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How Do I Add Music To My Gopro Video

Gopro Editing Software Options

How to Add Music to a Video (GoPro Studio Tutorial)

Okay, with the editing apps out of the way, lets get started! Here are the GoPro editing software options that Ill cover in this post.

  • Quik Desktop by GoPro Windows and Mac Get your free copy here.
  • iMovie for Mac Mac OS Get your free copy here.
  • Magix Movie Edit Pro Windows with Android App Learn more here.
  • Cyberlink PowerDirector Ultra 18 Windows Learn more here.
  • Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2019 Windows Learn more here.
  • Corel Pinnacle Studio 23Windows with iOS App Learn more here.
  • Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 16 Windows Learn more here.
  • Vegas Pro 18 SuiteMac OS and Windows Learn more here.
  • Adobe Premiere Elements 2020Windows and Mac Learn more here.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro Mac OS and Windows Learn more here.
  • Final Cut Pro Mac OS X Learn more here.
  • Animoto Online video editor with iOS / Android apps and Lightroom plugin Learn more here.
  • Davinci Resolve 16 / Studio Windows, Mac and Linux This is definitely an advanced editor, and the only one on the list to run one all three platforms. Learn about the free and premium versions.
  • Honorable mentions: Blender Editor

    While most of the programs on the list are great, a few of the options might be better to avoid.

    Only a few players The options in this list are dominated by a few companies. Apple, Adobe, Corel, and BlackMagic Design all have two programs each.

    Heres what Im using: I use Quik and Sony Movie Studio. I have used Adobe Premiere Pro but found it to be too complex for my needs. I also use Camtasia occasionally.

    Gopro Studio Tutorial: How To Add Music To A Video

    September 7, 2016 By Veronika

    Music plays an important role in GoPro home video. It creates the right atmosphere of your story. It also helps to cover disturbing noises from an original raw footage.

    In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to add music to your GoPro Studio project. You will learn how to set audio controls of both, original sound and added music. Finally, you will see how to apply fade in or fade out effect to music or sound.

    You can see the video of the whole process or read the text enriched with images. Choose whatever is more convenient for you.

    Here is the video tutorial:

    Now lets describe what is happening in this video.

    At first, complete Step 1 in GoPro Studio import your raw video clips, view them, trim out unwanted parts and then convert them.

    In Step 2, you will drag video clips one by one to the timeline.

    So Whats The Best App To Edit Gopro Videos On Iphone & Ipad

    If you ask me, my favorite app to edit GoPro videos on an iOS device is Splice. Thats simply because this app makes it extremely easy to create fully customized, professional-looking videos on your iPhone & iPad. How the best app for you may be different. For example, if you want an app thats great for making some amazing video collages & Instagram reels, then you should go for inShot. So, it all depends on your own taste and preferences.

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    Dont Use The Touchscreen

    The technology that makes the touchscreen work, unfortunately, doesnt work when the screen is wet. However, there is a workaround with a combination of button presses will allow you to access all of the menu items.

    Each model camera is slightly different, so check for your specific model and learn it before jumping in. Alternatively set your camera to your desired setting and as long as you dont want to make any changes all the physical buttons to take photos and change modes still work.

    How Do You Mix Background Music With Narration

    How To Add Music To My Gopro Video

    Tutorial Mixing a Narration With Background Music Step 1: Record the narration. Step 2: Edit the narration. Step 3: Import the background music file. Step 4: Moving the tracks. Step 5: Adjust relative volume levels. Step 6: Smooth fade of the background music. Step 7: Check your mix. Step 8: Save and Export.

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    Put Multiple Video Clips Together

    So I covered the basics of how to use this app including importing a clip, trimming, editing, and exporting. Next, were going to dive deeper by incorporating multiple clips into GoPro Studio to form a movie. If youve mastered step one of downloading the software and importing your first clip, youre ready to move on to creating an actual movie with multiple clips! Be sure to watch the entire tutorial for detailed steps.

    More Background Music Thats Not Free

    • is another popular resource for high-quality, easy-to-browse background music.
    • Audio Blocks is an interesting one where you buy access to their whole entire library with unlimited downloads for $99 per year.
    • Music Bed has super high quality, curated music and its a little bit pricey. But dang, there is some good stuff there you guys.

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    Windows Movie Maker: The Good Old Way

    Ease of Use: OS: Windows: Microsoft no longer updates WMM, but you can Download and install Windows Movie Maker from Web Archive service.

    Windows Movie Maker once was the video/audio editor software pre-installed on Windows that can help you add audio to video, which however was discontinued by Microsoft since January 2017. The official download page is no longer accessible, but you still can find the archived files somewhere else. The Windows Movie Maker download page we list above is one of the safe sites among what we’ve tested. Read the following example of how to add MP3 to video with Windows Movie Maker.

    How to add sound to video in Windows Movie Maker:

  • Load your video file by clicking Add videos and photos or simply dragging and dropping.
  • Switch to Edit> Video volume> slide the handle to mute the original sound.
  • Go back to Home> Add music> Add music from PC or find new music online.
  • Set start time under Options.
  • Trim music by adjusting the start- and end-point.
  • Enable Fade in and Fade out in slow, medium or fast mode.
  • Choose Save movie in Home and merge audio and video with your preferred output settings.
  • Gopro Photography & Photo Tips

    How to add music to your GoPro video

    Keep Your Back to the Sun

    The GoPros do pretty well shooting outdoors with a good dynamic range and nice colorful images. However, you can make those colors and details even better in your photos by doing this one simple thing: Keep the camera between the sun and the subject!

    Have you ever noticed when you take a picture and the sun is in the frame everything else seems too dark? Thats because the GoPro is trying to give you a balanced photo, but the sun is just too bright. Instead, use the sun to light up your subject. This way your shot has much more even brightness range and will turn out way better.

    Get Close

    GoPros are great at catching the action, all 170° of action. The GoPro does this with a super wide-angle lens. Which in most cases works really well, but you need to keep in mind how this affects how large things will appear in your pictures. The GoPro sees things differently

    Compared to the human eye, things will be a little more than 2.5x times further away on a GoPro. So what I always tell people when they have a GoPro without a back screen is to get closer, and when you think you are close enough, get another step even closer.

    Utilize the Burst Mode

    Dont Be Afraid to Get it Dirty

    Keep People in the Center

    Keep in mind when shooting people make sure they are towards the center of the frame. This effect is more amplified the closer you are to your subject.

    Compose Your Shot

    Connect for more Epic-ness

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    How To Add Audio To Video In Kinemaster

  • Launch KineMaster on your iPhone, then choose an aspect ratio for your final product on the welcome window.
  • Import the media to KineMaster: you can switch to the Documents application, and share the media file to KineMaster.
  • Click on Music browser, choose the music you just imported and click on the plus icon to add it to the timeline.
  • Save the video you just created. Now, you’ve got a video with background music.

    Bonus Tip: You can extract the audio from one video and add the audio to another video you imported.

  • Choose the layer tab.
  • Media > find the video you want to use.
  • Click on Extract Audio> then the audio track will be extracted from the video, and both audio track and video track will be added separately on the timeline > choose the video track > click Delete on the sidebar.
  • How To Shoot A Music Video With Gopro

    You can also shoot your own music videos using a couple of GoPro HERO cameras, but it may require some tweaks to make it look professional.

    Here are the steps you need to take:

    1. Choose a spot to record in and make sure it has the right ambiance for a music video

    2. Get a couple of lightboxes and place them facing the subject to make sure they get adequate light on them during the shoot – a pair of tripods will have come with the lightboxes so use them to get the right height for the lighting

    3. Get a couple of 8-inch painter’s lights and set them up to light up the subject’s background this is also called architectural lighting and it makes the background pop when the video is being shot

    4. Using a mic stand and a GoPro mic stand attachment that usually comes with the device, point the camera at the subject and get the right focus – if you’re light positions are right, you should be able to see your music video coming together already

    5. Use a different accessory to attach a second GoPro camera to the instrument such as a guitar that the subject will be playing – the idea is to have two perspectives that you can mix and match when finally editing the video

    6. Turn both cameras on and sync them to two different phones running the GoPro Quik app to monitor the recording and to use them as remote controls for the cameras – GoPro cameras use Wi-Fi for the remote control part and Bluetooth to wake up the cameras from sleep mode

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    Importing Music To Gopro App

    Does anyone know how to import music from Spotify or Apple Music into the GoPro app on and iPad? I havent had any luck trying to import music Into the GoPro app or the quik app.

    The music must be in your device, not in the cloud. So if youre streaming, you need to download a copy to your iPad before you can use it in the app.

    As another user stated, has to be on your device. Ive done it through iTunes to import local music files on my computer. Usually just assign it to its own custom playlist for easy management

    The plus is Quik will still match to the rhythm of your music. Very underrated feature

    Word, so it sounds like its going to need to be done on a computer rather then a iPad

    To add Apple Music to GoPro app, you need to convert Apple Music to plain audio files first. Otherwise, you can’t make it as Apple Music songs are protected. So, to get plain Apple Music songs, you can use the DRM Audio Converter to help you. It is an easy-to-use tool that can convert Apple Music to plain audio formats for using on any device with original quality.

    Quicktime Is Another Tool For Mac Users

    GoPro Studio Tutorial: How to Add Music to a Video ...

    Ease of Use: :

    QuickTime is bundled with macOS, but it is more than just a media player in your Mac. Actually, the application covers basic editing features like trim, combine, split, flip, rotate, record your video and audio files, etc.. Given that you can combine MOV files and MP4 files in a trouble-free manner, to add background music to a video breaks you no sweat in QuickTime.

    How to replace audio in video with QuickTime:

  • Start with opening one video file with QuickTime.
  • Choose File> Open File> import the audio file. Or, you can drag and drop the audio file to QuickTime .
  • Hit the Start button, and both the video file and the audio file will be played at the same time.
  • Editing Tips:

  • In QuickTime, you are allowed to add several video and audio clips, and each clip you added will be merged into a whole. You may rearrange the order provided you want the output be played in a specific sequence.
  • You can trim the video clip to match with the audio: choose the clip > Edit> the Trim tab in the brower > drag the handle > the Trim button.
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    How To Add Spotify Music To Gopro Quik On Iphone & Android

    More and more video editing apps are available for you to create your personal video story, and Quik is one free video editing app from the makers of GoPro. It can help you create awesome videos with just a few taps. With the Quik app, you can add beautiful transitions and effects and sync everything to the beat of the music. Music plays an important role in GoPro home video, creating the right atmosphere of your story. In this tutorial, were going to show you how to add Spotify music to GoPro Quik.

    Is Gopro Quik Music Free

    More and more video editing apps are available for you to create your personal video story, and Quik is one free video editing app from the makers of GoPro. It can help you create awesome videos with just a few taps. Music plays an important role in GoPro home video, creating the right atmosphere of your story.

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    How To Add Spotify Music To Video In Gopro Quik

    In this part, we’ll show how to use ViWizard Spotify Music Converter to download music from Spotify and save them as Quik supported audio formats. Just download the installation package and install it on your computer. Then perform the below steps to start downloading Spotify songs. Afterwards, you can music to your video from Spotify in Quik.

    Make Your Gopro Shots More Stable

    GoPro Studio Tutorial – Adding Music, Transitions, & Titles

    GoPro has developed the electronic stabilization feature HyperSmooth since HERO 7 Black. And in the latest GoPro HERO 10 Black, it’s upgraded to HyperSmooth 4.0 which is available when recording in 16:9 5.3K 24fps.

    In post-editing, you can further stabilize the footage if the built-in stabilization feature did not deliver the ideal outcome. GoPro Quik and GoPro Studio don’t have this function. Luckily, VideoProc Converter is also a top video stabilizer to stabilize 5.3K/4K GoPro video in one click and be able to export sharp video quality as well.

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    Adding Music In Gopro Studio

    Adding music to your videos when youre editing can do wonders for your final result! Background music is definitely one of the most important aspects of a fun-to-watch video. In this tutorial, I cover how to add music in GoPro Studio, as well as adding titles and transitions too.

    Be sure to check out the entire tutorial above, or .

    Did you know I have a 3-in-1 Masterclass designed for beginners who want to learn GoPro Studio to edit hobby videos, GoPro videos, and family movies? I do! And I think it might be something youd benefit from because I keep it up to date, its all in one place, and you can stop googling for answers theyre all right here. Dont forget to grab the bonuses when you enroll, too. .

    Put Something In The Foreground

    Just watching clouds far in the distance is ok, but set up your time-lapses by putting something interesting or important in the foreground close to the camera. For example, if youre on a surf trip and you are taking a timelapse of the sunset, put a surfboard in the frame to give the photo more context and interest.

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    Shoot With Your Edit In Mind

    Theres nothing worse than getting back from a day filming with your GoPro only to realize you didnt get the clips you needed to tell your story and make your video. A five-minute planning session before the day starts will make a huge difference in the editing room.

    To take that one step further, if you want a certain style or a particular type of transition to your GoPro video make sure you plan it out and make sure to get those shots. An example of this is a video that has a repetition of you walking at the camera in different locations on your trip.

    Corel Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate Windows

    How to Add Music to a GoPro Studio Project?

    This is a popular choice. Corel also makes a supporting premium app for iOS .

    The desktop version comes in three levels . The details in this profile are based on the entry level version.

    Some advanced features are only available in either Plus or Ultimate versions.

    See current price on Pinnacle and on

    The basic version comes with 1500+ transitions, titles, templates and 2D/3D effects. The entry-level Standard version appears to be too stripped down to compete against some of the other options included in this list.

    • Video formats handled: MVC, AVCHD, DV, HDV, AVI, MPEG-1/-2/-4, DivX, Flash, 3GP , WMV, QuickTime , DivX Plus MKV. AVCHD, DVD, Apple, Sony, Nintendo, Xbox, DV, HDV, AVI, DivX, WMV, MPEG-1/-2/-4, Flash, 3GP, WAV, MP2, MP3, MP4, QuickTime, H.264, DivX Plus MKV, JPEG, TIF, TGA, BMP, Dolby Digital 2-channel
    • Video resolution handled: 4K Ultra HD.
    • Motion tracking: Not available in the Standard version. Both Plus and Ultimate versions offer this feature.
    • Additional features: All versions offer multi-camera editing . The standard version comes with a 6-track editing timeline and lots of presets great for beginners.

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