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How Bad Is Your Spotify Music Ai

How Bad Is Your Spotify Ai Bot

watch this Spotify AI Bot ROAST my music taste!

There is a new website called Pudding. Cool Spotify. This website has an AI Bot that analyses the users Spotify and lets them know about their taste in music. This is a new AI designed to evaluate a users musical taste and needs to access Spotify to provide them with this evaluation. This AI Bot evaluates the music taste according to the corpus of over two million indicators of objectively goof music, including Pitchfork reviews, record store recommendations, and subreddits.

This is actually a Spotify AI roast, the AI bot not just evaluates the taste of the music, it also roasts the user on the type of music taste they have. It is a Spotify AI Roast because when the AI is done with analyzing the users Spotify, it provides a review in the most hilarious and snarky ways possible, roasting the users Spotify in the most savage ways.

this AI bot that reads your Spotify for filth is absolutely sending me

nic kelly

Pls go and get yoir Spotify roasted by this AI.Spot on fellas. Spot on.

Say yes to only THIS Jess –

Let A Sassy Ai Judge Your Music Taste With How Bad Is Your Spotify

It tells you, in percentage terms, how basic your music tastes.

Image: The Pudding

While Spotify listeners are used to closing off the year with Spotify Wrapped, which cheerfully sums up their listening trends of the entire year, theres now a snarky AI from The Pudding that instead trashes their listening trends to comic effect.

How Bad Is Your Spotify? draws from your playlists and most-played tracks to tell you how basic your musical tastes are, and which artists youre stanning to an uncomfortable extent. Its all in good fun after all, the notion of a machine deeming you basic cant have any bearing on your pride as a music lover. Right?

At the end, the AI ascribes to your musical taste a multi-hyphenated flavour of bad. For example, for binging too much Fugazi, Tortoise and Nirvana this year, one of MusicTechs writers earned an 80s-punk-mid-nineties-flannel-shirt-love-your-npr-tote flavour of bad.

Whats interesting about the AI, too, is that it claims to draw from over two million indicators of objectively good music which include Pitchfork reviews, record store recommendations, and subreddits youve never heard of.

Be prepared to see results from this pop up in your social media feeds in the coming days.

Give it a try yourself at

For more music technology news, click here.

Best Websites To Analyze Your Spotify Data

Every so often a website that analyses Spotify data blows up on Twitter and it is all we see for the next 24 hours. Then it’s just as quickly forgotten. But these websites are still valuable if you want to analyze your listening habits.

We’ve scoured the corners of the internet and collected our ten favorite websites that analyze your Spotify data.

But there is a caveat. Each of these websites requires you to login to your Spotify and allow the website to access your Spotify data. So if that’s not something you’re OK with, you may want to sit this one out.

But if you’re the type of person who spends your days counting down to Spotify Wrapped or need your listening habits analyzed more than once a year, check out these websites that analyze your Spotify data.

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How Bad Is Your Spotify Music Ai Best Things To Know 2022

  • Max Kuehn

Spotifys latest news feature How bad is your Spotify Music AI can show you how bad your taste in music is, but it is quite brutal.

An AI Bot created by the digital publication The Pudding and Spotify tell you how bad your music tastes, often with hilarious results. The AI robot will tell which songs you listen too much to and which artists you are obsessed with to an uncomfortable extent.

Fidlar will provide everything you need to know and how to take the quiz on How Bad Is Your Spotify AI.

How Do I Do The How Bad Is Your Spotify Ai Quiz

How Bad Is Your Spotify? AI: This savage bot will roast ...

To get started, first visit The Pudding website.

The AI will greet you with a message that reads, Hi, my name is Alex, and I am an AI trained in music taste evaluation. To get started, I will need to see your Spotify app.

I want to look at what your ears are hearing. I wont change or post anything.

To connect your Spotify account, click the Login with Spotify button.

Log in as normal, whether you use Facebook, Google, or your email address. These terms and conditions will be binding on you.

  • The AI will be able to view your Spotify account data, including your name, profile picture, and number of followers.
  • The AI can also see what you do on Spotify app. This includes your top artists, top songs that youve created, playlists that you follow, and collaborative playlists.

You can revoke this unlimited access via the settings on your account.

Click agree to allow the AI to start analysing your music taste. The message might say, Spotify has a limit on how many people can use this app at one time, so you will need to wait or try again later.

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Top Music Streaming Platforms In Asia Which One Is For You

Created by digital publication The Pudding, Judge My Spotify is a snarky AI that will unapologetically expose your music taste. Not hesitating to tell you exactly how bad your Spotify listens are, the app breaks down every track, album, and playlist you’ve listened to over time and mercilessly roasts everything.

How Bad Is Your Spotify The Ai Reads Are Wonderful

“You’re stuck in the early 2010s. For you, music’s been all downhill since Lorde made Ribs.”

I got “You’re stuck in the early 2010s” too! I also got “you peaked at Reputation”, I should be taking it as a compliment.

I also got stuck in the early 2010s lol but my 2nd line was “music’s been all downhill since Florence + The Machine made Grace.”

I got Oh great another Lorde stan

Your Spotify was bon-ivers-impact-escape-room cabincore bad.

Based on your listening habits, I also can tell you your Spotify was…

wet-ass bad

you- used- to- listen- to- Ariana- secretly- bad

un-enunciated bad

strip- clubs- from- Miami- to- Atlanta bad

You are 34% basic. Most of your music comes straight from iheartRadio. lol Dua Lipa…

You’re too trendy for your own good. You know there’s good music from before 2019, right?

They didnt have to drag me like this. The cling clang took me out lmao

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What Have People On Social Media Said About It

Many have been sharing and commenting on their quiz results on Twitter.

shared their result: Your Spotify was adult-skateboarder-80s-dweeb-succulent-growing-indie-pop-bad, and commented: The accuracy of the how bad is your Spotify thing is terrifying.

Another said the AI robot showed no mercy and shared results which said: Your Spotify was tay-tay-fan-girl-cottagecore-tj-maxx-christmas-soundtrack-bad.

Understandably, not everyone wanted the world to know their music habits though.

One Twitter user said: I tried the how bad is your Spotify playlist AI and I am too embarrassed to share the results


Here Is A Sassy Ai Bot That Roasts Your Taste In Music

How bad is your Spotify “AI Check your Music!!!”

You may think you know the best new tracks and artists, but you don’t, according to a new artificial intelligence bot that roasts your taste in music.

The program, developed by digital publication The Pudding, is essentially the de facto nemesis of Spotify’s “Wrapped” programming. Once you log in, the sassy AI bot crawls your Spotify listening habits and goes on to trash them in an absolutely hysterical manner. Apparently I listen to plenty of EDMand LouisTheChildsomething that the bot found cringey.

The bot then invited me to play a classic game of “fuck, marry, kill,” coaxing me into a siren song that eventually led to my picks being shredded.

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Thehow Bad Is Your Spotify Trend Has Sparked Many Memes And Hilarious Tweets

As expected, Twitter users have gleefully responded to the prospect of sharing their “How Bad Is Your Spotify” results … both the fake and the real ones.

The content is *chef’s kiss* perfection, and it makes taking the test worthwhile.

Because honestly, did you even really take the quiz if you didn’t share it online?

The I Newsletter Cut Through The Noise

How Bad Is Your Spotify? is the question asked by website The Pudding. Heres how to find out the answer.

How does it work?

The AI tool says, Ive been trained on a corpus of over two million indicators of objectively good music, including Pitchfork reviews, record store recommendations and subreddits youve never heard of.

The tool comes from American digital publication, The Pudding, and was trained by Mike Lacher and Matt Daniels.

How to use it

First, youll need to visit The Pudding website to get started.

Youll be greeted with a message from the AI that says, Hi, Im an AI trained to evaluate musical taste. To get started, Ill need to see your Spotify.

Im just gonna look at what you listen to. I wont post or change anything.

From there, youll need to hit the Log in with Spotify option to connect your account.

Log in as usual, be it through Facebook, Google or email address. Youll have to agree to the terms and conditions, which are:

– That the AI will be able to view your Spotify account data, including you name, profile picture, how many followers you have and your public playlists

– The AI will also be able to see your activity on Spotify, including your top artists, playlists youve made, playlists you follow and collaborative playlists

Youll be able to revoke this access at any time in the settings of your Spotify account.

In computing, NaN stands for Not a Number, so the AI will try again, but not in a specified amount of time.

The results

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How Bad Is Your Spotify Ai: This Savage Bot Will Roast Your Music Choices

So, you thought your Spotify Wrapped was bad? Try this How Bad is Your Spotify? AI.

Some say tough love is the best kind of love, and this Spotify AI is evidence of thatkind of. The AI was developed by digital publication The Pudding, and was trained by Mike Lacher and Mat Daniels in the art of roasting.

The bot makes some savage analysis of your Spotify playlist, after you give it permission of course. Warning: none of your favourite artists are safe.

Knowing How Bad Is Your Apple Music Is One Of The Most Interesting Things That Music Lovers Are Searching Nowadays Read On To Know More Details

How Bad Is Your Spotify? AI: This savage bot will roast ...

Apple Music is a music and video streaming service developed by Apple Inc. Users select music to stream to their device on-demand, or they can listen to existing playlists. Widely used in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Oceania, and in parts of Africa and the Middle East, Apple Music allows users to stream over 70 million songs to their device on demand. The service provides three live 24-hour radio stations: Apple Music 1, led by DJ Zane Lowe, Apple Music Hits, and Apple Music Country, which broadcast in over 100 countries. Here, you will know about apple music ai bot and more.

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The ‘how Bad Is Your Spotify’ Ai Is Here To Judge Your Taste In Music

Want to indulge in some self-loathing to end an already terrible year? Look no further than the “How Bad Is Your Spotify” app that will cruelly rag on your taste in music.

The A.I., created by digital culture publication The Pudding, is akin to a meaner, less thorough yet still fun version of Spotify’s popular Wrapped function, which rounds up a person’s most played songs among other things.

Users that visit The Pudding website are invited to let its “sophisticated A.I.” judge “your awful taste in music.” They are then asked to log in to Spotify through the web page. The A.I. promises to only scan your music, and not change anything on your account.

It can sometimes take a moment for the website to load as Spotify limits how many people can use the app at once, according to The Pudding.

The A.I. will ask you questions about your listening habits, like whether you “really listen” to certain songs, and poke fun at your favurite genre and artists. Users can also play a game of “f*ck marry kill” featuring artists they have listened to on Spotify, before getting a final score. This gives a rundown of tracks you listen to “too much,” artists you stan “to an uncomfortable extent,” rates how basic your tastes are, and highlights the decade you’re “stuck” in.

Apple Music users can also join in with the fun, with the “Replay” feature launched last year.

So Youve Looked Back At Your Year In Music Taste In Spotify Wrapped Now Get Roasted With This Spotify Ai

Spotifys Wrapped feature is a neat way to take a look back at your listening history for the year. But it focuses on stats and data rather than subjective opinions. Thats where the new How Bad is Your Spotify app can do what your friends wont tell you your taste in music sucks.

The Spotify AI is created by The Pudding and analyzes your listening history based on several factors. The feature can take a while to use, though, if a lot of people are roasting themselves on their listening habits. The Spotify AI asks a few questions, so be prepared to answer them for more accurate results.

It asks if you really listen to songs that it picks at random to make sure they represent your tastes. You can tell the AI whether the song is one of your personal favorites or if someone else was listening. The AI also asks users to play the f*ck marry kill game that is common across so many US high schools. Presented with three artists , you must rank them with FMK in mind.

The Spotify AIs final rundown gives you a list of tracks that you play too much. Youll also be presented with a list of artists you stan too much this year. The AI rates how basic your tastes are , and highlights the decade youre stuck in.

Did you miss the Spotify Wrapped stats this year? Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny took the most streamed artist on Spotify 2020 title. Meanwhile, Billie Eilish claimed the most-streamed female artist title for the second year in a row.

  • I need to try this.

  • I Care Not
  • ben
  • Don’t Miss: How To Listen To Music On Xbox One

    Apps You Can Use With Your Spotify Account: Receiptify Obscurify Kaleidosync And More

    After asking you a series of questions, coupled with snarky comments, the AI cast their judgement in a multi-hypenated phrase along with some self-determined statistics on how “basic” you are.

    Confident with the quality of my music preferences, I decided to give Judge My Spotify a try but only a few seconds in, that confidence qucikly dwindled.

    The AI deemed my Spotify history “k-pop-aficionado-still-watching-vh1-divas-live-clips-cool-carpool-mom bad“, and as much I would like to disagree, it was true considering the amount of K-pop tracks and early-2000s-Mariah Carey I listened to this year.

    Others on social media also shared their results, check some of them out below.

    how do i punch an algorithm in its stupid smug face

    How To Use The How Bad Is Your Spotify Ai

    This Spotify Bot Makes Fun of Your Music Taste..

    The bot is available to use through this link here. First it will ask you to log in to your spotify account, before then searching through all your listening history.

    There can be a wait for this though, as Spotify only allows so many account access at once, but just hang in there. If youre trying on a phone, it may be quicker to load it on a computer or laptop.

    Next comes the questioning from the bot: Did you really listen to Be Happy by Dixie DAmelio? Like ironically? Were just going to say yes .

    • SPOTIFY:

    Then a game of f***, marry, kill comes along with some of your favourite artists. The main prize however is the hyphenated insult it hurls at you, and they dont hold back.

    The How Bad is Your Spotify AI will lastly give you a percentage of basicness based on your music.

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    This Ai Analyses Your Spotify Habits And Mocks Them Mercilessly

    As the online response to this years Spotify Unwrapped proved, we love getting an insight into our music listening habits, and Spotify is the app of choice for most.

    Now a cheeky new online artificial intelligence tool is able to give you a fresh perspective on your music taste – by mocking you for it.

    Fun Spotify Websites To Analyze Your Own Music Taste

    Weve all heard about these so-called Spotify websites, that by logging into them with your Spotify account, you give them access to things such as the content you have recently played, who you follow on Spotify, your top artists, etc.

    These websites have been taking over the internet ever since the first version of Spotify Wrapped.

    Learning about your own music listening habits has many benefits!

    As a guitar player, not only does practicing your instrument helps you as a musician, but also understanding the music you naturally love and listen to the most can give you a very interesting insight to help you shape your own playing style.

    Websites such as the ones Ill mention in just a bit can serve as a fun way to even find new tracks similar to the ones you already enjoy.

    These are the best Spotify websites to help you understand your own music tastes and more:

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