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How Do I Get My Music Noticed

How Do You Promote Your Music Successfully

How To Stand Out And Get Noticed On YouTube

10 Best Places to Promote Your Music Online

  • Create your own Music Website with Wix Music.
  • Promote your Shows on Bandsintown & Songkick.
  • Get your own YouTube Channel.
  • Host your Music on Apple Music / iTunes.
  • Add your Music to
  • Familiarize yourself with Reddit Music.
  • Upload your music to Spotify.
  • Creative Tips To Get Your Music Heard In 2021

    No longer can you rely on your songs alone to gain a following and get your music heard. Social media and streaming services, along with cultural shifts, have altered the playbook for spreading your tunes to new people. The following tips can help capitalize on tools available to all bands and get your music heard by new fans and record labels.

    How To Start Your Email List

    We have a whole guide here about starting and growing an email list, but before you can grow your email list, you need an email marketing provider.

    I recommend Aweber for this. Here’s why:

    • It’s only $20/month for up to 500 subscribers. That’s cheap. It’s like 2 Netflix subscriptions.
    • It has a clean, easy to use editor so you can create email campaigns quickly with little effort.
    • It allows for time zone based email delivery so you can send emails that are specific to gigs in a particular city.
    • You can add attachments to emails – which is great for giving away free downloads of your songs in exchange for an email address.
    • They have great automation tools. For example, if someone clicks the “tour dates” section on your website, you can automatically send them an email with a link to purchase tickets to a show in their area.

    If you want to give Aweber a trial run, you can get it free for 30 days here. You can unsubscribe at any time if you don’t like it.

    Set up and grow your email list. You won’t regret it.

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    Include Essential Song Assets

    Music bloggers really like presentation. If you’re lucky enough to have a compelling enough subject line to get an email open, further bring the music blogger into your world with well designed artwork.

    Winston “Stone” Ford from The Couch Sessions makes the point,

    “Any artist at this time needs artwork and presentation. If you actually have really good cover art, thats what I gravitate towards and click on first.”

    Ensure that the blogger has all the assets they need to create a solid blog post. This means include links to music videos, external URLs like your website and social media presences in addition to your artwork and song description.

    “Always present yourself professionally and keep a very strong brand image. It is all about keeping your brand and product as high quality as possible.” – David Reyneke, Potholes In My Blog

    Tag Tag Taggity Tag Everything

    Is DJing a Talent? It

    Yeah I know, its annoying, and it feels like nobody reads these things anyway. But according to Lauren Rearick, founder of The Grey Estates, people like her actually totally do discover new music by roaming through tags they like. She says:

    Probably one of the best ways Ive found is searching through Bandcamp on different tags that I know Im interested in, like #garagerock.

    Tags are not only great for people who actively search them to find new music in the genres and descriptors they love, they help tell search engines like Google what your music sounds like and how to archive it in case similar search terms come up. Every tag, every blog post header, image caption, and very piece of oft-repeated text you generate on the internet, contributes to the building of an increasingly accurate picture of your musical project.

    Thats all for now, good luck out there!

    Got ten minutes to learn something new?

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    How To Get Your Art Noticed By Posting On The Right Platform

    Different kinds of platforms are known for hosting different communities. There are some social media zones where people gather. Understanding this is important for knowing how to get your art noticed. Youll want to share your artwork in a place where it will find an audience.

    This can be determined by a few key things. For example, some places are more common for certain types of media. In the same way, some places are common for certain genres within those types. Knowing this is important to get your work out there.

    Some social media platforms are more well known for certain interests. , which is photography based, has a tendency to lean towards visual arts. This doesnt mean that you cant open an account to write on Instagram. It just means that as a whole, people are looking for pictures on Instagram.

    This makes it ideal for visual artists. Its where you want to go as a photographer or comic artist. People use this platform specifically to find those kinds of accounts. Using it for sharing visual art makes more sense than some other platforms.

    While Instagram might be more visual art focused, is geared towards words. The magic of Twitter is that you are dependent on a limited space to express your feelings. Surprisingly, people flock here for larger pieces of writing as well. This interest in writing manifests itself in a few ways.

    Ways To Make Your Music Go Viral

    Im really excited to show you how Ive been able to get over 100K listens/views on some of my songs. This has led to many opportunities and amazing new studio clients.

    Take my song I Cant Say ILY as an example. I went from a few hundred views to over 100k views in about a month!

    In this exclusive guide, I will unleash my secrets and tell you to step by step how to do it yourself.

    Please keep in mind, theres no magic pill. It takes hard work and creativity. However, this will get you there much faster than how I had to do it !

    Okay, lets get started.

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    How The Spotify Playlist System Works

    On Spotify, not all playlists are created equal. The most popular Spotify playlists are extremely competitive and usually owned and curated by either Spotify or a major label. Companies or indie labels own some playlists, and individuals like you and me own the rest. In most cases, youre going to have to work you way up the ladder. So lets go through the pyramid one by one.

    Spotify Playlists

    Spotify-curated playlists are at the top of the pyramid. Some of these playlists are smaller and more niche with tens of thousands of followers. While some top Spotify playlists like Rap Caviar, Are & Be, and Todays Top Hits have upwards of a million followers.

    A lot of times, the songs that make it to big Spotify playlists have been tested on the smaller ones. They primarily look at Spotify data like plays, skips, and finishes to decide how well a song is performing. If your song performs well you have a greater chance of getting on playlists and staying on playlists for longer.

    Its also important to note that some Spotify playlists are curated by Spotify playlist curators, while others like Fresh Finds use an algorithm to populate the songs based on each users particular tastes.

    Major Label-Curated Playlists

    Individual-Curated Playlists

    Creating A Platform Related To Your Genre Of Music

    How To Get Noticed By Record Labels | Lion Bold Livestream Rewind

    This is something I’ve talked about and helped people do in my other guides. So taking the above theory even further, why not create a website or podcast which you target at people who like your kind of music?

    This can be a music review podcast, a radio show which showcases your genre, or even a website which generally covers everything in your music scene. Furthermore, it could even be something not 100% related to your genre that a lot of people in your genre also like.

    So if you make music skateboarders often listen to, you may want to make a skateboarding site and play your music on the site and in the videos.

    You’ll also want to include a shop page where people can buy your music, and possibly even start selling skateboarder related merchandise with your logo on it.

    Doing these kinds of things will get you in front of people you wouldn’t have otherwise, and allow you to showcase your music to new people who are largely interested in your genre.

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    Make Use Of Instagram Stories

    your music.

    Like normal posts, you can add hashtags and locations to make them easily discoverable. And Instagram will recommend stories to users at the top of their main page.

    But the real beauty is that you can add links to your Instagram stories. It makes it as simple as swiping up for users to access whatever you choose to link to, whether its your bands website or the YouTube video for your latest release.

    Instagram stories are also great for getting feedback. You can add a poll or an emoji slider to your story and find out what people really think about your post and your music.

    How Can I Promote My Music With No Money

    RADIO PLUGGING. Radio plugging is another effective way of promoting your music and can be done even if you have no money by pitching yourself. Securing radio play will mean collecting royalties and having a higher chance of being discovered by new fans, both of which leads to growth in your music career.

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    Growth Hack Your Way To Fame

    You can do all of the above and still have just your mom checking out your music haha. Im exaggerating, but in order to fuel the fire, you need to harness the power of digital marketing!

    You already know what Im talking about.

    You must have seen those ads everywhere on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Google. In order to go viral, you need to find the people that can resonate with your brand. Once you have your target market you can use that information to target them wherever they are online.

    There are a lot of great strategies I have used that have created an impact, but to tell you all about them here would be too much reading! Schedule a music growth training session with me here and I can tell you all about it. I look forward to meeting you.

    How To Promote Your Music Conclusion

    I Hope Senpai Will Notice Me!!! by bailss

    So as you can see, this isn’t the average promote your music online with Facebook and Twitter’ guide.

    I hope it’s shown you that there’s more to music marketing than the advice you hear thrown around on most other music advice sites, and I hope you now trust me enough to impart other wisdom on you in future.

    So now you have two options:

  • Put into practice what you’ve just learned above.
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    Understanding The Nuance Of A Platform To Communicate Effectively

    Instead of focusing on one side or another, you can use different sites for different aspects. You might post all of your art on Instagram, but you can talk about it on Twitter. Making your presence known in different ways is a great way to increase your following.

    A successful approach people generally use is blogging. You can make your preferred art as your main focus, but document it elsewhere. This is a great way to grow your brand and help fans understand you more.

    Just because a site is geared in one direction or another, that doesnt mean you should stop there. In most cases, spreading across multiple platforms makes it possible for you to reach more people. There are plenty of ways to post in multiple places at once.

    This makes it easy for you to reach as many fans as possible all in one place. However, you should always focus a little extra on your preferred platform. You can use this to nurture your most dedicated followers. In order to get noticed, meeting people where they want to find you always works best.

    Create Online Playlists And Add Your Own Music To Them

    Getting your music featured on a streaming platforms curated playlist or chart is undoubtedly one of the best and fastest ways to get your music discovered and heard by new listeners, but this is pretty hard to do. It can definitely be a good idea to find and message playlist curators on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud to get your music on one of these playlists, but truthfully, this rarely works. A simple and easy alternative to this is to make your own public playlists! Curate playlists that include your own music and other artists in the same genre or scene in order to reach your intended fanbase. Including and sharing other artists can encourage them to return the favour and share the playlist or your music. Creating and promoting playlists keeps you engaged with your followers and increases your musics chances of getting more streams, which can help you appear higher in searches.

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    Find The Right Time To Post

    Its no good dropping your posts at 3 am on a weekday. By the time most people are up, your content will have been pushed down the feed by more recent posts.

    There are plenty of studies about when users are most active on Instagram. Around breakfast time on weekdays seems to be the most common. If you convert your Instagram account to a business account, you get access . This offers a whole range of analytical tools that can help you to target your posts more effectively.

    And remember, you dont have to limit your promotion to the UK. Trying dropping a few posts timed to hit the most popular times in other markets such as the US. You may be able to build yourself an international following.

    Posting Frequently To Stay In Front Of Your Audience

    How To Get Noticed On Instagram

    In order to get noticed, you have to have plenty to share. If you want to make it as an artist, you have to produce new content constantly. This can be done in various ways, but it has to happen for the sake of relevancy. This will help you to gain a following. People like artists that they can count on.

    People are likely not going to become lifelong fans if all they ever see is one piece of work.

    When it comes to posting, you have different ways to go about it. The most common way is to regularly post your art. This means posting on a schedule with enough frequency for people to count on it. You can sometimes find ways around it, but not always.

    Most people look for consistently fresh content, and youre there to produce it. Constantly making and sharing your art is a great way to get noticed. The more people see your name and work, the more theyll be interested in you.

    The second way to get noticed is the use of posting other things. An example of this would be posting a video of how you made art on one day and then something else on others. You might post a video on Tuesday and a drawing on Thursdays.

    This still counts as posting and helps you to stay in front of your audience. In order to do this as successfully as possible, you must be continuous. Schedules or an equivalent are the most helpful. Making a lot of good art to post is still the best way to build a following.

    What are you doing to get your art noticed?

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    How Do You Get Your Music Noticed

    Big question here, and I supose your all going to bicker about it…

    How do you get your music noticed and into animations or even just downloaded a lot???

    I know you can submit stuff to the audio portal, but do people realy browse the audio portal for something specificly for their animation? Or just to listen to. I know if its good it might be in like the top 30 or top 5 of the day , but thats not realy going to happen to me… is it… Is making friends accross NG good? So they might request something. Do people request music for something? How could I meet people or get myself noticed on NG then? Etc etc…

    Lots of questions from me.. again…

    Wow I answered most of that myself then.

    Next Question:

    How can I get firends? Ive got one friend… but their not on much anymore… In fact they dont animate much at all… their more of a comic person now…

    Is being a loyal fan to animators a good way of being their friend? I would be good at that.. xD…

    At 1/2/09 01:46 PM, KgZ wrote:If you want to be someone’s friends the most effective way is to give them a blowjob.


    Response to How do you get your music noticed?2009-01-02 14:00:27

    I’ll be your friend! < /lame>

    What also helps you getting noticed, is scoring a top5 or top30, or just being on top of the genre list.But on NG that’s kinda what everyone wants, resulting in a voting war, so don’t count to much on that

    Be More Than A Musician

    This is a big one, so listen up. If you want to get as much exposure for your music as possible, you’ll really want to make yourself more than just a musician!

    What do I mean by this? Well, you want to do everything you can to get yourself out there and in front of a targeted audience.

    And by everything, I mean things that aren’t directly related to promoting yourself as a musician .

    The good news for you is, not many musicians are doing this. This means there are a lot of opportunities out there if you use this tactic correctly.

    Some ways you can do this include:

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