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Export Spotify Playlist To Apple Music

How Do You Transfer From Spotify To Apple Music

How to transfer Apple Music playlists to Spotify: or the other way around!

Neither Apple Music nor Spotify offers a built-in function to let you transfer music from one service to the other. However, a range of third-party apps and websites exist that do offer this service.

Most of these apps and websites work in the same way:

  • Connect the transfer service to your Spotify and Apple Music accounts.
  • Select the Spotify playlists, albums, or songs you want to transfer.
  • Tell the service to add that music to your Apple Music library.
  • For this to work, you need an active subscription to Apple Music. You don’t need a subscription to Spotify Premium though the free plan works just as well.

    Although SongShift gets talked about more often, in this article we’ll show you how to transfer your music from Spotify to Apple Music using TuneMyMusic instead.

    Unlike SongShift, which is limited to iOS devices, TuneMyMusic is a web app that works on any platform: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and even Linux.

    You can also use TuneMyMusic to transfer your entire Spotify library to Apple Music in one go. SongShift limits you to transferring a single playlist, album, or song at a time unless you sign up for a premium subscription.

    Finally, TuneMyMusic lets you transfer Spotify’s curated playlists—Discover Weekly, Release Radar, Daily Mixes, and more—which isn’t possible with SongShift. You can even sync these curated playlists every week with a TuneMyMusic premium subscription.

    How Do I Export From My Playlist In Spotify

    Exporting your playlists from Spotify looks different depending on the app you choose to convert them to another streaming service. You cant export your Spotify playlists from the app itself, and this process can only be completed via a music conversion service.

    Before you can export a Spotify playlist, you need to sign in to your account within the music conversion app. You also need to give the app permission to access your Spotify data and transfer it. Once you grant the app permission to do this, you can export any playlist from your Spotify library.

    You typically need to select the playlist and transfer it to another music streaming service, like Apple Music. Some music conversion apps only transfer playlists with a limited number of songs. Its also possible that one song from your Spotify playlist wont be available on other platforms, in which case the app will ignore it.

    How To Move Playlists From Apple Music To Spotify

    As much as wed love to show you a native way to migrate your Apple Music playlists to Spotify, its just not possible. Thats why were going to enlist a third-party tool to get the job done.

    That tool is called Tune My Music, which is a simple website allowing you to move your songs from one streaming service to another. They offer paid plans, but its free tier allows you to move up to 1000 songs at a time from Apple Music to Spotify. If you have more than 1000 songs to move, you can always repeat the process to port your entire library.

    To get started with porting your playlists, open Tune My Music in any browser and select Lets Start on the home page.

    Tune My Music will now ask you to select the source service. Since were bidding adieu to Apple Music, thats the one well select. So, go right ahead and hit Apple Music.

    After selecting Apple Music as the source service, youll see a pop-up asking you to connect your Apple Music account with Tune My Music. Enter your Apple Music credentials and sign in. On the next page, Apple will ask you to confirm if you want to allow Tune My Music to access your Apple Music library. Click Allow.

    When youre done selecting the playlists to transfer, click Next: Select Destination.

    On the next page, select Spotify from the list of music streaming services, since thats where were sending our Apple Music playlists.

    In case Spotify isnt working for you, heres how to move your playlists back to Apple Music.

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    How To Transfer My Music From Apple Music To Deezer

    To transfer your playlists from Apple Music to Deezer, simply follow the steps mentioned above.

    Once you click on “Transfer now” you will need to log in to Deezer or create an account.

    Select Apple Music among the listed music providers and transfer your music library, including playlists, albums, artists, and songs.

    Alternatively, if you’re already a Deezer user, you can access this feature in Settings within the mobile and web app.

    Convert Spotify Playlist To Apple Music Free

    How to Transfer Your Spotify Playlists to Apple Music

    The good news is that all of the apps and services we mentioned in this article are free. Some of them do come with Premium versions that offer more features.

    For example, Soundiiz Premium lets you transfer numerous Spotify playlists simultaneously. In addition, you can convert albums, songs, and an artists entire body of work from Spotify with the Premium version of this app. The same goes for the Free my Music app. With the free version, you can only convert one Spotify playlist at a time. In contrast, the Premium version gives you the option to transfer an unlimited number of playlists from Spotify to Apple Music and vice versa.

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    About Importing Songs Between Apple Music Spotify And Other Music Services

    • You must have an active Apple Music subscription for this to work.
    • Sync Library must be enabled from the iPhone Settings app > Music.
    • Well use the SongShift app, which lets you freely move songs between music streaming services. It also has a subscription that offers more features.
    • This post focuses on importing your liked Spotify songs to Apple Music. If you only have to transfer an existing playlist, you can skip the section where we show you how to create a playlist with all your liked songs.
    • You can also follow this guide to move your music between Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Discogs, HypeMachine, LastFM, Napster, Pandora, Qobuz, Tidal, and .
    • Most music services can be your source or destination. However, some like LastFM, HypeMachine, and Discogs can only be the source. That means you can transfer songs from them but not to them.

    How To Transfer Your Apple Music Playlists To Spotify

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    Music streaming services make it a little difficult to move your favorite songs when you decide to change your preferred service. If youre moving from Apple Music to Spotify, well show you how to take your playlists with you.

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    How To Transfer Apple Music Playlists To Spotify On Iphone

    – There often comes a time when you’re looking to switch music providers. Whether it’s because you’ve discovered one has features you really want, or you want to take advantage of a promotional offer.

    The only problem is no one wants to spend time recreating all of their curated and saved playlists, but the good news is you can take them with you, you just have to use an app to transfer them.

    If you’re looking to switch from Apple Music to Spotify – for example – you can do. Watch the video below to find out how, or follow our written guide underneath if that’s easier:

    Select The Music To Transfer

    [Newest] How to Transfer Spotify Playlist to Apple Music

    After connecting to your Spotify account, it’s time to select exactly which playlists, albums, or songs you want to transfer to Apple Music.

    If you want to transfer Spotify’s curated playlists, you need to get the URL for those playlists from the Spotify app. To do so, open the menu for the desired playlist in Spotify and select Copy Playlist Link.

    Then paste that link into the text box in TuneMyMusic. You can only transfer curated playlists one at a time.

    Alternatively, click Load from your Spotify account in TuneMyMusic to view a list of all the playlists, albums, and songs in your Spotify library. You can then use the checkboxes to select as many playlists, albums, or songs as you like.

    To transfer everything at once, enable the My Spotify Music Library checkbox at the top of the page.

    Once you’re happy with your selection, click Select Destination.

    NB: TuneMyMusic also shows the artists in your Spotify library, but it’s not possible to transfer these to Apple Music.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About How To Transfer Spotify And Other Music Services

    You can use a transfer service to migrate playlists from one service to multiple. All you need to do is repeat the transfer processes listed above manually and repeat as needed.

    Unfortunately, the steps above are only for transferring playlists. If you want to download the same tracks you have on, for instance, Spotify onto Apple Music, youll need to do so manually.

    How To Transfer My Playlists From Spotify To Deezer

    To transfer your playlists from Spotify to Deezer, simply follow the steps mentioned above.

    Once you click on “Transfer now” you will need to log in to Deezer or create an account.

    Select Spotify among the listed music providers and transfer your music library, including playlists, albums, artists, and songs.

    Alternatively, if you’re already a Deezer user, you can access this feature in Settings within the mobile and web app.

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    How To Move Your Library And Playlists From Spotify To Apple Music

    Many users are curious about whether or not it is possible to copy and paste their playlists from one music streaming app to another. Two of the most popular music streaming applications right now are Apple Music and Spotify. Apps for music conversion are far more convenient than websites, even though there are numerous websites that you may use for free.

    Transfer Spotify Playlist To Apple Music On Web

    How to Transfer Spotify Playlist to Apple Music

    There is a useful web-based transfer tool which is called Soundiiz. And is very simple to use. The following part is how to transfer Spotify playlist to Apple music on the web:

  • Head to the Soundiiz website and sign up for a new account or use your Google, Apple, Spotify, or Facebook account to create a new account.
  • Choose Spotify and click on the Connect button from the left sidebar.
  • Click Agree to allow Soundiiz to access your account when Spotify requests authorization.
  • Choose the playlists you like to transfer and click on the Convert button.
  • Tap Apple Music as the destination music platform and wait for the transfer process to complete.
  • Once Soundiiz completes the transfer, you will see the confirmation on the same page.

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    Caveats And Things To Know

    Of course, none of these platforms want you to easily switch to a competitor, so they dont make it easy. That means these third-party services can only go so far, and they often run into problems that require updates or a little manual correction.

    Here are some of the caveats to be aware of if youre deciding to switch:

  • Most services have a free tier but youre not likely to be happy with it. Theyre almost always limited to the point where really transferring your library and playlists would be a huge hassle. Be prepared to pay.
  • Spotify has a lot of public user-made playlists you can subscribe to, and collaborative playlists. Some services wont transfer those, or only will do so if youre a collaborator with editing privelages.
  • The dynamic Spotify playlists are almost certainly not going to be moved over . However, Apple has its own personalized playlists based on its own data about your played and liked tracks.
  • Spotify does Podcasts, but Apple Music does not. Apples Podcasts app is its own thing. Youll probably have to re-subscribe to whatever podcasts you enjoy using that app, and spend a little time marking episodes played to catch up. Or you can keep your free account .
  • Migration From Spotify To Apple Music Was Never So Easy Before

    Streamingplatforms are getting more popular each day, giving us access to hundredmillions of albums and songs, regardless of whether you are Apple Music fan, orrecent Amazon Music convert.

    Spotify music has been around for a long time, it is likely you have got a whole host of playlists you would like to have access to on other music providers, like , Deezer or Apple Music.

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    How To Switch Over From Spotify To Apple Music Its Easy

    If you’re thinking about switching from Apple Music to Spotify , you don’t have to lose your playlists. Here’s how.

    Apple Music and Spotify are the two most popular music streaming services by a long shot as both have tens of millions of paid subscribers. As for which service you should use, it likely depends on which service you or your family have been using for years. That said, the two services have brought about some key changes in the past year or more, so much so that you might want to switch.

    How Many Playlists And Songs Can I Move At Once

    How To Transfer Spotify Playlists To Apple Music! (iPhone & iPad)

    There are two versions of our application available free and premium. If you are using a free version of our app, you can move one playlist per session. You can also buy the full version of FreeYourMusic, which will give you access to unlimited transfer per session. You pay only once and get lifetime updates and support.

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    How To Migrate From Spotify To Apple Music

    Theres no built-in features for either Spotify or Apple Music that will automatically export or import playlists and song libraries from one service to the other. But dont be downhearted, as there are several third-party apps and sites that can handle the workload for you.

    Many have fees, albeit nominal ones, so if you want to retain your playlists but want it all for free, then you may need to manually rebuild them in Apple Music. Otherwise, you can try any of SongShift, FreeYourMusic, Soundizz or others you may find when searching online.

    The way these services work is simple:

    First youll need to have active subscriptions for both services to be able to sync playlists. If you havent signed up for Apple Music yet, you can always use the free trial option to allow you to switch over your playlists.

    With both accounts in place, download one of the apps listed above or visit its website.

    Depending on the service you choose, youll need to log into both Spotify and Apple Music accounts via the site/app.

    Then, following the onscreen instructions, set one as the source and the other as the destination .

    Next, select the playlists you want to transfer.

    Finally, tell the app to begin the process, and you should see your carefully collated music choices move from Spotify to Apple Music.

    Transfer Spotify Playlist To Apple Music With 3 Practical Methods

    There may be a need to transfer Spotify playlist to Apple Music when you switch your phone from Android to iPhone. Can you transfer Spotify playlist to Apple Music? The answer is definitely yes. In this post, you will get 3 methods to achieve this!

    This post will introduce you to 3 methods to transfer Spotify playlist to Apple Music. You can do this on Android, iPhone/iPad, or web with third-party service. Lets explore them one by one.

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    Exportify & Stamp Lite

    Another way to transfer your playlist is by installing STAMP. It is a freemium application that allows users to import playlists to Apple Music from Spotify, Rdio, and Google Music. This application supports Windows and OS X computers. The Lite version only allows users to import ten songs per session, but there is another way to do it all at once with Exportify.

    1. Go to Exportify , and download it to export your Spotify playlist to a .CSV file.

    2. Click Get Started to authorize the export of the Spotify playlist. Select OK. You will see the entire library and choose the playlist you want to export.

    3. Click the preferred playlist or Export All. Save the CSV file to your local drive.

    4. and launch it after installation. Select the CSV under the From tab.

    5. You must give authorization to STAMP for playlist transfer. You can also drag the CSV file and use the Fake Mouse Mode for authorization. Dont use your mouse during the transfer, and let STAMP do its work.

    Repeat the same steps for each playlist you want to move. Theres a limit with the STAMP Lite, so if you want to enjoy all the other features, shell out a sweet $5.00 for the premium features.

    Let us know how it works for you. If you know any other way to do it, feel free to drop your tips in the comments below.

    Music Transfer Between Spotify And Apple Music Successful

    How to Transfer Your Spotify Playlists to Apple Music from an iPhone or ...

    Nowadays, we have lots of music streaming services. And thanks to such apps, you are not left stranded or chained to one. SongShift makes it possible to transfer your loved tracks and playlist for free. Its a great solution for those wanting to switch from Spotify to Apple Music without spending the time to re-create their lengthy playlists manually.

    Obviously, not all streaming services are the same, and if Spotify has a song that Apple Music doesnt, then it wont be able to transfer, and this is understandable.

    I hope you loved this post.

    If you want to transfer your music from Apple Music to Spotify, follow the above steps. The basics remain identical. The same applies if youre going to move your music from one of the various services SongShift supports.

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