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Does Apple Music Work On Airplane Mode

Does The Iphone Gps Work In An Airplane Cruising Between 30000

Guide: Make Android’s “airplane mode” smarter

I have a very basic question: if I enable GPS in my iPhone when in an airplane cruising at an altitude between 30000-40000 feet , will the GPS actually give valid data?

I read a couple of articles but I’m still confused whether GPS will work or not.

For most practical situations, GPS will work well enough for you to track your progress but not have great coverage or accurate speed over ground readings from iOS.

From an antenna / physics perspective, you may have horrendous GPS reception since you are riding inside a mostly complete faraday cage. Even if you have your phone in a window, all the visible satellites might be in a configuration where GPS is very poor or unable to generate a usable fix.

Clearly, cruising altitude is generally one of the best places for GPS reception as long as the antenna is placed on a tip / extremity of the plane. You don’t have multi path interference to speak of, no foliage, and no hills or buildings to interfere with a clear view horizon to horizon – not to mention that your altitude will let you see more than the normal “half the sky” visibility you get on the ground at best.

The phone hardware and iOS will certainly try to get you the best fix it can once you have the device out of Airplane mode. I know many pilots that report the iOS GPS in the cockpit is quite good / on par with the other consumer and even commercial navigation products.

Tip #8 Reset Your Phone To Factory Default

Try to reset your phone to its factory settings if the problem continues. I know you might not want to do this, but it works sometimes.

As you may notice, lots of iOS 13.5.1 users are reporting a massive battery drain issue caused by Apple Music bug. The most reliable solution to fix the problem is to do a complete reset of your device settings, while a minority of users fix the issue by deleting the Music app entirely and reinstalling it.

To factory-reset your iPhone:

  • Create an iPhone backup first: Go to “Settings”> Your Apple account > iCloud > iCloud Backup > turn on “iCloud Backup”> tap “Back Up Now”.

  • Go back to “Settings”> “General”> “Reset”> “Erase All Settings”. (You may have to re-enter your passcode to confirm your decision. Tap the Erase iPhone option to reset all settings.

  • To factory-reset your Android:

  • Open “Settings”> “System”> “Advanced”> Reset options”> “Erase all data”.

  • You might need to enter your PIN to proceed.

  • Tap “Erase all data” to continue resetting.

  • Seeing Not Signed Into Apple Music Message

    More recently, we have seen readers complain about a very annoying Apple Music issue. Others tell us that their device says join apple music but when they click on this it recognizes their membership but wont let them sign in!

    Some users have been seeing the Not Signed into Apple Music message when they try to play songs. Interestingly, the error message pops up even when you are already signed in.

    • If this is a new device or after an iOS/iPadOS update, wait a few hours to see if it resolves
    • Force close out of all your apps then open Apple Music

    If you continue seeing this message, here are some tips that should help you fix this issue.

    So if youre traveling and not getting your usual Apple Music, check that the place youre visiting supports Apple Music.

    These services include Apple Music, Apple Music Radio and Beats 1 Radio and iTunes Match, so check that these services are indeed available in your current country.

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    Can You Listen To Spotify Offline On Iphone Without Premium

    If you are a Spotify free user, you can use Sidify to download songs from Spotify to your computer to achieve offline listening. By using Spotify offline mode, you can listen to Spotify songs offline within subscription, but once you cancel the service, you wont be able to listen to any of them offline.

    Quick Guide To Convert Apple Music To Mp3 Aac

    [Solved] FaceTime Not Working on iOS 14/13/12 iPhone/iPad

    Go to download the latest version of iTunes Music Converter by clicking the next download button according to your system, and then install and run it. In the next, all the conversion are working with Macsome iTunes Converter for Mac.

    Step 1. Click + button to import Apple Music song to iTunes Converter.

    Please make sure that you have downloaded the Apple Music files you want to convert and they can work normally on your iTunes.

    Step 2. Set the output format.

    Step 3. Click the “CONVERT” button to start your iTunes music converting.

    After the conversion, you can find the converted files and sync them to your devices and players. Then you can play your Apple Music songs on Airplane mode without Internet connection. and then play them anywhere and anytime.

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    Redownload The Song You’re Having Trouble With

    If it’s only a single song or two that won’t play, you can try deleting and redownloading the song.

    To delete an Apple Music song, open the app, tap “Songs,” find the tune that won’t play, then hold your finger down on it. When a menu pops up, tap “Delete from Library.”

    Then redownload the song from the Apple Music library.

    Apple Music Not Loading Library

    As reported by some users, Apple Music is stuck on the loading library after an iOS upgrade, and a few said that Apple Music is not loading songs when they restore a backup in the new phone.

    In fact, it requires an internet connection to view some of the sections in the Apple Music library. For example, if you are using iPhone, you need to connect to WLAN or Cellular Data to access sections like “For You”, “Browse” and “Radio”. If you don’t have access to the internet, it will show âYouâre Offlineâ in the “For You” – “Browse” – “Radio” tabs.

    When Apple Music fails to load songs or library when you are connecting to the internet, you can try out the following methods.

    8 Possible Fixes:

    1. Check your phone’s 2/3/4G network signal. If you have a weak or unstable mobile network, change your location and try again.

    2. Turn on and off the airplane mode.

    3. Connect to a strong Wi-Fi network.

    4. Re-authorize your computer in iTunes with the same Apple ID that links to your Apple Music subscription.

    5. Reset network settings on your device.

    6. Log out of your Apple ID account and log back in. Make sure the Apple ID is the one that you use to sign in to Apple Music.

    7. Force close the app and restart it.

    8. Another solution suggested by users is to shut down your iPhone and restart it.

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    Apple Music Song Is Not Available

    Apple Music item not available“, “This item can’t be played” and “Apple Music songs greyed out” are the common issues reported by most Apple Music users. There are various reasons that might cause this issue, for example, you’re not connected to the iCloud Music Library, the song is not available in your current country or region, changes have been made to an artist’s album or playlist, etc.

    5 Possible Fixes:

    1. Turn iCloud Music Library OFF and then turn ON again.

    If you are using an iOS device, go to “Settings”> “Music”> Sync Library, and turn the option to OFF.

    Wait for a few minutes and then turn iCloud Music Library to ON. After that, you need to redownload the music to your library.

    2. Sign out Apple ID and sign back in again.

    ⢠iOS user: Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store > tap your Apple ID > tap Sigh Out > wait for 1-2 minutes and then sigh back in.

    ⢠iTunes user: Go to Account > Sign Out, and wait for a few minutes and then sign back in with your Apple ID.

    3. Deauthorize and re-authorized Your computer.

    4. Change the country to the original one where you purchased the music.

    As we mentioned above, some songs are only available in specific countries. If you found your Apple Music items not available after changing the country or region, you need to change the country back to the original one.

    Step 1. Go to “Settings”> “iTunes & App Store”> tap your Apple ID > choose view Apple ID.

    Last Resort Backup Your Device Using Itunes Or Finder

    Apple Watch – How to Put Into Airplane Mode | H2TechVideos
  • To do this, connect your device to your computer, open Finder or iTunes and click Backup Now
  • Open CommandPrompt as Administrator and type netsh winsock reset and press enter.

    Some users also needed to reinstall iTunes

    Before reinstalling, press the Windows Key and the R Key and run %appdata%, go to Local, then Apple Computer and iTunes and erase your iTunesPrefs. The go through those same actions but instead of Local, go to Roaming and clear these iTunesPrefs.

    ONLY AFTER erasing all these preference files, open CommandPrompt , type netsh winsock reset and press enter. Then re-install iTunes.

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    How To Use Airplane Mode On Your Apple Watch

    • Lift your wrist to wake your Apple Watch.
    • When the watch face appears, swipe up.
    • The Glance you last used appears on the Glances screen.
    • Swipe right until the Settings Glance appears.
    • Tap Airplane Mode to turn it on, then the Apple Watch will disconnect from the iPhone.
    • To turn off Airplane mode, tap the icon again. Now, the Apple Watch will connect to the iPhone if the devices are within range.
    • Click the Digital Crown and the watch face will appear.

    You can also click the Digital Crown to display the Home screen, tap Settings, and then tap Airplane Mode. Next, set the Airplane Mode switch to On .

    Check Your Internet Connection

    First, make sure you have a good connection. Ideally, you’ll want to be connected to a strong Wi-Fi signal, but a stable cellular data connection will work too.

    Check your internet connection through another app. If pages in Safari will load quickly, for example, then clearly your internet connection is fine.

    If your iPhone or iPad won’t connect to any internet signal, try putting your phone into Airplane Mode and taking it out. If that fails, restart your device. If even that doesn’t work, you should reset your device’s network settings.

    Open the iPhone or iPad’s Settings app and tap “General,” then tap “Reset” near the bottom of the next page. Now tap “Reset Network Settings” and then enter your passcode.

    Note that this will erase all the Wi-Fi passwords saved on your device.

    If your Wi-Fi signal isn’t working on any device, you might simply need to restart your router.

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    What Is Airplane Mode

    Airplane mode, sometimes called aeroplane mode or flight mode, is a setting available on nearly all smartphones, laptops, and similar devices. When you activate airplane mode, it stops all signal transmission from your device. You’ll see an airplane icon in your phone’s status bar when it’s turned on.

    The feature is known as airplane mode because many airlines prohibit wireless devices on their planes, especially when taking off and landing. There’s some debate on whether phones could actually interfere with the radio equipment in planes, but most think it’s best to err on the side of caution.

    Apple Music Randomly Stops Playing Songs

    AirDrop not working? Try these troubleshooting tips

    Situation: It looks like this issue happened since the last iOS update, now my music randomly stops playing, which is very annoying. It continues to play if I press the play button, but it pauses again at the end of the song. I have to manually move on to the next song. â From Apple Community

    4 Possible Solutions:

    1. If you are streaming songs via an internet connection, try downloading the songs and play them offline.

    2. Force-quit Music app and restart it.

    3. Delete certain songs that stop playing unexpectedly, then add them back again by searching in the Apple Music library.

    4. Reset your phone to factory default and restore it from a backup.

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    How To Use Airplane Mode On Apple Watch

    You can also use Airplane Mode on the Apple Watch. Doing this is simple. Swipe up from the bottom of the Watch face screen. Then tap the airplane icon. You’ll know Airplane Mode is enabled because an orange airplane icon is displayed at the top of your watch face.

    You can also set your Apple Watch to automatically go into Airplane Mode when you enable it on your iPhone. To do that:

  • On the iPhone, open the Apple Watch app.

  • Tap General.

  • While Your Kids Play Games Or Watch Movies

    If you have kids, you likely are thankful for the distraction the iPhone can provide. You also probably know that kids will start pushing and tapping on anything they see on the screen, including accidentally dialing phone numbers.

    If you are going to let your kids play games or watch a movie on your iPhone, turn on Airplane Mode before you hand your iPhone over to them. This not only prevents them from calling anyone, but it also stops push alerts from interrupting their gameplay or movie.

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    Do Airplanes Have Wifi

    WiFi in airplanes let you use your gadgets with an internet connection just like on ground, but with the flight mode turned on. As inflight WiFi becomes available in more and more airlines, ever wondered how it works at 40,000 feet? There are two systems of connectivity for inflight WiFi Air-to-ground and satellite.

    Using Bluetooth And Wi

    What Is Airplane Mode On iPhone Although it may not be needed

    In 2013, the United States Federal Aviation Administration to allow for the expanded use of personal electronics. This means that you can always use Bluetooth, which is short-range, on a flight to connect to devices like headphones. It also means that you can use Wi-Fi on flights, assuming its supported on the plane.

    • 1.Airplane mode on a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
    • 2.Airplane mode on a Google Pixel 3a XL
    • 3.iOS 14 Airplane mode

    Thankfully, you can turn Bluetooth and Wi-Fi back on without exiting Airplane Mode. To do so, tap the relevant icon in your notification shade by swiping down from the top on an Android device or swiping up from the bottom to access the Control Center on an iOS device.

    However, the precise rules may vary depending on the aircraft, airline, or country youre in. If in doubt, ask before you turn any connections on.

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    Can You Use Wi

    This depends on your device, but most modern phones allow you to use Wi-Fi even when in airplane mode. When you enable airplane mode, Wi-Fi will shut off, but you can enable it again manually.

    On your Android device, swipe down from the top of the screen twice to open Quick Settings again, then tap Wi-Fi. Give it a few seconds, and you’ll see Wi-Fi turn on and connect . On an iPhone, open Control Center and tap the Wi-Fi toggle in the same way.

    Many airlines now offer in-flight Wi-Fi, so you can enable Wi-Fi in airplane mode to enjoy that if applicable. If you’re not sure, you should check with an airline employee before you try connecting. Planes typically allow Wi-Fi only when above 10,000 feet, however, so take care to keep Wi-Fi turned off during takeoff and landing.

    How Can I Listen To Music On My Iphone Without Using Data

    The Music app on your iPhone makes things a bit easier. Once youve launched the app on your iPhone, simply navigate to the song, album or playlist that you want to download to your device, and tap on the ellipsis to the right of the title. Youll get a big slide up menu and you can tap Make Available Offline there.

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    ‘why Is Apple Music Not Playing’: 4 Ways To Fix Your Apple Music App If It Won’t Play Music

    There are several ways to fix Apple Music if it’s not playing.mrmohock/Shutterstock

    • If Apple Music isn’t playing on your iPhone or iPad, try shutting down the app and opening it again, or restart your device.
    • If all but a single song or two will play, delete it from your Apple Music library and re-download it to get a clean file.
    • In some cases, you may need to reset your device’s network settings, or sign out and then back into your Apple ID account.

    Are you about to start a jog, but can’t get your psyche-up song to play? Or are you trying to pump up the jams at a house party, only to have Apple Music go silent?

    Don’t worry you’re not alone. Apple Music is a well-made app, but it’s not uncommon to run into errors where the app simply won’t play any music.

    How To Fix Apple Music Not Working On Iphone / Ipad


    SK May 12, 2020

    Many of us love our Apple Music service. So when its not working as expected and is showcasing a variety of Apple Music problems and iOS music bugs, it totally disrupts our day and our equilibrium.

    Unfortunately, several of our iPhone, iPad and Mac users report some Apple Music problems after updating their iOS to the latest version. More specifically users state that theyre unable to play any music whatsoever!

    So if that situation sounds like you, we feel your frustration and hopefully, have a few tips to get your Apple Music service back into your usual day-to-day.


    Follow These Quick Tips to Fix Your Apple Music Issues Today

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