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How Do You Put Music On Spotify

How To Upload Your Own Music To Spotify Albums

How To Upload Music To Spotify (2022)

And the reasons why you may want to do this

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services out there that keeps expanding, and there is more than one reason for that. You can enjoy this music streaming platform on your own or with your friends, creating collaborative playlists and exchanging your favourite songs. For worried parents, Spotify has a child-friendly mode that will keep your kids safe. Finally, as a new artist you can submit your own music to Spotify.

Yet theres one nifty little-known trick that will change your Spotify user experience for good. Not a lot of users know that you can upload your own music to Spotify. Learn how to play local files from your computer in Spotify and why you might want to do it.

Create A New Playlist

You can click the “New Playlist” menu first. Then you can insert a name and description for the playlist and click “Create” button to generate it. To add the songs you want to sync, right click the songs under your local files tab. And then choose “Add to Playlist”> Select the playlist you have just created.

Upload My Song To Spotify

Distributing music is not always an easy task, especially if you dont have a label deal. The process of uploading music on to streaming services can sometimes feel like a challenge. Platforms like Spotify and Deezer wont let musicians do it by themselves, which can be frustrating.

This is why weve prepared this quick guide so you can learn what to do in easy steps.

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How To Upload Local Music To Spotify On A Phone

The steps to listen to your uploaded music in the Spotify mobile app are pretty similar for both iPhone and Android users.

Before you do anything, make sure that you’re a Spotify Premium member. Only Premium members can stream local music in the mobile app.

You’ll also want to add all of your local music to a playlist, other than the default Local Files playlist. You can’t open that default playlist in the mobile app, so doing this will make your songs visible.

And lastly, if you’re using an iPhone, you need to enable local files on your phone first. Open Spotify and tap Home in the bottom-left corner, and then the gear icon in the top-right to open the app’s settings. Then tap Local Files and toggle on the Local audio files option.

Once you’ve got everything set up:

1. Connect your iPhone or Android to the same Wi-Fi network as the computer where you uploaded the songs. If your computer is using ethernet, temporarily connect it to Wi-Fi.

2. Open the Spotify app and head to the playlist where you put your local songs.

3. Under the playlist’s name, tap the download icon. It looks like a downward-pointing arrow.

Once you tap download, Spotify will save every song in the playlist onto your phone including the ones you uploaded. Feel free to move them into other playlists just like normal songs.

The songs will stay on your phone until you tap the download icon again to delete them.

Can You Put Your Own Songs On Spotify

How to Add Your Own Music to Spotify and Sync to Mobile

You can upload local music from your computer onto Spotify by going through the Settings menu. Spotify Premium subscribers can listen to their uploaded music in the Spotify mobile app too. If you want to upload your music to Spotify so others can stream it, youll need to go through a distribution service.

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Make Sure You Have The Rights To Use Your Material

If youve used samples in your track or any melody that you didnt write, you have to obtain a copyright license to use that material.

Otherwise, your release could be delayed or taken down.

To prove you have the right to use someone elses material, youll have to include proof of rights and payment confirmations for licensed material.

Getting proof of rights requires you to get in contact with the rights holders of any samples or melodies you used and obtain a license.

If you dont include these in your distribution release information, you may receive an email from your distribution provider asking for more information.

How To Play Your Own Music On Spotify On Desktop

First, you need to upload your files to Spotify through the desktop app. This will let you use Spotify as a local media player, but it’s also a prerequisite before you can access them on your iOS or Android device.

Once the files are uploaded, you must add them to a playlist before you can play them on your phone.

Before moving on to the steps below, make sure all your music files are centrally located in one folder on your computer. This will make it quicker to sync your files.

  • Open the Spotify desktop app
  • Click your profile name
  • Select the folder on your computer where the music is stored
  • Add the songs to a playlist if you want them to be available on mobile
  • When you add a source, Spotify will ask you to select a folder to pull all your music tracks from. This is why you want to centralize all your music files, so you can have all of them easily available in Spotify through one folder.

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    Why Use Cd Baby To Get On Spotify

    CD Baby is the largest digital distributor of independent music in the world. Well deliver your music to Spotify quickly while also providing robust metadata and manual inspection of every track so Spotify will have all the information they need to ensure proper payments to rights holders. As a CD Baby client, you also get instant artist verification on Spotify and access to detailed Spotify trending reports, updated daily in your CD Baby members account.

    CD Baby will also distribute your music to 150+ other digital music platforms AND help you with YouTube monetization, sync licensing, online music marketing, and more. Weve been paying artists every Monday for 20 years, and we have NO annual fees!

    How To Use Distrokid Step

    How To Add ANY Song To Spotify – Quick and Easy

    Heres an in-depth guide on how to use DistroKid to release your music.

    Step 1: Create Your Account

    The first thing you need to do is with your email address:

    Step 2: Choose Your Membership Type & Pay

    Most people will be OK with the Musician package for $19.99 per year. It lets you distribute as much music as you want for that year under a single artist name. But we recommend choosing at least the Musician Plus option. It gives you some additional customization and reporting/analytics. But its not 100% necessary.

    Just click whichever option suits you best:

    This service will make you enter your payment information and subscribe to the service before youre able to start a new music release. So on the next page, enter your credit card information and pay for the yearly membership. Unfortunately they dont offer PayPal or anything else as an option, so youll need access to a credit card. If you dont have one, you can buy a Visa or Mastercard gift card and it should work.

    Step 3: Click, Click, Click again And Enter Contact Information

    After you hit that join button, your credit card will be charged and youre greeted with this screen:

    And then when you hit Start Now youll get the following screen. Notice the tiny link that youre supposed to click:

    And then youll be told before you can start a release you have to enter your contact information

    And then when you hit that Add Contact Information button youll be asked to enter all your relevant contact details.

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    Section 1 Of : Finding A Distributor

  • 1Are you an independent artist or a record label? No matter where you are in the music industry, a music distributor can help you get your music on Spotify. Several distributors work directly with independent artists, such as DistroKid or Record Union, while several others support labels in particular.XResearch source
  • Many artist distributors also support labels, but not every label distributor also supports artists. FUGA and AMPsuite are examples of label-specific distributors.
  • 2Consult Spotify’s Provider Directory. There are a variety of music distributors that can help you get your music on Spotify and other music services. The pricing for these services vary. Some services allow you to upload your music for free, but may take a cut of your royalties. Other services allow you to keep 100% of your royalties but may charge a one-time or monthly fee. XResearch source Spotify works with countless distributors, but recommends some of the following:
  • DistroKid. Independent artists can keep 100% of their royalties with DistroKid, which sits atop Spotify’s preferred distributors for artists. XResearch source
  • CD Baby. With CD Baby, you can not only distribute your music on Spotify, but also take advantage of the distributor’s wide array of marketing tools.
  • EmuBands. EmuBands is perfectly suited for emerging artists in need of a low-cost option.
  • Make Your Music Available On The World’s Most Popular Music Streaming Service And Access Your Spotify For Artists Account Immediately

    Spotify is not only the largest streaming service in the world, with more than 160 million active users and 70 million paid subscribers in 61 markets, theyre also one of the undisputed tastemakers in the modern music industry, using a host of curated and algorithmic playlists to drive both current discovery and deeper catalog engagement.

    Its essential for emerging artists to not only have their music on Spotify, but to take action on the platform via Spotify for Artists.

    CD Baby gets you instant artist verification on Spotify, helping you claim your Spotify for Artists account so you can:

    • Customize your Spotify artist profile picture
    • Edit your Spotify artist bio
    • Pin an album, playlist, or song to the top of your profile
    • List concert dates

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    Sync Spotify Music To Ipod Mp3 Player

    Spotify is well-suited with all iPod models, i.e., classic models, iPod shuffle, and iPod nano. It connects via a USB cable connection, rather than First generation iPod touch that requires a FireWire Connection. You need to download Spotify’s mobile application to listen to your chosen tracks. Spotify mobile app is incompatible with the iPod touch .

    Here we will show you how to sync music from Spotify to your iPod MP3 player. You will have to follow these relatively simple and easy steps.

    Step 1. Before opening Spotify mobile app, make sure that iTunes is not running as you can’t sync because it causes conflict. Both of the applications will not work at the same time.

    Step 2. Open the Spotify application.

    Step 3. Now plug your iPod into your PC by using the USB cable connection as standard. The very first time you when you connect your iPod to Spotify, a dialogue box opens it to ask you if you want to erase your iPod’s existing data and sync it with Spotify. After that, you don’t have to do this repeatedly as long as you continue using the application for your syncs.

    Step 4. Choose to erase iPod & Sync with Spotify after Spotify erases your iPod. Two options you see at the top of the page are to sync all music to your iPod and manually choose a playlist to sync. Select sync all your music, iPod starts automatically syncing your music to your iPod. Spotify sync your playlists shared tracks, and so on.

    How Do I Find Spotify Songs On My Computer

    How to Add Your Own Music to Spotify and Sync to Mobile

    You can use the CTRL + F keys on a PC or COMMAND + F keys on a Mac to open a separate search bar within the playlist. On the app, youll simply have to pull down at the top of the playlist page for a hidden search bar to appear. Heres how to search for playlists on Spotify on your computer or mobile device.

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    How Much Do Distrokid And Tunecore Cost

    TuneCore used to be more expensive than DistroKid, but they recently changed everything up and are now CHEAPER than DistroKid.

    Both services offer unlimited releases on their subscription plans. That means you can release as much music as you want for a yearly fee.

    DistroKid has 3 different membership levels ranging from $19.99/year up to $79.99/year the higher up membership levels are mostly meant for people that need to release music for multiple artists. If youre running an independent label choose the $79.99 Label membership, otherwise one of the others will do.

    Also remember, there are additional options you can choose for your releases on DistroKid that cost extra.

    TuneCore has 4 subscription options:

    • a FREE tier that lets you release music to social platforms
    • get your music on 150+ digital stores + streaming sites
    • adds advanced features to customize your release
    • meant for labels with premium product/service access

    If youd like to add music publishing and sync licensing support it costs $75.

    Find A Digital Distributor

    You cant upload your tracks straight to Spotify.

    Instead, you need to work with a digital distribution service.

    These services make it possible to place all of your tracks on every streaming platform available right now.

    You will have to pay to access their services and theres several you can choose from.

    LANDR is a preferred partner with Spotify, making it a great option that combines digital distribution with collaboration tools and access to AI mastering.

    Digital distributors help make sure your music is properly formatted for each streaming platform.

    They also collect your royalties from all the platforms so you get payments from every streaming service in one place.

    Its a valuable service that saves you time and gets you paid faster, so the small price that every distributor charges is totally worth the trouble.

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    After You Submit Your Release

    Congratulations! Your release is ready to hit Spotify.

    Now its time to plan some promotion around your track.

    The best way to get exposure for your music on Spotify is to get playlisted on a major playlist.

    No matter who you are, you can pitch your tracks for any playlist thats relevant to your genre.

    To pitch your tracks for playlisting, you first have to claim your Spotify artist profile, if you havent already.

    Right now, if you release your tracks through LANDR a profile will automatically be created. All you have to do is go and claim it.

    To do that youll have to log in to your Spotify for Artists account and claim your profile.

    Once you claim your profile you can update your profile picture and youll get that nice blue verified checkmark on your artist page.

    Youll now have access to pitch your tracks to playlists for any unreleased track.

    Remember, its super important to plan your release well in advance because it takes time to pitch your tracks to Spotifys playlists curators.

    As a general rule, you need a bare minimum of five days to get your tracks considered for playlisting, but it wont hurt to leave a bit more time than that.

    Thats why its key to plan your release date well in advance of submitting your tracks to your distribution service.

    Plus youll have some extra time to plan all the other marketing you need around the release of your track or album.

    How To Find The Right Music Distributor

    How To Add Your Own Music Tracks to Spotify – Mac/PC/Android/iOS

    There are so many music distributors out there. And it seems like a new one pops up every month.

    So how do you know which one to choose? It all depends on what you want.

    You might have a limited budget. You might want extra services like admin publishing.

    Or maybe you want to distribute your music everywhere possible.

    So Im going to cover some of the best distribution companies based on what you may need.

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    Who Can Upload To Spotify

    The simple answer is anyone.

    This bodes well for artists who havent had good experiences with working with labels or for those looking to take on the arduous task of landing a successful release all on their own. But due to the simple fact that literally anyone can learn how to upload to Spotify, competition to get your music heard has never been more fierce.

    Nearly 20,000 tracks get uploaded to Spotify every day, and being able to cut through the noise without the help of a label can be a daunting task. Signing with labels allows the creative artist to do what they do best, while the label handles the tediousness of distribution on their end.

    How Can I Put Music On Spotify Without A Distributor

    Unfortunately, the only option to get your music on Spotify is to work with a label or an aggregator. Most aggregators will let you choose where your music is released. You may, for example, choose to just publish to Spotify.Send songs to Spotify without using an aggregator.Labels: \sAccount. \sFree. \sOther.

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    How To Play Your Own Music On Spotify On Ios

    To play your own music on Spotify, ensure both your iOS device and your desktop computer are running on the same Wi-Fi network.

  • Open the Spotify app
  • If you turn off your desktop, the local files will no longer be available. However, you can download the files from the playlist to your phone, but this will take up storage space.

    Spotify’s Tools For Artist Growth

    How to add your own MP3s to Spotify

    Branding and artist growth often go hand in hand, and Spotify offers many opportunities for each. So let’s unpack a few places on your profile that deserve some extra attention to help you stand out amongst the competition.

    Choosing and customizing your artist pick is a great way to show the world what you’re all about. This feature lets you highlight a specific piece of music your latest release or your first album to be highlighted at the top of your profile. Better yet, you can even select custom imagery for the thumbnail! The added text option can be used to share tour dates, personalized announcements, or anything you desire.

    The next branding-building feature is a gamechanger: Artist Playlists. These playlists bring so much to the table. DJs can show what tracks they’ve been playing at shows and songwriters can showcase their latest inspirations. Keeping these updated is a great way to give your fans a reason to return to your profile over time. Similarly, publishing these updates on social media can provide useful content to keep your fans informed on what you’ve been up to.

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