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How Do Djs Get Their Music

How To Get Free Music On Amazon Music


Amazon Music has a ton of music for sale, but it has a little corner where you can check out the free tunes the site has to offer. The quickest way to do this is to visit this link, which takes you to a page with search results for songs that are free. You can then go through the search results and sort them according to release date, artist name, and so on.

The only downside is the free music search results tend to be a hodgepodge of music, audiobooks, and spoken word MP3s. Since theres no way to refine the search by genre, it takes a bit of time going through all the results to find the ones that you like.

Pros: Familiar online shopping interface

Cons: Free MP3 results are a mix of music, spoken word pieces and short audiobooks. No way to sort free MP3s by genre

Go to site:

How Can You Build A Following As A Dj

With your first DJ mix ready, youre ready to start building a following and getting your name out there. The DJ community relies on friendship and collaboration, so youll need to start working with other DJs, as well as building your distinctive brand and style.

When you think of your favourite professional DJs, you probably remember their branding as much as you remember their music.

From Deadmau5 and his oversized mouse head costume, through to Tiësto and his distinctive sound, every DJ has a personal brand that they build using a variety of techniques to get themselves noticed.

In such a saturated market, where there are hundreds of DJs vying for every gig, you need to make sure that you stand out from the crowd. By having a unique brand and a loyal following, youll increase your chances of getting the coveted gigs in the best clubs.

Youll also be able to branch out and start playing bigger venues, such as music festivals. Landing a festival gig requires a renowned brand and a good following, so you need to get your name out there if you want to play at your favourite festival.

Cultivating a good brand and building a following takes time, effort and dedication its a long-term commitment, but it will pay off in the long run.

Like any brand, youll need a striking logo, promotional images and a good website. Youll also need to use social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to generate followers and keep them updated.

Best Places For Djs To Download Music Websites & Pools

Finding the right music for your set is essential whentrying to make it as a DJ.

There are dozens of websites where you can get loads oftracks, edits and remixes However, some of them are free while some othersrequire you to pay for a monthly subscription.

In this post I will list both the free and the paidservices, starting with the paid/subscription-based ones first which are commonlyreferred to as record pools.

If you want to skip directly to the websites that offer freedownloads then you can do so by clicking this link

Lets get started

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Spotify & Other Music Streaming Services

Spotify and other similar services are also a great way to discover new music. The streaming era continues to grow by leaps and bounds each year replacing the need to physically own the music you enjoy.

Streaming services like Spotify are a great resource for DJs.

Many artists and record labels will have playlists that they update with the freshest music. Follow these playlists to keep up to date. The amount of user-generated lists can also be a goldmine for new music to add to your DJ sets as well.

There is a free version of the service and a paid version. Be sure to try it out first and compare benefits to subscribing to see if it will be worth it for you.

Streaming continues to take over media consumption. Many DJ software and hardware manufacturers are looking at ways to integrate these services. The dream of having access to thousands upon thousands of songs on demand for your DJ sets is not quite a reality. As technology improves this trend is picking up steam.

Bonus Tip: Label Your Cue Points

Learn How To DJ

This is again another hack designed to help you make your mixes smoother while reducing pressure and thinking during live shows. Once you have set a cue point in your DJ software, youre able to click the name and change the label.

Get in the habit of adding simple, yet descriptive terms so that, combined with the tag tips above, you will quickly be able to find your tracks and jump to key points.

Examples of labels could include things like melodic breakdown, no drums, vocal solo, chorus, bass drops, etc. Whatever makes the most sense to you.

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How Female Djs Are Bringing A New Spin To The Market

For years, DJing was a male-dominated profession, and to this day, many of the big names in DJing are men. Women have had to work hard to crack the DJing market, but now many women are making a name for themselves.

Women DJs bring a unique style and creative flair to the profession and create a vibing atmosphere at any event, which is why they’re increasingly popular with clubs, party hosts, festivals and other events.

From Alison Wonderland to Annie Mac and beyond, there are loads of popular female DJs out there who are making their mark on the DJ landscape and becoming renowned for their unique sound and creativity. Each DJ has her own sound and style and has worked harder than most men to achieve the success they enjoy today.

So, if youre a female music lover who wants to become a DJ, dont let anything hold you back. Its not an all-boys club anymore theres more than enough space for you in the market. Collaborate with your fellow female DJs, so that you all help to raise each other up and expand your reach. The DJ market might be competitive, but that doesnt mean its not worth entering.

If you want to find out more about women DJs and how they’re making their mark on the industry, check out our article celebrating women in music.

Record Shops & Record Label Markets

Yes Ive added it in here. Im not going to be all digital. There are record shops still out there and also one my favourites, although far and few between, record label markets.

If youve still got a soft spot for new music on the wax, then record shops and label markets are a great way to get stuck in. Discovering music this way can be highly expensive and time consuming, but a very therapeutic process.

There may be some limited edition tracks in the crates that youve dug through that may not even exist in the realm of the internet. You will certainly have the edge in your DJ sets if you find some hidden lost gems.

A favourite record label market is the Independent Record Label Market that features a lot of markets around Europe. Ive spent many a time in the one in London, and have spent a shed load of cash too on a lot of old and new tracks I love.

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Search Or Discover Music

Discovering that new song or finding the track that you like, that track that you cant wait to place on the dance floor or in one of your sets, is the most exciting part of a DJs life. Understanding the essence of each song is an extraordinary experience because if you mix them in harmony with other similar songs you will get the best set or surely you will have people on the dance floor dancing uncontrollably. But there are many ways to expand your musical knowledge to find those new tracks or the ideal track.

What If Youre Playing Abroad

Where do DJs get their music? How to find the BEST Music for DJing!

There are different PROs in every country and, it depends how strictly they enforce their authority. Again, you should ensure that your venue is compliant with the copyright laws by asking them about this.

The venue/organizing authorities are going to be responsible for this, and you probably dont need to worry about it.

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Podcasts Curate New Songs For Djs

As mentioned earlier, the podcasts tab on iTunes is a great place to find mixes to obtain some inspiration for new songs, but iTunes is not the only place.

Here are some other podcasts where you find fantastic mixes that feature new and old tracks:

  • Club Killers podcast
  • Best in Space Radio Podcast
  • Glitterbox Radio Show
  • Fire & Ice: Drum and Bass Mix
  • Fact Mixes

You can find all of these podcasts and many more at Soundcloud or Mixcloud.

Other Ways Of Tracking Music Use

Where we haven’t received a set list, our music researchers gather music usage information. We calculate the royalty rate by combining this with similar broadcast data or according to number of plays.

Since October 2018, we have been using Music Recognition Technology to help identify music played by DJs at a number of licensed venues and festivals. The usage data we gather is being used to supplement and improve distribution methods to make them more accurate and representative.

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Where Do Djs Get Their Music

DJs consistently need more music, regardless of whether you’re attempting to stay up with the latest with recent fads, filling holes in your assortment or possibly you’ve quite recently introduced Serato and need a lot of tracks to begin blending in with. You can do a dj course to know more about Djs music. The information underneath should supply you with all the music downloading assets you need.

What Exactly Do Djs Do Live

DJ skills you should have and how to achieve them [Guide]

No one knows exactly what DJs do in their console. You see them move their hands. You see them contort their faces in weird ways while moving their hands. But those are mere byproducts of the actual thing they do. But what exactly is that thing? Are they simply pushing buttons? Frying pancakes? Stirring soup? Who knows? It’s a mystery to most of us. We were really curious about this, so we reached out to several DJs and experts on the art of deejaying to find out what exactly DJs do when they play live.

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Places To Legally Download Free Dj Music

Want to legally download music for free for your DJ sets? There are still plenty of places you can do just that, whether to build a collection without spending much money, or to discover something cool that nobody else has got

Once upon a time, all DJ music was bought, in physical formats. Then along came digital and DJs could suddenly download music for free, first with Napster, then a rush of similar sites becoming a huge opportunity for DJs wanting lots of music for nothing, and of course a huge problem for the music industry.

But the music industry has changed fundamentally since then, with the big streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music largely replacing the download sites, for consumers at least, who are happy to pay their $10 a month for anything they could wish to listen to. Streaming services are even finding their way into DJ software, offering DJs this option too.

But most DJs still want to own their music. And while torrenting or other ways of illegally ripping music certainly havent gone away as sources for building a quick DJ collection, they come with legal, ethical and technical pitfalls. And even though download stores are still hanging in there, the specialist dance music download stores of interest to DJs can be expensive, especially for those who are just starting out and want to build their collection quickly.

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How To Get Free Music On Bandcamp

To legally download free DJ music on Bandcamp, the first thing to do is to sign up for a fan Bandcamp account. Then look for artists with tracks or albums that have Name your price beside the Buy Digital Album or Buy Track links. These let you specify how much you want to give the artist, which of course includes zero.

To make searching easier, you can try to search for tunes with the free music tag associated with them. This gives you a roundup of all the songs tagged as free, and then you can simply go through the results and look for the tunes that you want to get.

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Since there are lots of small independent labels on Bandcamp, youre also likely to find EP giveaways and album samplers that they give as promotions, so its worth signing up to be notified of any new releases from artists or labels on the platform.

And do consider giving at least something if you love and can use a track!

Pros: Plenty of independent DJ/producers and record labels, simple store design makes it easy to preview and download tracks or even full albums, lots of free / pay what you want tracks

Cons: Major label artists are less likely to have a presence on it

Go to site: Bandcamp

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Requests From Past Events

One of my favorite ways to find new songs is by taking requests during School Dances and Weddings. Especially years ago when I was starting. I receive a song requested at an event I didnt have it. But by the next event, I would have it. Add these requests to your DJ sets.

Most of the time, if it worked at one wedding or school dance, it would work another. It was the fastest way to discover new songs I had never heard.

Hold On Why Cant I Just Rip Music From Youtube

Where Do DJs Get Their Music In 2021? ( FREE MUSIC PACK )

While P2P music piracy got the boot thanks to legit online music stores and the widespread adoption of music streaming services, the past decade saw a new kind of illegal download known as YouTube rips. These come from sites that allow you to copy and paste a YouTube link in order to extract the audio as an MP3 file. These sites even let you rip the video too!

You cannot legally download free DJ music from YouTube. Indulging in YouTube rips to build your DJ library is still illegal: its just a newer form of music piracy, so youre still stealing and ripping off the artist who made the music. But apart from that, theres another reason why you should avoid rips: they sound bad, especially compared to the other MP3s that you acquired legally.

Get started DJing with us : DJing Made Easy

The reason for this is because whenever a video file is uploaded to YouTube, that file is compressed and transcoded. This shrinks the file size of the video: thats great for streaming because it doesnt eat up too much data but that also means the audio is compressed.

Skip YouTube rips if you respect dance culture, the artist, and yourself as a DJ.

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Set Your Default Sorting

This is usually down to personal preference, although a good way to ensure speed while you are in the mix is to have the defaults sort set to Genre, then BPM and then Key.

This will speed up your mixing as youll know straight away that the track is already at the same tempo and that you simply need to choose a track thats in the same or complementary key.

This technique alone can quickly get you out of trouble when you are running out of track and need to find the next one to mix in.

How To Organise Your Song Library

It might not have occurred to you how much time a DJ may spend on organising their song library, this can enable them clarity and efficiency when choosing songs on the spot.

An important factor when creating your own music library to mix with is organisation. Sitting down and organising your tracks into folders can be an arduous but extremely valuable process.

How people organise their music library is a different question. The most conventional way to organise your music is by genre, the house music in a house folder, the techno in a techno folder.

From this you can create a world of sub folders that organise this even further into the sub genres of each scene. Conversely, the multi genre DJ might opt to organise their songs by energy.

This means they can slip in and out of different genres but can still maintain a certain rhythm to their mix in general and can still control the audience even while switching genres.

Another popular organisation method is to organise by a date period.

You could create folders simply by the music you are listening to at that time, this can still enable you to differentiate between which songs are where, but means you can seamlessly float between genres and different songs with all your favourite tunes in front of you.

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Use Color Coding To Your Advantage

Available in all software, spending some time color coding can make your tracks super quick to find.

Examples of using color-coding include:

  • The tracks key and actually basing the color coding on Mixed in Keys complimentary wheel so that you can quickly see which tracks will work together
  • Highlighting your own tracks so they stand out from those you have bought
  • Recent or favorite tracks
  • Bangers
  • It can be a good idea highlighting tracks that you know are guaranteed to get a big response.
  • Weve all done it as DJs We go down a rabbit hole of tracks we want to play only to find that the audience hasnt quite gone with us on the journey. Therefore, we need to bring some energy back to the room and in some cases, some people back to the dance floor.
  • Track energy Further to the above you can also use color-coding to visually describe the energy of a track.
  • For example, using the traffic light system of red , orange and green for tracks that you know will get the crowd rocking. Get our EDM superstar DJ T-Shirt from our store
  • Tip: How Do DJs Store Their Music? With Clean Tags

    Although cleaning up your tags can be time-consuming, and its not time spent on the decks , well thought out tags will make your live mixes infinitely better.

    As soon as an idea pops into your head youll be able to quickly find the track, sub-genre or acapella you are thinking of. Without having to scroll and decode confusing/mislabeled tracks.

    Tip: Be Sure to Have Your Import Date Column Enabled

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