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Hot Cross Buns Piano Sheet Music


Free Printable Pdf With Glockenspiel / Xylophone Music Sheet With Note Chart And Lyrics

Hot Cross Buns with Chords: piano tutorial with free sheet music

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Hot Cross Buns: A Traditional Nursery Rhyme

“Hot Cross Buns” is a traditional Nursery Rhyme. Hot Cross Buns are a spicy bun with a little cross shape on top which are traditionally sold at Easter time, but tasty at any time of year . It’s great the way a street seller’s cry has become a rhyme for children, and the patter of salesmen hasn’t changed much over the years. The PDF sheet music, Midi and Mp3 files for the standard melody can be downloaded using the links in the left-hand menu.

How To Transpose ‘hot Cross Buns’ Music Score Learn About Your Free Music Notes

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Hot Cross Buns How To Play On The Glockenspiel / Xylophone

Hot Cross Buns is an English nursery rhyme, probably as old as those spiced buns, crossed at the top according to the song. Street sellers of the 19th century shouted loudly to invite people to buy some, so the song probably imitates their cry.

This traditional sweet contains, apart from spices, pieces of fruits and raisins. You can sing the song while preparing some! were sure that they will be more delicious! Find the recipe here.


Hot Cross Buns Glockenspiel / Xylophone Sheet Music And Note Chart

Hot Cross Buns by folklore

The song of Hot Cross Buns uses the notes of C pentatonic, as you can see on the chart following the notes of the song.

Watch the video a couple of times and study each part at your own pace until you get the hang of it. Remember to use both mallets as much as you can not only the one that is more convenient for you as this an important basic technique.

To save this free glockenspiel sheet music of Hot Cross Buns to your computer, right click and choose Save Image As. Alternatively, you can download the PDF file below.

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Play Notes With No Rhythm Concerns Initially

After they have made their way through this little song once, then it’s time to start counting it…

When I count this song aloud with students, I say,

One – two, one – two, one – two – three – four. One – two, one – two, one – two – three – four. One, one, one, one,One – two, one – two, one – two – three – four.”

After that, the words “Piz-za please,” and the rest are usually enough.

Hot Cross Buns : Easter Songs

March 19, 2020 By Sara Mullett

Good Friday is the day to bake and share Hot Cross Buns with family and friends. Eaten warm from the oven dripping with butter, they are one of the highlights of Easter. But they were being made in England long before Christianity adopted them.

The bun was a symbol of the Moon and the cross divided it into the four quarters of the Moons cycle. As with so many folk customs, the advent of Christianity brought a new significance to old symbols and people were happy to embrace these familiar customs within their new faith.

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Now For The Left Hand

I’ve also written this little song for left hand, using the important notes B , A, and G. Why do I call that note the “baby” note? Because it “rests” on top of the staff, as a sleeping baby might.

Please scroll down the page for the download links.

Here are two more versions for the left hand, this time with “AlphaNotes” :

Please scroll down the page for the download links.

Again, why do I call “B” the Baby note?

Well, when my students and I draw the grand staff on my big white board, we focus on the notes around Middle C.

Under Middle C is B, which is “resting” on the top of the staff, as it is a baby, and not very strong.

And D above Middle C stands for the Daddy note – so STRONG that he can hold up the whole “ladder” – that is, the staff – on his head. Then we draw little faces inside the B and D.

As memory aids, these goofy names have worked well for me!

The links for the right hand PDFs: