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How Do Music Producers Make Money

Why Free Giveaways Can Help Music Producers Earn More

How Do Music Producers Make Money? GRAMMY® Winning Producer Explains.

It cost money to make money – it’s all true to your career as a music producer.

That being said, your largest asset is your collection of beats that you can sell.

I found that a great way for a music producer to sell more audio products is to go ahead and run a giveaway.

There are two types of giveaways every music producer should know:

  • Mass giveaways
  • Consistent giveaways
  • When a music producer host a mask giveaway they advertise and promote the hell out of it!

    In case of such as this, they are giving out pretty huge prizes, perhaps a microphone or even recording equipment.

    Consistent giveaways are different.

    When is a consistent giveaway, it’s usually something small With the consistent giveaway, you don’t promote it harshly.

    Rather, you keep the giveaway link somewhere on your social media profiles for a new artist to check in and get closer in your funnels.

    The cool thing about the giveaway is that it gives you access to a bunch of new artists! You’re collecting their emails and then it allows you to sell your music production services to them later on.

    Once they’re in your system you can then get the most lifetime value out of the artists!

    Ways To Make Money As A Music Producer

    In todays world, music producers need to think laterally about how to earn money in an ultra-competitive industry. So many producers now have access to relatively affordable, high-quality studio gear, not to mention vastly more powerful laptops. That means more people with not only the skills but the gear to produce high-quality music or provide professional production services.

    Meanwhile, the elevation of the music producer as an artist and the rise and rise of EDM have bestowed fame and fortune upon a growing crowd of elite producers.

    For most producers, however, financial returns are mixed. Hard work, long hours and low pay can be expected while learning your craft. But all is not lost. Far from it In fact, there have never been more opportunities to make money as a music producer.

    New media, the rise of streaming sites, viral advertising and digital marketing strategies mean its easier to connect with fans than ever before. While traditional methods of revenue-creation, such as physical sales and merchandise, are dwindling in the digital age, there are a multitude of replacement options. Weve compiled a list of ten great ways to make money as a music producer:

    How To Make Money With Mechanical Royalties

    To collect mechanical royalties from music sales as a music producer, things get a little complicated.

    When the song is submitted for copyright registration, make sure youre listed as a songwriter. Music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music use information obtained from the U.S. copyright office to pay mechanical royalties out directly to songwriters.

    For CD sales, downloads, and most other royalties connected from music sales, you need to collect payment directly from the artist or record label youre working with on the recording because theyre going to be handling the distribution of revenues.

    Unfortunately, in many cases, this means youll need to trust that the label or artist is paying you fairly.

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    How Do I Get Paid From Film And Tv Usages

    That varies widely depending on the kind of show or film using your music. Money is earned in two ways: the licensing fee, paid up front to the writer/artist, and the performance royalty, which is distributed to the writer by a performing rights organization .

    The license fee is determined by the overall music budget a music supervisor has to work with, and the negotiating power of the artist. Unknown artists get far less license money than superstars, for example. TV shows and small films pay less than major studio feature films. A prime-time network TV show might pay a license of $500 – $5000 for an unknown artist – same for the smaller films. Major studio pictures pay well-known artists in the tens of thousands of dollars.

    Performance income is determined by the number of people estimated to have seen the show and therefore heard the music. The more popular the show – the more money you make on performance royalties. A network TV usage might pay in the $1000 – $2000 range for one broadcast. You make new royalties every time the show is re-run, which is particularly good news if you’ve got music on a show that goes into syndication and airs frequently in markets around the world. Cable broadcasts generally pay less than broadcast networks .

    No performance royalties are generated on theatrical showings of films in the U.S.A. , but when the film is aired on TV, you would make your performance money.

    Live The Touring Artist Life

    How Music Producers Make Money

    If performing on stage is something that fascinates you, then live performances and music tours can be your natural career progression as a music producer.

    However, to get considerable profits as a touring artist, its crucial that your music hits home for the audience, and you have the right people to promote your performances.

    Breaking in as a touring artist can be a bit daunting initially, but if you market yourself ingeniously, then tour life would bring you a cash flow along with fame.

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    Earn As A Ghost Music Producer

    Ghost music producers create music for other producers. In doing so, the ghost music producers do not get the credit for their creation, but they are compensated in terms of monetary benefit.

    As a music producer, you can make new tracks and sell them off to other music producers as a means of side income.

    There are many ghost production platforms where you can offer your services, for instance, EDM Ghost Producers, House of Tracks, and Your Ghost Producers.

    As a musician, if watching your original work credited to others does not bother you, then you could earn as a ghost music producer.

    How Many Streams Do I Need On Spotify To Make $18000

    • With Spotify paying just $0.00437 per play, things are a bit different.
    • Again lets assume our advance equals $18.000.
    • Following the same formula as above: Money divided by the payment per stream equals the number of plays.


    $18.000 / 0.00437= 4,118,993 streams

    Yup. To make $18.000 on Spotify you need more than 4 million streams just to cover your advance.

    On Spotify 947,368 streams generate about $4,370.

    That is 1/5 of what Napster pays. A huge difference!

    Lets recap:

    About one million streams on Napster generates about $18.000, and one million streams on Spotify makes $4,370. In both situations, youll only receive that amount if you own 100% of the publishing rights.

    If you own just 20% of the royalty share, the $18.000 we saw from Napster drops at $3600, and the $4,370 we saw from Spotify drops at just $874.

    Lets take Ariana Grandes song 7 Rings as an example. Only that song generated 85 million US streams. Wow!

    But on Spotify, 85 million streams would pay us approximately $74.290 at a 20% royalty rate.

    Thus on Spotify 85.000.000 streams = $74.290 .

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    Are There Music Production Courses & Schools

    There are a lot of music production courses being offered nowadays, most of them online. Some great schools to check for music production courses are Berklee, Point Blank Music School, and Icon Collective.

    Of course, there are also a lot of free tutorials and courses online that you can gain a lot of knowledge from, and sometimes, thats all you will ever need. Make sure you search on places like YouTube. Plus, put your skills to practice regularly.

    Ways To Make Money As A Musician In 2021

    How To Make Money As Music Producer (Earn Money Making Music)

    Updated by Dave Cool on Jun 30, 2021 in: Music Career Advice

    Posted on May 27, 2014

    Musicians have more control over their careers than ever before. You can record, distribute, sell, stream, and promote your music using many affordable tools and platforms. But one of the biggest challenges remains making money as a musician.

    Whether its through gigging, selling merch, or making money from your music online, its more important than ever to diversify your revenue streams to build a sustainable career. So here are twenty-one ways to make money from music.

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    Use Freelancing Sites Like Upwork

    Freelancing is another great way for how to make money as a music producer. In the past this may have been perceived as just a means to make small money for completing boring administrative or IT related tasks.

    But things have changed. Now creative people are getting onboard with the freelancing mindset, and websites are starting to fill up with music creation related tasks.

    Upwork is one great freelancing website that music producers can take advantage of. For example, on this website they can offer their expertise in music recording, music editing, mixing or mastering services, music writing or live performances, or even just critical music review.

    The possibilities are truly endless.

    One thing that sets Upwork apart from its competitors is that it is quite selective when it comes to hiring musical freelancers. This means you will need a strong portfolio of work. This is where a previous online footprint such as on Spotify or YouTube can once again come in useful.

    Once you are in you can interview for various freelance contracts and positions with a great variety of employers. This online marketplace can very quickly result in good pay. And the beauty of this system is that you can work as much or as little as you like.

    The freedom and flexibility of this route, as well as the relatively quick returns, are what attracts music producers to try this method.

    Smart Ways To Make Money As A Music Producer

    As music production evolves throughout the years, the opportunities for music producers, musician and artists are also continuing to boom with endless possibilities. Back in the days, it was quite harder to make money unless youre signed under a label or have big-time connections in the music industry. Things have changed drastically since then. The internet has now become a door to countless opportunities, with the entire world as the audience.

    Sending out your demos to music labels while you wait for them to discover you is no longer a thing. Going bar to bar, begging owners to hire you play at their venues is also a practice thats getting quite obsolete. It doesnt work that way anymore and this time around, your success is at your fingertips.

    Here are 12 smart ways on how to make money as a music producer:

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    Collect Public Performance Royalties

    If youre a songwriter, its essential that you sign up with a Performing Rights Organization . A PRO collects royalties on behalf of songwriters and publishers to ensure that they get paid for the use of their music.

    One of the royalties that PROs collect is public performance royalties. When a song is played on the radio, on TV, in music venues, restaurants, sports arenas, shopping malls, or any other public place, they must pay for the use of it. The PRO collects those payments and distributes the money to the proper rights holders.

    Create An Online Course

    How To Make Money As A Music Producer  The 5 Best Ways ...

    Video: How to create an online course THAT SELLS

    Teaching might not be top of your agenda, but if youre serious about finding out how to make money as a music producer, then you shouldnt overlook the benefits of this route.

    Most music producers dont aspire to be teachers but creating an online course can actually be a very lucrative business and can look very good in your portfolio.

    Not only that, but it can be a very rewarding experience to watch as your students consume your learning and come out the other side as better musicians.

    There are lots of techniques you need to master to make a good online course, and that is beyond the scope of this article. You need to make your course engaging but approachable, so that people will be inspired when they see it advertised but wont find it too daunting a challenge.

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    Use Youtube To Your Advantage

    Most people go to YouTube to source for skits, music videos, and several other types of videos. You have to grow your YouTube channel, and this usually requires time and effort. However, the time and effort you concentrate on developing your YouTube channel usually pay back once youre successful. If you have your YouTube channel and a decent follower base on it, there are many ways you can make money off it. First, you have to turn on ads. Many businesses spend thousands of dollars on ads, and you can get a percentage of the money by turning on ads. You can also make large sums via YouTube by uploading your music on the platform.

    Once your earnings are up to $100, you can make a withdrawal into your bank account. However, just like streaming, you need up to a million views to successfully make a thousand or two thousand dollars on the platform. You can also use YouTube content ID to make money. When you add a content ID to your music on content ID, you can make money whenever someone uses your tracks in videos. If YouTube finds a track for your videos, you can either choose to block it or start making money when YouTube runs ads on the videos.

    How Can I Earn Money Producing Music

    Today with the advent of the internet there are a lot of ways you can earn money producing music. One of the most popular ways is selling beats online: you produce the beat, upload them online to your website or a beat-selling store and sell them to rappers and singers.

    Other ways to earn money producing music include producing stock music and soundtracks for videos, producing sample packs, or even licensing your own tracks to be used in movies, videos, and tv: the possibilities are endless. Its also a great idea to learn about marketing.

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    How Do I Get Paid From Record Sales

    Payments from record sales are called 8. mechanical royalty rate mechanical royalties and are paid by the record company to the publisher of the song through the Harry Fox Agency. The royalty rate is set by congress and is at this writing set at 8 cents per song. Therefore if you had one song that was written and published solely by you on a million selling album, you would earn $80,000 in mechanical royalties.

    How Much Money Do Producers Make Per Beat

    How To Make Money As A Music Producer

    Are you a music producer that wants to start making money?

    You’re in luck. The reality is: there are billions of dollars in the music scene!

    Musicians are rising, getting their track heard by millions of fans.

    It’s the small-time artists we least expect that end up with music success.

    See, whether it’s in hip hop or any other genre in the world, these musicians need help producing their next breakout track.

    If you wonder how you can take your music-producing talents and use that as an audio product to make an average salary in the music space – this blog is for you.

    Tap below for the FREE Ultimate Music Industry Producer’s Guide!

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    Offer Your Services Online

    Another way to make money as an independent music producer is by selling your services and skills, such as:

    • mixing
    • composing
    • etc.

    Look theres a plethora of musicians, ad creators, and other artists who need help with things like music production and post-production, audio editing, recording, and more. The question is where exactly do you find your first gigs? Here are a few options:

    One: Register on an online marketplace for freelance services, such as Fiverr, Upwork, or SoundBette a marketplace specifically created for mixing and mastering engineers, producers, and music performers.

    Two: Let people know you offer such services through your social media channels, as well as tell your friends. You never know maybe theyll meet someone looking for the exact skill you offer and will be able to recommend you. And nothing works better than a personal recommendation.

    Three: Add a section in your website that outlines what services you offer, along with a contact form that allows people to easily reach out to you.

    The more services you can provide, the easier it will be for you to get a gig. Thats because its always easier to hire one person who can do several things, than to work with many people each doing just one thing .

    Put Your Music In All Streaming Sites Like Spotify Itunes And Google Play

    Another way to earn while you sleep streaming royalties! If youve established your brand as a beat maker, you can double your income by also making music for a fan base. This time around, youre no longer working behind the scenes but at the forefront you are the main artist.

    For starters, you can take advantage of these music distribution services depending on your needs:

    • Distrokid For only $19.99 a year, you can upload an unlimited number of songs and albums. Distrokid also features an automated system for royalty splits if youre releasing music as a collaboration with other artists.
    • Tunecore Although this distribution company charges more, they are more transparent when it comes to your earnings, reports and analytics.

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    Make Money From Your Youtube Channel

    If music is used in a YouTube video that is running ads, YouTube pays part of that ad money to the rights holder of the song. This includes videos on your own YouTube channel, as well as videos using your music that are not on your channel. Digital distributors can collect that money from YouTube for you.

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