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Classical Music Radio Stations List

Classical Music Radio Stationsthe Best Online

Is Classical Music Radio Popular Again?

Here are the top 5 classical music radio stations you can hear online, hand-chosen by an enthusiastic listener …

  • BBC Radio 3. This world-famous UK classical music station is probably my favorite.

    I used to wake up each morning before school with some exciting classical piece playing right beside my head thanks to this station!

    Regular features include a composer of the week program, and a lunchtime concert. They also have some jazz radio, and more during the late-night “Late Junction” show.

    You can listen live, as well as up to seven days after a program has aired.

    Radio 3 also has full coverage of the world-famous BBC Proms, the biggest classical music festival in the world. No other station has this coverage!!

  • KING FM. Based in Seattle, Washington, this station has an interesting mix of less well-known pieces.

    It’s lister-supported, so there are no annoying adverts – just music! They lack the depth of analysis the programs on Radio 3 have, but I quite like the selection of music they have here.

    The whole package is just clean, and works well.

    They also have a great minute-by-minute playlist so you can find that piece you really liked but missed the name of. It’s surprising how many stations don’t have some kind of online feature like this, but KING FM handles it very well. Thumbs up from me!

  • So there are my top 5 classical music radio stations!

    Who Are The Most Famous Composers From This Time Period

    The main culprits behind the outburst mentioned above are household names Johann Sebastian Bach ,Georg Frideric Handel andAntonio Vivaldi . These artists spearheaded the shift from the baroque era to theclassical era , pushing the established boundries with new hamonies and complex melodic lines. Classical composers Joseph Haydn , largely responsible for developing the string quartet into its current form, andWolfgang Amadeus Mozart who developed and popularised the piano concerto, in particular were, and continue to be highly regarded due to their popular style typically based around symmetry and their use of the sonata form compositional structure, influencing Western art music for years to come.

    Filodiffusione In Rome Italy

    Italy gave birth to opera and many important innovations that created the many styles and genres of classical music. It is only appropriate then that the Eternal City has great classical stations such as 100.3 Filodiffusione. It features bold contemporary music but also rare live recordings from old archives that only Rome, Italy would have.

    Listen live to Filodiffusione 100.3 in Rome.

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    Classical Radio Stations On Radioguide

    Are you convinced enough already to give classical music a try? Do not look any further, because you can enjoy this genre of music here on We have a special genre full of radio stations that broadcast the most beautiful classical pieces. Here is a selection of the radio stations to try:

    BBC radio 3: A very famous radio station from England with gospel music and classical music.

    Radio Swiss Classic: This is a Swiss classical radio station which helps you relax. Because it is Swiss, the announcements in between the musical pieces are in German.

    Classic FM: This station lets you discover classical music. They also share news and information about festivals and events.

    ABC Classic FM: This Australian radio station broadcasts classical music from all over the world.

    WPR All Classical: This station has been broadcasting classical music from Wisconsin, USA since 1917. They offer an entertaining musical selection for all audiences.

    Classical music network: This is a Mexican station with long form concert music, which you can enjoy 24/7.

    E-classical FM: This radio station, from Taiwan, lets you listen to beautiful classical music and talk.

    Classical Weta 909 Fm In Washington D C

    Classic Country Music Radio Stations ~ ashwebdesigns

    WETA, broadcasting from the nation’s capital, has a unique opportunity to broadcast special programs thanks to its prime location. Besides a quality curation of classical music, it features live concerts from the Library of Congress and a special Choral Showcase that highlights the best classical choral music.

    Listen live to WETA.

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    Funny Facts About Classical Music

    You already know classical music

    Many people claim that they know nothing about classical music and never listen to it. Yet you subconsciously probably know more pieces of music than you think. It is used a lot as background music in movies. Most classical music you probably already know since childhood, as it is often used in children’s programmes and animated films. As a baby you might have even heard it. Do you remember the tune from music boxes for babies? This is Johannes Brahms’ wiegenlied, a lullaby frequently used to soothe babies.


    Another funny fact is that classical music gives the same feeling in your brain as good food, drugs or falling in love. This feeling is caused by ‘dopamine’, which is a chemical in your brain that makes you feel good.

    Music for babies

    Babies can also appreciate classical music. You can play the music to calm them down when they cry. This works best if you have already introduced your baby to classical music before he or she is born. You should play classical music regularly while the baby is still in the womb. After birth, this music will make the baby feel safe and secure. This can come in handy to make the baby stop crying.

    Where To Find Free Streaming Classical Music

    Kevin is a professional musician with extensive performance and touring experience. He has expertise in the theory, notation, history, orchestration, and composition methods of music and has composed numerous works.

    Learn about our Editorial Policy.

    When Bach was busy writing masterpieces of contrapuntal music, he probably never dreamed that in 300 years there would be millions of people around the globe listening to his music on a daily basis. With countless local FM radio stations like the ones below streaming their programs online, such a wild thought has become reality.

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    Bbc Radio 3 In London United Kingdom

    BBC Radio 3 is arguably the most famous, accomplished classical radio station since the invention of the radio. It commissions more new music than any other classical radio station in the world, and it broadcasts some of the most highly anticipated live concerts such as the BBC Proms.

    Listen live to BBC Radio 3.

    The station also has unrelenting waves of YouTube videos that it produces, which adds a wonderful visual extravaganza to their feast of music, such as this tranquil new composition from contemporary composer Max Richter:

    Pages In Category Classical Music Radio Stations In The United States

    New York City’s Classical Music Station Since 1936

    The following 200 pages are in this category, out of approximately 208 total. This list may not reflect recent changes .

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    Wqxr In New York City

    WQXR, based out of New York City, offers spectacular programs that only a station in NYC could pull off, such as live broadcasts from Carnegie Hall. Besides a diverse range of styles and composers, it has special theme shows such as the Morning Bach selection to help you wake up in the mornings to the invigorating contrapuntal awesomeness that is J. S. Bach.

    Listen live to WQXR.

    The station’s blog also has superb videos such as this all-saxophone chorus playing the classic piece Jupiter.

    Where Did It All Come From

    Believe it or not, music from themedieval Era , including religious gregorian music , is the early ancestor of classical music as it is known it today. The early church controlled this music style by introducing particular rules regarding melody and rhythm. Ancient FMcaptures the simple, ordered and pleasant sound of this formation period.

    Moving swiftly on we reach the baroque era , witnessing the development of several musical genres, which inspired composers for centuries to come. This period saw the birth of the orchestra, opera, the concerto, sonata and more! Weird and wonderful instruments were developed and used, including the hurdy-gurdy, harpsichord, bass violin and baroque guitar. The intricate sound of a whole host of composers, includingArcangelo Corelli ,Claudio Monteverdi ,Henry Purcell ,Jean-Philippe Rameau ,François Couperin ,Alessandro Scarlatti ,Alessandro Scarlatti , andDomenico Scarlatti , , played a larger role in public and private life as music was not only played within church circles but also featured at dinner parties or at wealthy households where the style Tafelmusik, meaning table music, grew in popularity –Georg Philipp Telemann is most associated with this style. Music for the individual was becoming music for the masses. Get a real feel for it all withRadioTunes – Baroque Period .

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    Which Classical Stations Can We Recommend

    From preludes to the postmodern, sonatas to symphonies, classical radio stations Linn Classical ,WQXR 105.9 FM andClassic FM can take over from here to give life to the written history and eras above and to celebrate this genre in all its variations, recognising and giving thanks to those who helped make it what it is to this day.

    Advantages Of Listening To Classical Music

    Listent To Classic FM Radio Station Live Streaming

    If you are not yet convinced that classical music is something you could enjoy, lets read these benefits. Music is generally very good for you, but classical music has a number of specific characteristics which can bring you positive effects.

    Reduces stress

    Do you often suffer from stress? For example because of a busy job or difficult choices you have to make? You can let go of this feeling of stress for a while when you listen to classical music. The feeling of stress decreases because the rhythm in classical music often matches the rhythm of your heart. The rhythm of your heart and the rhythm of classical music are both about 60 to 80 beats per minute. This gives you a calming feeling. Researchers in Taiwan have done research into the effect of classical music on pregnant women. Pregnant women often experience stress associated with pregnancy. The researchers wanted to find out whether classical music would reduce this feeling of stress. The result? It worked! So if you want to experience less stress in your life, make time to listen to classical music now and then, or listen while you are commuting.

    Helps you fall asleep

    Better concentration

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    Best Classical Radio Stations To Listen To

    Radio listening

    The four seasons by Vivaldi, Fur Elise by Beethoven, Nuvole Bianche by Ludovico Einodi and the nutcracker by Tchaikovsky. These are all well-known classical music pieces. Many people think that classical music is boring or that only old people listen to it, but this is definitely not true! Also young people can enjoy the beautiful melodies in classical music. In addition, there are all kinds of advantages of listening to classical music.

    The Best Things In Life Really Can Be Free

    When you’ve immersed yourself in the splendor of classical music, both traditional and modern composers, it can become as emotional and life-changing an experience as reading Shakespeare for the first time or going on your first hike in a stunning national park. The rise of online streaming has made many of these wonderful treasures of life available for free, and that’s something to celebrate.

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    Wfcl In Nashville Tennessee

    WFCL is Music City’s premier FM radio station for classical music. During the summer, you can listen to live broadcasts of the Nashville Symphony Orchestra during their concert season. Their Live in Studio C program brings in famous concert musicians to play classical music live.

    Listen live to WFCL.

    Bayern 4 Klassik In Munich Germany

    London Mozart Players performs Mozart, Elgar & Tchaikovsky | LMP Live! | Classic FM

    Some of the best composers in history came from Germany, so it’s no wonder a fantastic classical radio station is based there too. Bayern 4 Klassik plays a wonderful variety of classical masterpieces, but also fits in live broadcasts with such local German greats as the Munich Radio Orchestra to the Choir of the Bavarian Rundfunks.

    Listen live to Bayern 4 Klassick.

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    Klef In Anchorage Alaska

    Classical music might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Alaska, but its state capital classical station KLEF is a superb station that will provide you with hours of classical gold straight from The Last Frontier. It has one of the most delightful mix of programs in the nation including:

    • Sacred Concert: A diverse mix of sacred music broadcasting every Sunday morning, ranging from sacred Scandinavian music to Rachmaninov’s All Night Vigil.
    • Saturday Night at the Opera: You don’t have to be a phantom prowling in the shadows of an opera house on Saturday night to enjoy this program, which includes opera from every period of classical music.
    • Classics for Kids: Every Sunday afternoon, the DJs put together a program of entertaining and inspiring classical music that kids will love.

    Listen live to KLEF.

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