to add music to a video.

    Use this guide to learn how to add music to your video, how choose the right kind of music for the mood of your video, and where to find music .

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