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Good Musicals For High Schools

The List Includes Classics Like Godspell Into The Woods Little Shop Of Horrors And More

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From Broadway superstars to Broadway super fans Tony winners to Tony viewers- most lovers of the arts can trace their passion back to humble origins- their high school theatre programs. According to the EDTA High School Play survey, over 26,000 US high schools have a theatre program, which means that hundreds of thousands of teenagers are bit by the theatre bug every year.

Which musicals make the best high school productions? While some might argue that classics like Fiddler on the Roof or Guys and Dolls are perfect for introducing teens to Broadway, many programs dare to present more modern musicals, like Legally Blonde or Catch Me If You Can.

Picking a musical that’s right for your program can depend on many factors, including the size of your cast, interest of your students, and of course, availability of performance rights. Below, we’re outlining the pros of 2020/21’s most produced high school shows, including insight on the background, roles, songs and more!

Find out what musicals are done the most at schools.

Best Musicals For High School That Take Place

Theres something exciting about planning and performing high school musicals with high school actors. The pupils are engrossed they have a unique comprehension of the characters situations and powerful emotions. You may have positioned sets around the campus for practical reasons.

Weve already discussed two classics, Grease and best musicals for high school, in this article, but theres more! Before you decide, make careful to read the script shows like Spring Awakening and Bare deal with very serious issues.

9 females, 8 males in the castConcord Theatricals is in charge of licensing

Know What Level Of Comfort Your Superiors Have With Violence/delicate Subject Matter

Its theatre. Trust me, I understand the importance of actors and audiences experiencing a story in which difficult situations are unpacked and more easily understood. Just because you and I understand this does not mean that the school principal or fine arts director or city council will. Dont pick a show that everyone in your town is too good to come see or that will get you in trouble.

That being said: there will always be people who think the musical you choose is too inappropriate. Footloose talks about a girl who gets around. Once Upon a Mattress has an unintended out of wedlock pregnancy. Both of these musicals are pretty wholesome, but ya know. People like to complain and feel self-righteous.

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Choosing The Best Musicals For High School

Choosing best musicals for high school is a serious job not only must you find a production that appeals to your students, but you must also consider parents, the schools leadership, school boards, and the entire community. This can be difficult, but its rewarding to see hesitant children blossom into confident, talented performers and singers.

Musicals are the best part of high school for drama or theatre students. Do you recall the first time you felt that your fellow performers had become family members? When did you first step onto the stage and discover your voice? Oh, Im home, you think as you hear the crowd applauding your performance or laughing at your antics for the first time.

High School Musical: The Musical The Series Season 3 Cast

high school musical the musical the holiday special feel good fest

Trying to keep up with the High School Musical: The Musical The Series season 3 cast changes? Below we break down the complete cast by series regulars, recurring guest stars, guest stars and dancers!

HSMTMTS Season 3 Series Regulars
  • Joshua Bassett as Ricky
  • Saylor Bell Curda as Maddox
  • Adrian Lyles as Jet

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Simple Musicals For High Schoolsimple Musicals For High School

If youve ever directed a musical, you understand how much work is involved. Look for basic programs to make the procedure easier. These musicals have one thing in common, and that aspect, if nothing else, makes life easier for you.

Some of them, such as Cinderella, are simple to learn. Other simple musicals, like as working, are also straightforward to direct. There are also small-cast high school musicals, so you wont have to worry about performing and directing a large, obnoxious cast.

Some of them include but are not limited to the ones listed below:

Best Original Musicals For High Schools And Their Features

High school musicals are a great way to bring together the student body and get everyone involved in the performing arts. They also provide an outlet for creativity and self-expression and can be a lot of fun for the cast and crew.

To help you make your decision, weve put together a list of some of the best original musicals for high schools, along with their key features.

The Addams Family Musical

This musical is based on the popular television show and movie franchise of the same name. It follows the lives of the Addams family, who are eccentric and have a dark sense of humor.

The musical includes memorable songs such as Full House and The Munsters Theme Song, and is sure to be a hit with your students.

Beauty and the Beast

This classic Disney tale has been adapted into a Broadway musical, and it makes for a great high school production. The story follows Belle, a young woman who is taken prisoner by a beast in his castle.

Best Musicals For High Schools Beauty and the Beast

However, she eventually learns to see past his appearance and falls in love with him. The musical features well-known songs such as Be Our Guest and Beauty and the Beast, and is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Les Misérables

This musical is based on the novel by Victor Hugo. It tells the story of a man who is sent to prison for stealing a loaf of bread. The music is moving and the story is inspiring.

The Sound of Music

High School Musical

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Top Plays Over The Years

In July 2015, NPR released a report that went above and beyond, looking at trends in school plays over the past few decades. Only two plays stood the test of time, coming in the top five most popular plays every decade since the 1940s: “You Can’t Take it With You” and “Our Town.”

Back in 2011-2012, according to a post on the Education Week blog, the ten most commonly produced school plays for the year contained few surprises. This list was the result of a survey carried out each year by the magazine Dramatics, published by the Educational Theatre Association.

Almost, Maine by John Cariani is a recent play, first developed at the Cape Cod Theatre Project and the Portland Stage Company in Maine in 2004. It opened off-Broadway in 2005-2006 and is about residents of a fictional Maine town called Almost who fall in and out of love as the Northern lights float above them in the sky.

Twelve Angry Menwritten by Reginald Rose was later turned into a 1957 movie adaptation starring Henry Fonda. It is a liberal defense of the American jury system and offers a nice ensemble cast for schools to cast many actors in important roles.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Shakespeare is a common production, often in middle schools. Its a comedy that features woodland sprites and confused lovers who fall prey to spells. The production can feature creative costumes for the woodland creatures.

What Is The Most Loved Musical

Exclusive look into ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’ | GMA

It would be impossible to choose just one musical that is loved by everyone. However, there are certainly some musicals that are more popular than others.

For example, The Phantom of the Opera has been running on Broadway for over 30 years, and it continues to be one of the most popular shows in New York City.

Top 10 Best Broadway Musicals of All Time

The Lion King is another musical that is enjoyed by people of all ages. Based on the popular Disney movie, this musical tells the story of Simba, a young lion who must learn to take his place as king. With its enchanting music and stunning visuals, The Lion King is a truly unforgettable experience.

Other popular musicals include Les Miserables,Wicked, and The Book of Mormon. These shows have all received critical acclaim and are enjoyed by theatergoers around the world.

While it is impossible to choose just one, these musicals are certainly some of the most loved.

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High School Musicals With A Big Cast

Do you have a large number of students who show up for auditions at your school? One of the best methods to ensure that everyone who wants to join can is to have a wide number of cast musicals for high school.

Find ensemble heavy high school presentations if you have some great performers and a significant number of beginners. Musicals with a large cast, particularly those with multiple personalities, such as Bye Bye Birdie, can help you develop the talents of all performers and vocalists.

Some of them include but are not limited to the ones listed below:

Is Heathers The Musical Appropriate For High School

Heathers The Musical is a satirical black comedy that includes mature themes such as bullying, teen suicide, drug use, and rape. While the musical is set in a high school, its dark humor may not be appropriate for all ages.

Some of the scenes in the show are particularly graphic, including a simulated rape scene and a character shooting himself in the head.

For these reasons, Heather The Musical may not be suitable for high school students. However, the show has been praised for its humorous take on the dark subject matter, and its cast of strong female characters.

Ultimately, whether or not to see Heather The Musical is a personal decision.

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Musicals Set In High School

Theres something special about doing a musical set in a high school with actors who are still in high school. The students are in the thick of it they have a unique and visceral understanding of the characters problems and intense emotions. And from a practical perspective, you probably already have the set pieces lying around school. Weve already mentioned two of the classics, Grease and High School Musical, but there are so many more! Make sure to request a perusal script before you choose shows like Spring Awakening, Bare, and Dear Evan Hansen tackle some pretty serious subjects.

Most Popular Musicals For High School

Wildcathsms edit. SOO GOOD

Sometimes you just need to be a big success for your drama or theatre program-this is the time to choose from the most popular Musicals for high school.

Each of these shows is almost guaranteed to attract a large audience, so you can fill the house with friends who are excited, family, and community members. If you want to raise interest in the drama club of your school, then you can begin with the list of the popular high school musicals below:

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How To Choose The Best Musicals For High Schools

High school musicals can be a great way to get students involved in the arts and foster a love for theater. However, picking the right music for your high school can be a daunting task. There are so many factors to consider, from the size of your cast to the content of the show.

Below is a guide on how to choose the best musicals for high schools based on various criteria.

Best Hollywood Musicals For High Schools And Their Features

High school musicals are a tradition that dates back to the early days of Hollywood. Every year, dozens of new films are released that are aimed at a younger audience, and many of them go on to be massive hits. However, only a handful of these films are actually suitable for high school students to perform.

The following is a list of some of the best Hollywood musicals for high schools:


This classic musical tells the story of Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson, two high school students who fall in love despite being from different cliques. The film features catchy songs and memorable characters, making it a great choice for any high school production.


Based on the Broadway musical of the same name, Hairspray is set in Baltimore in the 1960s and follows the story of Tracy Turnblad, a teenage girl who dreams of becoming a dancer on a local TV show. The film includes several memorable dance numbers and is sure to be a hit with any high school audience.

The Little Mermaid

 Best Musicals For High Schools The Little Mermaid

This Disney classic tells the story of Ariel, a mermaid who longs to be human after falling in love with a human prince. The film features several catchy songs and is sure to please any high school student who is a fan of Disney films.

The Phantom of the Opera

West Side Story

We hope that this list has been helpful in choosing a musical for your high school. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to share them in the comments below!

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Showtime 9 Perfect Musicals For The Middle School Set

Bring on the drama!

Broadway Junior has all the ingredients you need … just add kids.

Developed by renowned educators, Broadway Junior musicals are condensed, author-approved versions of classic musicals, Disney favorites and modern works, custom-tailored to the needs of young people and schools.

The music is written in keys appropriate for developing voices, and all shows can be expanded to accommodate as many performers as can fit on your stage.

The best part is that our state-of-the-art ShowKit® of materials includes everything you need to produce your musical.

from the Script and Directors Guide for Disneys The Lion King JR.

So you want to put on a middle school musical? Picking the production just may be the hardest part! Which show is best when you have a lot of first-time actors? What about when you have a small budget for scenery or costumes? To help make that big decision a little easier, we talked to experienced drama teachers and compiled their recommendations for the best Broadway Junior musicals for different casts and audiences.

1. Honk! JR.Best for a middle schools first foray into theater.

What drama teachers say: This modern adaptation of the classic Ugly Duckling fable teaches the importance of diversity and has a toe-tapping score. Themes of self-acceptance and embracing differences in the community provide important lessons beyond the cute animal roles.

3. Shrek the Musical JR.Best for strong male and female leads.

What Broadway Musicals Can High Schools Do

‘High School Musical’ Stars 10 Year REUNION

High schools can do any Broadway musicals that offer licensing rights. New Broadway musicals usually arent available for licensing while the show is running on Broadway or touring the country. These rules dont always apply to Broadway revivals, though you might find that rights are restricted in your area when a touring company is nearby.

New to musical theater licensing? Check out the handy explanation at MTI.

If you want to do a Broadway musical in your high school, youll need to get a license. Four companies handle the majority of musical theater licensing:

Another licensing company, Tams-Witmark, was acquired by Concord Theatricals in 2018.

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Night Of January 16th

The Night of January 16th tells the story of a murder trial. The twist? You get to select the jury from the audience they decide whether the defendant is guilty or not, which changes the end of the play. The element of surprise keeps your cast on their toes and breathes energy into the audience. The script, which was written by Ayn Rand, takes place entirely in the courtroom. The cast involves lots of different witnesses, but the meatiest roles are the two lawyers theyre onstage the entire time.

Is There A High School Version Of Dear Evan Hansen

There is no high school version of Dear Evan Hansen, but the play has been performed by high school drama clubs and theater programs.

The shows themes of social anxiety, depression, and isolation are relevant to many high school students, making it a popular choice for productions.

While the show does not shy away from heavy topics, it also includes moments of humor and hope that resonate with audiences of all ages.

As a result, Dear Evan Hansen continues to be one of the most popular plays among high school theater programs.

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The Best Musicals For High Schools: A Comprehensive Guide

School musical auditions will soon be upon us, which means directors are finalizing this years show selections. Theres no doubt that each years production leaves a lasting impact on all involved, after all, you cant just erase thousands of hours of running lines and mastering choreography. Musicals for High Schools

The Musicnotes team got to talking about our most memorable productions, and noticed quite a few of us, from all over the country, had performed in the same shows during our school days. That got us wondering: what are the most popular high school musicals of all time? Well, a quick internet search pointed us to this article, which compiles 75 years of data from Dramatics magazine to determine each decades most performed plays and musicals.

Musicals Appropriate For High Schools To Perform

Good Morning America

Sharing is caring!

Recently, a high school theatre director asked me if I could compile a list of musicals that high schools can do. While every high school and town is different, there are quite a few shows that are performed pretty much nationwide.

When choosing a show for your school or community theatre or wherever, there are quite a few criterion to keep in mind:

  • Do I have actors that can successfully play the leads?
  • Know what level of comfort your superiors have with violence/delicate subject matter in high school musicals.
  • Some shows have plots that revolve around racial tension.
  • Cast size & composition.
  • Technical requirements.
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