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How Much Do Music Producers Make

How Much Does A Film Composer Make

How much producers and artists earn from Beatport, Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music and Soundcloud

The way film composers are paid is way different from how the beat makers are paid as well. they are paid through royalty checks every 3 months. Even though film composers have a track fee that comes at the start of the project. They also receive an amount of royalty every 3 months.

This propels them to the top of the earing list when it comes to people in music production.

Film composers are paid huge checks to bring the music from a film to life. To tell a story through music as well. they are also involved in music licensing for other movies that they are not part of but lending their works for use. This in turn results in higher pay for an hour for a film composer.

There are other things we have to take into account as well. anyone can become a beat maker within 4 months. Becoming a filmmaker takes longer than that. If you want to become a successful film composer it might take you years to master your craft to earn a single penny from the work that you do as well. it all depends on the persistence that you are willing to show towards something that you love deeply.

Usually, a film composer makes anywhere from 300$ to 2000$ per hour.

What Do Music Producers Do

A music producer assists artists and groups in the studio in creating recorded music. Typically, a producer works closely with the musicians and singers to create an overall tone, feel or expression in the recording. He or she also engages with the various technical professionals required to record music and supervises studio engineers and mixers in creating the final product. In some situations, a producer may have artistic input as well, advising on composition, songwriting and arrangement.Read more

  • Manage, coordinate, and track projects through all stages of production.
  • Attending production meetings.
  • Coordinate and work with sound engineers, designers, and directors.
  • Create and communicate overall concept or plan.

How Long Is Music Production School

AIMM’s Music Production and Audio for Media Degree is comprised of 38 technical courses and can be completed in 18 months of accelerated studies, 24 months of full-time enrollment.

With an Associate Degree, you receive a comprehensive music education without all that additional filler material. Everything you learn is applicable. Time is money, and at AIMM, neither is wasted.

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Put Your Music In All Streaming Sites Like Spotify Itunes And Google Play

Another way to earn while you sleep streaming royalties! If youve established your brand as a beat maker, you can double your income by also making music for a fan base. This time around, youre no longer working behind the scenes but at the forefront you are the main artist.

For starters, you can take advantage of these music distribution services depending on your needs:

  • Distrokid For only $19.99 a year, you can upload an unlimited number of songs and albums. Distrokid also features an automated system for royalty splits if youre releasing music as a collaboration with other artists.
  • Tunecore Although this distribution company charges more, they are more transparent when it comes to your earnings, reports and analytics.

Offer Your Services To Freelancing Websites

How Much Do Music Producers Make?

Freelancing websites are commonly perceived as platforms which are only good for administrative work and IT-related jobs. Although a majority of employers are looking for these services, theres also a market that music producers can take advantage of.

There are clients who are in need of music for their short films, startup ads and independently released apps or games. If youre versatile enough and is also willing to try other audio-related tasks, there are jobs like custom song production, nursery rhymes composition, podcast editing, music content writing and many more.

Here are some of the most popular websites among freelancers:

  • Upwork Formerly known as oDesk, this freelancing website is the biggest and fastest-growing marketplace which caters to millions of freelancers and clients around the globe. Due to an overwhelming number of applications, Upwork is very selective when it comes to welcoming freelancers onto their platform. In order to get your account approved, make sure to you create an impressive profile and portfolio. Take the required tests based on your skills to increase your chances of getting hired.

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What Does A Music Producer Do

Respected music producers such as deadmau5 and Tre Jean-Marie use different methods to produce music. Some are pioneers of classic rock while others are experts in digital music. The role of a music producer continues to change as the technology for producing and recording music reshapes the industry.

For the ordinary person, the definition of a music producer is not the same as the definition from a person who understands music. To some, music producers are the experts who apply effects, tweak sound levels and add the perfect reverb to vocals: while for others, music producers are like project managers who oversee artists careers. According to Rick Rubin, a pioneer in heavy metal and rap, he rarely touches any production tool in his studio.

A music producer handles all the sound production and recording projects, which may in involve recording a song or an entire album. A music producer plays many roles during a recording session. They may come up with song ideas, work with other musicians to choose original songs or produce songs. Also, a producer may help in co-writing songs, change a song arrangement, and coach musicians during a recording session.

A producer primarily oversees the entire preproduction process: from sound recording and mixing to mastering. A producer may do all these things by themselves or seek help from an engineer. They may pay engineers or session musicians to make sure projects are completed within the stipulated period.

Can You Make Beats With Just A Laptop

Is it possible to make sweet music with only your laptop? Dont you need cool-looking synths, MIDI controllers, a massive studio room with a top-of-the-line coffee maker in the corner?

Well, good news. No, you dont need anything other than your laptop. Well, maybe coffee… But with a laptop, a DAW, and a great pair of monitors or headphones, you can create virtually any sound you can imagine suiting any genre of music.

However, while you can make music using only a laptop, having some extra stuff can be more fun. Lets talk about that more in-depth.

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Offer Services Aside From Music Production To Earn

Most music producers should have a few side hustles… Yet most don’t.

And wonder why they aren’t getting paid enough.

Aside from simply making beats – there is real money to be made for a music producer that works closely with musicians in the studio.

Sure, you can continue to get paid for the beats that are produced by you…

But it’s important to have multiple streams of income.

This separates your audio product from being a job employee VS a biz owner.

Here are some ways to earn additional income as a music producer:

  • Make income by selling studio time
  • Get paid by being an affiliate marketer
  • Make side income by getting paid brand deals
  • Release your very own album and get paid royalties

Aside from music production, I urge you to try every single one of these and see how you can better monetize in the music industry.

Consider A Degree In Music

Quit Your Job To Make Beats? How Much Do Producers Really Make Selling Beats Online?!

Some producers choose to get a music production-related degree. These programs teach the technology used to create, mix and master music, and can also be a valuable opportunity to meet people in the industry. A cost-effective way to learn music production may be to enroll in an online course because many are free or cost less than a college.

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Use Patreon To Increase Your Income Streams

So, what is Patreon, you ask? Patreon is a membership platform that provides business tools for creators to run a subscription content service, with ways for artists to build relationships and provide exclusive experiences to their subscribers, orpatrons .

This will be like a secret fans club. Your patrons will subscribe to you for a fee in exchange for exclusive content that other subscribers dont have access to.

You can post anything that your subscribers might be interested in such as, behind-the-scenes videos, customized music or maybe even a personalized video chat the list goes on. Be creative and figure out how youll be able to give that unique experience that your patrons will enjoy.

The most effective way to use Patreon is to advertise it on your YouTube channel. You can paste the link in your video description, but you can also give your followers a heads up through other social media platforms.

How Much Can You Earn As A Music Producer

Firstly, let’s give a small description of what a Music Producer does.

Essentially, a music producer helps artists within the studio record and create professionally sounding music.

A music producer often works closely with the artists and musicians to develop a solid tone and feel in the recording. They will also engage with multiple technical professionals needed to record the music and supervise engineers in the studio.

If the relationship and trust between the musicians and producer is strong enough, the music producer may also offer artistic input and suggestions regarding the arrangement or songwriting.

So, now that we have that down, let’s start talking salary!

According to, Music Producers average salary is $50,986. Now, it is important to understand this figure is an average.

The pay scale they list ranges from the low-end of $29,000 to the high-end of $99,000.

There will always be outliers on both sides, but this is a pretty good basis to take into consideration.

According to Zip Recruiter, the average is a little higher at $89,628, but that is taking into account massive outliers, with the high-end being $371,500.

While it is entirely possible to achieve these figures, they do claim that the majority of Music Producers make close to $37,000. However, as you can see, the potential for significant financial growth is well within your grasp!

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Selling Your Exclusive Beats To A Major Record Company Artist

Do you want to increase the average sales price for your music production services?

If so, you should consider exclusive licenses.

That’s how Scott Storch makes a bulk of his music producer income.

Every major record company in the music industry prefers to use hip hop exclusives rather than unlimited beat licenses.

This is because the music industry is competitive.

Labels do not want other hip hop artists to get on that beat and siphon away potential record royalty income from them.

Note: regardless of your exclusive sales price, the label will always be making money in the long run.

The thing about exclusive is that as a music producer you need to negotiate the artist on what a decent rate is.

If you’re starting off then sadly your music production services will not be as highly valued as if you were in the game and had many placements under your belt.

How Much Tax Will You Have To Pay As A Music Producer

Music Producer Salary

For an individual filer in this tax bracket, you would have an estimated average federal tax in 2018 of 22%. After a federal tax rate of 22% has been taken out, Music Producers could expect to have a take-home pay of $47,401/year, with each paycheck equaling approximately $1,975*.

* assuming bi-monthly pay period. Taxes estimated using tax rates for a single filer using 2018 federal and state tax tables. Metro-specific taxes are not considered in calculations. This data is intended to be an estimate, not prescriptive financial or tax advice.

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Sell Beats Or Royalty

For the past few years, there has been a surge of music producers and beat makers who sell type beats to independent singers, artists and rappers. Most of them are making a killing selling instrumentals on their websites and other platforms while using social media to market their digital products.

Beat prices range from $19 and up, depending on the quality of the beat, how big the clientele is and how famous you are as a producer. Licensing types are also considered when it comes to pricing but there is no set rule for this.

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The great thing about selling beats is the perk of earning while you sleep make a beat now, sell it on your website and move on. Repeat daily, weekly or monthly depending on your schedule. Passive income is the way to go!

The best way to start is to produce at least 10-20 beats to jump start your business. This number is ideal if youre just beginning, as it wont be too overwhelming to accomplish and manage. Next is to get a domain name for your website from an array of top domain registrars such as GoDaddy, Bluehost and Hostgator. Your domain name should be consistent with your brand.

The final step is to choose your website hosting service. Here are some of the top hosting services to pick from, made exclusively for beatmakers:

  • Airbit Formerly known as myFlashStore, this online marketplace almost has the same features but you can maximize the forums where you get to interact with fellow producers.

Music Producer Education Requirements

If you want to work in a real studio, there are certain music production education requirements you should meet, depending on where you intend to work. Here are some of the most commonly requested degrees you should have:

  • Music and Music Production
  • Obviously, you need to know everything there is to know about music production. Unlike before, there are now many schools and universities that offer this kind of bachelors degree, so you can really learn how to make music professionally. This is great especially for aspiring indie producers who want to learn how to make their own songs. Band members who have dissolved, for example, may learn how to experiment stuff on their own.

    There can actually be different courses for this. For example, music production may be different from the traditional bachelors degree in music, which only focuses on classical instruments and if you just want to be a musical conductor, while theres an actual course for writing your own music.

  • Fine Arts
  • Because fine arts teach you some things about visualization and creativity, that may be needed if you want to be a composer as your career. Music producers dont just play with gadgets in the studio they are like painters of music. They would benefit from the lessons and techniques from the fine arts subjects.

  • Sound Engineering
  • Business and Marketing
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    How To Make Beats On Your Laptop

    How much fancy gear do you need to become the world’s greatest music producer? The truth might shock you. Your laptop is just enough.

    This article will share what you need to make beats on your laptop and explain why you need it. You will also get a collection of resources so you can start making beats right away.

    Ready? Lets dive in.

    How Much Is A Music Producer Salary


    What Do You Get Paid? Drum Roll Please It would be hard to generalize this answer to apply to every producer. Of course, starting out, you wont be paid like Quincy Jones, Dr. Dre or Rick Ruben, but you can decide what your time is worth, and, beyond the actual payment of your fee, you might want to include your total compensation.

    The first step toward determining your price for a project, is if this is going to be pure work for hire where you are paid a flat fee for your services, both a fee and some percentage of revenue or ownership, or if there is no upfront fee paid but there is a percentage ownership or revenue share in the end.

    Lets start with an easy example equation

    This first is a pure work for hire where the producer gets no ownership or revenue share. You start by figuring out how many hours it might take to complete this project. Include all of your planning, time in the studio recording, mixing, overseeing any other post-production , and then figure out an hourly rate for these tasks. Lets start with the example of $50 per hour. If youve determined that you will spend 100 hours on this project, you can figure out your base fee:

    100 hours X $50 per hour = $5,000

    Now, think about a more established producer, they are likely making more than $50 an hour, more likely $100 per hour and that brings us to:

    100 hours X $100 per hour = $10,000

    100 hours X $200 per hour = $20,000 per project, X 10 projects per year = $200,000

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    Why Free Giveaways Can Help Music Producers Earn More

    It cost money to make money – it’s all true to your career as a music producer.

    That being said, your largest asset is your collection of beats that you can sell.

    I found that a great way for a music producer to sell more audio products is to go ahead and run a giveaway.

    There are two types of giveaways every music producer should know:

  • Mass giveaways
  • Consistent giveaways
  • When a music producer host a mask giveaway they advertise and promote the hell out of it!

    In case of such as this, they are giving out pretty huge prizes, perhaps a microphone or even recording equipment.

    Consistent giveaways are different.

    When is a consistent giveaway, it’s usually something small With the consistent giveaway, you don’t promote it harshly.

    Rather, you keep the giveaway link somewhere on your social media profiles for a new artist to check in and get closer in your funnels.

    The cool thing about the giveaway is that it gives you access to a bunch of new artists! You’re collecting their emails and then it allows you to sell your music production services to them later on.

    Once they’re in your system you can then get the most lifetime value out of the artists!

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