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How Can I Keep From Singing Sheet Music

How Can I Keep From Singing

How Can I Keep From Singing- Piano Arrangement with Free Sheet Music

About the Song

Words: Attributed to Pauline T. Music: Robert Lowry Arrangement: Sally DeFord and James Loynes

This is one of those beautiful old folk-type songs that I have just been aching to arrange for quite a long time. Its a lovely expression of gratitude, joy and hope.

The lyrics seem to have first appeared in The New York Observer in the mid-1800s, and the setting by Robert Lowry has since become a favorite standard hymn.

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My life flows on in endless songAbove earths lamentationI hear the sweet, tho far-off hymnThat hails a new creationThrough all the tumult and the strifeI hear the music ringingIt finds an echo in my soulHow can I keep from singing?

What tho my joys and comfort die?The Lord my Saviour livethWhat tho the darkness gather round?Songs in the night He givethNo storm can shake my inmost calmWhile to that Refuge clingingSince Christ is Lord of heaven and earthHow can I keep from singing?

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