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Does Amazon Music Have Podcasts

Free Resources To Help Promote Your Podcast On Amazon Music

Podcasts are coming to Amazon Music & Audible [Sept 2020 Update]

If you prefer to submit your podcast to Amazon yourself, doing so is really simple.

  • Go to the submission page and click “Get Started”

  • Sign in with your Amazon account or create an account for free

  • After you’ve logged in, the site will ask you for your RSS feed. Copy it from your Captivate dashboard and paste it into the box

  • Amazon Music will pull through your podcast’s information from your RSS feed. Verify that the information is correct and hit “Confirm Email”

  • Amazon Music will send you a verification code to the email tied to your podcast. Enter the code on the next screen and you’re done!

Amazon will ingest your podcast and should appear within a couple of days.

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Amazon Music first put podcasts on its platform last year, and now its launching its first feature built around them. The service plans to roll out automatically generated, synchronized transcripts on both iOS and Android in the US starting today, meaning the transcripts will match the audio youre hearing, and you can toggle around them to jump to specific parts of the audio. The transcripts are interactive and can be viewed full-screen or on top of the album art within the app.

For now, the transcripts are only coming to certain Amazon Music and Wondery shows, along with partner programs that have worked with Amazon on the feature, like This American Life and Crime Junkie. More partners shows will receive transcripts in the future, says Kintan Brahmbhatt, director of podcasts at Amazon Music. The reason the team is being so hands-on with partners is that Amazon wants to be one of the most creator-friendly, most podcaster-friendly, services out there, he says.

Navigate podcasts through text

Ads wont be transcribed the transcription will just say audio not transcribed over those breaks. Broadly, Brahmbhatt says the key thing he and the team wanted to accomplish with this launch was being able to navigate a podcast based on the written version, similar to how someone can scrub through a video.

Can You Download Podcasts From Amazon Music

Offline playback is available for Amazon Music songs and podcasts with paid subscriptions.

If you have Amazon Music Free and are listening to podcasts with ads, you will need to upgrade before you can download shows to listen to offline.

As a member of Amazon Music Prime, Unlimited, or HD, you can download podcasts directly from the show detail page by simply clicking the download icon to save your show offline.

Your Amazon podcast library will feature a dedicated section for downloads where you can listen to exciting podcasts without Wi-Fi, such as in the car or on a plane.

If you are looking to learn more about Amazon, you can also read our related posts on , , and .

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Adding More Music Options To Alexa

By default, Alexa is set to stream music from Amazon Music — the collection of albums and artists you uploaded to your Amazon account — and Prime Music, which comes with your Prime subscription.

To listen to music from another source, you’ll need to link your accounts to your Amazon account by going to Settings > Music & Media at either in a web browser or in the Amazon Alexa app for Android or iOS. There, you can sign into the other natively supported streaming services: Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio and TuneIn.

In order to use Spotify with Alexa, you will need to be a Spotify Premium subscriber or part of a Spotify Family plan. You can also make Spotify the default music library and change the default radio to Pandora or iHeartRadio.

Even though Spotify now includes podcasts, you can’t listen to them with Alexa. Instead, you’ll need to use TuneIn. To queue up your favorite podcast, say something like, “Alexa, play Criminal podcast on TuneIn,” and it’ll play the latest episode. Sadly, there is no way to choose which episode plays.

For audiobooks, Audible will be your go-to source. However, if you have Kindle books that are not in audiobook format, you can ask Alexa to read those to you. Just say, “Alexa, read ‘Ready Player One’ from Kindle.”

Amazon Prime Music Users Can Simply Ask Alexa To Play Any Podcast Episode Of Their Choice Via Voice Command

Podcasts finally come to Amazon Music in Canada

Amazon Prime Music has announced the launch of podcasts in India. These podcasts will be available on the Amazon Prime Music app on Android and iOS, Web player and Amazon Echo devices starting today. Notably, Prime members do not need to pay any additional cost to listen to podcasts, and they can even download podcast episodes offline listening. According to the company, the platform offers more than 9 million podcast episodes to choose from.

Popular shows on Amazon Prime Music include On Purpose with Jay Shetty, Ted Talks Daily and so on. Image: Amazon

The voices you know and love all in one place! Discover podcasts on Amazon Prime Music. Learn more:

Amazon India

Amazon Prime Music users can simply ask Alexa to play any podcast episode of their choice via voice command. Popular podcast creators include Jay Shetty, Cyrus Broacha, Neil Bhatt, Robin Sharma, Sadhguru, Anupam Gupta and so on. Just like Spotify, Amazon Prime Music also offers podcasts on topics like motivation, self-improvement, society and culture, technology, news, comedy, fitness, and more. Popular shows on Amazon Prime Music include On Purpose with Jay Shetty, Ted Talks Daily, The Habit Coach with Ashdin Doctor, and The Musafir Series.

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Amazon Music Vs Spotify: Interface & User Experience

Amazon Music provides a tighter and less customizable interface. There is nothing wrong with the content itself. You can see all the different music and playlists in front of you. Or you can switch to the podcast section using the toggle on the top. Discover significant collections by scrolling through the home screen. Top Stations, summer playlists, Top songs, top playlists, it has everything you desire for a music applicationuser experience is above average but nothing spectacular here.

Spotify offers some of the most blissful music experiences. Spotify has pushed the game to make it’s desktop and mobile applications more cohesive with the web page in recent years. The sync and cohesiveness make it a lot easier to switch through any device. Plus, it has some sweet extra gestures to enhance music application. You can control whatever music you want to on any of your devices from one devicea change made in the user experience of one sync through all devices to provide the ultimate experience.

How To Play Podcasts On Alexa With Your Amazon Echo

Spotify, Apple, TuneIn, Amazon Music and more: Your guide to podcasting with Alexa

If youre a fan of the latest and greatest podcasts, Alexa can be a great way to keep up with your favorites – especially as Amazon has just made them available through Amazon Music.

It isn’t just Amazon’s music streaming service where you can grab your podcasts though – Alexa speakers like the and Echo Show can play podcasts natively via TuneIn, Apple Music and Spotify.

And theres also a couple of alternatives to explore, if you want to play podcasts on your Echo smart speaker.

Read on for our guide to using Alexa to play podcasts on your Amazon Echo smart speaker and also check out our handy list of youll definitely want to download and use.

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Podcasts Coming To Amazon Music And Audible

Amazon will add podcasts to its Amazon Music and Audible services, according to a confidential email obtained by The Desk.

Amazon said in the email that it would soon allow Amazon Music and Audible users to subscribe, download, and stream free podcasts on the services. Podcasts will also be available to customers of Amazon Music’s ad-supported free tier, in addition to its premium paid service. The launch date of podcasts in Amazon Music and Audible was not stated in the email.

The email was reportedly sent to some podcast producers on Monday, with the offer to submit a podcast feed before the feature becomes publicly accessible. This is needed to allow the new podcasts feature to launch with popular shows already available.

During submission of a podcast feed, producers are required to agree to terms and conditions. Strikingly, one term in particular stated that podcasts on the platforms could not include comments that disparage Amazon or its products.

Podcast features would allow users of Echo smart speakers and Fire TV devices to stream podcasts through Amazon’s default apps, rather than via third party apps. Amazon Music had 55 million subscribers as of January, just five million less than Apple Music‘s 60 million.

How To Get Podcasts On Apple Podcasts

44 Podcast with Sideman & Zeze Millz | Ep 20 LOSKI | Amazon Music

Should you come across a podcast you like, simply tap on it, then tap the “Subscribe” button to receive updates for when new episodes are available. If you have an active internet connection when listening, you can simply tap a given episode to listen right away.

Otherwise, if you plan to listen while on a long-haul flight or when on vacation with no service, you can tap the plus symbol to download the episode for offline listening.

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Summarize: Spotify Or Amazon Music

We have laid down almost every aspect of Amazon vs. Spotify. We understand for a regular user, digesting all of that information and then concluding can be cumbersome. So here is your conclusion for Amazon Music vs. Spotify.

If you are into the Amazon Prime network, then getting Amazon music is a good buy. Considering it offers almost all features of Spotify and without being skeptical, its audio quality is superior in some limited cases.

But if you are an average person who wants the best of Spotify premium vs. Amazon music unlimited, then Spotify is the way to go. It’s a complete package, and you won’t find any compromises here in the user experience, music quality, and any other feature. It’s the number one music streaming application globally for a reason. And second only to Apple Music in the US. We have already covered the difference between Apple Music and Spotify in this article “Spotify vs. Apple Music.”

Apple Music Converter

Whats The Best Podcast On Amazon Music

The best podcast on Amazon Music depends on what you like to listen to, but there are a few top picks that routinely make the top of the charts.

Solvable by audiochuck is a true crime podcast focused on unsolved mysteries, and Crime Junkie is another good one that highlights the stories of missing people.

The top news podcasts on Amazon Music are The Daily by The New York Times and Dateline NBC from NBC News.

Additionally, Dr. Death is one of the most played podcasts this season, and SmartLess with actors Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett is another popular production.

To find the best podcast for you on Amazon Music, just scroll through the different categories to find the most listened to shows in each genre.

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Amazon Music Vs Apple Music: Music Downloads

Both Amazon Music and Spotify offer offline downloads for their music. Both Spotify and Amazon Music offer offline downloads on a maximum of 5 devices only. Spotify does provide customizable download quality up to 256kbps. More or less, the downloaded music experience is similar in Amazon unlimited music vs. Spotify debate. Downloading music on any of the above applications is easy. Let’s begin with Amazon Music first and see how to download Spotify music in the application.

Are Amazon Music Podcasts Free

I podcast arrivano su Amazon Music

As long as you have a valid Amazon account, you can visit Amazon Music and check out a wide range of podcasts for free.

However, the only catch is that you will have to listen to ads during the podcasts since you are using the free membership of Amazon Music.

If you dont want to be interrupted while listening to podcasts on Amazon, you may want to upgrade to one of the ad-free versions of Amazon Music like Prime, Unlimited, or HD.

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Smartless Crimejunkie 9/12 Uncommon Ground And Modern Love Are Among The Podcasts That Will Start Showing Auto

Amazon Music will show transcripts in both full screen and on top of the album art

  • Amazon Music has started rolling out auto-generated transcripts
  • Spotify added a similar experience earlier this year
  • Amazon Music has initially added transcripts for its users in the US

Amazon Music has started rolling out automatically generated, synchronised transcripts for select podcasts. The new experience is initially coming to the US for both Android and iOS users. It is also the first biggest podcast-focussed update after Amazon Music started serving podcasts through its platform last year. By offering auto-generated, synchronised transcripts, Amazon Music will make it easier for people with hearing disabilities to listen to the podcasts offered by the music streaming service. It is also a move to take on the likes of Spotify and Google Podcasts that are offering auto transcription of podcasts on their platforms to some extent.

If you are in the US, you can start reading synchronised transcripts of select podcasts on by going to the podcast tab and pick one of the supported episodes. The transcription will be available for viewing in both full-screen and on top of the album art.

Introducing: Podcast Transcripts. Roll it back, jump ahead and follow along with synchronized transcripts and audio, only available on Amazon Music. Head to our podcast tab and select episodes with transcripts to check it out!

Amazon Music

Podcasts Are Now Streaming On Amazon Music

Amazon have joined the likes of Apple and Spotify in offering podcasts on its music streaming service.

Amazon is making a move into the world of podcasts by adding them to its Amazon Music service.

It follows the likes of Apple and Spotify, who have both made large investments to draw in podcast creators.

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What Podcasts Does Amazon Music Have

The service has launched with over 70,000 podcasts, including existing popular shows like Crime Junkie, Radiolab, and Stuff You Should Know.

Though both Apple Music and Spotify host over 1 million podcasts, Amazon will keep adding to that catalog.

The service will also expand with original content, with podcasts hosted by big names like Will Smith, DJ Khaled, and Becky G.

Amazon will run its own adverts on this original content, while non-exclusive podcasts will retain ownership of how they advertise.

Fans of true crime podcast Disgraceland will need to use Amazon Music if they want to keep hearing more episodes, since the show will be exclusive to the platform from February 2021.

Add Podcasts To Routines

+44 Podcast with Sideman & Zeze Millz | Ep 18 POET FROM VIBBAR | Amazon Music

You can now also add Podcasts to your Alexa Routines, meaning that with one single command can control pretty much every aspect of your smart home, and play a podcast automatically.

To add a podcast to a Routine, you must use the TuneIn skill for now at least. That’s slightly annoying, but until Amazon opens Routines up further, that’s the way it is. Go to the app and choose Routines. Start a new Routine and choose the command you’ll give Alexa then go to Music and type in the name of the podcast you want to play and choose TuneIn as the provider.

Once that’s done, save the Routine and, of course, add any other smart home settings you want to run simultaneously maybe you like to listen to your podcast in the warmth of a low, blueish hue. If you do, set this here. When you say the command, your podcast will play.

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Why Bring Podcasts To Amazon Music

Podcasts have been gradually becoming more and more popular in the past five years or so. But, with the global pandemic going on, and most of us still stuck at home, many are turning to creating and consuming podcasts. Including many celebrities that you never would have thought would have time to do a podcast.

For Amazon, its about adding more content. Adding exclusive content that is going to get people to use its service over competitors. Like YouTube Music, Apple Music and Spotify. This is the same tactic that Spotify is taking on as well, with paying Joe Rogan and Michelle Obama millions for their podcasts to be exclusive to their platform.

There Are Over 9 Million Podcast Episodes Available On Amazon Prime Music And They Span Over Topics Like Motivation Technology Self

Users with Prime membership will be able to download podcast episodes for offline listening

  • Trending podcast shows include On Purpose with Jay Shetty
  • Podcasts platform can be accessed Amazon Prime Music app
  • Podcasts can also be accessed via Amazon Echo devices

Amazon Prime Music has launched podcasts in the Indian market. The podcast platform on Amazon Prime Music will have a curated list of shows by popular creators like Jay Shetty, Cyrus Broacha, Neil Bhatt, Robin Sharma, Sadhguru, Anupam Gupta, among many others. It will also have international Amazon Originals that are produced exclusively for Amazon Prime Music subscribers. These originals will be available in multiple languages across genres like motivation, business, technology, comedy, music, fitness, and more. Podcasts are available for all Amazon Prime Music customers at no additional cost.

The new podcasts platform can be accessed app on Android and iOS, apart from the Web player and devices. Users with Prime membership will be able to download podcast episodes for offline listening. There are over 9 million podcast episodes available on Amazon Prime Music and they span topics like motivation, self-improvement, society and culture, technology, news, comedy, fitness, and more. Trending shows include On Purpose with Jay Shetty, Ted Talks Daily, The Habit Coach with Ashdin Doctor, and The Musafir Series.

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