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Easiest Musical Instrument To Learn

Easy Instruments To Learn For Children

Top 10 Easy Instruments to Learn

So, weve covered some of the simplest instruments for adults, but what are the key considerations for children? Well, this is an entirely different matter as children tend to have shorter attention spans, smaller digits and are slightly less dexterous, depending on their age of course.

First, the very worst thing you can do is force your child to study something they dont enjoy, it will put them off music for life. To avoid this, make sure your son or daughter is enthusiastic about it before you go buying an expensive instrument or paying for a half years worth of music lessons. When children are young its also a good idea to encourage them to make their own music, even if its just bashing together two saucepan lids!

Secondly, you may also want to consider which teachers are available in your area. If you live in a small village, there might not be a drum teacher for miles around, whereas if your children want to learn the piano or guitar, experts are usually more widely available. If you live in a city finding the latter shouldnt be as difficult.

Thirdly, remember that some instruments are louder and more irritating than others. Your kids will probably love messing around on a drum kit, but the neighbors definitely wont appreciate it.

But, which do we recommend? Here are our top five for kids.

Disadvantages Of Learning The Viola

  • Some beginners find it difficult to hold a bigger instrument under the chin comfortably
  • It can be challenging to find a good-quality beginner instrument
  • Good quality learning material is harder to find, and can be more expensive
  • There are fewer opportunities to play solo as a viola player compared to the other string instruments
  • Viola players do not learn to read treble clef until a relatively advanced stage. Their music is written in alto clef which is not commonly used in other musical contexts.

The Stentor brand is one of the most widely recognised student brands on the market. Theyre well built, and pretty affordable just like this Student 2 model

Stentor Student 2
  • MATERIAL: Ebony Pegs and Fingerboard
  • MATERIAL: Carved From Solid Tonewoods

Is Bass Easier Than Guitar

The basic shape of the typical four-string bass and six-string electric guitar is the same. But since bass guitars have lesser strings than electric guitars, people naturally will ask this age-old question: is bass easier than guitar?

In the early stages of learning how to play the instrument, the bass is easier than the guitar. You can play the songs you like faster with the bass guitar. There is no need for you to learn chords with the bass guitar because bass parts are usually monophonic.

Learning time is the fastest with the bass guitar. Learning bass guitar from a complete novice to a competent band member takes much less time. It will take less time than learning to play drums, guitar, or piano. You only need to play one note at a time with a bass guitar compared to playing chords on the guitar.

Read on to learn more about the question, which is easier to learn, bass or guitar.

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What Is The Easiest Instrument To Learn For A Child

Weve covered some of the easiest instruments for grownups, however what are the easiest instrument to learn for a child? Oftentimes parent find this difficult because they are not sure what instrument should a 5 year old play, or what instrument can a 6 year old play? Well, choosing an instrument for children completely differs as kids tend to have much shorter attention periods, smaller sized digits and are somewhat less dexterous, depending upon their age naturally.

The really worst thing you can do is require your kid to study something they do not take pleasure in, it will put them off music for life. To prevent this, ensure your daughter or son is passionate about it prior to you go paying or purchasing a pricey instrument for a half years worth of music lessons. Even if its simply slamming together 2 pan covers when kids are young its likewise a great concept to motivate them to make their own music!

You might likewise desire to think about which instructors are offered in your location. If you reside in a little town, there may not be a drum instructor for miles around, whereas if your kids wish to discover the piano or guitar, professionals are generally more commonly offered. , if you live in a city discovering the latter should not be as challenging.

.Keep in mind that some instruments are louder and more annoying than others. Your kids will most likely enjoy playing around on a drum package, however the next-door neighbors absolutely will not value it.

What Do You Expect

What is the Easiest Instrument to Learn? Adults &  Kids

I start with this question because I consider it to be the most important. Many beginners have unrealistic expectations about the progress of playing a musical instrument. After a few months, they feel that they havent moved at all or just a little, so theyre done. You can avoid this problem by setting short-term realistic goals. For example: within two months I want to be able to play all the basic chords on a guitar. Or: my goal is to learn to sing one particular song a week.

Short-term tasks that you can complete will motivate you to manage even more difficult or longer-term goals. Question number two is also related to this:

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How Much Does A Kalimba Cost

Me and my wife are weird. We have a rule weve set together to only buy gifts for each other that are max $30. We do this to reduce stress, and for anything that we want over $30 we work with each other to agree if its a good decision.

Im telling this story because my wife found this kalimba that fit that bill! You can find a beautiful sounding and looking kalimba in the $30 range.

There are larger and more expensive kalimbas as you can imagine, and they range in price from $50 to $150–but dont fret, you can get your feet wet with a small investment in the $30 range.

What Kind Of Music Do I Like/want To Play

If you dont like bluegrass, the banjo is not your instrument.

I got very discouraged as a young pianist, because none of the music I liked had prominent piano in it.

Of course, now, Im happy I continued taking lessons.

However, I took up guitar when I was 12 and that kept me interested in music. I got to play music I cared about, which saw me improve rapidly, even though I was just getting started.

Pick an instrument youre excited about!

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How Do You Want To Learn

There are several reasons why private lessons with a teacher are considered the most suitable for beginners. Students who start learning sometimes do not hear when they make a mistake. They simply focus on what they are playing and are not aware of when they play badly.

The teacher can correct them and help them eliminate these mistakes. Another advantage is the social dimension of teaching. A good teacher knows how to motivate students, what repertoire to choose, and what to work on. On the other hand, private lessons can be time-consuming and pricy. As a result, many students learn online.

There are several quality websites that offer music lessons from online teachers for various instruments. Due to lack of time and high flexibility, online music courses are becoming more and more popular. These allow you to learn anywhere, anytime at an affordable price. We are talking about pre-prepared video lessons, so there is no interactivity with the instructor.

However, several online courses for guitar, piano, singing, or various other instruments are prepared by top musicians and teachers, so its a better solution than learning on your own. Our site specializes in quality online courses for various musical instruments. They can help beginners in particular what and how to learn.

A Few Ground Rules First Regarding Learning To Play Musical Instruments

What is the Easiest Musical Instrument to Learn?

Different people will have different definitions for easy to learn. To avoid any confusion, here are a few criteria that we have considered while choosing these ten instruments.

  • Accessibility of lessons This will play a big role in how easy it will be to learn the instrument in question. An instrument could technically be easier to play, but if lessons arent readily available, it will be a difficult instrument to learn.
  • Cost of the instrument If the musical instrument is too expensive, then it will automatically end up being out of the reach of most people, irrespective of how easy it might be to play.
  • Availability of the instrument The Instrument should also be readily available. This would also help with ease with which you can source spare parts and find repair and setup options.
  • The time taken to play along to your favorite song A huge factor in learning a musical instrument is motivation. Being able to play along to your favorite song can act as a huge boost for your motivation, and the sooner you can do that, the likelier it will be that you wont give up.

Now that we have gotten all the criteria out of the way let us take a look at the Top 10 Easiest Musical Instruments to Learn in no particular order.

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Finding The Right Teacher For You

Now that you’ve gone through the list of instruments and have an interest in learning one or more of them, you’ll need to find a teacher!

The best place to one is through Tonara Connect’s marketplace. Once you’re in the marketplace you can search for the teacher by filtering the instrument that you’re interested in learning – if you still don’t know which instrument you can leave the filter blank.

When you’ve found a teacher that you’re interested in, you can send them a message to talk directly with them and even schedule a free trial lesson!

So, what is the easiest instrument to learn for you? Consider all these options and see which one you think you have time to learn and would enjoy playing the most. Then go for it!

The Easiest Musical Instrument To Learn At Any Age

Are you starting to think about learning to play an instrument? If you are older, getting started is easier than you think!

Navigating the world of music can be a bit of a difficult task, especially if youve never done it before! Its great to enrich your and another great way to relax. Become more introspective and musical.

Learning a musical instrument can be a rewarding journey, even if it takes a little while.

Its important to remember that youre never too old to get started. There are more options than you think, so keep reading to start with the easiest musical instrument to learn.


The ukulele is often cited as the easiest musical instrument to learn at any age. There are only four strings to tune, and the small size of the instrument makes it very easy to hold and play.

Chords can be quickly learned, and there is a wide variety of music that can be played on the ukulele, from easy pop songs to complex jazz tunes. It is a great instrument for both beginners and more experienced musicians alike. You can also learn uke chords here.


The guitar is one of the easiest musical instruments to learn. It can be played by people of all ages and skill levels, and is a great way to improve your coordination.




There are a number of factors that make drums the easiest musical instrument to learn. Firstly, drums are extremely versatile and can be used in a wide range of genres and styles of music.

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What Is My Living/practicing Situation

Can you be loud? Do you live with roommates? Are you neighbors grumpy and sensitive to loud noises?

Some instruments are more abrasive than others. Most percussive instruments are loud and annoying to everyone but you.

Other instruments are quiet. Some instruments can even be played with headphones on that way there is no sound at all!

Consider how easily youll be able to practice, given where you live.

How Easy Is Auxiliary Percussion To Play

10 Of The Best Musical Instruments For Children To Learn

As far as being able to make a sound, these are some of the easiest instruments to make sound as is possible. Within seconds you will be able to learn how to make sound on any auxiliary percussion instrument.

With some practice, you can learn to keep a beat. After much more practice, you can learn to play solid rhythms that fit perfectly within the music.

This is what isnt easy about auxiliary percussion. You cant expect to be given a microphone and a shaker or tambourine and expect to make tight and solid rhythm–it takes practice to internalize the rhythm. In fact, drummers and other percussionists practice with a metronome consistently so they can engrain the beat within their minds and muscle memory.

However, to get to the point where you can keep time, it will take a month of consistent practice. To get super solid it will take much more time–but, if you want to add another instrument to your repertoire that is easy to pick up, make sure and check these instruments out.

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How Easy Is The Melodica

The melodica is primarily played with one hand while you are blowing through the instrument. It requires some breath control and some practice to be able to breathe through the mouthpiece/hose and play the keyboard at the same time.

While strong breath support might take you months of practice, youll be able to play the instrument within an afternoon of practice.

Past that, the melodica notes are structured and presented exactly as they are on a piano, which is great! The notes are visually represented–if you push a key and blow enough air, that note is sounded, every time. You dont have to pick the note out of the air like other wind instruments.

So, one-handed playing, visually represented notes, and basic base technique all together means the melodica is a comparatively easy instrument for starting on.

Youll get an idea of what learning the melodica from this brief tutorial here:

Advantages Of Learning The Violin

  • The violin is a small and easily manageable instrument. It is available in a wide range of sizes, so is ideal for children who want to learn an instrument from a young age.
  • The violin does not require as much finger strength when getting started as some of the other string instruments.
  • Violin is a popular choice within music education, so you will have a wide choice of teachers offering both individual and group lessons, and it should be easy to find a good beginner instrument at an accessible price.
  • There are many opportunities for violin players to play in groups, as well as lots of excellent learning materials for beginners of any age.
  • Violinists learn to read the treble clef, which is a useful transferable skill for a wide range of other musical activities, such as music theory.

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Here Are Some Additional Points

1. It must be understood here that no instrument or musical style, for that matter, is better than any other, and each of them has its place. Music is a highly contextual and personal thing that resonates differently with different people. With the great and continually evolving diversity music offers, all genres and instruments are vital in their way. What is important to remember is that music is about bringing people together and having memorable experiences.

2. Musical instruments, like many other things in life, have to be cared for. To any music enthusiast, instruments mean more than mere objects and are respected and revered by musicians. Therefore it is important to take good care of your musical instruments and learn to value them.

3. One can easily take up any of these instruments and hone their skills with time. Each of these instruments does require consistency and practice, like any other form of creative pursuit the more time you invest, the better your skills will improve. The old saying that practice makes perfect is quite true about learning any musical instrument, even if it is the easiest instrument to learn.

Advantages Of Learning The Cello

5 Reasons The Lyre Is The Easiest Instrument To Learn How To Play
  • The cello has an enormous range of pitch from low to high, making it an extremely expressive instrument with many musical possibilities and a huge range of repertoire.
  • The cello plays both tunes and accompaniment parts in a wide variety of groups and styles, making it incredibly versatile and offering a varied musical experience for the player.
  • The seated playing position is more natural and comfortable for most beginners.
  • Although not as popular as the violin, the cello is still a routine element of music education and it should be easy to find a good teacher and a good quality instrument.
  • The sound is attractive to many people, even from the earliest stage of learning.

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Top 5 Easiest Instruments To Learn

Music can be a great way of expressing yourself and sharing your creativity with the world. However, many people worry about how hard it will be to learn a new instrument, especially if they are trying to pick up the skill later in life.

The good news is that you can learn to play almost any musical instrument if you practice enough. Some instruments listed here are closely linked to DJing and music production but others are not. For example, the piano is one of the best instruments to learn because you use the keyboard to program notes on a computer. The others on this list are still excellent starting instruments to get your creative juices flowing! We always encourage our students to learn a traditional instrument alongside our digital music courses.

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