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Can You Play Music While Streaming On Twitch

Can You Play Just Dance On Twitch Streams

Listen to Music only you can hear while streaming on Twitch using OBS and VoiceMeeter

While you can still play games like Just Dance and Guitar Hero on your Twitch stream, you need to be aware that your VoDs and clips may be deleted and you could potentially get a strike or a takedown notice on your account. While the game gained permission to use the copyrighted music on the game, it is still intended for personal use.

Twitch has recently announced that they will pull their own game, Twitch Sings, in January 2021 probably due to the price of music rights compared to the popularity of the game.

What Kind Of Music Can You Use

Many streamers mistakenly think that if they purchased a song or have access to it via a streaming subscription service, they have the right to play it on their streams. Purchasing a song gives you a license for personal use playing it on a live stream is considered public use. Therefore, even if you paid for the song, you still need permission to play it on your live stream.

When you want to add music to your live stream, you have three options:

  • Music in the public domain
  • Music that is royalty-free
  • Original music

A Common Misconception About Copyrighted Music

Copyrighted music is essentially any music that you don’t own the rights to broadcast.

So, I’ve seen some people saying that they pay for Spotify or Amazon Music or YouTube Music or any platform like that, but that is simply not the same.

If you pay for a subscription to Spotify, all that does is give you the license to be able to listen to that music on a personal device. It doesn’t give you the right to broadcast that music to other people across the internet, remember about it.

We’ve also seen a lot of people raising their pitchforks at Twitch, asking them why they’re issuing all of these copyright strikes right now. But really, Twitch isn’t at fault here. It’s kind of taken out of their hands. Sure, there’s plenty that Twitch could have done because the writing has been on the wall about this happening for the platform for a number of years now.

But in terms of actually what’s happening with these Copyright Management Acts takedown notices, and then a copyright strike, Twitch really isn’t at fault. Like pretty much every other platform out there, Twitch makes use of something called safe harbor, which is built into DIGITAL MILLENNIUM COPYRIGHT ACT, which essentially states that they are not responsible for the copyright infringement of users on their platform. But to be able to be protected, they have to follow a few different guidelines.

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Twitch Makes Deal With Nmpa But Streamers Still Cant Play Licensed Music

Twitchs 2020 was largely defined by four letters: D, M, C and A. Midway through the year, the Amazon-owned live-streaming platform ran afoul of the music industry, resulting in thousands of takedown notices powered by the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act . In compliance with these notices, Twitch forced streamers to remove thousands of clips and VODs that featured licensed music their entire archives, in some cases. Streamers were not happy about it. Now, more than a year later, Twitch has managed to strike a deal with the National Music Publishers Association. Unfortunately for streamers, it does not mean they are allowed to play licensed music.

Today Twitch sent an email to streamers detailing the terms of the deal, which has been rumored for a while most recently in a report by Billboard published last week.

As part of this agreement, we want to let you know about a new process that we are creating that participating music rights holders can opt into to report certain uses of their music, which is more flexible and forgiving to creators who inadvertently or incidentally use music in their streams than the existing process required under the DMCA and similar global laws, Twitch wrote in its email. This new process does not change how music can be used on Twitch. As weve said consistently, its never okay to include music in your channel unless youve secured the necessary rights or have the authority to do so.

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Best Twitch Music Practices

Can You Play Music On Twitch Live Stream / Twitch ...

In order to ensure that you stay within the law and the platforms terms of service, you should only play Royalty-Free Music on Twitch. This music is typically held by a company and leased out to viewers for a small monthly fee, allowing them to use it for content creation and other purposes.

One of the best platforms for Twitch music is Epidemic Sound. They offer over 30k tracks in several popular genres so that you can create your own playlists that your viewers will love. Not only can you use their music on Twitch, but you can also use it when creating YouTube content to support your stream, your Instagram stories, and more!

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Using Soundtrack By Twitch

The platform released a collection of curated royalty-free music Twitch streamers can use in their sessions to make things easier. Soundtrack by Twitch is a free plugin that can be integrated with two popular pieces of streaming software OBS Studio and Streamlabs OBS. The fantastic tool enables you to elevate your gameplay by adding an engaging soundtrack without compromising the safety of your channel.

Sadly, the beta version is currently only available for PC users. However, Twitch ensures that future releases will be compatible with other platforms and devices. There are also a few system requirements for your computer:

  • A 64-bit, Windows 10 operating system
  • At least 2GB of RAM
  • A 40 GB hard-disk
  • A Dual Core computer processor
  • A 1-MBPS network speed
  • Either external or internal speakers or headphones for playback

If you check all the boxes, you can download the plugin and configure it with OBS Studio by following these steps:

  • Open your browser and go to this website to install the Soundtrack plugin.
  • Next, launch OBS Studio. Scroll to the Sources box and click on the tiny + button.
  • A pop-up panel will appear. The plugin will be automatically added to the list of available sources as VOD Audio for Soundtrack by Twitch.
  • Next, to configure the tool with OBS properly, navigate to the Audio Mixer box. Then click on the tiny gear icon next to the VOD Audio for Soundtrack by Twitch source.
  • From the drop-down list, click on Advanced Audio Properties.
  • Can You Swear On Twitch

    Can You Curse on Twitch? According to Twitchs guidelines, you are allowed to swear while you broadcast, but if you cuss a lot, you should mark your content as mature. Many teenagers watch content on Twitch, and this is the platforms way of trying to protect them.

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    How To Find Twitch

    Joshalynne is a freelance writer and lifelong learner who always loves studying new things. She enjoys checking out the latest grammar books and writing about video games more than anything else. Read more… has partnered with Audible Magic to scan saved streams and clips for copyrighted content. In the past, the company mainly ignored background music, but is now cracking down on streamers who violate the Digital Millennium Copyright Act . Lets take a look at what this means, and which music you can use.

    Twitch Music Rules: Are You Allowed To Play Music On Twitch


    The DMCA takedowns that characterized the second half of 2020 have created some serious confusion regarding which music thats safe to use on Twitch. Lets dive into what Twitch says about the topic and go into depth on how to use music safely in your streams.

    In October 2020, Twitch deleted a lot of content violating music copyright laws, following a wave of DMCA takedown requests. As Twitch uses a three-strike policy for its users if you get three strikes, youre banned streamers were not happy about the news.

    So, how do you steer clear from having your potential bread and butter deleted? We’ll tell you all about it in this blog post.

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    Where Can I Find Music For Twitch

    Once youve clarified the Twitch music restrictions and defined the music instructions you can use, its time to get down to work finding the tracks you will use in your online broadcasts.

    You may have come this far looking for free music options for streamers. I can tell you in advance that you will find them throughout the article.

    However, there are several problems with free options. One is that they do not offer much variety of styles. All themes revolve around the same musical genres, something that will not allow you to differentiate yourself within the streamer community.

    To avoid this, professional streamers use

    What Happens If You Play Copyrighted Music On Twitch

    Your Twitch account can be banned for playing copyrighted music. However, this does not mean that all copyrighted music is prohibited while streaming.

    You can still play music from third parties, as long as you have a license or permission from the third party to do so.

    The reason for the restriction is that Twitch is considered to be a public forum. Therefore, playing the music while streaming means that you will be broadcasting it to dozens, possibly hundreds or thousands of viewers.

    As a result, you need a license or permission from the third-party owners of the music. Otherwise, you will infringe on their copyright.

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    Creative Commons Music For Streams

    It is a nonprofit organization that offers royalty-free licenses so that they can be used without legal retaliation. The downside of using Creative Commons music is that most of these songs cannot normally be used for monetized projects.

    However, if you are not yet monetizing your broadcasts, you can download some of them for free through the download links.

    • Itro & Tobu Cloud 9
    • Robokids Kids

    In addition, other pages where you can download more Creative Commons music are:

    Free Music Archive

    Free Music Archive is one of the websites with the greatest number of themes and musical genres under Creative Commons licenses. In order to be able to use them in the streamings, the artist of each musical piece must be mentioned with a link.


    Incompetech is very similar to Free Music Archive it is also necessary to mention the producer of the songs. It is highly recommended to read very carefully the conditions of their licenses.

    Using Music From Others

    Can You Play Music On Twitch Live Stream / Twitch ...

    If you want to use a song for any reason, even if youre planning to use just a few notes to create a new song, we recommend that you obtain the appropriate rights from the owners or licensors of the song. That could mean contacting the music publisher, the music label, or the performer. One way to do that is through an organization such as

    A public performance occurs when a song, recorded or live, is being broadcast via any media or played in a live performance to the public. If you want to broadcast or publicly perform music , you would need to obtain public performance rights for each applicable territory. In the United States, these rights are controlled by ASCAP , BMI or SESAC, also known as performance rights organizations or PROs. Radio stations and other businesses may have blanket licenses with each PRO, which requires them to pay a flat rate once a year for the rights to all music in a PROs catalog, which fee will vary based on the size of the audience, value of the advertising revenues, and amount and nature of music usage. However, individual licenses may be negotiated.

    Technically, anyone performing music publicly must obtain a license for such rights, even marching bands, class instructors, street musicians, etc. Failing to obtain a license for the permission to publicly perform music could subject you to a claim for copyright infringement.

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    How To Stream Any Music On Twitch

    If we still havent convinced you to refrain from playing copyrighted material at the same time that you stream, you may be able to reduce the number of times your Twitch streams are impacted by copyright laws. Most of the mutes come from an audio recognition software used by the platform. If you keep the music quieter than the rest of your stream and continually keep talking, the bot may not pick up on the infringement. That being said, we wouldnt risk using copyrighted material on our next stream.

    How Do You Play Music On Twitch Without Copyright

    There is a way that you can play great music on your streams that is royalty free so you wont have to worry about getting in any trouble with Twitch. In order to play great music on stream, streamers use websites such as Tunepocket to find songs and sound effects that they can use legally and royalty free.

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    Will I Get Banned For Music If It’s Played In A Game

    No. Music rights have been removed in games, and such content is allowed for public use. In the case of broadcast games, the streamer can only receive a warning from the publisher/copyright holder of the game, for example, as Nintendo does by removing the monetization of videos on YouTube. DIGITAL MILLENNIUM COPYRIGHT ACT complaints about songs are sent by the music labels that own the tracks. However, you can still get a warning for watching a trailer that is copyrighted, so you need to be careful here.

    How To Find Out What Your Viewers Want To Listen To

    How to Listen to Music While Streaming [AVOID DMCA]

    Does it depend on what sort of stream you are creating? Is it a relaxed atmosphere where viewers are chilling out? Or is it a hectic Fortnite stream where you are extremely animated and loud?

    Of course, you could ask them what they want to listen to? Create a poll on Twitter or in your Twitch chat of the music people like when to listen to when watching. This is why song requests are such a popular feature across lots of Twitch streams

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    Can You Play Music On Twitch 2021

    Playing music live as part of your content is allowed as long as you create every aspect of it. The exception to this rule is Twitch Sings, which often uses some of the original recordings as Twitch has leased the rights of the copyrighted music until January 2021.

    Add Vibrant Background Music From Famous Chart

    With direct links to the biggest labels in the music industry Lickd can help creators, streamers and gamers, just like you, access thousands of songs from the biggest musicians. Twitch is intrinsically linked to music, whether its music content being created by streamers or simply the backing track to an eSports stream. Lickd can help Twitchers add the hottest music without worrying about a copyright takedown from the Videos on Demand section of Twitch.

    Youll never have to settle for the same old stock tracks again. Lickd can help you add the biggest hip hop, pop, R& B, indie, punk and EDM tracks to your stream. Whatever the genre, youll be able to license the best tracks from chart-topping musicians.

    Finding music for your streams just got a whole lot easier.

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    Copyrighted Music Limits What You Can Do With Your Content

    While the Twitch music policy may be more lenient toward your content, other apps and companies will put strikes against your Twitch channel for copyrighted music. If you are interested in using clips from your streams for YouTube collaborations, you must make sure to use royalty-free Twitch music. YouTube is very strict with their music policy and non-compliance could get you a strike on your account.

    Can You Play Spotify Music On Twitch

    How To Stream on Twitch

    calendar1 Last Updated

    Many streamers have questions about Twitch music rules. For years, streamers played whatever they wanted on stream without consequence. In fact, the worst consequence was that VODs were muted. This, however, has always been illegal.

    The music industry, like the film industry, has seen its fair share of broken copyright laws, and for a long time, Twitch turned a blind eye towards content creators breaking DMCA terms, searching for a gray area. In 2020, this all changed when big-music started slapping down copyright strikes on channel after channel. Twitch had to start taking things seriously, and so do you.

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    How To Play Music On Your Twitch Stream

    Although there are several ways to play music on your stream, the most commonly used method is playing the music through the Nightbot website. To play music on your stream with Nightbot follow these simple steps:

  • First go to and link your Twitch account to Nightbot.
  • Once you have linked your account, go to your dashboard on Nightbot and on the right side of the screen there should be a button that says join channel. Click this to allow Nightbot to join your channel.
  • Now that Nightbot has joined your channel, go to your stream on Twitch and type in /mod nightbot in your streams chat. This will make Nightbot a moderator in your stream.
  • Finally go back to Nightbot and click the section on the left side of the screen titled song requests. Two options will appear AutoDJ and playlist. Click AutoDJ and your stream will now have music playing. You can skip songs and view upcoming songs from this section as well.
  • If you are going to be playing music on your stream while you game then you should also consider getting a mixer. If you are a beginner then one of the best and easiest to use mixers out there is the . This mixer is super simple to setup and use.

    Having a mixer really makes it easy to control the sound on your stream. A mixer gives you control of your mic, chat, game, etc. all with a small pad that you can have sitting right next to you.

  • Go to the song requests section and click on the AutoDj tab.
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