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How Do You Add Music To Instagram Post

How To Add Music To Your Instagram Posts And Story

How to Add Music to an Instagram Post in 2021

Instagram has been on a roll recently, adding the ability to give your stories and posts a soundtrack just days after debuting a video chat feature. The app’s 400 million daily users can now liven up their stories with 15 second clips of popular songs from Instagram’s music library with just a few taps. Here’s how to do it on iPhone:

  • Make sure you have the latest version of Instagram, open it and view a picture or video and tap the sticker button at the top.
  • Tap the music sticker.
  • Now you can choose songs from several categories.
  • Once you have a song loaded you will have a seven second clip of the very beginning of the song by default. Slide the track right and left to get a clip from a different time in the song. Tap the play button to preview.
  • Tap the duration button at the bottom to change the length of the clip.
  • When you are finished, tap Done in the top right, then you can add it to your story or share it just like any other photo.
  • How To Get Started With Wavve:

    Once you create your Wavve account, find and select the green Create your own button. You can select your video dimensions, whether its horizontal, square, or vertical, upload a background image, and choose a waveform .

    The next step is to upload your audio and add captions. Wavve actually integrates with Zubtitle to let you add captions to your audio, so all you have to do is click Create Transcript and it will automatically generate the transcript for you.

    Once youre done, click Finish to download the video!

    How to get it: Wavve has a free plan, which lets you create 1 minute of audiograms for free each month. If you need more than that, you can purchase one of their paid plans, starting at $10/month.

    Find The Song And The Photo Or Video You Want To Add To Your Story

    To post music on your Insta story, you’ll need to have a to go with your audio. When you use Kapwing to add music, you can use photos or videos from almost anywhere. You copy the link to a video on , record one on your phone, or find your video from nearly any source on the web.

    You can also use a photo as a backdrop for your audio track. Screenshots of an album cover, “now playing” screen, or tracklist work well for sharing your music, and they let your friends find the music you’re sharing easily. For this example, I simply took a screenshot of my playback screen in Spotify.

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    Where To Find Music For Instagram Videos

    Sourcing the best music for your Instagram videos doesnt have to be difficult. In fact, there are a number of powerful tools at your disposal. Read on to discover some of your best options for finding the right tracks.

    Get chart-topping tracks from famous artists for your Instagram videos with Lickd

    To use copyrighted music on Instagram safely, use Lickd. The Lickd music library offers 150,000+ commercial tracks from real labels all cleared with copyright owners, so you dont need to worry about contacting them directly. Find your perfect track by browsing the playlist carousels which provide a variety of top-quality music sorted by genre, artist, and more.Once youve chosen your tracks and added them to your video, post the video to your story or timeline as usual theres no need to tag it with a music sticker. As long as you follow the instructions in Lickds End User License Agreement you can enjoy popular music in your videos without any copyright claims. Happy creating!

    Add music to Instagram with the music sticker feature

    Royalty-free music sitesThere are other royalty-free music sites where you can source music to use. These libraries offer a selection of stock audio files for use in your videos. While they can be great for day-to-day videos, the tracks available are often generic and overused. Wed strongly recommend sourcing music through a platform like Lickd and licensing it properly to help your content stand out!

    Best Ways To Add Music Or Audio To Reels On Instagram

    How To Add Music To Your Instagram Stories With The Apps ...

    Whats an Instagram Reel that lacks audio? Music adds value and attracts the attention of viewers. Many only due to the type of music used in it. Are you also looking to add music to Instagram Reels on Android and iPhone? You have landed at the right place. Whether you want to add songs from Instagrams music collection, add music from someone elses Reels or trending video, use original audio in a Reel, or add voiceover, this post covers all.

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    Best Tips For Instagram Stories

    Dont hesitate to check out all the cool options you see when creating an Instagram Story.

    Apart from music, you can add so many elements to your stories. While music allows you to be more expressive, features like polls, stickers, hashtags, location, GIFs, and emojis help you boost engagement and visual appearance.

    All you need to do is be creative and deliver interactive experiences. Instagram users love to see content that offers creativity and a stunning visual experience.

    If you are using Instagram for your brand, keep your visual identity consistent no matter what Instagram feature you want to use.

    Consistent visual identity is critical because it is one of the ranking factors. Most importantly, your audience should be able to recognize your style and the way you post content.

    So, use consistent colors, fonts, filters, and other elements when creating Instagram Stories. Keep your brands appearance unified.

    Here are some more tips:

    • Put together a style guide to stay branded

    • Use your brand colors and fonts

    • Take boomerangs

    • Use symbols to create design elements

    • Create backgrounds and overlays

    Decide On The Length Of The Music

    As soon as you decide on the song you want to use to add music to your Instagram Story, you must figure out how long you want it to play.

    If youre using a static image, the minimum length of music on your Instagram Story is 1 second. The maximum length when you add music, on the other hand, is 15 seconds.

    To change the length of the music, you can click on the button on the left that reads 15. For video posts, the length of the song will automatically adjust to your videos length.

    Image via Instagram

    The Instagram music feature is set up so that its possible to add lyrics to any music when you add music to your Instagram Story. This happens if there are lyrics available for the song. If they are not available, the lyrics wont pop up on the screen when you are previewing it.


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    Add The Song To Your Photo Or Video In The Kapwing Studio

    Now, navigate to Kapwing.com and click “Start Editing.” This will take you to the Kapwing Studio, where you can click “Upload” to import the photo or video file you chose, or paste the link to the video you found online.

    Give Kapwing a few seconds to upload your video. Once it’s fully uploaded to the Studio, choose “Audio” from the toolbar along the upper edge of the screen. Now you can upload your music track the same way. Kapwing supports uploads from all kinds of music locations , SoundCloud, Google Drive. For my example, I just copied the link to a music video on YouTube and pasted it in Kapwing’s Audio window. If you want to use a specific part of the song to get your friends interested immediately, click “Trim Audio” and drag the sliders to frame the portion that you want to share.

    How To Use Gopro Quik To Add Music To An Instagram Post

    How to Add Music to Instagram Videos (Free)

    If youd like another answer for how to add music to an Instagram post, check out GoPros Quik app. It has some great editing and music features.

    Start by opening the app and tap the blue Gallery icon in the bottom-right corner of your screen. Then, tap the Arrow icon on the bottom menu. This will allow you to select the images or video youd like to use in your Instagram post. When youre done, tap the Clapboard icon.

    The app will automatically edit your images together or edit down your video. In the bottom editing menu, youll see a Music icon. Tap it to scroll through audio options. You can also tap the blue Plus icon to see music options.

    When youre done editing your video, tap the blue Save button. On the next screen, tap the Share arrow and then Share Media. In the bottom-left corner of your screen, there will be an Instagram icon. Tap that and youll be redirected to posting your video on Instagram.

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    How To Add Music To Your Videos On Instagram

    License popular music for Instagram quickly, easily and cheaply with Lickd.

    Music is an easy way to breathe life into your Instagram story or timeline post: its a powerful driver of emotions, which helps you to connect with your audience and gives your content a winning edge. With the right track, you can set your Instagram videos apart, whether its IGTV, Instagram Stories, Reels, or just a video for your feed.As experts in licensing the best music for social media creators, we know a thing or two about how to best utilize music on Instagram. In this guide, well cover how to add music to Instagram video posts and Instagram stories, then run you through the best places to find the music thatll make your content really stand out.

    How To Use Tiktok To Add Music To An Instagram Post

    One of the most popular recent , and an easy way to get music on your Instagram Post, is to use a TikTok video.

    Start by opening TikTok and tapping the Plus icon near the bottom of the screen. Click the Add Sound button at the top of the screen. Find the song you want to use and tap the red checkbox next to it.

    Record your video and add any effects youd like. Tap the Next icon. On the next screen, you can write your caption, select your video options, and post your video to TikTok. Once your video is published, you can view it. Youll see an ellipses icon in the lower-right hand corner. Tap it.

    Youll see that Instagram is one of the sharing options. Click the icon and your phone will prompt you to choose either your feed or your stories. Select Feed and youll be redirected to Instagram. From there, you can publish your Instagram post as usual.

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    Why Add Audio To Your Instagram Posts

    Podcasting in 2020 is bigger than ever! But as the space gets more crowded, the need to effectively market your podcast is also bigger than ever.

    Unfortunately, podcasters are at somewhat of a disadvantage when it comes to visual-first channels like Instagram.

    As Mitzi Payne, co-host of Waves Social Podcast, wrote in our guide to promoting podcasts, Its hard to market a podcast as a tangible brand theres nothing to look at or experience in the same way you normally would, theres not much to buy into other than ideas, thoughts, and inspiration.

    Yet a lot of podcasters are doing really well on Instagram! Theyre building large and engaged audiences, reaching new subscribers and theyre finding really creative ways to do it!

    One great example is the use of audiograms on Instagram a growing trend among podcasters!

    Audiograms allow you to share interesting audio snippets from your podcast, so theyre great for reaching new audiences and subscribers.

    In case youre unaware, an audiogram is a graph that charts sound frequencies in real-time like the one we shared above.

    These kinds of posts do really well because theyre visually engaging, dynamic, and they allow users to check out the podcast without having to leave the Instagram app.

    Wondering how you can create your own audiograms Instagram? Here are 5 apps for adding audio to your Instagram posts:

    How To Add Music To An Instagram Post

    How to add music to your Instagram stories

    In order to include music as part of a standard grid post on Instagram, you will need to use a third-party app to do so. There are plenty of options to choose from across multiple app stores, with Splice being one example. Heres how to use it.

  • Download and launch Splice.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts, then select New project.
  • Select the video you want from your gallery, then tap next.
  • Edit your project title and aspect ratio.
  • Tap music, and select from a list of stock tracks, your music library, or imported music.
  • Then, select the download icon, and press Save to save it to your camera roll.
  • Open Instagram, then tap the upload icon at the top of the screen.
  • Select the video you just made from your gallery, then next.
  • Edit your video to your liking, then upload as you normally would.
  • With Instagram adding new features all the time, its not clear whether theyll make it easier to integrate music into posts in the future, but for now, the above method is allowing people to use music as a way of making their uploads more interesting.

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    How Do I Add Music To An Instagram Post Without It Getting Banned

    In some cases, Instagram will remove your video if it contains copyrighted music, or it may not let you upload a video with music that is copyrighted. You can prevent this in most cases simply by giving credit to the original songwriter or musician in your post.

    You can also find copyright-free music on sites like Epidemic Sound. If you have permission to use an audio track, you can appeal Instagrams decision and ask that your video be reinstated.

    Add Music To Instagram Stories With Music Stickers

    Follow the below steps to add music to your Instagram story using the Music sticker:

  • Open the Instagram app and tap the Your Story icon in the top-left corner to create a new Story.

  • Take a new photo or choose a photo or video from your gallery.

  • Tap the Stickers icon from the top menu. Its the one that looks like a smiley face post-it note.

  • Tap Music.

    Instagram Stories that use the Music sticker are shared to but the music won’t play due to copyright restrictions. You can upload your Instagram Story video as a Facebook Story with the music intact by saving it to your device after its live and uploading it to Facebook manually from the app.

  • Browse for the music track you want to use in your Instagram Story.

    You can tap on the play icons to preview songs before adding them.

  • When youve found the song youre looking for, tap its album cover to add it to your Story.

  • Tap 15 and choose the length of the track for your Story.

    Track length is limited due to copyright restrictions. Instagram Stories are typically less than 15 seconds anyway so this limitation shouldnt be an issue for many.

  • Tap Done.

  • Tap the Music sticker to choose a different style.

  • Pinch the sticker with two fingers to resize it and move it.

  • Add other stickers, gifs, and text as usual.

  • Tap Send to to publish your new Story to your Instagram account.

  • Select next to Your Story.

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    How To Add Music Lyrics To Your Story

    If youre struggling to figure out how to add a songs lyrics to your Stories, dont worry. Below are instructions for how to find and use that editing feature:

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Press your Story icon at the top-left of your screen.
  • Upload your Story by swiping up to access your Camera Roll or shoot it with the Story camera.
  • Press the sticker button at the top of the screen or swipe up.
  • Press the Music button.
  • Find the song youd like to use.
  • Press the song to add it to your Story.
  • Press the letter button directly above the music player and swipe left to see more font options.
  • Select the font you wish to use.
  • Press Done.
  • Swipe on the apps until you find Instagram .
  • Allow Instagram to open automatically.
  • Press the Your Story button at the bottom-left of the screen.
  • Its important to note that the song wont play directly on your Stories, but if a user taps on that Story, it will take them to Apple Music, where they can play it.

    How To Add Music To Instagram Story From Spotify

    How to add music to Instagram Post

    Here is an example of how you can create an Instagram Music story from Spotify.

    1. Open the Spotify app and start playing a song

    2. Tap on the share button and select the Instagram app in the share sheet. Once you do this, Spotify will create a story for you on the Instagram app.

    3. Tap on Your story at the bottom to share the stories.

    Such stories have interactive text on the top of the story that reads, Play on < the music streaming app> Essentially, people who view your story can listen to the full song on the same music streaming app by clicking on the text.

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    How To Get Started With Audiogram:

    Once you create your account, the first step is to upload your audio you can do this by either manually uploading the audio or you can use Audiograms Apple Podcasts integration to select audio from an already-published podcast.

    Next, trim your audio clip and click Create Audiogram to select the kind of audiogram youd like to create, whether its captioned or traditional .

    If you select the captioned option, Audiogram will automatically transcribe your clip for you. You can then edit the transcription and timing.

    Finally, select a template and add design elements using Audiograms visual editor. Once youre finished, click Export.

    How to get it: Audiograms free plan lets you publish up to 2 videos per month without charge, but they come watermarked. To publish more videos , youll need to upgrade to their Pro or Elite plans, starting at $19/mo.

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