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How To Add Background Music To Imovie

Add Music And Soundtracks In Imovie On Iphone

How to Add Background Music in iMovie (The Easy Way)

You can add any of the following types of background music to a movie project:

  • Soundtracks and theme music: iMovie comes with a collection of soundtracks that dynamically adjust to fit the length of your project. Soundtracks include the music from iMovie themes, which you can add separately from themes. Theme music works just like a soundtrack and is automatically adjusted to fit your project. For more information about themes, see Work with themes in iMovie on iPhone.

  • Music: You can add songs from the Music app that have been synced to your device using Music on your computer.

  • Imported: You can add songs that you created in GarageBand, Logic Pro, or another app and imported into iMovie using iCloud Drive or the Music app on your computer.

Background music clips are colored green in the timeline. If you add a song thats less than 1 minute long, it behaves the same as a sound effect in the project and is colored blue in the timeline. See Add sound effects in iMovie on iPhone.

How To Add Background Music In Videos Using Imovie

In this blog, youre going to learn how to add background music and sound effects to your videos within iMovie. Before anything, I want to let you know that everything in this tutorial is applicable to any Apple/iOS device.

Now, background music can be a really confusing topic because there are some legalities involved. Especially if you plan to upload your video project to pretty much anywhere on the internet. And iMovie makes this whole topic of adding music to your videos even more confusing, because it makes it look like youre allowed to use music that youre really not allowed to use.

I already covered the INs and OUTs of using background music in your videos without breaking the law in my previous YouTube video. To keep it super simple, when it comes to background music on iMovie or any video editor, you CANNOT use music in your video that you dont have the right to use unless you are using royalty-free music. So instead of using music that you have purchased through iTunes or music that you ripped to a CD from your Napster downloads back in 2001, you need to look for music that is licensed for those type of use.

Move The Playhead To The

Move the playhead to the point where you want the music to start. Then copy and paste the track in. This will put it in a regular audio track which is less buggy and easier to work with than the dedicated background audio track.

It’s possible to nudge the audio around once it’s in the timeline by interacting with the drag handles of the corresponding timeline element, but this will be done one painstaking frame at a time and eventually just stops moving it. Copy/paste is easier in the long run.

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How To Add Background Music To Imovie Project And Videos

Sometimes, videos will be amazing with some background music, say, wedding videos with some background wedding songs.

iMovie gives you the option to add background music to your iMovie project. With a piece of background music, you can make your videos seem more professional. Follow this iMovie tutorial on how to add background music to iMovie to enhance your videos instantly.

In this article, we will offer two solutions for you. The first part is to use iMovie, and the second part is to use iMovie’s alternative – Wondershare Filmora.

Imovie: Background Music By Drag

How to add background music to video in iMovie
  • Open the iMovie, the iMovie project in which you want to add music.
  • Then, in the Finder, locate the music file to your movie.
  • You drag the file with Drag-and-Drop it into iMovie and place them in the gray area after the last Clip in your project.
  • Your background music is added to the beginning of your movie, and with a green Block in the project window, as shown.
  • Your Film should be a project for longer than the music, added a title, you can add Drag-and-Drop to other tracks by repeating steps 1 to 3.
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    How To Lower Background Music In Imovie

    Drag the volume slider left or right.Ducking lowers the volume of background music clips whenever theres a.How to add music in imovie on mac.How to lower background music in imovie after you add music tracks to your imovie project, you can adjust the volume of the track to get the sound mix just right.

    I have a imovie project that i am creating and i have video clips and an audio track which plays a song.I see that i can adjust the volume level of the song for the whole song but i want to lower the volume for part of the song If the volume is too high, the music will overpower the spoken.If you are running the latest version of movie maker then there are several choices on the project tab to decide which audio stream to emphasize.

    If you find a song that you like, hit the download button and its going to download right to your desktop.In the browser, you will have two options to import sound.In the timeline, select a clip containing audio you want to adjust over time.In the waveform portion of the clip, move the pointer to the volume control at a point where you want to add a keyframe.

    Rather than overwhelm myself in the beginning).Rather, the volume will be reduced for any other audio tracks that play simultaneously with the selected clip.Selecting this checkbox causes the volume in other audio clips to decrease when the clip plays.Tap and hold on the audio clip.

    Use Video Editors For More Audiovisual Features

    Aside from iMovie, the options above give you relatively limited abilities for adding music to videos. If you just want to add a song to your video clip, theyll work. But if you want more editing options, like the ability to start a track at a chosen point or the ability to edit the track itself, youll need a more complex video editor.

    Many of our recommendations from our list of video editors for beginners will give you more power to edit your audio and video.

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    Add Background Music With Imovie For Mac

    If you are looking for the best software program for adding background music to your video files, iMovie stands out as the best choice for you. It is capable of adding any type of audios and effects in a trouble-free manner. There is the section marked “content library” on iMovie from where you will select the right icon from GarageBand, iTunes or Sound Effects. Depending on the one that you choose, all the contents under that will show up on the browser. There will always be an option to filter anything that you don’t want to use.

    How To Do A Voiceover In Imovie

    How To iMovie: How To Add Background Music

    The voiceover option in iMovie allows you to record external audio, and add it to your movie whether or not you already have a music track added to your video. Heres how to do a voiceover in iMovie.

  • Navigate to your iMovie project or start a new one.
  • Tap Edit.
  • A small record window will pop up below your video.
  • Tap Record when you are ready and speak into the microphone.
  • Tap Stop when you are finished.
  • Tap Review to listen to your audio, and if you arent happy with the results, tap Retake.
  • When you are happy with your voiceover, tap Accept. Your recording will show up as a purple line beneath your video.
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    How To Add Background Music To Imovie From Icloud Drive

    If you sync your music library to iCloud, you can access it to use in your iMovie videos. To add a song to iMovie from your iCloud drive, follow these step-by-step instructions.

  • Open an existing project or start a new project in iMovie.
  • Scroll through your movie so that the vertical white starts where you want your song to start.
  • Tap the + icon.
  • Tap Done.
  • How To Set Imovie Backgrounds & Add Imovie Background Music

    You must be very familiar with iMovie if you are a Mac user and frequently edit videos. iMovie for iOS and macOS offers a simply way to turn your photos and video clips into stunning movies or trailers for sharing to others. You can handily capture and edit videos on your portable iOS device and then finish on your Mac.

    So, do you know how to set iMovie backgrounds and add background music to video in iMovie? iMovie carries various key editing functions to help you make a better video. If you are trying to make your first video for a channel, or want to fix some audio to an animation, it’s time to learn how to set iMovie backgrounds. You can take the following quality guideline to add iMovie background music.

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    Ultimate Guide To Using Music In Imovie

    Apples video editing software, iMovie, is free, but it takes some time to master it. A simple task like adding music to your project can seem intimidating if you dont know where to look but its not impossible with the right guidance.

    If youre using the iPhone, iPad, or Mac, heres what you need to know about adding music to your video.

    How To Download Music To Put In Imovie

    How To Add Music To Movie In Imovie

    Now, all you need to do is sign in to your Amazon account to get started. Up to six family members will be able to use this app with Family Sharing enabled. Choose the album or playlist you want to download by tapping the Search tab and search them. This great for people who already have a bunch of music on iTunes and are afraid of losing those songs by using another service.


    Sure, your iPhone can film incredible videos, but what do you do with them afterwards? How do you edit these videos a little more than trimming them down or how do you string a couple of clips together to make one video? But if this is your first time opening either version of iMovie, all the options and tools might seem overwhelming. To free up some space, try an app like Gemini Photos. The latter is a fun feature that puts a few clips together into a Hollywood-style movie trailer.

    The background clip stays in the main Video Track.

    Movavi Video Editor Plus can also be used as a background changer for videos. Here imofie a five-step guide to how to change video background without a lot of effort. Pur and launch the setup file for Movavi Video Editor Plus. Follow the on-screen instructions during the installation process.

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    How To Add Music To Video With Imovie On Mac/windows

    Now it’s the era of video. Most people who will shoot videos with their smart phones, and share on social network like YouTube and Facebook. If you want to make your own video stand out in so many videos, you can’t do without adding soundtrack to the video.

    As I said, there are so many video editing software that you’re able to use for adding music to video, including the existing iMovie on your Mac. Which software is better and how easy it’s to add music to video? I’ll recommend you to use iMovie on Mac and Movavi Video Editor in Windows, because iMovie doesn’t run in Windows. So an iMovie alternative is recommended instead. Please see below about how to add music to any video you want.

    Best Apple Music To Imovie Converter Ukeysoft Apple Music Converter

    Some users may ask “How do I use copyrighted music in iMovie?” Basically, users can add video clips and photos as input, add subtitles and transitions, and add background music to iMovie to create movies or trailers. But, Apple Music files in the iTunes library cannot be added to iMovie as background music. iMovies simply shows a note that “files are protected and unavailable”. Why? In general, Apple Music is an online streaming service with digital rights management protection. You can only access more than 60 million songs by using the built-in iOS music app, Apple Music for Android app, desktop iTunes app or Apple TV. If you have successfully upgraded to an Apple Music subscriber, you have the right to download Apple Music for offline listening. However, the downloaded tracks come with DRM protection which restricts the use of Apple Music on authorized devices only. It seems that only after you remove DRM protection from Apple Music songs, you can set Apple Music songs as your iMovie projects background music.

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    Here are some amazing features of UkeySoft Apple Music Converter.

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    How To Add Background Music To Video

    Step 1: Create a project

    Firstly, install the best alternative to iMovie to your computer. There are two versions, one for Windows and the other for Mac. Launch it and go to the MV window from the top bar. Go to the Theme tab, select a proper theme, and add your video clips on the storyboard. You can organize the clips and edit them with the toolbar above the storyboard.

    Step 2: Add background music

    After project making, go to the Setting tab next to Theme, and locate the Audio Track section. If you want to add background music in iMovie alternative while leaving the original sound, check both Keep original audio track and Background Music. Otherwise, uncheck the former and check the latter option.

    To use the built-in music library, pull down the drop-down list and choose your favorite one. If you want to add your own music, click the + button and open it. You can also use Loop play, Fade in and Fade out effect on the background music by checking them.

    Preview the movie in the built-in media player and adjust the Volume and Delay options on the left side. You can repeat this process for several times in order to get the desired effect.

    Step 3: Export movie project

    Add Background Music To Video In Imovie

    How To Add Background Music To A Video Using iMovie ’11

    Step 1 Launch the latest version of iMovie on your Mac and load up your video file.

    Step 2 You’d better put the background music file to iTunes playlist. If your music is in Finder, or on the desktop, simply make a new playlist in iTunes and add the audio file to the playlist by dragging and dropping.

    Step 3 Underneath the box showing the first frame of the video, a section of icons are listed. Choose the little music note.

    Step 4 Scroll down the options to find the playlist that you added earlier, here you can find the iMovie background music you need.

    Step 5 Just drag and drop the audio file onto the video, and the iMovie background music will be easily added to the video.

    If you want to export the video to your preferred destination folder, you need to click “Share” to export with QuickTime. After the steps above, you can handily add iMovie background music.

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    How To Add Music To Imovie In 3 Easy Steps

    Lets face it: iMovies audio library kinda sucks. In this short tutorial, youll learn how to add music to iMovie on both Mac and iPhone and make better videos as a result.

    With iMovie, Apple offers a world of opportunity to anyone interested in making videos.

    The software allows you to cut clips, add transitions, overlay titles, and much more all for free. But if youve ever used it, you likely know that iMovies seven-song music library is shall we say, underwhelming?

    The good news is youre not stuck with that tiny, trite collection. Adding other music to your videos in iMovie is a breeze. Lets walk through the short steps for both Mac and iOS devices now.

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    How To Record Voiceover In Imovie

    1. Launch iMovie

    2. Import the project

    3. Scroll the timeline to view the white vertical line that tells the voice-over is to be added here.

    4. Tap the Voiceover button > Record

    5. After a 3 sec countdown, the recording will start

    6. When done click Stop, review it, thats it.

    Thats all about how to add music to a video via iMovie and Wondershare Filmora. If you are looking for a tool that offers advanced features certainly Filmore wins. Moreover, this tool allows customizing audio effects and helps edit royalty-free music.

    If you like the information share it with others, in case you have any questions drop them in the comments section.

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    How To Add Background Music In Imovie On Iphone & Ipad

    Before you go ahead with the following procedure, you need to install the latest version of iMovie from the App Store, since it doesnt come pre-installed on iOS devices. Once youre done, simply follow the steps below.

  • Open the iMovie app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap on Create Project to start a new video editing project within the app.
  • Next, choose the Movie option when youre asked about the type of project you want to create.
  • This will open your Photos library. Here, scroll through your videos and select the clip you want to add to your project. Once youre done with the selection, tap on Create Movie at the bottom of the menu.
  • The video you selected will be added to the iMovie timeline. Now, tap on the + option as shown in the screenshot below to add content to the timeline.
  • Here, you can scroll down to the bottom and tap on the Files to browse for any music files youve downloaded to your iPhone. Alternatively, you can choose Audio if youre rather interested in using a song in your music library.
  • Choosing Files will launch the Files app where you can browse through different locations and find the music file. Tap on the file to add it to your iMovie timeline.
  • As you can see in the screenshot below, the music will automatically be added right below the video clip in the timeline. Tap on Done when youre ready to save your project.
  • Here, tap on the share icon located at the bottom, as shown in the screenshot below.
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